Park Bo Young Does This Every Time She Read A Malicious Comment

Park Bo Young Does This Every Time She Read A Malicious Comment

Park Bo Young revealed that she is hurt by online posts and comments about her that are malicious in nature.

Park Bo Young opened up about how she handles both malicious comments and compliments. She mentioned that the does, in fact, read comments on articles about her and elaborated on the malicious comments.

I read them. When I see the malicious comments, it does hurt me but I also see what people dislike of me, or what aspect of me makes them uncomfortable. Thoughts such as if my voice is too whiny or when they say that I always look the same when I cry, I think of how I can do it differently.

Regarding dealing with comments of opposite spectrums, Park Bo Young revealed that she actually doesnt look into positive comments very much, but she takes negative comments very seriously.

Im trying to fix that mindset but its difficult to change. The most dangerous thing is getting absorbed in yourself. As a person, I only want to hear compliments but if I always hear them, I feel like Id become too absorbed in myself.

Park Bo Young believes that many people compliment her because they see her in person and are right in front of her. Even if there are many positive comments in an article about her, she forgets about them right away. However, when a post or comment points out some of her flaws, shell think about them for a long time.