Parents of a baby girl born with a face deformity struggles to afford surgery

Parents of a baby girl born with a face deformity struggles to afford surgery

Baby Ha Eunis struggling to survive as she was born with a face deformity.

On May 11, theMiral Welfare Foundationshared that Ha Eun, who was born with a face deformity, will forever suffer from a speech impediment and facial disorders if she does not undergo surgery.

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Ha Eun is the second oldest of the triplets. She was born with cleft lip and palate, which is a birth defect of an opening in lip and mouth. The condition will severely affect the growth of nose, jaw, and teeth. Surgery must be completed within 3 to 6 months after birth.

Ha Eun’s mother stated, “Her breathing stopped for a moment after she was born. The hospital actually said that it’ll be hard for her to wake up.”

Fortunately, Ha Eun miraculously came back to life but her struggle for survival continued as she’s having difficultiesobtaining nutrition.

It’s revealed that Ha Eun’s parents went through amiscarriage before the triplets. The father of Ha Eun talked about his heartbreak, stating, “It’s hard… I wondered why such things had to happen to us.”

Ha Eun’s surgery will cost about 3,000,000 KRW (approximately$2,671 USD) per session and the family has to provide expensive monthly after-treatments. The family is overwhelmed with living expenses topped with surgery costs, however, Ha Eun’s father had to take a break from work as his wife couldn’t take care of the triplets by herself.

Ha Eun needs to undergo the first surgery in June. Her parents are greatly concerned that she will not be able to receive the treatment she needs on time.

Currently, Miral Welfare Foundation has started a campaign to ”give Ha Eun a pretty smile”. You can give support and donation for Ha Eun here.

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