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KARA’s Park Gyuri Is natural and fascinating in Pictorial for The superstar

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KARA’s Park Gyuri Is herbal and fascinating in Pictorial for The famous person woman workforce < robust>KARA‘s leader < robust>Park Gyuri these days seemed in a down-to-earth yet charming model spread for famous person mag < robust>The famous person.

carrying more than a few blue and white model pieces, the idol star showed off her natural charms during the photo shoot.

all over the interview that came about along side the photo shoot, Park Gyuri showed fantastic self belief in her looks. “I used to think that i might handiest be horny if I wear smoky makeup, and wear horny garments and top heels. But now i believe I’ve reached the age where i will be naturally horny.

When asked about model pieces that may lend a hand one stand out, she stated, “i really like thin rings. I experience styling more than one rings along side fancy necklaces or earrings as point pieces.” She also printed that the name of the game to her fantastic skin turned into once sunscreen.

the total photo shoot and interview with Park Gyuri will also be discovered in the August factor of The famous person mag.

Park Gyuri has opened up about her role model and her ideas of a perfect partner when taking part in the Interview with bnt International

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KARA’s Park Gyuri Shares Her Role Model and Ideal Type in Pictorial + Interview with bnt International KARA’s leader Park Gyuri shares her role model and ideal type in a new pictorial and interview with bnt International.

In the photos, Park Gyuri showcases her stunning beauty in effortless poses. Her dressy yet casual outfits and light brown hair contribute to the relaxed, summery mood of the pictorial.

During the corresponding interview, Park Gyuri shares about how she wants to approach her work going forward, “Now, rather than striving, I want to stand before the public with a mind that is at ease.”

Choosing Madonna as her role model, she says, “I want to keep standing in front of you all with professionalism. I will maintain myself meticulously.”

Park Gyuri also describes her ideal type, “I like someone who is manly and humorous but is also professional. I really like actor Jung Jae Young. If I met him in person I think I would be nervous and shy.”

Meanwhile, KARA is slated to make a comeback as a group this month.

Check out behind-the-scenes footage from the photo shoot below.

Affordable Fashion: Park Gyuri’s “Lucky Chouette” Print Dress [Blog]

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Affordable Fashion: Park Gyuri’s “Lucky Chouette” Print Dress [Blog]

KARA"s self-proclaimed goddess leader, Park Gyuri, is featured in the November issue of Sure magazine. Gyuri looked beautiful in the retro themed photoshoot and made every detail work, from the mountain poof hairdo to the sharp cat-eye. She wore mixes of psychedelic patterns, tasseled earrings, and a Florida Art Deco hairband.

My favorite piece of the entire shoot was the Lucky Chouette tweed dress of chunky diamond patterns. Below is the designer print dress and where to buy it online. It is in the low hundreds so it is affordable. But just in case that"s still too much, zigzag-patterned minis for a really reasonable price range are listed below as well. Happy shopping!

(Photo : Lucky Chouette) Lucky Chouette Tweed Slimfit Dress ($378.00) or ($398.00)

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Kahi, KARA’s Gyuri, SS501’s Park Jung Min and More Join Forces for “0/1 creative book”

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Kahi, KARA’s Gyuri, SS501’s Park Jung Min and More Join Forces for “0/1 creative book”

Leading fashion photographers, beauty specialists, hair professionals and some of the leading lights of K-pop have collaborated on the production of stylist Udha’s “0/1 creative book.” The book’s makers have released a series of photos to promote the new beauty release.

Modelling for the project were celebrities such as KARA member Gyuri, former After School leader Kahi, SS501’s Park Jung Min, ex-Chakra star Hwangbo, and solo singer Moon Ji Eun.

The stars posed for photographs in a wide variety of concepts, ranging from cartoonish looks to more classical themes. Gyuri is shown posing with a lip-shaped ring, while Park Jung Min appears to be wearing neon-colored glow-in-the-dark make up.

Udha has worked with leading K-pop stars in the past, and some famous former collaborators with the stylist have included Girls’ Generation member Hyeoyeon and veteran solo star Kim Wan Sun.

Check out plenty more of these exciting pictures below.

Gyuri, Kahi, and Park Jung Min express themselves in unique styles for "0/1 Creative Book"

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Gyuri, Kahi, and Park Jung Min express themselves in unique styles for

Idols KARA"s Gyuri, After School"s Kahi, SS501"s Park Jung Min as well as Hwang Bo and Moon Ji Eun take on bizarre yet artistic style for a beauty fashion book "0/1creativebook".

In this pictorial, the five models express themselves in a unique artistic and fun concept. Gyuri takes on a colorful theme while Park Jung Min uses light and reflection as well as glow in the dark paints. On the other hand, Kahi and Ji Eun flaunt their sexy bodies in different ways. Finally Hwang Bo is like a doll trapped in a box.

This is the 4th release and a product of the collaboration between renowned hair stylists from Udha and leading make up artists. Check out some photos below:

KARA’s Park Gyuri shares how she dieted unsafely in the past

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KARA’s Park Gyuri shares how she dieted unsafely in the past

KARAs Park Gyuri spoke briefly about her dieting habits on the August 23 episode of MBC Quiz To Change The World.

Park Gyuri said, Between all the members, Goo Hara and Han Seungyeon are the ones with slim bodies, so standing between them is stressful for me. I have tried various dieting methods.

Continuing, I would work so hard to lose weight, but after the end of a shoot, I would find myself eating delicious food because of the stress. Id binge eat and then exercise immediately out of guilt.

She further explains because of this, she ended throwing up all the food. I got acid reflux because of this repetitive cycle.

"But that was in the past," Park Gyuri assures, "I dont do that anymore. I now follow a more sensible and safe diet."

KARA recently made their comeback with the mini-album DAYNIGHT, promoting the track MAMMA MIA.

KARA’s Park Gyuri Reveals Her Thoughts to Fans About Recruiting a New Member

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KARA’s Park Gyuri Reveals Her Thoughts to Fans About Recruiting a New Member

Girl group KARA’s Park Gyuri revealed her feelings to her fans about recruiting a new member to the group.

On August 8, through her fan site, she posted a letter that started with, “I wasn’t sure how to start this letter and after erasing and writing a couple of times, I decided to write my personal thoughts.”

She continued on by saying, “I had a lot of worries like if I should contain my emotions until the showcase, what kinds of things should I say, how should I say it, and when or if I should just not say anything at all. However, to contain all of that until then will make it difficult for me to handle so I’m going to say it.”

Park Gyuri revealed why she decided to write this by saying, “Honestly, I thought about writing a letter or a reply but I couldn’t keep count as to how many times I decided not to. I thought if I spare my words, that would be the best way but at times, if I spare my words often, it continuously brings a bigger pain.”

Then, she apologized about the sudden recruitment of a new member by saying, “Just like I said at the fan meeting, I won’t let you down so trust me. I said that because I’m confident that I really won’t let you down. However, a few days later, the situation changed and although I said it with confidence, I ended up letting you guys down.”

She explained the circumstances that occurred at the time and said, “Although the best that I said transformed into a different nuance, as if to escape the situation, I’ll say it’s my fault for not venting this out ahead of time and for letting that be the cause of your imagination. That’s what happened.”

She continued on by saying, “Anyways, at this point, we have recruited a new member. I was someone’s fan once, liked them a lot, cried a lot, hated a lot, and loved a lot. I know the things you’re feeling when you watch the stage with the new members.”

Park Gyuri also said, “There will be people who will welcome them, there will be those who will hate them and there will be those who will be wishy-washy about it. I’m sure I’ll have to carry those feelings with me.”

Lastly, she wrapped up the letter by saying, “I know I can’t force it. It’s up to the person on how they feel. However, the members will be have carry it with them. For this album, we’re going to work really hard on stage. Right now, I think that’s the only answer and there’s nothing else I can think of. I wish all of us would stop being in pain. Stay healthy.”

Meanwhile, after recruiting Huh Youngji into the group and transforming into a four-member group, KARA will be making a comeback on August 18 with their sixth mini album, “DayNight.”

KARA releases individual concept photos for “Day & Night” ft. newest member Heo Youngji and leader Park Gyuri

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KARA releases individual concept photos for “Day & Night” ft. newest member Heo Youngji and leader Park Gyuri

After revealing their first teaser photo for their sixth mini album “DayNight” just five days ago, DSP Media has now released their first individual concept photos featuring their newest member Heo Youngji and leader Park Gyuri!

Sticking to the soft, almost elegant vibe given off from the first album teaser photo, the two members glow from their surroundings with little effort save their own natural beauty.

Youngji dons a classy, yet simple white chiffon sleeveless top and layered skirt while sitting in a simple white room. With old white wooden floors and see-through white curtains, Youngji’s face remains both placid and thoughtful as she either stares down or right at the camera with a mysterious expression. Her hairstyle also remains the slightly curly brown hair showcased by her during her days as a competing member of “Baby KARA,” along with a crown of braids.

Below, the photo’s caption reads, “6TH MINI/KARA/DAY/YOUNGJ.” This suggests that two members will pull off the concept of night, as Youngji and one more member will present the bright and calm portrayal of morning.

Park Gyuri dons a similar attire to Youngji’s, presenting herself as the other member who will share the ‘Day’ concept of their comeback. In the first photo, Gyuri seen leaning against a pillow and sunny window on a simple bed, the wooden sills of the window and black rungs of the bed the only different colors. Her hair too remains a light shade of brown, slightly teased and wavy under some hairpins. Also donning a layered skirt and shortly cropped top, Gyuri expresses the portrayal of a summer morning. Her expression is solemn, however, and rather heavy, adding a touch of sadness to the clean, calm vibe of the photo.

Her second concept image is the first close-up fans have seen so far, which shows a profile view of Gyuri, lost in thought. She still relatively looks the same, save her hair too is crowned by a ring of braids, and her index finger is barely touching her lips. Contrary to Youngji’s ruffled top, Gyuri’s includes more of lace, adding slight distinct differences for each member.

The teasers have just begun, so stay tuned for more updates from KARA prior to their official return on Monday, August 18th!

KARA’s Park Gyuri in Prague

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KARA’s Park Gyuri in Prague KARA’s Park Gyuri in Prague

KARA’s Park Gyuri has updated fans of her whereabouts on her personal Twitter on the 5th of February.

She uploaded a simple tweet that said “Prague” with a collage of three pictures of her touring the beautiful European country.

Just in the three pictures, many fans noticed her eye for fashion and also commented on how beautiful she looked without having to dress up or wear too much make-up.

Many fans also wished for her to have this time to recharge and come back refreshed and de-stressed.

Kara's Park Gyuri Is a Blonde Princess Doll in Selca Photo

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Karas Park Gyuri Is a Blonde Princess Doll in Selca PhotoKaras charismatic leader Park Gyuri has captured the attention of netizens by posting an intriguing selca photo on her Twitter.

On November 14, Park Gyuri tweeted the message golden Gyul along with the selca picture on her Twitter page. In the photo, we see Park Gyuri sitting in her makeup room with wavy golden blond hair, pale skin and big pupils. Her unique look resembles a doll.

Kara is currently on a seven-city concert tour in Japan titled KARA 2nd JAPAN TOUR 2013-KARASIA. The tour started on October 8 in Yokohama. Kara has four more concerts left on the tour. They will perform in Saitama on November 19 and 20, and they will finish their tour in Kobe with concerts on November 23 and 24.