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A Sweet Look Into Panda and Hedgehog

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A Sweet Look Into Panda and Hedgehog Having drawn to a close two weeks ago, Im definitely feeling the loss of  idol-starring drama, Panda and Hedgehog, and the delight it brought me every weekend with its beautiful, beautiful baked goods. The drama stars Super Junior Lee Donghae as Go Seung-ji, Yoon Seung-ah as Pan Da-yang, and Choi Jin-hyuk as Choi Won-ill in this ridiculously funny drama that has the great quality of not taking itself too seriously. If youve yet to catch Panda and Hedgehog, beware as there are spoilers ahead.

Seung-ji, or otherwise known as Hedgehog has a super prickly personality, giving him his nickname. He meets the sweet and lovable Pan Da-yang who is also better known for her nickname, Panda and he is hired by her as a pâtissier to help revive her failing cafe, aptly named Cafe Panda. They struggle together to make Cafe Panda a success while fending off competition from the franchise Saint Honore, which is owned by Choi Won-ill.

The main female lead, Panda, actually comes across as too overly naive and trusting, which is quite typical of female drama leads. One of her few saving graces as a character is how empathetic she is towards the hardships of Hedgehog, Choi Won-ill, and Choi Won-yi. Panda is cute but definitely not my favorite character in the drama. Rather, it seemed that she was simply written in as a helper for Hedgehog to help him with his trials with dealing with daddy problems, as well as plagiarism issues from their rival. She lacks a lot of motivation and depth that is necessary to be a likable character. Sadly, for the majority of the female characters in Panda and Hedgehog this is the case, except in the case of a few such as Choi Won-yi.

Although the main leads are cute and all, the things that actually kept me watching this drama were the gorgeous cakes, Donghae, and the bromance. If you’re a foodie, this drama is for you. It will keep you salivating after the beautiful macaroons and cakes.

Second lead Choi Won-il and his sister, Won-yi, have an interesting dynamic relationship. Instead of calling her brother the more traditional oppa, she calls him hyung, as she is more of a tomboy. Won-yi’s character is also very endearing as she provides much comic relief as well as playing the stand-in for the boy that Won-ill lost as a child. Essentially, her whole life is spent trying to be that boy for Won-ill and help him relieve his guilt.

Out of all of the characters, the most dynamic is in fact Won-yi. Her struggle to choose between her familial loyalty to her father who is the one plagiarizing Hedgehogs original designs and her attachment to Hedgehog as a student of his causes her significant emotional turmoil. Furthermore, the big reveal of the drama is that the lost child is Hedgehogand is Won-yis half-brotherwhich leads her to fighting with her fathers money-grubbing ideology and own Hedgehogs more honest and down-to-earth ideals.

Even better than the Choi siblings relationship is Hedgehog and Won-ill’s bromance. It just me, or is when the two male leads of dramas become friends thus fostering a bromance, sometimes even better than the main couple à la Protect the Boss?  

Hedgehogs back story is the one thing that strung what seemed to be random trials together. He experienced what had to be one of the worst childhoods everamnesia, child abuse, a stint in prison, and being parent-lesslife basically sucked for Hedgehog. The one ray of sunlight was his adopted grandfather who taught him to continue working hard towards his dream of being a pastry chef no matter what obstacles life presented, which in itself is a very Confucian ideal. As per these ideals, filial piety and hard work leads to success in life, which Hedgehog achieved with fame and family as the reward.

Something that the drama lacked was an actual, believable plot. The drama had tendencies of what is more commonly known as a makjang, or a type of drama sylistic, tonal, or narrative element in dramas that chooses to play up outrageous storylines to keep viewers hooked despite how ridiculous the stories become. As a character-driven drama, this doesnt keep the viewers from falling in love with the individual characters through mini trials and great emotional moments wherein the viewer could connect with the drama. However, the overarching storyline of the child that Panda and Won-ill had lostand thus felt responsible foris very contrived, which is made even worse when the main conflict is resolved in the eleventh hour by a blow to the head and thus prompting memory recall. Amnesia is a burnt out trope and the way in which it was used by the drama was sloppy and most likely evidence of a deadline crunch for the writers.

Despite that flaw, the main appeal of Panda and Hedgehog is how it’s an adorable and light rom-com and if you’re also watching heavier dramas such as Faith, Arang and the Magistrate, and Nice Guy during the week, it’s a great way to relax and enjoy all the cute scenes during the weekend without having to delve into the intricacies of a well-written plot.

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"Miss Panda and Mr. Hedgehog" Actress Yoon Seung Ah is a Fall Beauty for "1st Look"

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Miss Panda and Mr. Hedgehog Actress Yoon Seung Ah is a Fall Beauty for 1st LookMiss Panda and Mr. Hedgehog” actress Yoon Seung Ah posed for a photo shoot featured in the October issue of fashion magazine “1st Look.”  The actress who was discovered on the street for her beauty looks like an innocent fall beauty in menswear influenced clothes with long wavy hair. 

On growing out her hair, Yoon Seung Ah: “This year, I am thirty years old [in Korea age; the actress is actually 29 years old].  When people find out my age, recently, there have been quite a few people who get surprised.  Before, though my image was strong, with the passing of time, my face is little by little coming out.  Maybe it’s also because of my long hair style.  Before debut, I had short hair most of the time, so I didn’t have long hair like now back then.”

On an item she is addicted to, Yoon Seung Ah: “Long dress.  Actually, previously I didn’t really like wearing long dresses.  It looked like something my mom would wear, and looked like something difficult to match with, but at a preview, after trying a long dress a couple of times, people around me told me that I looked good in it.  So after that I got some courage to wear it.”  

In “Miss Panda and Mr. Hedgehog,” Yoon Seung Ah played a blunt and happy-go-lucky character who ends up falling for Super Junior member Donghae’s prickly and withdrawn character.  Donghae had his  first kiss scene in the drama.    

'Panda and Hedgehog' Meets Happy Ending

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'Panda and Hedgehog' Meets Happy Ending

Panda and Hedgehog, donghae, yoon seung ah

"Miss Panda and Hedgehog"saw a happy ending as the series ended.

On the Sunday episode of Channel A's "Miss Panda and the Hedgehog," Go Seung Ji (Donghae) found his family again with his mother and his grandfather. Seung Ji, his grandfather and Won Il (Choi Jin Hyuk) established 'Cafe Pandadochi,' achieving their greatest dream.

The drama's couple also met a happy romance. Seung Ji gave her a cake ring, showing her that his feelings for her have not changed. Though there were some mumbled protests, the two of them embraced at the end, showing that they will have a happy ever after type of future.

"Miss Panda and Hedgehog" was an interesting new drama that centered around baking, showing very detailed processes of how to bake a cake or how to make macarons. The drama portrayed a very good balance between dreams and love, whether it be between lovers, friends or family.

Donghae said, "This will be a very special project for me because I learned so much from it. Thank you so much for cheering us on until the end and being a fan of the drama. Though it's over, I hope it stays with many of you as a happy memory."

Yoon Seung Ah said, "Thank you to all those who stayed with Pan Dayang until the end. Everyday that I spent as Pan Dayang was full of happiness and fun. I hope to find you again in even better spirits."

Donghae showed his potential as a possible actor for many more romantic comedies to come and Yoon Seung Ah also was nubbed a favorite for romantic comedies with her portrayal of the lovely, cute and yet touching character.

4Minute Nam Jihyun Becomes a Career Woman in 'Panda and Hedgehog'

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4Minute Nam Jihyun Becomes a Career Woman in 'Panda and Hedgehog'

4minute, Nam Jihyun, Panda and Hedgehog

Girl group 4Minute's Nam Jihyun will transform into a beautiful career woman.

On the upcoming episode of Channel A's 'Panda and Hedgehog,' Nam Jihyun will make a surprise appearance as the new strategy executive for St. Honore and will appear in front of Donghae and Choi Jin Hyuk.

In the still, Nam Jihyun is shown in a white blouse and a black mini-skirt, appearing incredibly professional and beautiful.

Despite the short appearance time, she will still use her charm to the full and provide entertainment for the viewers who are tuning in for the last episode for the series.

One crew member on set said, "Nam Jihyun is close with the writer after a drama project before at SBS so she willingly accepted. She'll provide some good energy until the very end."

The series finale will air this coming Sunday.

4minute’s Jihyun to make a special cameo in the last episode of ‘Miss Panda and Mr. Hedgehog’

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4minute’s Jihyun to make a special cameo in the last episode of ‘Miss Panda and Mr. Hedgehog’

Its recently revealed that 4minute member Jihyun will be making a special cameo on the final episode of Channel A drama ‘Miss Panda and Mr. Hedgehog‘!

On the October 7th broadcast, Jihyun will be appearing  as the department head of the strategic management team of ‘Sentonore’.

As we can see in the newly released still cuts, Jihyun will certainly draw a lot attention from cast members as well as viewers with her fresh, modern style, and lovely smile.

Although it being just a short appearance, her lovely charms will be enough to add a bit of spice to the love lines in the drama right up until the last moments.

A representative from the production crew shared, “Jihyun has a connection with the writer of the drama for she starred in her SBS drama, ‘It’s Okay, Daddy’s Daughter‘. She readily agreed to appear in the drama for that reason. Please look forward to Jihyun’s appearance in the final episode.”

Meanwhile, ‘Miss Panda and Mr. Hedgehog‘ will have its final episode on the night of October 7th.

'Panda and Hedgehog' Yoon Seung Ah, Choi Jin Hyuk Shocked at Donghae's Past

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'Panda and Hedgehog' Yoon Seung Ah, Choi Jin Hyuk Shocked at Donghae's Past

panda and hedgehog, Donghae, yoon seung ah

Donghae, Yoon Seung Ah and Choi Jin Hyuk are all facing mental breakdown.

On the Sunday episode of the Channel A weekend series "Miss Panda and Hedgehog," Pan Da-yang (Yoon Seung Ah) and Choi Won Il (Choi Jin Hyuk) realize that the young min Woo that they've been looking for is actually Go Seung Ji (Donghae).

Choi Jin Hyuk was the first to open pandora's box, as he decided to use a picture of young Min Woo to create a virtual picture of a future Min Woo. Then he realized that the face was incredibly familiar and that it was actually Seung Ji.

Choi Jin Hyuk, who had been living with guilt for 20 years because of Min Woo, is incredibly shocked and confused as to what to do when he realizes that Min Woo is actually his rival and friend Seung Ji.

At the same time, Yoon Seung Ah also panics when she sees Donghae and realizes that the Min Woo she had been so desperately looking for for 20 years was next to her, and the man that she recently fell in love with. Donghae also seems to have noticed something different in their attitudes.

Viewers are wondering if Seung Ji will be able to get a happy ending after returning to his friends. The next episode will air on Saturday.

'Miss Panda and Hedgehog' The Truth Comes Out, Tensions Rise

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Channel A, Panda and Hedgehog, Super Junior, Donghae, Yoon Seung Ah, Choi Jin Hyuk

'Miss Panda and Hedgehog' The Truth Comes Out, Tensions Rise 'Miss Panda and Hedgehog' The Truth Comes Out, Tensions RiseChannel A weekend mini-series "Miss Panda and Hedgehog" is gearing for a tumultuous story.

Last week on the 12th episode, Go Seung Ji (Super Junior's Donghae) rips off the poster of Choi Jae Kyum (Hyun Suk) that was put up in front of Saint Honore and officially enters the store with Park Byung Moo (Park Geun Hyung). In this week's 13th and 14th episodes that are to come, all truths will be revealed and new light will be shed on relationships.

Especially the relationships between Donghae, Park Geun Hyung, Lee Moon Hee and Hyun Suk will be shown and the behind stories for Donghae, Yoon Seung Ah (who plays Panda) and Choi Jin Hyuk will also be shown. All of these will come all at once and the pieces of the puzzle will be put together.

Unlike other dramas, "Miss Panda and Hedgehog" deals with the love between father/daughter, finding your dreams and achieving your dreams and the many regular patterns of everyday life.

One of the production insiders said, "The series finale is only 4 episodes away and that's why the drama is advancing really far and fast. The series will begin revealing all the details about the relationships."

'Miss Panda and Hedgehog' Precious Cameos You Don't Want to Miss

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Panda and Hedgehog, cameos, Donghae, Super Junior

'Miss Panda and Hedgehog' Precious Cameos You Don't Want to Miss 'Miss Panda and Hedgehog' Precious Cameos You Don't Want to Miss"Miss Panda and Hedgehog" has a lot of special appearances by random individuals.

Channel A weekend mini-series "Miss Panda and Hedgehog" is showing off actors who seem to have a lot of influence and make you wonder who they are. Many of them actually turn out to be real people who are actually working in the industry.

In a scene where Super Junior's Donghae went to the butcher to buy meat, the butcher actually turned out to be movie director Kim Hae Gon, who is known for many movies such as "A Better Tomorrow" and he even appeared in "A Bittersweet Life." He was known for cameos in movies that he was involved with.

He said, "I appeared because I was friends with the director and the writers. I had never appeared in a drama before but it was really fun because I got to portray a very impressive and interesting character. Donghae seemed like a very talented actor and I was able to learn a lot from Park Geun Hyung."

Other directors like Hwang Byeong Gook, who is known for very unique movies like "The Client," also made an appearance as an assistant to a star cake baker. He said, "I made lots of memories learning how to make cakes and though the drama format was a little strange to me, I was able to complete the shoot without much trouble thanks to the other actors."

Hong Seung Ki, who plays the role of Kang Eun Bi (Yoo Soyoung)'s father's lawyer, is actually a lawyer in real life and has appeared as a lawyer in a movie in 2004 and will appear in "Wolf Boy."

He said, "I appeared because I had a special relationship with the writer. My voice isn't great because I've been giving a lot of lectures but I tried my best. It was hard to adjust to the fast pace of drama shooting but it was very fun."

Professor Kang Eun Sook will appear as a food stylist who will teach the lawyer how to coordinate food table settings, adding a layer of reality to the drama.

The professor said, "The writer gave me a very exciting opportunity so I made an appearance. I really enjoyed myself and I was really proud that our cakes appeared on screen in a very positive light."

"Miss Panda and Hedgehog" airs every weekend.

'Miss Panda and Hedgehog' Release Third OST by Donghae-Choi Jin Hyuk

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Panda and Hedgehog, Channel A, Donghae, Super Junior, Choi Jin Hyuk, Love Hedgehog, Promise, Urban Zakapa

'Miss Panda and Hedgehog' Release Third OST by Donghae-Choi Jin Hyuk ‘Miss Panda and Hedgehog’ Release Third OST by Donghae-Choi Jin HyukThe third OST of "Miss Panda and Hedgehog" released.

Channel A weekend drama drew attention by releasing its part 3 of their OST on Monday.

"Miss Panda and Hedgehog" third OST is sung by the drama casts Super Junior's Donghae, Choi Jin Hyuk, Park Sang Hoon, as well as Urban Zakapa.

Especially the title song "Love Hedgehog" showcases Choi Jin Hyuk's hidden vocals as a breezy ballad composed by Park Sang Hoon.

The album also includes track "Promise" written and composed by Donghae and sung by Urban Zakapa's Kwon Soon Il. Kwon Soon Il portrays the sweet charm of Donghae's character as he begins to fall in love.

Internet users after listening to the track commented, "Choi Jin Hyuk who is an actor can sing as well as a singer," "The music seems more engaging as the drama actors themselves are singing," and "I'm always waiting for the next OST for the drama."

"Miss Panda and Hedgehog" airs very Saturdays and Sundays at 7:30PM KST through Channel A.

Listen to both of the tracks below.

'Panda and Hedgehog' Yoon Seung Ah Flaunts Unique Charm

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'Panda and Hedgehog' Yoon Seung Ah Flaunts Unique Charm

Panda and Hedgehog, yoon seung ah

Yoon Seung Ah shows off her charms as the new age romantic comedy queen.

On the Sunday episode of "Miss Panda and Hedgehog," Yoon Seung Ah plays Pan Da Yang, who is a quirky, bubbly and optimistic girl, and recently she confessed the secrets of her and Cafe Panda during a round of 'Truth Game.'

She talks about her alcoholic mortician father and Min Woo and how he went missing, which touched the hearts of viewers as she showed a more serious side to her acting and her character.

She then showed off her lovely charm during a party for just the girls after the two men left, with a towel wrapped around her as she sang and danced. Her particular charm and loveable personality was clearly shown in those scenes and in her scenes with Donghae.

This is a new discovery of Yoon Seung Ah, as she keeps the viewers laughing and crying, with her very wide range of acting abilities.

Viewers commented saying, "Yoon Seung Ah met the perfect drama for her." "She is perfect in this role." "I almost cried when she talked about her father." "She is just right for the romantic comedy genre."

Episode 13, which chronicles Go Seung Ji (Donghae) and how he had always vowed revenge against Choi Jae Kyum (Hyun Suk), is set to air on Saturday.