Park Bo Gum Proves Once Again That Hes An Absolute Sweetheart

Park Bo Gum Proves Once Again That Hes An Absolute Sweetheart

Actor Park Bo Gum, known for his kind and affectionate personality, warmed hearts when he carried out a thoughtful gesture on Jung Joon Has birthday.

During the April 22 episode of Infinite Challenge, Yoo Jae Suk revealed that Park Bo Gum celebrated Jung Joon Has birthday while the other cast members had forgotten about it due to their busy filming schedules.

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As soon as Park Bo Gum discovered that it was Jung Joon Has birthday, he went out and prepared a birthday cake for him.

The actor then surprised Jung Joon Ha with the cake while singing him Happy Birthday.

Touched by Park Bo Gum and his kind act, Jung Joon Ha expressed, The rumors of you are all true. You really are warm-hearted.

Jung Joon Ha later posted a photo to his Instagram with the caption, Park Bo Gum is seriously so nice!! Hes so cool and lovable!! Even though hes younger than me, I have so much to learn from him!!

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Meanwhile, you can check out the latest episode of Infinite Challenge on Viki!