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SNSD Releases ‘Paparazzi’ Album Jacket And More Info~ | SNSD Korean

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SNSD Releases ‘Paparazzi’ Album Jacket And More Info~ | SNSD Korean

As posted before, SNSD is back with another single to dominate the Japanese music industry again this summer. Following their 3rd Japanese single ‘Mr.Taxi’, the girls will be releasing their 4th Japanese single ‘Paparazzi’ on June 27th.

In addition to the PV teaser, which already received over 1 million views on Youtube, SNSD revealed two album jacket photos on their official Japanese website. The single will come in three editions; First Press Special Limited Edition, Regular Edition (CD + DVD) and Regular Edition (CD only). There are also a total of 5 versions of the video, in which 3 are on sale. For the limited first press edition, the music video commentary and the behind the scenes for the MV are compiled together into a 2 set large newspaper photo booklet. Photos during the time of the MV recording and members’ QA are also included. The MVs will be viewable at any time on the official Facebook/YouTube page after its release.

Check out its Album Jackets below (and above!);

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Girls Generation (SNSD) to Release Japanese Single 'Paparazzi' in Korea!

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Girls Generation, Paparazzi, SNSD

Girls Generation (SNSD) to Release Japanese Single 'Paparazzi' in Korea! snsdGirls Generation's new Japanese single "Paparazzi"will be released for sale in Korea on Thursday!

Girls' Generation's Japanese single "Paparazzi" which was released in Japan back on June 27th had hit number 1 on Oricon's Daily Chart and thus felt the hot response from their Japanese fans.

The girls worked with famous staff members such as Miles Walker and Tom Coyne of Sterling Sound to produce their new hit dance track.

The single is available in an limited edition (CD + DVD), a regular CD + DVD edition, and a CD-only edition, with the DVD containing the music video for "Paparazzi."

In related news, Girls' Generation on Saturday will be performing for the 'SMTOWN Live World Tour III in Seoul'.

SNSD will release Paparazzi in Korea on Aug. 16

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SNSD will release Paparazzi in Korea on Aug. 16

SNSDs latest Japanese single, Paparazzi, will be released in Korea on August 16.

SNSDs fourth Japanese single, Paparazzi, which was released in Japan on June 27, is a song that topped the Oricon single daily chart and the iTunes Japan single daily chart.

Paparazzi is a dance song characterized by a dreamy sound and an addictive melody. Such world-renowned musicians as Miles Walker, who has worked with the pop star Beyonce, Sterling Sound, and Tom Coyne participated in the making of the single. SNSDs fancy performance for the song makes it even more attractive.

This single will be released in a total of three versions, a limited version(CD+DVD), a regular version(CD+DVD), and a CD version. The DVD contains a music video of Paparazzi.

SNSD will participate in SM Town Live World Tour III in Seoul, which will be held at the main Sports Complex in Seoul on August 18.

SNSD performs Paparazzi on Japan’s ‘Ongaku no Hi’~

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Appearing on TBS Ongaku no Hi, SNSD is back to promote their Japanese single, Paparazzi.

Meanwhile, on the same Paparazzi topic, Taeyeon, Seohyun and Sones snapped another weekly Selca on Music Core. Looks like the new Paparazzi camera dance is trending these days!

This is girl Taeyeon, who listens to music oftenㅋㅋㅋ

I thank you all for your coming to MuCore with your warm love!

Finally, the great paparazzi pose is complete +_+!!!

This was the action SONE recommended on the spot- hehehe.

Are all your fingers okay???

The days are really humid, and it’s been raining

Always coming to see us and cheering us on

I feel really really strong^^

Our fingers are fine Taeng!! D===

Source: wondergeneration, ch0sshi,

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Billboard Covers Girls' Generation's (SNSD) Japanese Single "PAPARAZZI" Success

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Billboard Covers Girls' Generation's (SNSD) Japanese Single

Billboard, Girls Generation, SNSD, PAPARAZZI

Billboard Covers Girls’ Generation’s Japanese Single “PAPARAZZI” SuccessThe American Billboard mentioned the success of Girls' Generation's new Japanese single "PAPARAZZI."

Billboard summed up Girls' Generation's enormous success in Japan yet again with another hit. The article by siting SoundScan Japan noted the sales of the single "PAPARAZZI" have reached 130,000 copies sold bringing the total singles/download sales to 645,000 copies in Japan.

"PAPARAZZI" have achieved a gold status certification by the Recording Industry Association in Japan (RIAJ) for selling over 100,000 copies.

Billboard stated, "The group's total album sales in Japan recently broke the million mark currently at 1,081,000 with the "Girls' Generation" record accounting for 715,000 of those sales."

Girls' Generation continues to prove their rising popularity as the single itself places in the top of Tower Records and Oricon's daily singles chart. Last week the new single "PAPARAZZI" topped the Billboard's Japan Hot 100 chart and kept its strong foothold as it places in the seventh spot.

They lastly added, " Girls' Generation latest chart accomplishment truly solidifies their leading of the K-Pop girl group pack in Japan. Other popular groups like KARA, 2NE1, and After School have made attempts to break the lucrative industry to varying degrees of success."

SNSD shoot pictorials under a paparazzi concept

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SNSD shoot pictorials under a paparazzi concept

SNSD recently did a photo shoot.

On July 6, some snapshots of SNSDs Yuri, Jessica, Sooyoung, and Seohyun at the photo shoot for the fashion magazine @ Star 1.

With the streets in Cheongdam-dong in the background, the members showed off their nice figures and doll-like faces, walking on the streets.

According to reports, many people currently inquiring about the bags and clothes the members were wearing at the shoot and theyre being quickly sold out at stores.

A person concerned with the fashion industry says, Sooyoung and Jessica are very stylish that the clothes and accessories they wear are always sold out.

The pictorials of SNSD can be seen in the July issue of @ Star 1.

Girls' Generation (SNSD) Sweeps the Japanese Oricon Chart and iTunes Music Charts with "Paparazzi"

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Girls' Generation (SNSD) Sweeps the Japanese Oricon Chart and iTunes Music Charts with

snsd, paparazzi, girls' generation

main_img_papa snsdGirl group SNSD has dominated both Japan album chart(Oricon) and music chart(iTunes) at the same time.

According to Japan's most popular ranking site Oricon Chart on the 2nd, the song "Paparazzi" revealed by SNSD on last 27th has placed 1st on the daily chart on the 30th. This album set the records of selling 425,250 albums on the first day, placing 2nd on the Oricon daily chart.

The song 'Paparazzi' is currently 1st on Japan iTunes. The song 'Paparazzi' catches the attention with it exotic and sophisticated sound.

SNSD’s Paparazzi Bombs Multiple Charts~

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SNSD’s Paparazzi Bombs Multiple Charts~

Finally released on iTunes and stores, SNSD is back with another single to dominate the Japanese music industry again this summer. On June 27th, exactly 1 year and 2 months after the release of their 3rd Japanese single ‘Mr.Taxi’, SNSD released its 4th Japanese single ‘Paparazzi’.

Just hours after its official release, SNSD have shown their domination once again by taking the no.1 spot on iTunes Japan’s ‘Top Charts’.

Rola’s debut album ‘Memories’ came in 2nd while Japanese girl group Momoiro Clover Z took the no.3 spot. American singer, Chris Brown’s ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’ was also among the top 10 songs in the chart.

This doesnt end here thought as the girls has also taken over the Oricon Chart.

Based on the data released by Oricon, SNSDs ‘Paparazzi’ has recorded sales of 42,525 copies, placing the girls’ 4th Japanese Single in the no.2 spot behind KAT-TUN’s ‘To The Limit’ which sold more than 60,000 copies on day 1. Both singles were officially released on June 27th.

In comparison to the girls’ 3rd Japanese Single ‘Mr.Taxi/Run Devil Run’ which was released in April 2011, ‘Paparazzi’ ended its first day of sales by about 2,000 copies more. However, both singles finished 2nd on day 1.

Source: iTunes Japan,, Oricon/Bestiz

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Girls’ Generation (SNSD) Praised for Splendid Debut Performance of ‘PAPARAZZI’s on Japanese TV

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Girls’ Generation (SNSD) Praised for Splendid Debut Performance of ‘PAPARAZZI’s on Japanese TV Girls’ Generation (SNSD) Praised for Splendid Debut Performance of ‘PAPARAZZI’s on Japanese TVGirls' Generation made their first appearance on "Music Station" to perform new song "PAPARAZZI" on June 22.

On this day's broadcast of "Music Station," before the performance played a video of Girls' Generation international promotions, introducing them with the line "They are performing "PAPARAZZI" for the first time after a year and two month."

Girls' Generation also commented "We were anticipating and waiting for our meeting with Japanese fans, and we are so happy to see everyone." They also showed the point dance for "PAPARAZZI."

On the other hand, Girls' Generation caught the attention of Japanese fans this day with their perfectly synchronized moves and lean body lines. Their maid outfit matched with pink gloves left a strong impression.

Those who saw the video commented "Even the pink gloves are sexy on SNSD," and "They are treated as top stars in Japan."

SNSD Performs ‘Paparazzi’ On Japan ‘Music Station’

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SNSD strikes back with a comeback in the Japanese Entertainment Industry as they performed Paparazzi on Japan Music Station. Music Station is a music show that is equivalent to Koreas Music Bank / Inkigayo etc. Watch their performance as they dance away with their hardcore dance routine;

Source: Greencaramelful

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