[Recap]  Weekly Roundup  Special Celebrity Couple Edition

[Recap] Weekly Roundup Special Celebrity Couple Edition

[Recap]Weekly Roundup – Special Celebrity Couple EditionAll the important Korean Entertainment news from this week in one place: This is your weekly Soompi RecapSpecial Celebrity Couple Edition!

Its never a dull day in the K-Pop world and this week offered plenty for our eyes and ears. There may not have been many music video releases or drama news but the Korean entertainment industry more than made up for it with an onslaught of dating gossip. This week was full of rumors, dating scandals, convicting photographs, netizen accusations, and the occasional on-air confession. 

With all of that, there must also be the official statements of the agencies. Those poor agencies. Theyre just trying to manage their artists and make a little money, but then those darn celebrities have to cause a ruckus by doing things like holding hands or wearing the same sweater. Then the agency is put on the spot and demanded of an official statement. 

Sometimes the official statements are simple and straightforward, but usually they are just poorly put together lies that dont always make things better. Lets take a look at the scandals of this week and see how the agencies responded.

[Recap]Weekly Roundup – Special Celebrity Couple Edition

Scandal 1: Kim Jaejoong is photographed at a club whispering into a womans ears. Is this pretty non-celebrity woman his girlfriend?

The official statement: After confirming, the girl in question is actually his older sister. Jaejoong spent the Chuseok holiday with his family.  (Because thats what families do. They go to a club together. Nothing strengthens a familys bond more than over priced drinks, loud techno music, and people grinding up on each other on the dance floor.) What they should have said: Because of the loud music Jaejoong was actually discreetly letting the woman know that a man had poured something suspicious in her drink and to be careful. It turns out that he was right, and in her gratefulness the woman told him that she would name all her future offspring after him and the other members of JYJ. [Recap]Weekly Roundup – Special Celebrity Couple Edition

Scandal 2: It all started with Kim Woo Bin announcing that he is dating the fashion model Yoo Ji Ahn. At first, fans were generally supportive until a fan put up a picture of Yoo Ji Ahn wearing a sweater that the fan gave Kim Woo Bin as a present. The fan was naturally upset because it was an expensive limited edition sweater.

The official statement: “It is true that a certain fan gifted Kim Woo Bin with a Balmain sweater. But after receiving the gift, Kim Woo Bin bought the same sweater and gave it to his girlfriend. So there are two separate Balmain sweaters involved. Even if she is his girlfriend, Kim Woo Bin would never be able to give a precious gift from a fan to her. That is not the case.” (Because that is what boyfriends do. They receive a gift and then buy their girlfriends a similar one, even if its a sweater that is clearly too big for her.) What they should have said: Kim Woo Bin accidentally spilled coffee on his girlfriend that day and gave her the sweater off his back to cover her up. Since it was his most favorite sweater ever, she returned it to him the next day after having it dry cleaned because nothing, nothing, is more precious than a gift from a fan.  [Recap]Weekly Roundup – Special Celebrity Couple Edition

Scandal 3: T-aras So Yeon is dating former idol, Oh Jong Hyuk. For you young ones, Oh Jong Hyuk was part of Click-B, the original idol boy band. He was a pretty boy back then but now hes super hot. They were photographed sitting together at a coffee shop.

The official statement:  “Both Oh Jong Hyuk and So Yeon’s families know of their relationship. Since they started the relationship having marriage in mind, please kindly watch over their relationship.” What they should have said: And this has nothing to do with T-aras comeback thats going to happen really soon. Nothing, I swear. Purely coincidence. Were not going to hide the fact that So Yeon is dating someone really hot. Were not like the other agencies; were a cool agency.  [Recap]Weekly Roundup – Special Celebrity Couple Edition

Scandal 4: Actor Jung Kyung Ho revealed on a radio program that he is currently dating someone.

The official statement: “We just heard about his confession last night on a radio program and are currently surprised. He met her a year ago and they are having a good relationship.” What they should have said: He said what on the radio? Hes dating someone? I mean, yeah, we totally knew that. We totally planned that.  [Recap]Weekly Roundup – Special Celebrity Couple Edition

Scandal 5: f(x)s Sulli and Dynamic Duos Choiza took a stroll together in the morning and was caught in photos and a video. You know it is legit when theres also a video. The two were holding hands and looking very happy. It was surprising but not too scandalous until more photos showed that Sulli was wearing the exact same outfit the night before when the two were drinking beer together. 

The official statement: We have confirmed that the two have a close brother and younger sister relationship and frequently keep in touch, but they are nothing more than that. The two were holding hands as friends.”  What they should have said: Sulli is a young woman who has come of age and is capable of making her own decision on what she does with her time and who she spends it with. Ha! Who are we kidding? There is no way the public would accept this relationship so were going to deny everything to do what little we can to protect our artists.  [Recap]Weekly Roundup – Special Celebrity Couple Edition

Scandal 6: An ullzzang left a cryptic message that reads LI Miss You Myungsoo. Netizens are quick to find photos of the ullzang wearing the same things as Infinites L. Does this mean that she is dating L?

The official statement:  “L and “L and Kim Do Yeon met through a mutual friend and they became close friends. However, they aren’t dating.” met through a mutual friend and they became close friends. However, they aren’t dating.” What they should have said: Owning the same bracelet and sneakers as an idol does not mean that you are dating them. If this was true, every idol would be dating thousands of their fans. Thanks for the exposure though. We just released a music video and were wrapping up our world tour. Infinite, fighting!

What else happened this week? 

Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young tied the knot! Weve got photos of the wedding invitation, the press conference, and the beautiful ceremony. The person who started IUs ridiculous pregnancy rumor was caught and questioned. Find out how Son Ho Young is doing four months after his suicide attempt.  Huh Gak revealed his lovely fiancé in engagement photos. John Park and Huh Goong will sing at his wedding. Han Chae Young signed with SM CC. Soo Ae signed with Soop Entertainment. Loen Entertainment split into different labels. Block Bs Be the Light MV. Busker Buskers Love, at First MV. Infinites Request MV. Crayon Pops Dancing Queen 2.0 MV. Goddess of Fire halts filming due to Moon Geun Youngs eye injury. Sisters Jessica and Krystal posed together for Harpers Bazaar. Many of your favorite celebrities including G-Dragon and Song Ji Hyo attended the Nike Showcase.  Kim Hee Chul had his first photo shoot after coming back to the celebrity world. Lee Joon spent 24 hours filming a bed scene, and it was difficult. Check out our review of EXOs pop up store and cafe BWCW.


[Recap] 10 Adorkable Moments: WGM Tae-Eun Couple's First Date

[Recap] 10 Adorkable Moments: WGM Tae-Eun Couple's First Date

[Recap] 10 Adorkable Moments: WGM Tae-Eun Couples First Date When it was rumored and then announced that SHINee’s Taemin and A Pink’s Son Na Eun would become the newest “We Got Married” couple, a lot of fans wondered what kind of couple they would make. Now the highly anticipated “Tae-Eun” couple has made their debut on “We Got Married” and boy, are they cute. These two idol visuals had their first awkward meeting and it can only be described as “adorkable.”

So here are the ten adorakable moments from Tae-Eun’s debut episode. Be prepared for awkward silences, TaeMAN, smooth seatbelt moves, and Mommy Key.

Also, if you havent yet, check out our gallery of 11 WGM Idol Couples That Broke Your Heart. 

Click through the numbers to go through the gallery. 

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‘Oohlala Couple’s starring actor Shin Hyun Joon to tie the knot!

‘Oohlala Couple’s starring actor Shin Hyun Joon to tie the knot!

Oohlala Couples starring actor Shin Hyun Joon to tie the knot!

Spring is here and love is in the air, making it a perfect time for the announcement of actor Shin Hyun Joons marriage!

Shin Hyun Joon, whom you may remember as the bad-husband-turned-good on drama Oohlala Couple,  notified all his followers through Twitter: I am getting married. The two of us will become beautiful, hard working, and sincere servants of God. Thank you.

Shin Hyun Joons wife-to-be is a Korean American who is 12 years younger than the actor. The lovebirds will hold their wedding ceremony at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Seoul on May 26th!

Congratulations to Shin Hyun Joon as his fiancee!


Drama Oohlala Couple concludes with lackluster viewer ratings

Drama Oohlala Couple concludes with lackluster viewer ratings

Drama ‘Oohlala Couple’ concludes with lackluster viewer ratings

KBS‘s ‘Oohlala Couple‘ aired its final episode on November 27th.

During the first week, ‘Oohlala Couple’ had a great start, receiving viewer rating of 14.5%, which was 4.4% higher than its pilot episode.

Unfortunately, the final episode of the drama only recorded viewer rating of 8.9%.

Meanwhile, in the same time slot, MBC‘s ‘The Horse Healer‘ received viewer rating of 18.9% and SBS‘s ‘The King of Dramas‘ recorded 6.9% respectively.


Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha – A goddess in Oohlala Couple.

Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha – A goddess in Oohlala Couple.

Brown Eyed Girls NarshaA goddess in “Oohlala Couple.”

Several still cuts of Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha from her ongoing drama KBSs “Oohlala Couple” were recently revealed, attracting a lot of attention.

“Oohlala Couple” is a comedy family drama about a troubled married couple in their early 40s in which the infidelity of the husband Go Soo Nam (played by Shin Hyun Joon) who is a hotelier leads to the wife Na Yeo Ok (played by Kim Jung Eun) demanding a divorce after 12 years of marriage. However, an accident causes their body swap, leading to hilarious antics.

In the drama, Narsha plays the role of a sexy goddess of love. The new still cuts showed Narsha dressing in a white blouse with a long white skirt. She was walking along the beach with her hair braided to one side, showing off her femininity as well as her sexy beauty.

Meanwhile, the drama is set to air every week on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Brown Eyed Girls NarshaA goddess in “Oohlala Couple.”

Brown Eyed Girls NarshaA goddess in “Oohlala Couple.”


Oohlala Couple: New still cuts of Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha to be revealed!

Oohlala Couple: New still cuts of Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha to be revealed!

‘Oohlala Couple’: New still cuts of Brown Eyed Girls Narsha to be revealed!

The ongoing drama ‘Oohlala Couple‘ recently revealed several new still cuts of Brown Eyed Girls Narsha, attracting a lot of attention.

In the drama, Narsha is playing the role of a lovely girl who would try to help main leads Shin Hyun Joon and Kim Jung Eun get together. Her character always had optimistic attitude and funny yet cute hairstyles.

In the newly released still cuts, Narsha transformed into a sexy lady with a white long-sleeved blouse and a ruffled-white skirt. She put her braid hair on her left side while walking on a beach, showing off her femininity as well as catching all of the eyes of viewers.

Meanwhile, fans are looking forward to see her new image in the upcoming episode of Oohlala Couple.

‘Oohlala Couple’: New still cuts of Brown Eyed Girls Narsha to be revealed!

Source: TV Daily via Nate


KBSs Oohlala Couple to add two more episodes

KBSs Oohlala Couple to add two more episodes

KBS’s ‘Oohlala Couple’ to add two more episodes

KBS ongoing drama ‘Oohlala Couple‘ will be adding two more episodes.

A representative from the production crew revealed to Star News on November 2nd, saying, “‘Oohlala Couple’, which was scheduled to conclude on November 20th, will be airing its final episode on the 27th.

“Discussions for the extension have recently taken place and we have decided to extend the series by two episodes. The writer of the drama and the actors have also agreed on the decision.”

The representative also revealed the reason for the extension, saying, “In the latest episode of ‘Oohlala Couple’, the switched souls of Go Soo Nam (played by Shin Hyun Joon) and Na Yeo Ok (played by Kim Jung Eun) have finally returned to their original bodies. There are still more things left to tell the entire story, so we hope to bring forth a level of perfection in the completion of the drama by extending the series.”

Source: Star News via Nate


TV Guide [Drama Edition]: KBS’s “Oohlala Couple” – Ep. 03

TV Guide [Drama Edition]: KBS’s “Oohlala Couple” – Ep. 03

Official Synopsis:

How much can a wife endure when her good-for-nothing husband is a womanizer who embarrasses her at every turn? Na Yeo Ok is fed up with the infidelity of her hotelier husband, Go Soo Nam, during their 12-year marriage and demands a divorce. However, a major accident causes the unimaginable to happen – their souls are switched into each other’s bodies. As the couple bumbles around in each other’s identities, will Yeo Ok and Soo Nam develop a deeper understanding of each other?


KBS2TV‘s ‘Oohlala Couple‘ (starring Kim Jung Eun and Shin Hyun Joon) dropped slightly from 14.5% to 14.0% viewer ratings for its third episode.

Meanwhile, SBS‘ ‘Faith‘ (starring Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun) rose from 9.5% to 10.5% for its seventeenth episode.

MBC‘s ‘The Horse Healer‘ (starring Cho Seung Woo and Lee Yo Won) dropped dramatically 9.7% to 6.6% for its third episode.

Recap of Ep. 2:

In episode 3, we learn that Yeo Ok may be holding a very, very old grudge.

TV Guide [Drama Edition]: KBSs Oohlala CoupleEp. 03

[Note- in order to avoid confusion, I'm going to call the characters by their names, not by the names of the bodies they're inhabiting- i.e. Yeo Ok is Yeo Ok, even if she's in Soo Nam's body.]

We start with the day Sayuri dies.Soo Nam holds her dead body and says that, had he known how things would end, he would have never loved her at all.Her spirit (unheard by him) responds:

“Don’t be in pain.I have no regrets.How many people in the world love someone enough to put their life on the line?Without you, my life would have been empty.I am happy.”

He finds a note tucked in her kimono- the one she read before killing herself.As he reads the last line about living happily as husband and wife, he drops her and jumps back.Her spirit continues on, telling him “Come quickly, I’m waiting for you“.Ahh, so *she* wrote that letter!He says he’s sorry- he can’t go now.He wants to, but he has many things to do.He needs to help save the country.He explains that he must die for his country, not for love.Sayuri’s spirit looks on in shock, saying she can’t forgive him for that.She tries to beat him, but her ghost arms go right through him.The wind from her sleeves sends the letter flying out the window.

In the present, Soo Nam and Yeo Ok try to figure out how to switch back to their original bodies.Soo Nam insists that the tree they hit must have caused the switch, and convinces Yeo Ok to repeatedly run into the tree, head-first, with him.It doesn’t do any good.

The next day, Yeo Ok has to go to work in Soo Nam’s place.She freaks out- she’s never been to the hotel before, she doesn’t know anyone, she doesn’t know her way around, and she’s sure she can’t do it.Soo Nam gives her a quick rundown in the car, and tells her that all she has to do is go to a meeting, deliver a message about the English guests, and then go home.He’s made an appointment for the two of them to meet a monk who’s an expert in controlling souls, and they can see him after work.

She does her best, but things start going wrong the minute she enters the hotel and sees Victoria- Soo Nam had told her she wasn’t an employee!Victoria follows Yeo Ok to the office, going on about how worried she was about Soo Nam the night before, and then asks about divorce court, thrilled when Yeo Ok answers, “Your wish came true”.In her mind, Yeo Ok thinks about how Victoria won’t feel so lucky once she’s stuck being the housewife.  She goes to her meeting, where she manages to insult the wrong person and accidentally call the English guests American.Afterwards, Soo Nam rips into her for messing up, but she answers that “they all look the same anyway!”He keeps yelling at her, so she dishes it right back- he didn’t tell her about Victoria!He makes a comment about Victoria being “a patient”, but Yeo Ok brushes it off and he doesn’t elaborate.

They visit the monk, who explains that the accident affected both their bodies and souls.Their souls were flung out of their bodies, but were so discombobulated that they got lost coming back, and wound up in the wrong bodies.A man’s wife and mistress swapped bodies five years before, and he tried to put them back, but they couldn’t handle the treatment and failed.“Even if it’s so painful that you can’t even breathe, you must put up with it.”The monk starts their treatment by pelting them with handfuls of dry beans.When his arms wear out, he loads the beans in a machine that shoots the beans at Soo Nam and Yeo Ok.

At home, Soo Nam attempts to teach Yeo Ok the ins and outs of the hotel.She says that she still won’t be able to run it.He says that she keeps claiming to be smart- she reminds him that he says she’s ignorant and incompetent.He suggests she get help from Victoria while she’s working, but she refuses to seek help from his mistress.He changes tactics, saying that if she ruins this opportunity, he’ll change everything back to his name before they switch back, leaving her penniless.

TV Guide [Drama Edition]: KBSs Oohlala CoupleEp. 03

Later, Yeo Ok gives him a heartfelt confession about her state of emotions and what she has been experiencing. Soo Nam says he’s sorry, but Yeo Ok isn’t hearing it- “If you’re sorry, switch us back!”

That night, when they’re getting ready to sleep, Soo Nam suggests that they take the monk’s most recent advice to “create a way for their souls to interact” by sleeping together.Yeo Ok is completely repulsed, shoving him off the bed several times.

The next day, Soo Nam’s mom sits next to Yeo Ok, thinking her son is asleep.Earlier, she’d tried to throw Yeo Ok out of the house, but Yeo Ok had convinced her to let her stay until the divorce was finalized.Mrs. Go wonders out loud about how hard it must be to have a wife that’s having an affair.Yeo Ok, in Soo Nam’s body, sits up, singing her own praises and asks Mrs. Go to stop judging her so harshly and be nicer before rushing out of the room.

At the hotel, Yeo Ok gets a call from “woman”.When she answers and it’s Soo Nam, she realizes that that is how she is programmed into his contacts list.She freaks out- she’s not honey, sweetie, or wife?Just “woman”?She starts crying and hangs up, deciding she won’t help him anymore.

She goes out to the lobby, where she sees a man.In her head, she says, “Oppa…” and then walks over to hug him.The staff and guests stare at the two men embracing as the episode ends.

TV Guide [Drama Edition]: KBSs Oohlala CoupleEp. 03

contagion’s Thoughts:

[ Note : This post reflects the opinions of the author, not necessarily those of ohkpop ]

So maybe the past-life romance wasn’t as perfect as we’ve been led to believe so far?Could Yeo Ok unknowingly be holding a grudge against Soo Nam for not dying with her in their last life?And Victoria’s definitely sick?And who is “oppa”?So many questions!

I’m starting to miss Yeo Ok’s take-charge personality.While I totally understand why she would be freaking out right now, I hope that she starts to get her confidence back soon.Even scared, though, she’s quite the force to be reckoned with, and I still love her to death.

I do hope the actors settle into their roles a little better, as right now the body swap isn’t quite believable- for example, we never saw Yeo Ok flutter her eyelashes and whine when she was in her own body, so why would she do so in her husband’s body?That said, there are lots of little things that I do appreciate- Soo Nam not knowing what to do with his hair and being annoyed by his bangs amuses me to no end.

So far, I’m still impressed with the story and excited to see where it goes, but I have one major complaint- can our main couple please, please, PLEASE stop hitting each other all the time?There are ways to portray without resorting to spousal violence.It actually took away from the humor most of the time, even though we were supposed to think it was funny.

Speaking of funny, I’ll leave you with this- in my opinion, Moo San’s “Shake, shake, shake… everybody!” entrance was the funniest moment of the show so far.We need more Moo San!


Actress Kim Jung Eun gives meaningful gifts to the staff members of drama Oohlala Couple

Actress Kim Jung Eun gives meaningful gifts to the staff members of drama Oohlala Couple

Actress Kim Jung Eun gives meaningful gifts to the staff members of drama ‘Oohlala Couple’

Actress Kim Jung Eun is receiving a lot of attention and praise for her good deed.

The actress is currently playing the female lead in the ongoing drama ‘Oohlala Couple‘. After seeing the hard work of the staff members during the filming process, Kim Jung Eun decided to present them meaningful gifts.

Contents K, the production company of the drama, recently revealed to public, stating, “Kim Jung Eun surprised the ‘Oohlala Couple’ staff members with 100 staff outfits and 100 hand lotions.”

Regarding Kim Jung Eun thoughtful act, her agency shared, “Kim Jung Eun has always felt gratitude for the staff members who work so hard behind the camera, and hoped that through the gifts, despite them being small things, she was able to convey her thanks.”