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Katy Perry Kissed a Gangnam-Style Oppa and He Liked It

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Katy Perry Kissed a Gangnam-Style Oppa and He Liked It

On September 6, at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards, Psy performed the horse dance along with MTV VMA host Kevin Hart with his hit single and viral hit Gangnam Style blaring over the speakers at the Staples Center and to 600 million viewers.  MTV cameras panned to Katy Perrys excited expressions and her dancing the horse dance in her seat.  (BFF Rihanna looked confused.)  

On September 6, at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards, Psy also performed his single Gangnam Style with Island Records label mates and British boy band The Wanted playing back-up dancers. 

On September 6, at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards, Psy met pop star ingenue Katy Perry, and she kissed him, and he liked it.  (BFF Rihanna looked bored.) 

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Has Golden Boy Lee Seung Gi turned into a Gangnam-Style Oppa with Psy for CF?

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Has Golden Boy Lee Seung Gi turned into a Gangnam-Style Oppa with Psy for CF?A recently released teaser for a refrigerator advertisement featuring newly-minted U.S. record label Island Records artist Psy and entertainer extraordinaire and CF king Lee Seung Gi has been making the rounds online and has netizens talking. 

In the released teaser, Psy is seen tired out after dancing the horse dance for his single “Gangnam Style.” Psy asks Lee Seung Gi, “With the way things are going, I am not going to become a horse, right?”  To encourage Psy, Lee Seung Gi tells him to eat kimchi (which is fresh and delicious due to the advertised refrigerator) and get strength from it. 

The music video for “Gangnam Style,” along with the addictive melody and catchy chorus, made the single a hit both internationally and domestically, and most, notably, got him a record deal with powerhouse U.S. record label Island Records which boasts international superstars including Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, The Killers, Snow Patrol, and Justin Bieber

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'PsyU' I Like You Gangnam Style Oppa? Combinatin of Psy and IU!

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psy, iu, psyu, gangnam style, last fantasy

'PsyU' I Like You Gangnam Style Oppa? Combinatin of Psy and IU! PsyUA photo that combined photos of artists Psy and IU called 'PsyU' is catching much attention.

Recently in an online community forum, a picture was posted under the title 'The creation of PsyU.'

In the picture, singer IU's 2nd album Last Fantasyalbum jacket is changed to Psy's face.

Next to Psy's face, it reads 'PSYU,' which is a combination of Psy and IU, and the album title is also changed to "Gangnam Fantasy."

Internet users who saw this commented, "IU and Psy, the most popular artists meet," "This is funny," and "I like you, Gangnam Style oppa?"

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Psy Releases New Version of 'Gangnam Style', 'Oppa You're My Style!' [Video]

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Psy, Gangname Style, HyunA, 4minute

Today, August 15 (KST) Psy released his new version of "Gangnam Style" featuring 4minute HyunA called ,"Oppa You're My Style."

Psy's official twitter also mentioned the release of the new music video.

This music video features HyunA's version of the song as she repeats the phrase, "Oppa You're My Style." Psy states that HyunA is his ideal type of woman.

HyunA sings the song from a woman's point of view, claiming that Psy is 'just her style'. HyunA is wearing a cute yet sexy white dress as she dances a sexy dance instead of the usual 'horse-riding' move.

Many of the scenes from the original music video are switched with HyunA playing Psy's role and vice versa.

When Psy sings, "You're my style," HyunA replies with, "Yes, I'm your style."

The song ends with both of them dancing the 'horse-riding' move together.

HyunA is a member of the popular girl group 4minute with hit songs such as "Volume Up" and "Hot Issue." She has also released solo albums with her hit song, "Change" and "Bubble Pop," which received over 9 million hits on Youtube in just 2 weeks. She was also featured as Korea's hottest artists under the age of 21.

Many are curious to see if the second version of this music video will also go viral just like the first one.

Oppa Gangnam style, version No. 2

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Oppa Gangnam style, version No. 2


A fresh version of rapper Psy's hit song "Gangnam Style" and its music video will be released soon with a different plot and tweaked lyrics, according to Korean media outlets.

In the new version, 4 Minute's Hyun-a, who also appeared in the initial music video, will sing the key phrase in the chorus: "Oppa Gangnam Style".

"Comedians Yoo Jae-seok and No Hong-chul starred in the original music video, along with Hyun-a. But, in the upcoming video, only Hyun-a and Psy will appear", a source close to the rapper was quoted as saying by local media. "We already recorded the new song and shot the music video, but still haven't decided when to release them".

The decision to make the subsequent version of the song was made due to the video's huge popularity at home and abroad.

The upbeat track has topped Korean sales and major music download charts for weeks, while international news outlets such as CNN, The Wall Street Journal and the Huffington Post have covered the video.

Huffington Post and Billboard love PSY's "Gangnam Style" + fans create parody, "Oppa-ya Daegu Style"

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Huffington Post and Billboard love PSYs Gangnam Style + fans create parody, Oppa-ya Daegu StylePSY's "Gangnam Style" is surely the hit summer track this year. Following the release of his track in July, "Gangnam Style" has remained in first place on the real-time music charts for Mnet and Melon for 19 days, a feat in itself. Not only has it been gaining the attention of K-Pop fans all over the world, but global artists as well!

A few days ago, American rapper T-Pain expressed his love for the track on July 29th. He was seen "singing" the lyrics on Twitter again on August 1st.

Josh Groban and Robbie Williams also revealed their love for "Gangnam Style." Scooter Braun, an American talent manager, tweeted on the 31st, "HOW DID I NOT SIGN THIS GUY!?!??!," linking to the music video. He later stated, "Watching this again. Going to learn the whole dance. Incredible."

Following was Billboard, who posted an article titled, "Fall in Love With Psy's 'Gangnam Style' -- Korean Rapper Goes Viral." They write, "Psy's take on Gangnam's 'style' is a reference to fancy living and in the song is used to impress a love interest over a European influenced dance backing. The now-signature horseracing dance move has also gone viral as with Psy's fellow stars of K-pop." Check out their full article here!

The Huffington Post wrote an article titled, "PSY's 'Gangnam Style': K-Pop Star's Viral Comeback Is Impossible To Resist," on August 1st. It describes the addicting track as, "According to the video's YouTube description , this was all bound to happen. “The song is characterized by its strongly addictive beats and lyrics, and is thus certain to penetrate the foundations of modern philosophy.” Quite a statement, but perhaps not too far-fetched, considering how obsessed we’ve found ourselves. The bumping beats rival the likes of LMFAO's 'Party Rock Anthem' and Far East Movement's 'Like A G6.' What can we say, we're hooked!" Read it all here!

Fans have reacted strongly to "Gangnam Style" and its music video, eventually making their own parody of the hilarious video. One particular video has gained attention as PSY's "Gangnam Stye" parody brother, "Oppa-ya Daegu Style."

Image captures of the parody video was uploaded to an online community board with the title "Oppa-ya Daegu Style," and attracted the attention of netizens. While similar lyrics were kept, most of the lyrics were reinterpreted to fit the parody, and still evoked laughter from viewers.

The choreography was also reproduced.

Source: Billboard, TV Report and Huffington Post

Psy's 'Gangnam Style' reaches over 2.4 billion perspectives on YouTube!

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Psy's 'Gangnam Style' reaches over 2.4 billion perspectives on YouTube!

Psy"s "Gangnam Style" still holds the esteemed name of being the maximum watched video of all-time on YouTube, having shaken the global song front with its strangely addicting yet hypnotic "horse dance" and its anthemic "Oppa Gangnam Style" chorus.

Three years after its release, "Gangnam Style" is still racking up views. On August 24, the MV reached a whopping 2.4 billion views. to place that into perspective, this is just about a 3rd of this complete world"s population! To commemorate this feat, YG uploaded a post on its legitimate blog and social media celebrating the exceptional approval for "Gangnam Style." The image they uploaded is an animated edition of the kooky singer/rapper forever frozen in area doing his signature "horse dance."

Congratulations to Psy and YG for their explosive luck with "Gangnam Style"!

[PSY – "GANGNAM STYLE" M/V HITS 2.4 BILLION VIEWS]Watch the video @ https://t.co/JRdJPVu6FQ@psy_oppa #GANGNAMSTYLE pic.twitter.com/OLAWr6OF5W

— YG circle of relatives (@ygent_official) August 24, 2015

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YG States not anything made a decision relating to Reports of Psy′s Comeback with ′Gangnam Style′ Composer

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YG States not anything made a decision relating to Reports of Psy′s Comeback with ′Gangnam Style′ Composer

--> Psy′s firm addressed reports claiming that the singer is returning with a music through composer Yoo Gun Hyung.

A rep from YG Entertainment mentioned on August 24, "Nothing definite has been set in regards to the topic yet."

Psy is recently making ready to make a comeback in September. There used to be popular hobby when reports that Psy used to be operating with Yoo Gun Hyung surfaced. Psy worked with Yoo Gun Hyung on 2012 hit Gangnam Style, which went directly to grow to be a global hit.

However, the firm drew the line now now not most effective when it comes to Psy operating with Yoo Gun Hyung yet with the recent song′s unencumber date. The rep stated, "It′s true that [Psy] is making ready with the purpose of freeing an album in September. However, beyond that, no other subjects had been decided on."

Kick-Ass" Chloe Moretz stuffs her face, dances to "Gangnam Style", and curses in satoori on "SNL Korea"

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Hollywood actress Chloe Moretz learned a lot about Korae on "SNL Korea"!

The actress visited Korea for 4 days this past weekend, guided by singer Eric Nam, and she featured on "SNL Korea" with Eric! She asked Eric for advice on how she could leave an impression on her Korean fans, and he coached her through the "Do you know---" questions, eating broadcast, dancing the way Koreans like it, and even cursing as Koreans do.

At first, Chloe seems to be flustered but willing to learn everything - but at the end she shows that her lessons have really paid off as she gives the comedian a run for her money with her own satoori cursing.

Check out the video above!

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“Gangnam Style” Choreographer to Formally Debut as a Singer

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“Gangnam Style” Choreographer to Formally Debut as a Singer

Lee Joo Seon, the man behind the famous horse trot dance of Psy’s Internet-breaking hit “Gangnam Style,” is making the move from backstage to front stage.

On May 27, the choreographer will make his official debut as a singer with single “DRUWA.” “DRUWA” is a stylized spelling of “deu ru wa,” which is roughly the Korean slang equivalent of “come at me” in English.

“DRUWA” is an EDM track written by rapper G-MASTA and features the vocals of Joo Hee from musical trio 8Eight.

Fine Tree Communications comments, “The super addictive lyrics and exciting beat will delight music fans, and the song will securely establish ‘Choreographer Lee Joo Seon’ as ‘Singer Lee Joo Seon.’” Moreover, “You can anticipate the music and performances in store for ‘DRUWA’ project.”

Lee Joo Seon is not only known for choreographing “Gangnam Style” but also unforgettable dance performances by g.o.d, Cha Tae Hyun, Goofy, and more.

Following the release of “DRUWA” on May 27, Lee Joo Seon is slated to promote the song on various music shows.