Baek Ji-young, Nam Gyoo-ri Win Damages from Plastic Surgeons

Baek Ji-young (left) and Nam Gyoo-ri

Singer Baek Ji-young and actress Nam Gyoo-ri on Monday won damages from a plastic surgery clinic that had used their photos for advertising without their permission. The Seoul Central District Court on Monday ordered the clinic's owner to pay them each W5 million (US$1=W1,165).

The court found the owner guilty of infringing the rights of the celebrities for profit by posting their photos on the clinic's blog without their permission.

Earlier, actor Jang Dong-gun and 15 other entertainment figures filed a similar lawsuit against an eye doctor but lost the case because the court found their photos were posted by a contracted third party.

At present, girl group Wonder Girls, some members of Girls' Generation and actress Su-ae are suing a dentist in Gangnam for W220 million for using their photos and names without their permission

Go Woori-Lizzy Gangsters and Scared Jisook? ‘So Real’

Go Woori, Rainbow, Lizzy, After School, Jisook

go woori lizzy scary girls pretending with jisook

Girl group Rainbow's Go Woori pretended to be a gangster member with After School's Lizzy.

Yesterday, Go Woori posted on her Twitter, "Scary girls at 'Inkigayo'" along with a picture.

In the picture, Lizzy and Go Woori are pretending to beat up Rainbow's Jisook. Jisook looks scared.

Internet users who saw this commented, "Go Worri and Lizzy must be close," "Jisook's face looks so real," "Lizzy looks like an actual gang member," and "Are you sure this is pretending?"

Photo Credit: Go Woori Twitter

KARA Park Gyuri ‘Nail Salon Paris’ Drama to Broadcast in Japan this July

KARA, Park Gyuri, Nail Salon Paris, Japan

Girl group KARA member Park Gyuri, who played the lead role in the drama, "Nail Salon Paris," will be broadcasting overseas to Japan.

This drama will be going overseas to Japan and broadcasting there starting on July 14 on Sundays at 10 PM.

The drama will feature all never before scenes that were cut out of the Korean broadcasting, making the Japanese version 2 episodes longer for a total of 12 episodes.

Other countries such as China, Philippines and other Asian countries are currently in the works of having this drama broadcasted as well.

It seems that this drama has received a positive response from fans and has been watched overseas around the world by fans through video streaming sites.

After the drama ended in Korea, the drama was spread overseas to the U

2NE1 Shows Off ‘Runway Style’ Airport Fashion


2NE1 Shows Off ‘Runway Style’ Airport Fashion

On June 21, 2NE1 appeared at Incheon International Airport in fashionable outfits that rivaled any other runway wardrobes.

The members of 2NE1, departing out to Singapore, showed off various styles that made all the reporters' trips to the airport worthwhile.

Dara kept things the most natural and casual, with blue jeans and a plain hoodie.

CL sported a slim-fit black one-piece dress with a boxy black jacket. Adding long boots and a black-and-white clutch, she completed her chic looks.

Minji, who has previously been seen wearing lots of unique fashion wear that were not exactly feminine, decided to go with a girly look this time around. In a mint dress with red flower prints that could be risky, she held a black bag and sunglasses to make the whole look work

Lee Jun Ki Reaches 5 Million Followers on Weibo

Lee Jun Ki, Weibo

lee junki 5 million followers on weibo

Star Lee Jun Ki reached 5 million followers on Weibo.

Yesterday, Lee Jun Ki posted on his Weibo, "Finally reached 5 millions! Congrats congrats! I'm so happy!" along with a picture.

In the picture, Lee Jun Ki is wearing a beige and black jacket, showing off his good looks.

His Chinese fans who saw this commented, "Filming in Busan?," "I think you'll reach 10 million in no time," and "Congrats!"

Photo Credit: Lee Junki Weibo

2PM Junho to Make Solo Debut in Japan and Host Variety Show

2PM, Junho, Japan, Solo

2PM member Junho will be hosting his own TV show in Japan.

Junho will be a host on channel MXTV with his own show, 'JUNHO (From 2PM) SAY YES Friendship' and will begin its first episode on July 4.

This will also be Junho's solo debut in Japan and he will be hosting his own show in Japan first before making his official debut.

After the launch of his show and his debut, he will also be holding a Japan tour.

This show will a 'making friendship' show where guests are invited on the show and visit memorable places to help friendships grow.

His agency stated that there has been growing interest in his first episode of his show.

He will make his solo debut on July 24 and hold a Japan tour concert beforehand on July 9

f(x) Krystal’s Odd Habit, ‘Sings While Standing at an Angle’

fx, Krystal

f(x) luna reveals habits of krystal

Girl group f(x)'s member Luna revealed secret habits of member Krystal.

In MBC Music "Amazing f(x)" airing today, f(x) members spending their last night in New Zealand was revealed.

On this day, the members talked about each of their own habits but with the suggestion of one of them, they decided to imitate one another.

Krystal who turned into Amber perfectly imitated Amber who looks to the wall and does waves or does funny dances by herself. She also copied Amber's protectiveness of Sulli by saying "Our Sulli, our Sulli" even with the perfect way of talking, arousing laughter.

Luna turned into Krystal, copying the cute actions she makes when she rolls her feet on the floor and also her talking quietly

2NE1 Dara and CL to Discuss ’2NE1 Controversy’ on ‘Strong Heart 2′

Dara, CL, 2NE1

2NE1 Dara and CL to Discuss ‘2NE1 Controversy’

2NE1's Dara and CL will open up about the recent rumors surrounding them. On June 25, they will go on talk show "Strong Heart 2" and reveal their thoughts and the truth behind the gossip that the two have had personal differences that led to arguments and more.

Kim Gura, one of the co-hosts of the show, asked the members of 2NE1, "Dara reportedly texts other members even at home because she does not want to talk to them in person. Is that true?" Staff members of the talk show told that Dara and CL responded to such questions with surprising honesty and candor.

CL was also quoted as saying on the show, "I witnessed Dara getting mad for the first time in 6 years."

The episode of 'Tuesday god' will air on June 25

SISTAR Hyorin, ‘Worst Curfew Ever Growing Up’

SISTAR, Hyorin

Sistar Hyorin ‘Worst Curfew Ever Growing Up’

Sistar's Hyorin revealed having a military-strict curfew growing up.

On June 24, Hyorin appeared as a guest on talk show 'Hello' which brings out non-celebrity citizens to share their personal struggles with the panel of guests for a time of discussion and resolution.

A 34-year-old man came on the show and made a complaint about his wife who insists that he come back home by 9 PM every day. He explained that due to the nature of Korean corporate world that involves frequent after-work drinking with higher-ups and bosses, her request is nearly impossible to follow.

Hyorin chimed in, revealing her strict curfew as a student.

"Because my dad was a marine officer, I had a hard curfew at 8 PM every day," said Hyorin

Soo Young of Girls’ Generation becomes a leading fashionista

Soo Young, a member of Girls’ Generation, who is currently in the cast of the TvN drama series Dating Agency: Cyrano, is showing up in each episode wearing different high-fashion items, including dresses, bags, and accessories. Remarkably, these items have been selling out right after an episode is broadcast.

An official of her agency says, “We’ve been preparing for her items that suit her bright, vivacious character. We try to mix and match various items such as a pastel-colored blouse, a white suit, wing-shaped earrings, and knuckle rings so that they go together naturally. Anybody can easily try Soo Young’s coordinated look.”

She receives favorable responses to her natural, cheerful acting even though this is the first time for her to play a lead role