Park Bom responds to YG Entertainment rejecting her

Park Bom responds to YG Entertainment rejecting her

Park Bom is having the strangest back-and-forth with YG Entertainment regarding her contract with the company.


Bom Park (@haroobomkum) April 10, 2017

She first started teasing fans with hints suggesting that she was still part of YG Entertainment.

@bomieboms Im telling u U should ask to my producer YG Teddy oppa.. really~~🍀🙏🙌

Bom Park (@haroobomkum) April 27, 2017

Park Bom then clarified by revealing that she had signed to Producer Teddys company, THE BLACK LABEL.

@oneonlygzb Yes Im with Black Label

Bom Park (@haroobomkum) April 30, 2017

THE BLACK LABEL is a sub-label under YG Entertainment, created by 1TYM leader, Teddy.

However, YG Entertainment quickly denied that Park Bom was signed to their agency and even released statements to the media.

“It is not true that Park Bom will be joining Producer Teddy’s The Black Label.” — YG Entertainment

Koreaboo (@Koreaboo) May 1, 2017

Park Bom has now responded this rejection while answering fans questions on Twitter.

@KissMyBlackJack Thanx for your advice.. I believe that ur one of my fans.. I appreciate that you are tring to help me to be in a good better situation..👑🍀

Bom Park (@haroobomkum) May 1, 2017

Park Bom then went on to thank fans for showing support and continuing to love her. She wrapped up her tweets by sharing how much she still misses 2NE1 member, CL.

@bbrumdd @ninououmhani1 Of course~~ ㅠㅠ

Despite her hardships, it seems that Park Bom still remains close to her fellow 2NE1 members and CL especially!

Happy Birthday~~CL❤️🐘🐻👍🎂

Bom Park (@haroobomkum) February 25, 2017