Sunny Revealed Her Feelings Working With Siwan For ‘Rio 2′ And The Future Of Girls’ Generation

Girls" Generation"s Sunny explained what her thoughts are as she is working with ZE:A"s Siwan for the upcoming animated film, "Rio 2."Sunny also explained tidbits regarding the future of Girls" Generation.

Sunny"s Role in the Film

Sunny is going to voice the parrot, Jewe,l who is the wife of Siwan"s character.Both Siwan and Sunny had not met before doing the project together.She explained what her thoughts were while working alongside Siwan.She said, "We met each other to play husband and wife roles and then went to an interview together; it was really embarrassing and awkward."The two only got acquainted while recording the voice overs.

Her Co-star and Girls" Generation

Sunny gave a lot of praise to her co-star by stating, "He was very proficient, even in the ways he expressed himself

Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun Tweets About Ferry Accident

Girl group Girls" Generation"s member Seohyun revealed a self-camera photo. (Photo : twitter)

Many idols have mourned the loss of life due to the Sewol ferry incident, and now Girls" Generation"s Seohyun has spoken up about the sad situation.

Seohyun took to Twitter on April 20 and posted: "Cried until the tears have all dried up.. Heart is already torn apart cannot imagine the amount of pain.. I hope there is no more suffering.. Even now I"m praying for a miracle. All those who died... I pray that you go to a good place.. Mourning.."

Although she is the youngest member of the 9-member girl group, Seohyun has become known for her interest in politics. She has mentioned in more than one interview that she is a fan of Ban Ki Moon, the UN Secretary-General. 

The Girls" Generation member is one of many idols who have shown support to the victims and families of the ferry incident

KBS Variety Shows Continue Delays This Week Due To Sewol Ferry Tragedy

Many people in South Korea and around the world are continuing to grieve for the victims of the Sewol Ferry tragedy last week. As news coverage of the incident maintains priority on TV stations across Korea, the entertainment has done its part to keep the airwaves free and clear for any breaking news.This week, all KBS variety shows will remain preempted.

The shows that will be affected are Hello Counselor which are shown every late at night Mondays and Our Neighborhood Arts and Education on Tuesdays.

Other shows that will be affected this week and possibly the weekend are Immortal Song 2, 1 Night 2 Days, Superman is Back, Gag Concert, Happy Together, and more.

1 Night 2 Days is a reality and variety show.The cast members are Cha Tae Hyun, Kim Jong Min, Kim Joo Hyuk, Kim Jun Ho, Defconn, and Jung Joon Young

4 Akdong Musician Songs Before ‘PLAY’ Worth Listening To

(Photo : Facebook)

They first rose to popularity across Korea as the fun-loving and talented siblings on K-Pop Star 2. Now Akdong Musician is taking the charts by storm and charming fans around world with their official debut album under YG Entertainment.

As AKMU‘s newest album release PLAY continues to amount to steady success and popularity, it is especially worth mentioning a couple of great and uplifting tracks that were released before the official debut of Lee Chan Hyuk, 17, and Lee Soo Hyun, 14.

1. "Foreigner"s Confession" (외국인의 고백)

One of their best songs sang for K-pop Star Season 2, “Foreigner"s Confession" is probably the epitome of pleasant songs – it is adorably sweet, lovely and interestingly puts English to good use

ZE:A Hyungsik and Kahi Perform Solo Songs For ‘Bonnie & Clyde’

Idol group ZE:A"s member Park Hyungshik and singer Kahi revealed bold couple poses. (Photo : m musical)

ZE:A"s Hyungsik and Kahi appear as extremely talented thieves in the latest clips from the musical Bonnie & Clyde.

Hyungsik and Kahi play the title characters, and recently sparked interest in the musical due to a sexy teaser image, which showed the two of them in a bed.

Now, CJEnMusicials posted two videos on the official YouTube page that showed off the talent of each performer. Rather than releasing a duet, each of the actors was given their own time to shine.

Hyungsik performed the soulful song "Tomorrow Will Come," where he was able to show off his powerful vocals and acting. The song ended with Hyungsik-Clyde shooting a gun and the screen going black

Idol Covers Of SoYou And JungGiGo’s ‘Some’

"Let It Go" from Disney"s Frozen may be the most covered song around the world lately, but SoYou and JunggiGo"s "Some" is giving it some competition. There have been several idols covering "Some," interpreting the hit in their own unique ways. 9Muses"s Kyungri and SoReal"s Jangmoon teamed up for a traditional duet, while ToppDogg and Melody Day created A cappella versions of the song.

ToppDogg and Melody each created their own A cappella covers of "Some," but they"re incredibly different and wonderful in their own ways.

ToppDogg"s all-male A cappella sound is soulful and keeps to the original ballad, while adding their own style to the song. Not only did ToppDogg sing and beatbox, but the group also added some raps into the song, giving it a hint of ToppDogg"s typical sound. The group recorded the song in full, and created a music video to go along with it

K-Pop Goes Classical, Belgian Music Festival Updates Dvořák With K-Pop Dancers

(Photo : YouTube)(Photo : YouTube)

It"s not very often that one has the opportunity to mention classical musicians like Beethoven or Bach in the same sentence as Korean pop superstars.But with K-Pop"s increasingly global appeal, it seems like just as good a jumping off point rustle up some passion for the classical greats.

In Belgium, the B-Classic Music Festival enlisted the help of Korean pop-dance group Waveya to promote their "Classic Comeback" competition.

The music festival"s mission is to "give classical music the same recognition as pop and rock music," and the most recent update is mesmerizing.

In a music video filmed in South Korea by director Raf Reyntjens, the members of Waveya show off impressive modern choreography set to Antonín Leopold Dvořák"s "Symphony No

Jo Seung Woo fondly looks after Baro and his styling in ‘God’s Gift – 14 Days’ BTS footage

SBS uploaded a new video of some behind-the-scenes footage of recently completed drama "God"s Gift - 14 Days."

The clip showed B1A4"s Baro at the police office, acting convincingly as his character, Young Kyu, who has the mentality of a six-year-old and recently got beaten up while trying to protect Lee Bo Young"s missing daughter in the drama.

oked after Baro as he patted the young idol-turned-actor"s head and made sure his hair was on point for his close ups. Lucky Baro also got free hugs galore from Lee Bo Young!

Check out the video above! Were you satisfied with the drama"s ending?

Kim Soo Hyun Participates in Yellow Ribbon Campaign

Kim Soo Hyun participated in the yellow ribbon campaign after making a donation of 300 million won.

On Kim Soo Hyun’s official website, a picture of yellow ribbon has been posted along with text, ‘We pray that our hearts can reach the sky.’

Keyeast, Kim Soo Hyun′s agency, also posted on its official Facebook account a picture of a yellow ribbon with the caption, ‘One small movement for a big miracle.’

Kim Soo Hyun previously made donation in the amount of 300 milllion won to help out the victims of Sewol ferry.

About this, an affiliate of Keyeast told enews on April 24, “Kim Soo Hyun contemplated on which measure he should take to make the donation. He decided to help heal the trauma of the surviving students and the other affiliates of the school

Review: Teenage K-Poppers 15& Find Chart Success And A Wide Groove On ‘I Can’t Hide It’

(Photo : WikiMedia Commons)

Look out Akdong Musician! Fellow "K-Pop Star" winners, 15& are gunning for you.

The group, also a K-pop duo, knocked Akdong out of the number one spot on eight Korean music charts, Olleh, Genie, Mnet, Bugs, Soribada, Naver Music, Daum Music and Monkey3, with their single "I Can"t Hide It," when it was released earlier this month.

And this is one rare instance where a group lives up to the hype.

Comprised of two sixteen-year-old girls, Park Jimin and Baek Yerin, 15& has the sound of singers twice their age, with a tasteful restraint and emotional directness that it takes most artists years longer to acquire.

And though the singing is sweet and dreamy on "I Can"t Hide It," the thing that really sets the song apart is the production, which is spot on