Park Bo Young Shared Her Thoughts In Choosing Her Next Project

Park Bo Young Shared Her Thoughts In Choosing Her Next Project

Park Bo Young just did an interview when her recent drama “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” came to an end. In theinterview, she revealed her thoughts in choosing future characters and also explained her real personality.

Park Bo Young is a famous actress who can show great skills in acting. She always leaves good impressions and everyone loves her character. Her recent drama “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” even broke records in terms of ratings on JTBC, Soompireported.

Park Bo Young is popular with her cute character in many dramas. In an interview, she revealed that actually, she thought hard before choosing her new project. She said she wanted to play different roles and thus she took a long break before taking another project. It made fans not really happy about that, Soompireported.

During the interview, Park Bo Young also shared that she always tried to play the character as she wanted when she played in a movie. But when she played in a drama, she said that she tend to do what the public wants.

Park Bo Young also shared how she enjoyed filming Do Bong Soon in “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.” She could enjoy playing the character because Bong Soon’s personality matched with Park Bo Young’s personality in some ways.

With the success of the drama, Park Bo Young and other casts of “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” were rewarded a long trip in Bali, AllKpopreported. She and other casts had a nice holiday in Bali. Park Bo Young’s co-lead, Park Hyung Sik, shared some photos of the trip in Bali on his Instagram, Drama Feverreported.

Park Bo Young gets her success as an actress. She has many fans who always root for her. For her next project, there has been no news yet from the company. Her fans need to wait to see her next project.

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