Big Bang, Avril Lavigne, Emma, One Direction and Alessandra Amoroso to Compete for 2012 MTV TRL Awards

Big Bang, Avril Lavigne, Emma, One Direction and Alessandra Amoroso to Compete for 2012 MTV TRL Awards

Big Bang, Avril Lavigne, Emma, One Direction and Alessandra Amoroso to Compete for 2012 MTV TRL Awards

Big Bang has been named as one of the final nominees for the "2012 MTV TRL Awards." On March 23, MTV TRL revealed the top five nominees for the “Best Fan” category, which includes Big Bang, Avril Lavigne, Emma, One Direction, and Alessandra Amoroso. Big Bang is the only Korean artist to make the final nominee list.

The MTV TRL Awards was launched in 2006 to pick the most popular artist and music video in Italy. The final winner for this year’s award will be announced on May 5 at the awards show in Florence, Italy.

If you haven’t cast your vote yet, make sure you do at the official website of the “2012 MTV TRL Awards” here!

Big Bang, Avril Lavigne, Emma, One Direction and Alessandra Amoroso to Compete for 2012 MTV TRL Awards


Refinery29: “Big Bang Shows One Direction How Badass Is Done”

Refinery29: “Big Bang Shows One Direction How Badass Is Done”

Refinery29: Big Bang Shows One Direction How Badass Is Done

With the recent turn of Big Bang with their extended play Alive, more and more Western media outlets including Time Magazine have shifted their focus on the multi-talented group. Now, fashion, beauty, and shopping website Refinery29 has taken notice of Big Bang and author Lisa Eppich (Epic Name) wrote an article on the boys titled, This Korean Boy Band Shows One Direction How Badass Is Done.

With fashion being their specialty, Refinery29 broke down the edginess and uniqueness found in Big Bangs hip fashion.

Heres an excerpt from the article:

We already gave you the heads up that Kpop sensation Big Bang is set to take over the world in 2012 The videos for their latest hit singles, Bad Boy and Blue, were filmed right here in NYC in Mid-February, where for the first time their unique hip-hop-meets-meets-high-end fashion sense was put to the test in the city that certainly doesnt shrink away from avant garde outfits.

You can check out the full article here.

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SMTOWN Osaka Excursion Wraps Up With A Bang

SMTOWN Osaka Excursion Wraps Up With A Bang

SMTOWN Osaka Excursion Wraps Up With A Bangnotclaira July 18, 2016 0 SMTOWN Osaka Tour Wraps Up With A Bang The artists of SM Entertainment these days wrapped up their concert “SMTOWN LIVE” in Osaka!

Held on July 16 and 17, the concerts came about in the Kyocera Dome and were attended by ability of 90,000 people. Performers incorporated Kangta, BoA, Large Junior, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, f(x), EXO, Red Velvet, Super Junior-M’s Henry and Zhoumi, TRAX, J-Min, and NCT.

Although every team carried out their hit songs as expected, there were some sudden collaborations. Kangta and Red Velvet’s Wendy and Seulgi got herein combinationto accomplish “Doll,” whilst Yesung and Wendy sang “Spring In Me.” Ryeowook and Luna did a duet for “Beauty and the Beast,” Seohyun, Amber, and Seulgi wear a flashy functionality of “Bang Bang,” and Chen and Irene sang “Lil’ Something.”

Fans even were givento look Girls’ Generation’s unofficial subunit, SHY, carry out “Yeah! Meccha Holiday.” Most of the songs played at the concert were from the weekly SM station releases, adding moon and Amber’s “Wave.” This marked the primary time the songs were performed live in front of an audience.

The SMTOWN Are living concerts have spanned several towns (Seoul, New York, Beijing, etc.) since their get started in 2008. Any other set of concerts are scheduled in Tokyo for August thirteen and 14.

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EXO presented  through DAZED as the “K-Pop Band Who Are Larger Than One Direction”

EXO presented through DAZED as the “K-Pop Band Who Are Larger Than One Direction”

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterOne of K-Pops maximum popular boy workforce EXO used to belately interviewed by DAZED where the magsaid they were the most important boy neighborhood in the world.

In the item and interview published on June 12th (PST), it highlights EXOs dramatic front into the Korean pop tune industry back in 2011. At the time, 23 teasers were released on behalf of the group, introducing every member as an alien from the planet EXO, every one having their own large powers. Even now, enthusiasts continue to decipher the complex narrative in the back of the teasers.

The interviewer from DAZED touches at theparticipantsdating to one another, as they've spent time in combination even prior to their authentic debut. They said, There isn’t in reality any awkwardness between us since we’ve been together for a minimum of six to seven years, ranging from training. We’re like a circle of relatives where one can seek convenience and support. We spend increasingly fourth dimension together, we realizeone another better, and that is helpingtoughen our bond, which creates wonderful synergy on stage. As you said, were all around our mid-20s and we think we’ve develop into manlier in comparison to our debut. What do you think? No?

During the interview, Suho published that his everyday jobs every bit leader of the crowd is a quality he has brought into his acting, saying,  This truly helped me so much when acting as I becameliable forthe nature from the very starting to the end, and I also need to pay close attention to the opposite characters so as to create balance.

He also adds that as actors shouldgrasp their expressions and movements for their characters for a longer length of time, the parts he has learned as an actor has helped him enhance on stage. Through acting, I’ve learned to specific myself more freely, diversely, and also to keep in touch amongst the fans better, which supports me experience the degree more, he said.

One of the more busy members of the organizationbecause of his activities in either China and South Korea, Lay reveals, I don’t attempt to residual between paintingsand private time. If I check out to, I can’t to do either one properly. So I have a tendencynow not to make things confusing and just center of attention on one or the other. As you said, I lived a hectic year so didn’t have a huge number of time to rest, yet was thankful that I had the riskto test outquite much of experiences. Since it’s what I choice to do I enjoy each moment, even supposing ITmay smartly be physically tiring sometimes! 

The EXO member continues to mention that his concept of relaxing is operating on songs for his fans as their enjoyment in their tracks is what energizes him.

When asked Sehun whether hes replaced at all since his debut days, Sehun notes that he have become more mature and accountabledue to the his activities with EXO. He adds, Although it’s fairly embarrassing to place this in words, how I believe for the members fortuitously hasn’t changed and wont sooner or later either!

In regards to his famous personand personal life, Xiumin admits that their non-publicexistence naturally gets exposed due to their statuses as celebrities. And so, he adds, So as an alternative of being touchy about it and locatingsome wayto split one from the other, I are attempting not to get stressed out about it. But as a celebrity, where many, especially young people, are watching, I you ought to be more guilty in my words and actions.

To read the total interview with DAZED, click here.

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Big Bang Among World's Highest-Paid Celebrities

Big Bang Among World's Highest-Paid Celebrities

Boy band Giant Bang ranked 54th on Forbes' list of the world's highest-paid celebrities released on Monday.According to the yearly list, Enormous Bang pulled in US$44 million during the last year beating out Hollywood actor Ben Affleck at 58th with $43 million, British singer Elton John at 61st with $42 million and dadcelebrity Katy Perry at 63rd with $41 million.

The magacknowledged that the band's contemporaryinternationalexcursion contributed to their explosive earnings.American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift ranked first at the list, followed via British boy band One Direction.


Watch The Spine-Tingling Video Teaser For giant Bang's 10th Anniversary Concert

Watch The Spine-Tingling Video Teaser For giant Bang's 10th Anniversary Concert

Big Bang 10th Anniversary Concert(Photo : YG Entertainment)With just more than a month left earlier thanGiant hit hosts its 10th anniversary concert at the Seoul International Cup Stadium on August 20, some other teaser video has been released intended to pump up fan excitement.

On July 7, Large Bang leader G-Dragon posted the newest teaser video on Instagram. It showed photos of outdated concerts in addition a run-through of all of the songs the boy crew has released since their debut on August 19, 2006.

Fans squealed at the sight of the latest promotional subject material for the BIGBANG10 The Concert 0.TO.10, which might be the ultimateprimary one before Big Bang contributorsstart their musical hiatus to enlist in the military.


A video posted through G-DRAGON (@xxxibgdrgn) on Jul 6, 2016 at 11:07pm PDT

Non-Korean citizens were especially frustrated that they can't attend the special concert on account of the in a foreign countrytrip required.

"I cried so muchobserving this trailer," "OMG I am gonna cry! I wish I may just go!" "I reside in Australia and probs would now not havecash to travel, unhappy feels when ur an international fan," acknowledged fans according to G-Dragon's teaser post.

Along with the concert, Big Bang also have other activities covered up to celebrate their 10th anniversary akin toa film and an exhibition. The website online toopresentations two other unannounced activities which must existprinted as the date of the anniversary celebrations nears.

Mickey is a creator and virtual content creator primarily based in Manila. He's a co-founder of ZAVI App. He has also been bitten by the K-Pop modelmalicious program - observe him on Instagram @mickjami.

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Kim Gi-bang to make special appearance in

Kim Gi-bang to make special appearance in "Entourage Korea"

Actor Kim Gi-bang is starring in the hot tvN drama "Entourage Korea".

He may beacting in the new KBS drama "Uncontrollably Fond".

Kim Gi-bang's resolutionto seem in "Entourage Korea" has to do with Lee Gwang-soo who is his close friend.

"Entourage Korea" is in line with an usual American drama starring Seo Kang-joon as Yeong-bin, Park Jeong-min-I as Ho-jin, Lee Gwang-soo as Joon, Lee Dong-hwi as Turtle and Jo Jin-woong and Eun-gap.

Meanwhile, Kim Gi-bang is appearing in the musical play "Europe Blog" at the 8th of July.

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"Uncontrollably Fond" Suzy, Kim Woo-bin, Kim Ki-bang

Suzy, Kim Woo-bin and Kim Ki-bang took an image together.

The KBS 2TV drama "Uncontrollably Fond" forged Kim Ki-bang posted a image of the 3 of them in combination on his SNS.

Kim Ki-bang is smiling with the script of "Uncontrollably Fond". He looks mild in glasses and neat hair which contrasts from his same old image.

KBS 2TV drama "Uncontrollably Fond" is the tale of a guy and a lady who parted when they were young, reuniting as a bestfamous person and a documentary director. The primary episode will also beobserved on July 6th.

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Big Bang to hang 10th Anniversary Concert

Big Bang to hang 10th Anniversary Concert

Boy workforceGiant smash will danglea big concert in birthday celebrationin their 10th anniversary at Seoul International Cup Stadium in Sangam-dong, Seoul on Aug. 20.

The concert might be a big-scale match as they wish to spend meaningful time with their fans, with impressive performances that mayduvet all their hit songs.

Big Bang currently wrapped up their world excursion which incorporated 32 towns in thirteen countries in Asia, Australia and North America.

In addition to the concert, a movie which chronically presentations the lines of their activities since their debut hits local theaters on Thursday.

Tickets for their upcoming concert will also beboughtviaWebbuying groceries mall Auction at ranging from July 14.


Big Bang at their 'BIGBANG MADE' Film VIP Premiere

Big Bang at their 'BIGBANG MADE' Film VIP Premiere

Big Bang at their 'BIGBANG MADE' Film VIP Premiere Jun 28, 2016 10:22

Big Bang attend the VIP premiere in theirmotion picture "Bigbang Made" as of late and greet the media and their VIP visitors with trendy and charismatic appearances.

Meanwhile, the movie "Bigbang Made" is a commemorative provide for fanatics and the individuals to celebrate their 10th anniversary. The movie is a documentary of the members' 340 days adventure from the start and finish of their internationalexcursion "Made".

Celebrities and their labelmates who attend the VIP premiere comprises Winner, Lee Dong Hwi, HyukOh, Kim Hee jeong, Yoo Byung Jae, Zion T. and more.

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