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“Empress Qi” Episode 46

"Empress Qi" is throwing everything it has at us, but it fails to be truly compelling. There are tears, and death, and convoluted political plots, but none of those things carry any weight. The buildup towards the events in this episode was sorely lacking and made the biggest reveal seem anticlimactic.

This drama has struggled with uneven development since the beginning. Seung-nyang and Wang Yoo's romance was choppily pieced together. The same can be said for Yon Feisu's strange relationship with Wang Yoo. While her romantic feelings were made obvious, his connection to her seemed to end with business. That is, until the show kills Yon Feisu off (in a scene that was absurdly forced and overly dramatic) and has Wang Yoo weep platonic tears for a woman he never seemed to care about before.

Then there is the sorely underused Empress Hudu who bided her time for five years only to impulsively ruin everything in a badly planned murder attempt on Maha

MBC “Empress Qi” on schedule

While all dramas and shows have been put on hold due to the Sewol ferry tragedy, the regular track is slowly coming back. MBC drama "Empress Qi" will resume broadcast on the 21st.

MBC claimed that regular shows will slowly find their regular places soon. "Shining Romance" and "Mother's Garden" will also go on air as usual.

MBC said, "Although regular shows are being broadcasted, we will connect to news immediately if there is progress in search and rescue".

MBC has put a hold on all broadcasting ever since the accident in Jindo. All weekend entertainment was put on hold as well.

As the search and rescue progresses, MBC is going to go back to its regular routine, but entertainment shows will be postponed in the meantime.

Source : star

Nam Sang Mi to Join Lee Jun Ki in “The Joseon Shooter”

Actress Nam Sang Mi will be joining Lee Jun Ki in the new historical romance action drama, “The Joseon Shooter.” She will be playing the role of Jung Soo In.

The actress said, “In the drama, Jung Soo In initially seems very sheltered like a plant in a greenhouse, but in reality she has a lot of curiosity and is not afraid of adventure. I really felt the merits of this character in that she doesn’t get caught up in the Joseon era’s standards for women and her strong will in working towards a new world.”

“The Joseon Shooter” is the story of Joseon’s last swordsman who grows to become the era’s hero, played by Lee Jun Ki. This will be Nam Sang Mi and Lee Jun Ki’s second time working together, after the 2007 action-romance drama, “Time Between Dog and Wolf

40-year old Kim Hee-ae vs. 39-year old Uhm Jung-hwa

JTBC "Secret Love Affair" and tvN "A Witch's Love" are two age-gap romance dramas that started off at the same time.

Kim Hee-ae is a successful career woman in her forties and Uhm Jung-hwa is a 39-year old reporter. Kim Hee-ae and Uhm Jung-hwa are so different in their dramas, it's hard to believe they are only one year apart. They are both victims of age-gap romance and they show how different it can be according to genre. "Secret Love Affair" looks into the deepest parts of the higher class society, while "A Witch's Love" is a lighter romance comedy.

"Oh Hye-won, a career woman in her 40s, exhausted from everyday life".

Oh Hye-won is the assistant minister at the Seo Han Arts Foundation. She is part of the high income family who makes over 100 million won per year; however, she's not as fancy as everyone thinks her to be

Difference between ‘Secret Love Affair’ & ‘Witch’s Romance’


Cable channel JTBC"s "Secret Love Affair" starring actor Yoo Ah In and actress Kim Hee Ae is probably one of the most popular dramas these days. When "Secret Love Affair" aired ten episodes, cable channel tvN"s "Witch"s Romance" premiered, which resembled and did not resemble JTBC"s "Secret Love Affair." While the age gap between actor Yoo Ah In and actress Kim Hee Ae is almost twenty years, the age gap between the main actor and actress in tvN"s "Witch"s Romance" is only 14. Besides the fact that the cable channel JTBC"s "Secret Love Affair" is a drama about an affair, JTBC"s "Secret Love Affair" and tvN"s "Witch"s Romance" seem awfully similar. Cable channel tvN"s "Witch"s Romance" is based on the drama "Queen Pae Gyun," a Taiwanese drama that aired in 2009. The first two episodes of the cable channel tvN"s "Witch"s Romance" is, however, not doing so well

Nam Sang Mi Confirmed to Act Opposite Lee Joon Gi in ‘Joseon Shooter’

Nam Sang Mi and Lee Joon Gi will be reuniting in a romantic drama after four years.

Nam Sang Mi has been cast as the lead actress for KBS2’s upcoming drama Joseon Shooter, acting opposite Lee Joon Gi. It has been four years since they starred in the same drama, after Time Between Dog and Wolf.

Joseon Shooter is KBS’s highly anticipated seasonal drama that was planned for over two years.

After going through a long period of discussions, the production team of Joseon Shooter, decided to cast Nam Sang Mi to take the role of ‘Jung Soo In,’ and Nam Sang Mi also confirmed her appearance after much contemplation.

The actress said, “Jung Soo In is a courageous character who is very curious and is not afraid to take on an adventure

Hong Ga Hye turns herself in for investigations

The police had previous issued an arrest warrant for Hong Ga Hye, the woman who falsely claimed to be a rescue scuba diver and held an interview where she gave out untrue information, as well as posing as Hwayoung"s cousin in T-ara"s bullying scandal.
It"s now been revealed that she has turned herself in to the Jeonnam Police Station and is currently being held for investigations.

During her false interview, she has told MBN, "We"re not getting the promised equipment, and the government personnel told us just to waste time and go." MBN has apologized for the broadcast of her interview.
After her arrest warrant, she had disappeared, but it"s not been revealed that she has turned herself in. The police said, "We checked with the Human Resources Development Service of Korea, and Hong Ga Hye does not have any kind of license related to any sort of diving

The Current Crop of K-Dramas Are Aberrations – Why K-Drama Is Building On A Bubble

What the Korean media calls "Genre Dramas" are those dramas that are not based on romance - horror, action, mystery, and the like. K-Dramas are popular both nationally and internationally for their romantic comedies and stories about complicated love lines. The current crop of K-Dramas is breaking away from this pattern amid much press fanfare. In fact, dramas such as "Three Days," "God"s Gift - 14 Days," "Golden Cross," and "Gap Dong" are being hyped everyday by different media outlets. They are competing directly against other traditional romance-based K-Dramas.

These "genre dramas" were previously a thing of cable channels that were already outlets for various American dramas, which are mostly "genre dramas" and rarely romantic. OCN, for example, already had a large viewership that enjoyed American "genre dramas" and was able to sell their "genre drama" rather easily to the viewers

Who Believes in Marriage and Who Thinks It’s a Sham: K-Pop Stars’ Thoughts on Marriage

Big Bang"s Taeyang revealed in an interview with OSEN that while he is "negative about marriage," he"s definitely open to it if he finds a woman that changes his view. He continued to say, "I think it"s because I never found the apple of my eye. If I find my love who can shake my world, I will dare to marry tomorrow. My first love was like that. I think it is hard for me to date because my first love was so strong.” Can you imagine being the woman Taeyang falls in love with?

At a press conference for the film "Marriage Blue," Taec said, "it might be too early to think about marriage right now, but I"m also at an age when I should be thinking about marriage a lot." He continued to say that if he had a girl he dated for seven years, he would definitely wife her up!

In an interview f(x)"s leader, Victoria says she doesn"t know if she could ever get married

3 Actors In Their 20s Who Filmed With Older Actresses


Boys became men. Actors in their twenties are meeting older actresses and filming the most romantic scenes in their acting careers ever. The actors are at times naïve, and other times direct in expressing their love, shaking the older actresses" hearts. The most popular case would be actor Yoo Ah In of the cable channel JTBC"s "Secret Love Affair." Actor Yoo Ah In in the drama plays a genius pianist Lee Sun Jae, and is continuing his romance with actress Kim Hee Ae, who is 19 years older than him. Although the cable channel JTBC"s "Secret Love Affair" is a drama about an affair, and the age gap between actor Yoo Ah In and actress Kim Hee Ae is very big, the two are showing off their synergy in the drama.

The second actor in case is actor Suh Kang Joon of the MBC Wednesday Thursday drama "Cunning Single Lady