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Kang Ho Dong to make his debut in JTBC with 'Oppa's House'

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Kang Ho Dong to make his debut in JTBC with 'Oppa's House'

Kang Ho Dong is making his excess of to JTBC and has been showed to make his appearance in an upcoming type show, "Oppa"s House."

In step with the initial reports, CP Yeo Woon Hyuk, who"s worked with Kang Ho Dong ago via "The Knee-Drop Guru," is accountable for "Oppa"s House." The synergy between Yeo Woon Hyuk and Kang Ho Dong is reported to without a doubt be anything to look forward to in the recent diversity show.

"Oppa"s House," a variety-reality display following the tired "oppas" in their expedition to discover what is helping them recharge, is decided to first air in December.

SNSD Taeyeon's oppa stocks a photo with her

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SNSD Taeyeon's oppa stocks a photo with her

Taeyeon"s good-looking older brother Kim Jiwoong uploads a photo on his instagram at the aspect of his sister Taeyeon.

Fans speculate Taeyeon and her oppa spent time in combination in New Zealand in addition to their parents, most likely all through Chuseok holidays. In the photo he shares, Taeyeon has her back for the camera whilst Jiwoong makes his pose. He captions, "The ace siblings of Hogwarts".

Taeyeon is dressed in a black boots and black shawl covering her frame while Jiwoong  is taking a look cool in black hoodie and load shorts. Meanwhile, here is the primary time a photo of Taeyeon and her oppa together is shared publicly after she debuted.

HOT BAMBINO's train videos for Oppa Oppa

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HOT BAMBINO's train videos for Oppa Oppa

BAMBINO disclose their amazing dancing talent in their newest dance prepare videos, take a glance at the entire videos below

Rapper Incredivle thank you fans, Tablo, and Jinusean as his 'SMTM' music 'Oppa's Car' takes over music charts

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Rapper Incredivle thank you fans, Tablo, and Jinusean as his 'SMTM' music 'Oppa's Car' takes over music charts

The next "SMTM4" song to most efficient the music charts is Incredivle, Tablo, and Jinusean"s "Oppa"s Car"!

The song got here out at the side of other "SMTM4" tracks on August 14, and it made its way up to the head spot on a couple of music charts over the weekend. It ultimately made its way to #1 of even more music charts!

The tune is these days at the number one spot on 7 other music sites, adding Melon, Mnet, Olleh Music, Naver Music, Bugs, Genie, and Soribada.

The tune used to be co-composed by way of Tablo and Jinbo and written by way of Tablo and Incredivle.

Incredivle posted the above screenshot on his Instagram with the caption, "Whatever happened, I"m actually thankful. I think so good. What"s evidently is here is all as a result of Tablo hyung and Jinusean hyungs."

Congrats to Incredivle for this feat!

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“Show Me the money 4″ Incredivle, Tablo, and Jinusean’s “Oppa’s Car” Takes Best Spot on Track Charts

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“Show Me the money 4″ Incredivle, Tablo, and Jinusean’s “Oppa’s Car” Takes Peak Spot on Music Charts Incredivle, Tablo, and Jinusean‘s new track “Oppa’s Car” has briefly received massive repute at the charts.

As of 7 a.m. KST on August 17, their song from mNet‘s “Show Me the money 4” held the primary position spot on Genie, Olleh, Naver Music, mnet.com and Soribada.

The song were met with some doubt through the audience of “Show Me the money 4″ when Incredivle, Tablo, and Jinusean first published it on August 14′s episode, yet it looks adore it has parts that attraction to other listeners. San E even called it the song that became once maximum in tune with popular tastes out of the entire tracks from the show.

Watch their functionality from the newest episode below.

And pay attention to the studio edition here.

What do you bring to mind Incredivle, Tablo, and Jinusean’s song?

here is How a Fan Reacts When She Meets Yeo Jin Goo “Oppa”

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 here's How a Fan Reacts When She Meets Yeo Jin Goo “Oppa” on the July 19 episode of “< robust>Please take care of My Dad,” actor < robust>Yeo Jin Goo made a brief appearance to marvel actor < robust>Jo Min Ki‘s daughter, < robust>Jo Yoon Kyung.

In this episode, Jo Min Ki sought after to praise his daughter for operating out difficult so he asked Yeo Jin Goo, whom Jo Yoon Kyung has confessed to be a big fan of, to fulfill his daughter. even if Yeo Jin Goo is more youthful than Jo Yoon Kyung, the young girl calls Yeo Jin Goo “oppa,” going through the fangirl adage- “All excellent- taking a look boys are oppa.” (from the drama “Kill Me, Heal Me.”

much like any fan would, Jo Yoon Kyung needs to take a selfie with Yeo Jin Goo, yet if he rapidly puts his hand on her muster, she instantly drops her arm, embarrassed and her middle pounding in her ears. She says, “I may die here,” making Yeo Jin Goo and her dad laugh.Yeo Jin Goo soompi 2 please take of my dad

Jo Yoon Kyung after all gathers herself in combination to end taking the image with her, letting Yeo Jin Goo position his hand on her must back.

Watch the clip underneath:

Kim So Eun Can Now Call Lee Jun Ki 'Oppa'

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Kim So Eun Can Now Call Lee Jun Ki 'Oppa'

Kim So Eun has not taken many breaks from acting in the past few years. Despite a busy year in which she appeared in a film "The Mourning Grave," had a leading role in "The Liar Game" and appeared on the reality show "We Got Married," the 25-year-old actress is not planning a break any time soon. She"s preparing for her next role in the historical fantasy drama "The Scholar Who Walks The Night."

During these last busy years, Kim So Eun"s professionalism and friendly nature has inspired declarations of affection from a few of her co-stars.

After they worked with her on the series "After School: Lucky Or Not," the actor-idols who comprise the group 5urprise, said she was their favorite actress to work with.

And her "Liar Game" co-star Lee Sang Yoon told reporters at the show"s press conference that he really got along well with her right from the start.

When she appeared on the reality show "We Got Married" she obviously charmed her virtual husband Song Jae Rim. His affection for her made their nine-month run on the show one of the program"s most successful seasons.

Next up she co-stars with Lee Jun Ki in the historical fantasy drama "The Scholar Who Walks The Night."

But they are already old friends.

That"s because it is her second time co-starring with Lee Jun Ki. She previously co-starred with him in the 2006 drama called "Flying Daddy." In that drama she played Lee Mon Sik"s daughter and Lee Jun Ki was a teen that Lee Mon Sik"s character went to for fighting advice. Lee Jun Ki was 24 at the time. Kim was only 16.

"I called him Uncle Jun Ki," she said in an interview with Elle Korea. "But when I recently met him during the dinner meeting for "Scholar Who Walks The Night," I naturally called him oppa."

Their relationship in "The Scholar Who Walks The Night" will have romantic overtones.

In this drama Kim plays the woman who haunts Lee Jun Ki"s dreams. Lee Jun Ki plays the mysterious scholar, Kim Sung Yeol, but the character is really a vampire. Kim So Eun plays his long-lost first love Lee Myung Hee. But she also plays that woman"s present-day doppleganger Choi Hye Ryung. Her present day incarnation is a nobleman"s daughter.

"The Scholar Who Walks The Night" begins on July 8. The drama also stars Lee Yu Bi, Shim Chang Min and Lee Soo Hyuk. Lee Hyun Woo will make a cameo appearance on the drama.

Bye ahjumma hair! Hello Heechul oppa!

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Bye ahjumma hair! Hello Heechul oppa!

Super Junior Heechul, who has been sporting his "ahjumma" hair ever since he has returned to activities finally gotten rid of his long hair and cut it down, and we"re not expecting him to cut it this short.

Today, Heechul shares a photo of his new look with much shorter hair making him look even manlier and charismatic. Before this look, Heechul expressed on his previous post that he"s kind of sad chopping his hair that he"s patiently grown.

But our fashionista doesn"t settle for a certain look for a long time so he"s Heechul oppa for you! He looks overly handsome, isn"t he?

Tahiti"s "Oppa, You"re Mine" featured on Asia"s Next Top Model Cycle 3

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TAHITI"s 2014 song "Oppa, You"re Mine" was featured on the 2nd episode of the Asia"s Next Top Model Cycle 3.

On episode 2, the girls of AsNTM learned some Korean moves and used TAHITI"s "Oppa, You"re Mine" as their accompanying song. They had a flash mob as their challenge and showcased how graceful they can be. Three winners were announced namelyAimee Bradshaw (Singapore), Franchesca Lagua (the Philippines)Melissa Tan (Malaysia).

Watch the whole episode below:

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Jinusean talks about YG, feeling young, being called oppa and more in 1theK #hashtag interview

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Jinusean talks about YG, feeling young, being called oppa and more in 1theK #hashtag interview

After an 11 year hiatus, we"re sure fans want to get as much of Jinusean as they possibly can. And that"s what they"re doing, as the two had a funny and entertaining interview with 1theK"s "#hashtag"!

The two talked about their debut and how popular their 1st album was, the fun of aging with their fans, what being in YG Entertainment is like, how their new track "Tell Me One More Time" came to be and a lot more.

Before we spoil it any more for you, click on the video above to watch the interview for yourself, which has english subtitles for your convenience!

Download and listen to Jinusean"s "Tell Me One More Time" if you haven"t already!