Overwatch Pro-Gamer Under Fire For Calling Kimchi Disgusting

Overwatch Pro-Gamer Under Fire For Calling Kimchi Disgusting

Overwatch pro-gamer Benjamin Chevasson has apologized for describing kimchi as disgusting on Twitter.

Benjamin Chevasson is a pro-gamer for Overwatch, the popular online multi-player first-person shooter game, and was recently invited to Korea to compete in the Hot Six Overwatch APEX competition with the French team, ROGUE.

He and his team went to a Korean restaurant after they were knocked out of the first season of the competition, to which Benjamin uploaded a selfie of himself cringing at kimchi and describing it as disgusting.

@MisfitsTviQuE Disgusting. pic.twitter.com/2HGP0Bhlcn

Benjamin Chevasson (@Rogue_uNKOE) April 29, 2017

The post received mixed reactions, where some netizens claimed that his description of the traditional Korean dish was offensive, while others argued that it was understandable because it was common for people to describe their least favorite dishes as disgusting.

Shortly after, Benjamin uploaded an apology in both Korean and English and explained the context behind the picture. He also added that he didnt intend for his post to offend anyone, nor did he have anything against kimchi or Korean culture.

Read: https://t.co/mnc22JFomk

Dylan BIGNET (@Rogue_aKm) May 1, 2017

I want to explain about the kimchi tweet the other day. We didnt mean to offend anyone over it. We were at dinner when we got knocked out of season one, and I was trying to make everyone laugh. Everyone on the team knows I dont like spicy food, so I ate a whole dish of kimchi in one bite. It was awful because it was too spicy. I couldnt take it, it was too much. Tviq LOVES kimchi so the tweet was just reminding him of that time, and that I ate more kimchi. Nothing against kimchi or Korean culture. Its just a meme between friends. We love korea and are happy to be here.