Joo Won Is Once An Oppa, At all times An Oppa To Fellow “Yong Pal” Forged Park Hye Soo

Joo Won Is Once An Oppa, At all times An Oppa To Fellow “Yong Pal” Forged Park Hye Soo

Joo Won Is Once An Oppa, At all times An Oppa To Fellow Yong Good friendForged Park Hye SooJiwonYu July 19, 2016 0 Joo Won Is Once An Oppa, Always An Oppa To Fellow Yong Pal Cast Park Hye Soo Actress Park Hye Soo expressed her love for actor Joo Won in her contemporary Naver V app broadcast!

On July 19, Park Hye Soo did her first V app broadcast and mentioned herself and her works.

During the show, she learns that her label-mate and Yong Pal co-star and Joo Won, who played her older brother in the drama, is looking at her broadcast, too. Then she says, Oppa, how are you doing?

Later, she says, Please leave a comment. I dont know your Identity though.

She tells her fans, Im going to be just rightagainst Joo Won. Once my brother, always my brother. I went to Singapore with Joo Won, too. It was once for a fan meeting, and I used to be so worried since there were such so much offolks there.

Meanwhile, Park Hye Soo has been cast in JTBCs new drama Formative years Generation as the maximum important lead.

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When Oppa Doesn’t Would like to  Understand You: Idols vs. Sasaengs

When Oppa Doesn’t Would like to Understand You: Idols vs. Sasaengs

20140729_seoulbeats_smtownWhen Oppa Doesnt Wish toRealize You: Idols vs. SasaengsWritten via Madi On Might 12, 201620160502_seoulbeats_exoxiumin_sasaengSasaeng. The onlynoteany individualconcerned amongst Korean entertainment doesnt wish to hear. Its a identify that doesnt reign of glory and top praise. Sasaengs are the ones who ruin it for the many.

What began out as an effortlessrisk freeI am hoping senpai will notice me way of life for sasaengs turned into hacking into idols phones, calling them repeatedly, developingpretend accounts of acknowledged idols, stalking them to and from a location, breaking into their homes, and/or hecticnow notbest the artists, yet their families whilst they’re on vacation.

And for anti-fans, its more about spreading negative rumors and slanders of someones call and image. Theres not much to gain outdoor of the sheer thrill of impacting and harmful someones life.

While all artists will in the future acceptthose type of fans, it more or less feels that the ones basically heard about (and are out of control) are the artists belonging to SM Entertainment. Not to mention, SME seems very overdueat the uptake of scuffling withopposed to sasaengs and anti-fans alike. As early as 2012, artists from YGE, JYPWoolim, C-JeS Entertainment, and other corporations own taken up the mantle of shielding themselves. By way of fighting against sasaengs, its a littlemore challenging since not much can be done if nobodyused to beharm physically. This may smartly be the reason as to why idols are being more outspoken about droppinggentle on their movementsas a substitute of keeping silent.

EXO’s Chanyeol and Sehun during reside recordings on V app have called out enthusiasts or picked up a telephone call, yelling into the receiver to prevent calling them.  SHINee’s Key and SNSDTaeyeon have called out sasaengs on their Instagrams about their habit and activitiesin opposition to the idols, calling them again and again or adding them into fan chats without their consent. f(x)’s Luna has also announced her displeasure of these “fans”. Key turned intoin particular vocal about the issue:

you can’t call yourself a fan you deficientfolks IT was 6am. Recently, Ive been receiving numerous messages and make touch with calls. This is in reality insulting and I cant stand it. To people who flooded my phone with six hundred messages, please stop.

Idols aren’t observed much as individuals in the arena of business, but more in ordergadgets and livestock. Firms seek to make a benefit off in their vocals, visuals, and performances. Keeping this in mind, businessesadvertise their “property” so asto extend sales and value. SM has a tendency to sell its idols as not so much artists, but as objects to be idolized. An idol (as an object) only serves one motive and it's far to be worshipped. It doesn’t have a life, likes or dislikes, choices, unfastened will, or anything elsethat might brand it human.

201601243_seoulbeats_shineekey_sasaengA corporate like SME most definitely doesn’t imagine taking much action against sasaengs because they’re a approach of profit. It’s not an unknown fact that SM dominates in physical sales. For example, in the final quarter of 2015 in line with the Gaon Chart, SME had the head physical album sales. Whilst youaccept as true witha collection like EXO which has currently nine members, pair them with a sasaeng fan who unconditionally supports them, there’s an overlyexcellentlikelihood said user volitionpurchase 9 copies of one album, compensating for each and every member. Mix the ideal with a widestaff of sasaengs, and there’s the really extensive portion of sales. So dont remove a earnings because while you act against it, itll pull out its support.

With this type of promotional marketing system, some of usoverlook that at the back of the idol prestige is a person. Strip them off the reputation and theyre only one of us. No one in their appropriatebrain would do that to someone they know, respect, or maybe someone they dont know. Harassment, bullying, breaking and entering, trespassing, and stalking are all wrong. Each personturns outto realize this with the exception of for them.

Actions like this are very hard to regulate in a position like Korea where, at one point, there wasnt much of an anti-stalking law. But seeing how the actions of sasaengs can put their life, an idols life, or individuals unrelated in danger, a more potent constabulary has been enforced with upper fines and conceivableprison time. Granted, its only been presented this year but there’s hope such a law might be taken seriously when humansdocument stalking or dangerous and unwanted attention.

20160502_seoulbeats_exochanyeol_sasaengSome anti-fans think artists are deserving of such actions simply because theyre an idol pursuing a dream. And with that status comes hardships they need to beworking out of and maintainas it “comes with the job.” That its ok totopic them to stalking, harassment, privacy invasion, etc., because “they must know better.” In truth, there’s no smartexplanation why for any one to be treated with malice or shaming for unjust goal or “just because”.

Idols generallydon'tintellectassembly or spending time with fans. Thats the sole goal of fan meetings, the Daum cafe, and now Naver’s V app. Occasions and interactions should be on an artist and companys terms. An organization sets up a meeting time, location, and date and lets in fans to get right of access to the event. Calling someone like Chanyeol and Taeyeon continuously in hopes theyll pick out up? Not okay. There isn't any mutual agreement, especially if the idol didnt give out their data in the primary place.

When it comes to sasaengs, oppa or unnie doesn'tneedto note you. Them picking up the telephone and yelling announcing not to name them, thats not being noticed. Thats responding to harassment. For anti-fans, youre getting spotted but that incorporatesthe chance of a lawsuit notification and a police officer appearing up at your door to place you lot in handcuffs.

What steps would you're taking against anti-fans and sasaengs alike? If it is really useful to create a law against these forms of “fans”, what prerequisites would you include? What are your emotions approximately idols in spite of everything taking steps to combat back against malicious comments?

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Jung Da-bin,

Jung Da-bin, "Ko Soo is somewhere between 'oppa' and 'uncle'"

Little actress Jung Da-bin used to be on "Bae Cheol-soo's Song Camp".

Jung Da-bin is 16 this year and she gave the impressionat the MBC FM4U "Bae Cheol-soo's Music Camp" with her 11 year-old sibling.

Jung Da-bin spoke freely of her faculty life, her mind about acting, reputable actors, "Flower In Prison" and the atmosphere.

About Ko Soo, she acknowledged she thinks of him as any person between 'oppa' and 'uncle'.

The young actress enjoys taking note of Indie music and presented songs like Tori Kelly's "Dear No One" and Charlie Puth's "Suffer".


Jang Nara's Oppa Proves That 'Vampire' Genes Running In Their Family

Jang Nara's Oppa Proves That 'Vampire' Genes Running In Their Family

Jang Nara's Oppa Proves That 'Vampire' Genes Running In Their Circle of relativesApr 27, 2016 10:49

While you're still in disbelief that actress Jang Nara is already 36 years old which does notdisplay to her younger and baby-face visual, here's more to that.

A photo of Jang Nara's brother, Jang Seong Won is shared on a webnetwork site. Jang Nara and her brother are having a lookexcellentyet netiznes are in disbelief to determine that her brother is in fact 41 years old. They comment,"Yes? 41 years old?", "He looks in point of fact young for 41", "What in the sector with those siblings?" "Are you sure? He looks 21!"

Apparently, either one of them are searching way more youthful than their age proving that the baby-face genes are running in their family.

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12 Aegyo Ways That’ll Get Oppa’s Attention

12 Aegyo Ways That’ll Get Oppa’s Attention

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterK-Pop idols are beautiful, talented and whats more totally ADORABLE! A majority of these make me omit to breathe!!

Aegyo by capability of definition is an expression of cuteness so as to allure to some other person. Neatlynobody does this larger than our K-Pop idols. From bbooing bboings to plain winks, take a glance at this list called, 12 Aegyo Tactics Thatll Get Oppas Attention

12 Aegyo Systems Thatll Power Oppa LoopyBy Koreaboo

K-Pop idols are beautiful, talented and whats more certainly ADORABLE! Some of those make me forget to breathe!!

Naeun APINKBy Koreaboo

Minah Ladies DayBy Koreaboo

Kyungri 9MUSESBy Koreaboo

Jessica JungBy Koreaboo

Sojin Ladies DayBy Koreaboo

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Taeyeon Girls GenerationBy Koreaboo

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Spoiler 'Cheese in the Trap' Search engine marketing Kang-joon blushes as Kim Go-eun-I calls him oppa

Spoiler 'Cheese in the Trap' Search engine marketing Kang-joon blushes as Kim Go-eun-I calls him oppa

On the 11th episode of tvN Monday Tuesday drama, "Cheese in the Trap", Hong Seol (Kim Go-eun-I) becomeadorable amongst Bae In-ho (Seo Kang-joon).

Hong Seol stayed an evening out at Yoo Jeong (Park Hae-jin)'s house, because she used to bedisappointed with her oldsters discriminating daughter opposed to son. When Bae In-ho discovered out about this, he was deeply disappointed.

Bae In-ho told Hong Seol, "Why did you run clear ofhouse like a child. As an individual who did it before, I'm going toprovide you with an advice. It is not a excellent thing to do". As Bae In-ho acted like a large brother, Hong Seol called him 'Oppa' and played jokes with him.

With Hong Seol's aegyo, Bae In-ho blushed. Yet he called her 'Dog fur (gaeteol)', her friendly nickname between the two. And then he replaced his attitude and gushed, "Let's go somewhere together. Just observe me. And I am not your oppa". He was looking to act indifferently.


GFRIEND's Umji & Her Being concerned Oppa!

GFRIEND's Umji & Her Being concerned Oppa!

GFRIEND's Umji Her Worrying Oppa! Jan 24, 2016 15:47GFRIEND's Umji garners much attention with her fresh photos.

She finished the filming of National Idol Making a song Contest currently and she spent some fantastic time with her brother. Fanatics commented, 'that's cute', 'her brother has all smile and looks caring' and etc.

Check out the pictures below

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