Park Bo Gum Becomes A Hockey Player In 'Infinite Challenge'

Park Bo Gum Becomes A Hockey Player In 'Infinite Challenge'

It was just recently that MBC’s “Infinite Challenge” showed everyone how good of a fire dancer Park Bo Gum really is. Now, another side of the K-pop heartthrob has been shown, as he set out for another tricky display of his skills and talents.

According to Korea Portal, the released teaser stills for the upcoming 2018 Pyeongchang Special was just released. And because of this, the hype for the sports event has just grown even more.

And in line with this, “Infinite Challenge” has just featured Park Bo Gum for its own Olympics segment. Undoubtedly, the ratings and number of viewers of the show dramatically increased for that single episode alone.

This is because Park Bo Gum has played as a hockey player for the Ice Hockey segment of “Infinite Challenge”. The recently released teaser images which featured Park Bo Gum in full hockey attire had never failed to capture the imagination of his fans, and it is what really happened during the show’s Ice Hockey episode.

According to Soompi, there were a lot of people, fans and non-fans, who praised Park Bo Gum for his skills and talent in hockey, as it was unexpected of him to also be a sports guy. Indeed, he successfully showed the other side of himself, proving that he’s not just all about charm, looks, and music, as he is also the sporty kind of guy.

MBC surely knows how to go with the hype of the upcoming Pyeongchang games. Knowing that it is coming soon, the Ice Hockey episode of “Infinite Challenge” proved to everyone that everyone is hyped up for the games.

Park Bo Gum is also the perfect candidate for it, as he has a huge fan base. He surely has promoted the upcoming Pyeongchang games in the best of ways.