Park Bom’s latest Instagram live makes headlines

Park Bom’s latest Instagram live makes headlines

Former 2NE1 member Park Bom is making headlines for her recent Instagram live session.

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On August 3, Park Bom stated she wanted to do a live broadcast in order to “clear up misunderstandings,” adding, “not everything in reports is right.” She also told fans, “I’m thinking about doing a 24-hour reality show like ‘2NE1 TV’.”

Though it wasn’t clear what she was commenting on, Park Bom also caught the attention of viewers by saying, “I really didn’t do it. I did not do that!”

Some viewers are also speculating she referred to Yang Hyun Suk or YG as a pig (08:15 in below video) though again, it’s unclear what her intentions were.

Watch her live stream below.