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SM Entertainment manufacturer Finds Plans for New Staff in 2016 and Discusses Company’s Direction

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SM Entertainment Producer Exhibits Plans for New Neighborhood in 2016 and Discusses Company’s Direction SM Entertainment is planning a new multinational organization next year. Here is a significant assignment that has been in the works for a year and a half.

Previously, SM has introduced idol teams similar to TVXQ and EXO, yet with plans to assimilate pro hip hop and EDM labels in the arrival year, the hot group will most likely have an excessively other sound. The firm may be operating on cultivating more ballad singers, a fascinating selection taking into consideration their history of choreography-centred idol dance genres (sometimes often known as “SMP” or SM Performance).

Lee Sung Soo, production team leader at SM Entertainment, currently spoke about the agency’s track ago two years. “It’s true that ‘Red Light’ through f(x) used to be criticizing the Sewol ferry disaster,” he said. “Using words such as ‘sink’ were all selections made internally at the company.”

“It will also be stated that the beyond few years were a time to ‘find ourselves’ at SM,” he continued. “The agency had to consider the music we were excellent at and the music that folk would like to hear.”

Lee Sung Soo is the nephew of President Lee Soo Man and primary worked at SM as an intern in faculty examining fan trends. he's now the top of A&R (artists and repertoire), the dept of a checklist label chargeable for ability scouting and overseeing the inventive building of its artists and songwriters. Before his appointment at A&R he studied music arrangement. “I concept that to be sensible at A&R, you will want understand how to make music.”

This year, SM has put in combination a couple of new projects such as the SM COEX Atrium and the “SM Inexperienced persons Show,” where trainees can show off their skillability before their reliable debut. The new “THE AGIT” concerts at the COEX Atrium showed that even if singers like Taeyeon, Jonghyun, and Kyuhyun were contributors of idol groups, they were capable ballad singers.

Recently, the production team leader went to a mixed convention and DJ show in the world’s largest such festival, the Amsterdam Dance Event, to scope out the global EDM scene and notice the trends. SM has up to now sampled the deep space genre in tracks such as “Rise as God” (TVXQ), “View” (SHINee), “4 Walls” (f(x)), in addition adding rappers such as Verbal Jint and Zico to Taeyeon and f(x)’s music.

“The moms who grew up taking note of H.O.T.’s music are now raising daughters who are EXO fans,” Lee Sung Soo said. “Our purpose is to make songs that mothers and daughters can experience together. Yearly we collect the maximum smartly liked one hundred pop songs and analyze the lyrics, watching fashion adjustments in theme and style.”

“We are for sure going to exploit the technology we’ve piled up over the years,” he concluded. “The new group will be an extension of EXO. After H.O.T., TVXQ, and EXO, we are seeking to continue the fad of manufacturing a success male group each and every five years or so. In addition, the Chinese marketplace is opening. We are studying from old mistakes. I are expecting SM’s sales will build up tenfold in the following 3 years.”

Chu Sung Hoon Drives for the first Time in Korea, Revealing His Bad Sense of Direction

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Chu Sung Hoon Drives for the first Time in Korea, Revealing His Bad Sense of Direction Fighter Chu Sung Hoon might glance fierce, yet he’s a fully other user by way of driving!

On the first episode of SBS‘ “The Racer,” one out of the 10 drivers’ cameras captured Chu Sung Hoon taking the wheel. This new display is set ten celebrities competing to grow to be the most efficient of the most efficient in automobile racing. to begin off the show, cameras are install in each and each contestant’s cars to watch their riding conduct and skills.

During Chu Sung Hoon’s particular user interview, he confesses, “This was once my first time riding in Korea, so it took some time [to get used to it].”

While coming to the show’s convention meeting, Chu Sung Hoon listens to EDM music, munches on granola snacks, and beverages coffee. He turns out reasonably at ease and doesn’t even appear to brain when each other automobile cuts him off.

However, the fighter becomes too absorbed in the track and finally ends up taking the incorrect road. In his defense, Chu Sung Hoon says, “This automobile is excellent yet the navigation is bad.” Later, he continues to wander off and presentations a slightly clumsy facet of himself.

Meanwhile, “The Racer” airs each Saturday at 6:25 p.m. KST.

What are your first impressions of this new show?

One Direction Fans Accuse T-ARA Fans Of Cheating In Billboard's 'Fan Army Face Off'

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One Direction Fans Accuse T-ARA Fans Of Cheating In Billboard's 'Fan Army Face Off'

Fan wars are heating up between One Direction"s Directioners and T-ARA"s QUEENs.

Directioners are accusing QUEENs of cheating to get T-ARA more votes, as T-ARA pulls ahead of One Direction in the semifinals stage of Billboard"s "Fan Army Face-Off" competition.

Some One Direction fans have even gone as far as writing to Billboard, alleging that T-ARA fans are using automated programs and hacking methods in order to register more votes.

As of this posting, T-ARA has more than 1.5 million votes compared to the roughly 1 million votes of One Direction.

"I regret to inform you that your "Fan Army Face-Off" was hacked and auto voting for #queens was placed. The fandom queens tweeted about having hacked Billboard by using autobots to vote," began a letter from a One Direction fan.

In defense, T-ARA fans have insisted that the girl group simply has a large and very active fan base and that One Direction fans simply cannot accept how large K-Pop has grown internationally.

Billboard has pitted K-Pop fans against each other, as well as fans of other artists since July in order to determine which fandom army is the "strongest."

The winner of the One Direction vs. T-ARA semifinals match will face-off against the fans of either Beyonce or 5 Seconds of Summer.

Mickey is a writer and digital content creator based in Manila. He is a co-founder of ZAVI Appand editor of the small business blog IndieMickey.He has also been bitten by the K-pop fashion bug - follow him on Instagram @mickjami.

SM Entertainment to seek the developmental direction through conversation between Tao and his father

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SM Entertainment to seek the developmental direction through conversation between Tao and his father

As talk of Tao leaving EXO continues to swell after Tao′s father′s recent SNS post, SM Entertainment released an official statement, saying, "We will seek to find a developmental direction through conversation."

On April 23, SM Entertainment stated through a press release, "In the process of continuous conversations with Tao and his father about various activities in China, the company finds it unfortuate that those kinds of words were posted. Despite it, the company will do its best to seek a developmental direction through conversation with Tao′s father."

On April 22, Tao′s father personally posted a statement on his Weibo. An excerpt of the post read, "In a period of three years, Tao has received large and small injuries. Lower back injuries, physical injuries, leg injuries - there are too many to count. Every time Tao rose to the stage, I was worried that his past injuries would become more severe. After Tao got injured, I could do nothing but bring him back to China for treatment."

"There′s nothing more important to a parent than the health of his child. The first priority in our family right now is the health of our son Tao and peace."

In January, Tao was injured on MBC′s Idol Athletics Championship. At the press conference for EXO′s second album release, Tao stated, "It gotten a lot better. I′m sad that I won′t be able to rise to the stage."

Photo Credit: SM Entertainment, enews DB

SNSD Change Direction in “Catch Me If You Can”

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20150416_seoulbeats_snsd SNSD Change Direction in Catch Me If You Can Written by Hania On April 21, 2015 SM Entertainment is going through a self-inflicted period of transition, having to reshuffle some of their groups after members departures. First, it was Exo who recently came back after losing two members. The next challenge for the company was the legendary SNSD. Without one of their most prominent members, Jessica, all eyes were turned expectantly to the group to see how they would fare as 8 members.

Seeing as Catch Me If You Can is the groups first MV since Jessicas departure, it marks a turning point in their career. The song has been released in both a Korean version and a Japanese version, although it is primarily meant for the Japanese market. In many ways, the song and video go in a completely different direction to SNSDs usual formula, which is appropriate for this transitional period.

From the very beginning, the setting of the MV draws the viewer into a different world, being the first sign that it was going to be different to previous SNSD releases. The video opens with a bustling urban landscape, focusing on posters promoting SNSD stuck all over a dingy underpass. Traffic and car headlights dazzle at the start, before the camera pans to reveal the members. Heres where things go in a different, and refreshing, direction to SNSDs usual fare.

Catch Me If You Can packs attitude right from the beginning. This EDM track pulses with energy and grabs your attention immediately, and is a development of their recent dubstep-inspired songs such as Mr. Mr.

The lines are distributed in a different manner than usual with the lead vocalists amping the song up but other members like Yuri, Sunny and Hyoyeon actually getting a chance to sing. The song is at times confusing in the mood that it expresses, resembling the mish-mash that was I Got a Boy. Catch Me If You Can starts out edgy and a little aggressive with Yuri and Hyoyeon starting off in low, husky voices. The bridge, however, falls flat and does not suit the rest of the song, featuring the rather saccharine line Im going to find my heart.

Things suddenly pick up again as the girls challenge the listener with a huskily whispered Catch me if you can, before the electronic beat drops again. Taeyeons beautiful high note and the layers of harmonies towards the end are particularly magical. This song has a lot of potential to be remixed into an awesome club track, but its inconsistency can also be a turn-off for some listeners.

The lyrics tell a story of adventure and self-development, with the protagonist wanting to race ahead and experience new things, but also warning her lover that he might struggle to keep up with her. For her, a fast-paced, thrilling lifestyle is appealing despite the insecurity and risk it poses, with the chorus expressing her excitement to explore the world:

Don’t stop, go past the limit, look at the changed me

Suddenly, even this moment will become the new past

Throughout the video, the girls alternate between wearing boots and cargo pants, or construction-worker styled clothes. The edgy look suits them, and is arguably more trendy and more appropriate for the group at this stage in their careers and at this point in the general trends of the K-pop world. The girls visuals are stunning yet simple with everyone looking effortlessly gorgeous.

One of the key ways that this MV differs from SNSDs earlier works is that it is more about the choreography than the story line. The choreography absolutely steals the show, with its swiftness and strength being something new and interesting to see from SNSD. The latter half of the MV is much more interesting in terms of the choreography and camerawork as the group divides into units and the camera pans between all of them, allowing each unit to get a moment in the spotlight.

As usual, Hyoyeon slays the choreography, but members like Seohyun and Yoona also stand out in their ability to effortlessly keep up with the intense choreography. The wild nature of the choreography, especially in the chorus, allows for some unique moves that are a pleasant surprise to see.

The cinematography of the MV comes as no surprise to viewers. SMs resources have clearly been allocated elsewhere (cough cough Exos comeback), and consequently, there is only one very basic set for the MV. The MV is at least filmed outdoors, getting outside the restrictive confines of the box set. That being said, the box setting can actually be forgiven to an extent as it allows the choreography to be the star of the show. The one-take technique is also utilisied in some parts, focusing on individual members and transitioning between scenes. The camera flows between members, but zooms out flawlessly when its necessary to take in the whole dance routine. The only change of setting is when the scene suddenly transitions to a night scene with the bright industrial lighting giving a striking glow to the scene.

Catch Me If You Can is experimental and refreshing with a strong focus on choreography. Its got all the hallmarks of an earworm song, making it sure to be a song that will blast across the dance floors of clubs around South Korea.

(YouTube, Images via SM Entertainment)

B.A.P Will Go Up Against One Direction & 5 Seconds Of Summer For MTV EMA Worldwide Act Award

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B.A.P Will Go Up Against One Direction & 5 Seconds Of Summer For MTV EMA Worldwide Act Award

(Photo : B.A.P) B.A.P will represent Korea and Japan to face off against global performers such as 5 Seconds of Summer and One Direction in the final vote for the 2014 MTV Europe Music Award (EMA) Worldwide Act Award.

The announcement of final contenders for the MTV EMAs was delivered by MTV UK on October 30 through their website.

B.A.P defeated Japanese solo artist Daichi Miura for the opportunity to represent Korea and Japan in the tournament for the Worldwide Act Award.

Other nominees for the Worldwide Act Award include 5 Seconds of Summer, who are representing Australia and New Zealand. 5 Seconds of Summer are an Australian punk-pop group who rose to acclaim with hits such as She Looks So Perfect.

UKs powerhouse male group One Direction will represent Northern Europe while Alessandra Amoroso will represent Southern Europe. Central Europe is represented by Revolverheld. Africa, India, and the Middle East will be represented in the tournament by Mohammed Assaf.

American girl group Fifth Harmony, who were the winners of the second season of X Factor will represent North America. Mexican singer-songwriter and actress Dulce Maria will represent Latin America.

If the past two years are representative of the voting power of Chinese fans, the stiffest competition for B.A.P may come through Bibi Zhou. Bibi Zhou was the first runner-up of Super Girl in 2005, who will be representing South East Asia, Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Previous winners of the MTV EMA Worldwide Act Award include YG Entertainments Big Bang, who were the recipients of the honor in 2011. Big Bang beat out stiff competition including American pop vocalist Britney Spears, for the award. In 2012, former Super Junior-M leader Han Geng represented China to win the award over artists including pop star Rihanna.

2013 represented a huge upset within the Worldwide Act Award. Chinese pop singer and Super Girl finalist Chris Lee defeated SM Entertainments EXO, One Direction, and Justin Bieber for the Worldwide Act Award.

Voting for the will remain open on the MTV EMA website until Saturday, November 8 at 11:59 PM Central European Time.

The winners of the MTV EMA Worldwide Act Award will be announced on Sunday, November 9 during a worldwide broadcast from Glasgow.

The SB Mixtape: 9/12/2014, I Can’t Believe It’s Not One Direction!

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THE SB MIXTAPE The SB Mixtape: 9/12/2014, I Cant Believe Its Not One Direction! Written by Lindsay On September 12, 2014 Were back with another edition of the SB Mixtape, and this time were hitting on a touchy subject. While we are loath to admit any connection between our favorite K-pop groups and One Direction, there are times when the similarities are just too obvious to deny (especially during groups Japanese promotions). Yes, One Direction and the Directioner fandom may have their disagreements with the K-pop fandom, but at the end of the day we are all here for the same thing: ridiculously catchy pop songs from cute boy bands.

I Cant Believe Its Not One Direction! from seoulbeats on 8tracks Radio.

Which of these One Direction-tastic songs is your favorite? And do we really need to compare, or should we all just accept that a lot of pop music sounds the same by virtue of the genre?

HALO dream of becoming Korea's One Direction + 'Can You Hear Me?' MV teaser

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HALO dream of becoming Korea's One Direction + 'Can You Hear Me?' MV teaser

HALO continued to introduce themselves through their MV teaser for "Can You Hear Me?"

SEE ALSO: Rookie group HALO"s OOON shows off his abs in new teaser image

The upcoming six-member boy group consists of leader OOON (Oh-Oohn), Dino, Hee Cheon, Jae Yong, In Haeng, and Yoon Dong. Their agency AYIN Holdings (previously C.TWO Entertainment) rep stated, "HALO dreams of becoming Korea"s One Direction. It would be good to anticipate HALO"s powerful and charming music."

HALO will release their debut single album "38 Degrees" on June 26!