I Hear Your Voice Final Episode Lee Da Hee's stripe blouse

It’s one of the blouses Lee Da Hee wore in the final episode.it’s Coming from the Brand named Banana Republic. Informations :Sleeveless. Shirring at shoulders and back yoke.Buttoned placket. 100% Polyester

Brand Name: Banana Republic
Product Name : Wide-Stripe Top
Detail : go site

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BoA, Choi Daniel and Siwan attend 1st reading session for ‘Expect Dating’

BoA, ZE:A’s Siwan, actress Kim Ji Won and actor Choi Daniel have come together for the first script reading session of their KBS new drama, ‘Expect Dating’.

A representative revealed that the entire cast are all around the same age, and carried out the script reading with a bright atmosphere. They rehearsed everything in such a natural way and they were able to improvise during the reading.

The actors even stayed behind and remained in their seats after the reading session to discuss on their characters and the drama’s plot.

‘Expect Dating’ will air its first episode in September.

Kwanghee Cried Because Other ZE:A Members Are Naturally Handsome

ZE:A‘s Kwanghee recently admitted that he felt pressure from the other members because of their natural good looks.

On August 5, ZE:A’s Kwanghee, Dongjun, Joonyoung and Siwan as well as Lim Kim were guests on the KBS talk show, “Hello.”

During the episode, Kwanghee said, “I was really ugly. I had a beak-shaped nose and my eyes were close together. I actually heard that I resembled Shin Dong Yup a lot,” which made everyone laugh.

Kwanghee mentioned his fellow ZE:A members, Siwan, Dongjun and Joonyoung and said, “I felt pressure because I thought, these guys already had good-looking faces so even though I got plastic surgery, I will lose to them.”

Joonyoung added, “It’s true

Koyote’s Shinji’s Body is Elastic Like a Rubber Band… Good or Bad?

Koyote, Shinji, MNet, Beatles Code 2, Tak Jae Hoon, Shin Dong Eun, Kim Jong Min, Bbaek Ga, S#arp, Jang Suk Hyun, Lee Ji Hye, Kim Ji Soo

Koyote’s Shinji’s Body is Elastic Like a Rubber Band

Koyote's Shinji admitted to having a very elastic, adjustable body type.

Shinji starred as a guest on an episode of MNet's 'Beatles Code 2' which aired on August 5.

She appeared with an extremely thin body that almost made her unrecognizable. MC Tak Jae Hoon remarked, 'One day on TV I'll see that you've put on a few pounds. Another day on TV I'll see that you've lost a few founds. You have a rubber band body.' To that Shinji joked, 'I do it so that the viewers won't get bored of seeing me.'

To counter the MC's continuous jesting about how her body must be in poor shape because of all the dieting, she retorted with the words 'Don't you even start with me

TVXQ’s Changmin suffers minor injury while filming his variety show

TVXQ’s Changmin suffers minor injury while filming for the KBS 2TV variety program, ‘Our Neighborhood’s Master of Variety and Sports’.

According to a representative on August 6, Changmin participated in the river-rafting competition in the Gangwon Province when he was suddenly swept away in the rapids. His lips puffed up due to the impact but he immediately returned to the set after some first aid treatment.

A staff of the show stated, “The entire staff was shocked by Changmin’s fighting spirit. He should have put his safety first, but he participated in the badminton match that followed and even put on the best game yet. We’ve given him the new nickname ‘Advancing Changmin’.”

U-KISS Invited to Japan ‘a-nation’ Music Festival 2 Years in a Row

U-KISS, Japan, a-nation

U-KISS Invited to Japan 'a-nation' Music Festival 2 Years in a Row

Group U-KISS has been invited to 'a-nation' music festival for the second time in a row.

On August 5, U-KISS was invited to perform at the 'a-nation Island Asia Progress Blue Ocean' in Tokyo and showed off a grand performance.

Last year, U-KISS also performed at the 'a-nation' festival and sang their hit songs, "Forbidden Love", "Alone", "Inside of Me" among others. They sang 30 songs and heated up the crowd.

'a-nation' is a festival that was created by Japan record label, AVEX, and started back in 2002. This has become the biggest summer music festivals in Japan with over 500,000 fans attending each year. This year, many big Japan artists performed including AAA, m-flo and others

Clara Frolics on the Beach in Miami

Korea’s newest icon of sexy and controversial released footage of a sexy bikini photoshoot in Miami.

Published on her official YouTube channel, the video features Clara in various summer and beach outfits, happily frolicking on the hot sands of the South Beach, Miami. She makes a range of expressions at the camera, from cute and bubbly to sexy and seductive.

The video has already amassed more than 20,000 view count within a day. The Miami shoot is described to have taken place sometime in July. It sparks some memorable scenes from her previous collaboration with Sprite.

Netizens generally approved of the footage: “Clara having a fun time in Miami! My eyes are glued to her body,” “What is her secret to that body?” “Her body is daebak.”

Check out the footage below!

Gong Hyo Jin Wields Knife at a Doll for "Master's Sun"

Gong Hyo Jin released a picture of herself holding a knife on the site of “Master’s Sun” shoot.

She wears a peculiar set of pajamas with “Jesus Save Me” written in front. Sitting next to an adorable but nonchalant crocodile, Gong Hyo Jin stares down at the knife she is holding. In front her lies what seems to be a cat doll. The photo breaks down her usual image as a bubbly and relatable character, going against the “greatest romantic comedy actress” label dubbed by her colleague So Ji Sub.

The set behind her seems to depict her character’s personal bedroom. It reveals little about the strangeness of Gong Hyo Jin’s new role, showing a few bookcases and furniture. The photo was released on her me2day account on August 3.

Netizens responded with interest

BEAST Members, Chilling in Waiting Room

BEAST, lee kikwang, yang yoseob, yoon doojoon, yong junhyung

b2st members in waiting room

B2ST members in a waiting room was revealed.

Today, B2ST's member Lee Kikwang posted on his Twitter, "Waiting room that's nice like a cafe!!! (feat.YS DJ JOKER)" along with a picture.

In the picture, members Yang Yoseob, Yoon Doojoon, and Yong Junhyung are sitting down on the sofas of a dim waiting room, drinking out of a can or resting.

B2ST is currently working with their new song "Shadow."

Photo Credit: Lee Gikwang Twitter

2PM Nichkhun Sends a Heart To Fans, “Thank You For Lunch”

Nichkhun, 2pm.

nichkhun picture thanking fans nichkhun picture thanking fans

2PM's Nichkhun thanked his fans.

On August 3, Nichkhun posted on his Weibo, "It was so good! You're the best! Thank you~" along with several pictures.

In the pictures, Nichkhun has a gift box on his leg and is making a big heart with his arms. The picture of the lunch box that his fans sent him had heart-shaped fruits and food with his initials N and K written as well.

Internet users who saw this commented, "Nichkhun fighting!," "Be careful of the heat," etc.

Photo Credit: Nichkhun Weibo