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Broadcasting companies adjust schedules for their respective programs to pay off respect and condolences for the Sewol Ferry Tragedy

Due to the incident occurred on April 16, the Sewol Ferry Tragedy, broadcasting companies such as KBS, SBS and MBC and along with the entertainment programs, adjust their broadcasting schedules to pay off respect and condolences.

Today, April 18, Music Bank has been cancelled to air. On the 19th and 20th of April, where Channel A’s drama Immortal Classic, MBC’s Happy Sunday and KBS2’s Gag Concert are scheduled to air, the officials of the respective programs are still gathered for a meeting regarding the broadcasting time.

An official of KBS2 broadcasting company said, “1TV and 2TV are assumed to broadcast newsflash and updates regarding the incident. So with this situation, I think it is inappropriate to organize entertainment shows and dramas

‘Cunning Single Lady’ Two Episodes Broadcast Consecutively

(Photo : MBC)

MBC went ahead with its schedule for broadcasting dramas.

According to MBC, "Cunning Single Lady" was cancelled on April 16th because of the Jindo ferry accident.

The two episodes of "Cunning Single Lady" will be broadcast one after another and the pilot entertainment program, "Expecting Stars" where Kang Ho Dong will be an emcee that was supposed to air at 11PM will be cancelled.

Meanwhile, "Shining Romance" and "Mother"s Garden" will return to regularly scheduled broadcasting.

MBC Drama Broadcast Regularly, “Cunning Single Lady” Will End

(Photo : MBC)

MBC went ahead with its schedule for broadcasting dramas.

According to the grand schedule of MBC, the daily drama "Shining Romance" and the daily special production "Mother"s Garden" will be broadcast on April 17th and 18th, respectively.

At this, the Wednesday/Thursday miniseries "Cunning Single Woman" will be broadcasting its last episode on April 17th and will be ending with 15 episodes.

On the previous day on April 16th, with reference to the sinking of the passenger ferry near Jeonnam Jindo-gun, MBC cancelled all regular programming and changed to a special broadcasting format. Even on April 17th, it cancelled all dramas and was expected to keep its special news coverage but it"ll continue its dramas as planned.

Meanwhile, based on the decisions of MBC, SBS and KBS is expected to re-program its schedule as well

“You’re All Surrounded” actor Cha Seung Won shares his thoughts on coming back in the drama after three years

Cha Seung Won on his new drama You’re All Surrounded shared, “Filming for the drama is one of the nicest ways to spend a warm spring season.”

New SBS drama You’re All Surrounded will premiere on the 30th of April taking over the time slot of the previous drama Three Days on Wednesday and Thursday. The drama unfolds sides of stories of romance and pursuing dreams as detectives in the outskirts of Gangnam. Cha Seung Won will play as Seo Pan Seok.

On the SBS official Youtube, Cha Seung Won has recently revealed in an interview his character in the drama. He said, “Seo Pan Seok is very friendly with people but at the same time, a hot-tempered person just like an active volcano,” he added, “But Seo Pan Seok shows his anguish especially in injustice

“Secret Love Affair” actress Kim Hee Ae receives love calls from various companies

47-year old actress Kim Hee Ae has been receiving various love calls for drama projects, movies as well as with endorsements.

Kim Hee Ae’s movie Elegant Lies (Thread of Lies) premiered only just last month and has already surpassed over 100 million viewers. Moreover, her drama Secret Love Affair also premiered on JTBC last month. The drama’s interesting plot about a romance between a young man and an older woman which have gotten involved into a secret love affair has been receiving positive feedbacks from the viewers and took off to popularity. Since then, Kim Hee Ae and Yoo Ah In’s respective agencies have been receiving various offers from different companies.

One of the critics in the entertainment industry said, “Some entertainment agencies have been struggling and finding different ways just to contact Kim Hee Ae

Akdong Musician Stays at No.1 for 149 Hours and No.2 on Billboard World Album Charts

Only just getting started, Akdong Musician is seeing much success with its first album, Play,/strong>.

As of April 18, Akdong Musician’s title song 200% has stayed in the number one position on the real time charts of the online music site, Genie, for a total of six days. The real-time chart takes downloads and streaming into consideration and is updated regularly.

Not only that, Akdong Musician’s debut album, Play ranked number two on Billboard’s World Album Chart on April 18, behind Celtic Woman’s Emerald: Musical Gems.

Photo Credit: KT Music, Billboard, YG Entertainment

Spica’s Juhyun gets married despite opposition

Girl group Spica's Juhyun is starring in the KBS 2TV drama "Couple Clinic - Love and War Season 2".

Juhyun stars as a woman who gets married despite her parents' opposition.

"Couple Clinic - Love and War Season 2" describes families that judge their son-in-laws according to their abilities.

Producer Lee Seung-myeon said, "Juhyun is acting for the first time but she seems steady. We can expect more from her".

Juhyun's role in playing the immature daughter will be broadcasted on the 18th at 11:10PM.

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Woman claiming to be a volunteer diver at the ferry tragedy scene revealed to be the imposter who posed as Hwayoung’s relative

Rescue efforts continue on to recover the missing passengers who were on board the sinking ferry, but as the progress seems to be slow, some have been pointing fingers at the government for not doing enough and even preventing rescue efforts. Various broadcast stations have been airing interviews from those on scene, and earlier today, MBN aired theirs with a woman who claimed to be a citizen volunteer diver there. Her testimony especially stirred quite a bit of criticism towards the government and the maritime police, but her identity has now left many questioning the interview she gave.

A woman going by the name Hong Ga Hye told MBN news that she was with the volunteer divers aiding in the rescue. She then went on to say that although the volunteer divers were ready to do their best to help, they were actually told by the maritime police to just kill time and were even blocked from trying to help

Hyun Bin becomes prince charming at a beach for a photoshoot + BTS photos from ‘The King’s Wrath’

Hyun Bin is embodying the ideal romantic guy who loves long walks on the beach with a shot from one of his latest photoshoots!

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His agency O&entertainment shared a behind-cut from his pictorial on the beach. The actor looked like he popped right out of a storybook with his turquoise suit standing by a white horse, becoming the prince charming many dream about.

Also check out stills below from his upcoming movie "The King"s Wrath" that have been revealed ahead of its premiere on the 30th below.

Korean movie ‘Gyeongju’ releases teaser posters of Shin Min Ah and Park Hae Il

Director Zhang Lu"s first comedy/melodrama movie "Gyeongju" released the teaser poster for actors Shin Min Ah and Park Hae Il on April 17.

The two are basking in the warm sun for a natural spring look and looking off into the distance. It suggests an interesting romance budding between the two as Park Hae Il"s poster asks, "Can I hold your hand once?" and Shin Min Ah"s poster asks, "Can I touch your ear once?"

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The story outlines the two characters" coincidental meeting at a travel destination as they spend one night and two days in Gyeongju together. The movie will be out in May!

You can also check out a trailer below