Numbers Of Moviegoers Drops Drastically Due To Sewol Ferry Incident

The tragic event of Sewol ferry has affected the movie industry as well.

The number of Korean moviegoers on Saturday the 19th, compared to previous weekends and previous years, has really dropped low. Last week on the 12th, about 500,000 people were watching movies, this includes Hollywood movies such as "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" and also Korean movies such as "Wandering Blade". 

But the numbers of moviegoers dropped dramatically. "Captain America" is said to have dropped half of as to "Wandering Blade". The total of 330,000, compare to last week really shows the affects and more of the tragic ferry incident.

Akdong Musician Claims #1 For The First Time Ever On A Music Broadcast!

[Source: Ilgan Sports]

Akdong Musician has snatched their first music show win since their debut!

On the April 17 broadcast of Mnet"s M! Countdown, the brother and sister duo won first place with their title track "200%" off their debut album PLAY.

Despite the upbeat news, however, we are reminded once again of the tragic maritime event that has been flooding the news ever since its happening. Because of the catastrophe of this accident, Mnet has restricted the content of its website and has decided to display only the rankings of the week. With Akdong Musician as #1, A-PINK is shown to have been the other contestant for the top position.

Mad Clown jumped up to #3 with his new single "Without You" and Lee Sun Hee dropped two rankings, placing 4th with "Meet Him Among Them"

Actress Lee Da Hee Shared Why She Chose ‘Big Man’ And Revealed BTS Photos

Lee Da Hee shared why she chose to be part of upcoming KBS2TV drama "Big Man" as her next project after she fell in love with her character. She explained that her upcoming character will break stereotypes of every typical female character; she shared "If you think of a female lead role, you think of a stereotypical candy role or a fragile and cute role, but I think "Big Man"s So Mi Ra (Lee Da Hee) is a female lead character who is different from that stereotype. I felt the charm of her urban image and inner warmth... That is why once I read the script, I chose this as my next production without any hesitation."

She continued "On "Secrets", my character Shin Se Yeon had the strong image of a cold villain. I tried to break away from that image by growing out my hair and keeping my makeup light... The main priority is my acting, and although the cold image [of both characters] could be similar, their core personalities are definitely different

ZE:A Dongjun Plays Main Character + Sings OST For Drama To Benefit Disabled People

Group ZE:A"s member Dongjun not only played the main character for the disability benefit drama "Going Up The Sky Wall" but also will be singing the theme song, doing his best for the charity. (Photo : samsung)

Group ZE:A"s member Dongjun not only played the main character for the drama to benefit disabled people "Going Up The Sky Wall" but will also be singing the theme song, doing his best for the charity.

Dongjun played the main character Taeho in the drama "Going Up The Sky Wall". He also sang "Hold My Hand", which is the theme song for the drama, and all proceeds of the song will go to the charity.

The education department and the disability organization has been producing a project annually since 2009 to raise awareness for the disabled people. In this year"s project "Going Up The Sky Wall", Taeho has a father who is disabled on the bottom half of his body

‘Sunken S Korean Ferry’ 2PM & 4Minute Send Condolences As Well

Many stars have been sending condolences to the victims and families of the sunken S Korean Ferry. (Photo : ajunews)

Many stars have been sending condolences to the victims and families of the sunken S Korean Ferry.

On April 16, the Jindo ferry that was on its way to the Jeju Island containing high school students, teachers, and workers, tilted to the side, starting to sink.

That day, 2PM"s member Nichkhun posted, "I"m praying for the ferry. I hope the number of rescued people goes up." Jun.K also posted saying, "I sincerely pray that all passengers will be safely rescued." Chansung said, "I hope more people will be rescued."

4Minute also gathered their thoughts. Kwon Sohyun said, "My heart really aches. I will really be praying that all the missing people will be rescued

Fans Of Idol Groups, Send Relief Supplies To Korean Ferry Site

Fans of idol groups are actively helping out the rescue site of the sunken Korean ferry. (Photo : twitter)

Fans of idol groups are actively helping out the rescue site of the sunken Korean ferry.

After the incident of the sinking of the ferry happened on April 16, fan groups of B.A.P, EXO, INFINITE, and VIXX have been sending relief aids in the name of their groups.

B.A.P fans sent paper cups, instant coffee, and tea; EXO fans female products, coffee, hot packs, and vitamin. INFINITE and VIXX fans also did the same.

They also sent the warm messages, "All I can offer is a hot cup of coffee" and "This isn"t much but I hope this helps at least a little bit."

Photo Credit: Twitter

On Joo Wan Donates 9,630 USD To Help Sewol Relief

Many expressed sympathy to the recent tragedy in Korea; of the many helping hands extended is actor On Joo Wan who donated 1,000,000 KRW to aid the Sewol tragedy relief efforts.

According to Korean Salvation Army it was reported, "Actor On Joo Wan called himself at around 9:30 PM to the charity headquarters and wanted to share to help the emergency efforts."

On Joo Wan shared, "I was watching news day and night and just hoping for a miracle. Compared to Song Seung Hun hyung, it"s an amount that"s not even comparable. But I believe that during hard times, acts of sharing should follow one another, so I decided to call. I"m sorry I couldn"t be of more help."

The Salvation Army shared, "He told us that if he had a chance, he wanted to participate in the sharing activities himself, instead of just donating

Actor Jang Hyun Sung Joins Other Top Actor For A New Film ‘C’est Si Bon’

Multi talented actor Jang Hyun Sung, who was well known for his protrayal on "Three Days" or Jun Woo and Jun Suh"s dad on hit variety show "Superman is Back", has another anticipated role on the upcoming movie "C"est Si Bon".

One film insider shared to TV Report, "Jang Hyun Sung has decided to star in "C"est Si Bon"... Jang Hyun Sung is set to play the role of grown-up Lee Jang Hee. [Jang Hyun Sung] And Jin Goo will both play the same person."

Jang Hyun Sung also revealed that he is practicing his guitar skills just for the movie on his recent interview with Ilgan Sports, "I started playing the guitar again for the filming of the movie "C"est Si Bon"... I first started playing the guitar during my military service. I only know how to play one instrument, and I learned how to play it again this time. It"s difficult to do it again

2PM Chansung Expresses Dark Feelings About Sewol Ferry Disaster

Group 2PM Chansung revealed a self-camera picture taken during concert rehearsal. (Photo : twitter)

With the entire nation of South Korea focused on the ongoing search and rescue efforts of Wednesday"s tragic Sewol Ferry incident, new evidence is coming into light that has upset many.

Among the outspoken is idol group 2PM"s Chansung.

Over the years, Chansung has become somewhat well-known for his no-holds social commentary and voicing his opinions freely through his personal Twitter account.

Early on April 20, the boy band member opened up about his feelings regarding the sad circumstances surrounding the Sewol Ferry disaster stating that "Society is diseased."

In a long message to his fans and followers Chansung expressed, "Accident can occur.Bus the way it is handled reflects our society

Kim Soo Hyun brings thousands of fans to Chinese motor show

Hallyu actor Kim Soo Hyun brought in over 8,000 fans who clamored for a glimpse at their favorite Korean actor at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show!

The actor had been signed as a promotional model for Hyundai at the auto show. Despite a delay due to safety issues, a multitude of fans still remained to welcome him for his apperance.

He only stayed for a few minutes, however, as he paused for a brief photo session and remarks before he had to hustle off stage for another engagement.

Meanwhile, fellow Korean actor and Kia promotional model Lee Min Ho also appeared via video message at the event, giving his fans a few moments as well.

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