Park Bo Gum always does this when he takes selfies with people

Park Bo Gum always does this when he takes selfies with people

Park Bo Gums unique habit when taking selfies with friends. Have you noticed?

Fans have noticed that Park Bo Gum consistently imitates the facial expressions of whoever he takes selfies with. Sometimes subtly, sometimes drastically.

Park Bo Gum and Kim Go Eun are known to be close friends. They snapped a selfie with similar bright smiles.

Park Bo Gum took a goofy selfie with his Love in the Moonlight costar Jinyoung while on set. They donned similar expressions to match the cute filter in the image.

Bo Gum posed with his other costar from Love in the Moonlight, Kwak Dong Yeon, to celebrate the new year and portrayed identical wide-eyed smiles.

Park Bo Gum copies his costar by posing with closed eyes and placing one hand on his face as well. When Kim Yoo Jung winked, he winked too!

While on the variety show Youth Over Flowers with the Reply 1988 cast, Go Kyung Pyo and Park Bo Gum snapped a shy-smiling selfie.

On the same show, he took a photo with Ryu Jun Yeol, both showing happy open-mouthed smiles.

Bo Gum also took a cheerful and laughing selfie with Ahn Jae Hong.

Park Bo Gum looks good even with closed eyes

He made sure to also hold up a V-sign.

Bo Gum aligned his face and posed with a similar smile.

Their faces are tilted at the same angle, and matching dimples can be seen!