Park Bo Gum Raves About Song Joong Kis Acting In Film The Battleship Island

Park Bo Gum Raves About Song Joong Kis Acting In Film The Battleship Island

The friendship between these two actors will never fail to warm our hearts!

An interview was conducted on July 26 in honor of the release of The Battleship Island. One of the main cast members, Song Joong Ki, jokingly told his staff, Tell a Blossom Entertainment (his agency) employee that we would like some coffee during the interview.

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At that moment, a special guest made an appearance, to everyone elses surprise. It was none other than the actors labelmate, Park Bo Gum. Song Joong Ki explained that his junior had shown up with patbingsoo (ice flakes with red bean) because his hyung was working hard, and affectionally commented, [Such a] kind fellow.

Park Bo Gum also shared his thoughts on the Song Joong Kis latest film, which he had a chance to see at the recent VIP showing.

Its a movie through which I could study about the painful history of our country, he reflected. Park Bo Gum also only had good things to say about his fellow actor, and stated, Song Joong Kis acting was the best. It was really cool.

In the film The Battleship Island, Song Joong Ki plays Park Moo Young, a member of the Korean independence movement who vows to aid the Korean people who were forced against their will to work on Battleship Island (Hashima) after infiltrating the island. The film itself premiered in South Korea on July 26.

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