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Lee Min Ho Is An Ambassador For The 2018 Winter Olympics

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Lee Min Ho Is An Ambassador For The 2018 Winter Olympics

(Photo : KDramaStars ) Lee Min Ho has been selected as an ambassador for the 2018 Winter Olympics. On September 25, the Korean outlet Hankookireported that the 28-year-old Hallyu star would serve as an honorary ambassador for the international sporting event.

The announcement of his appointment to the prestigious position was delivered on September 25, at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) in Seoul.

"As the 2018Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics, and 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics are being held in Asia, Hallyu star Lee Min Ho has been selected as an honorary ambassador," said a spokesperson for the 2018 Pyeongchang organizing committee.

The popular actor provided his thoughts on the honorable position. "I enjoy sports like skiing and surfing, very much," said Lee. "So, I"m very interested in the Olympics. I will actively take the lead, in the future, to serve as the honorary ambassador of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics."

Lee Min Ho experienced explosive popularity throughout Asia, following the success of the 2009 KBS teen drama, "Boys Over Flowers." His portrayal of Gu Jun Pyo continues to be one of the most recognized K-Drama roles, to date.

In 2013, he expanded his fan base through his role in "The Heirs," opposite Park Shin Hye and Kim Woo Bin. While "The Heirs" bolstered his image as a beloved drama star, his pursuit of a film career solidified his impact on the Hallyu Wave.For "Gangnam 1970," he transformed from his consistent portrayal of a wealthy teen to embrace the gritty gangster, Kim Jong Dae.

His influence as a Hallyu star spans numerous endorsement campaigns. As a result of his global name recognition, the actor recently served as the international spokesmodel for Korean tourism.

Lee Min Ho selected as the honorary ambassador for the '2018 Pyeongchang wintry weather Olympics'!

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Lee Min Ho selected as the honorary ambassador for the '2018 Pyeongchang wintry weather Olympics'!

You would possibly have heard that the "2018 Winter Olympics" are going to be held in Pyeongchang, South Korea, and who higher to constitute Korea to the sector than the incredibly popular Hallyu superstar Lee Min Ho!

Lee Min Ho has been chosen to be the professional honorary ambassador for the "2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics"!

The appointment rite happened at the DDP (Dongdaemun Design Plaza) today, and the Olympic committee stated, "As much as the "2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics", the "2010 Tokyo Summer Olympics", and the "2022 Beijing Winter Olympics" are being consecutively held in Asia, Hallyu star Lee Min Ho has been entrusted to be the honorary ambassador.

Lee Min Ho stated, "I in my opinion revel in sports like skiing and surfing, so I have numerous passion in the Olympics. From now on I can take the lead as the honorary ambassador for the "Pyeongchang Winter Olympics"."

This is going to be one heck of a Winter Olympics with the good-looking Lee Min Ho doing his section to spread the observe about the approaching event!

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SISTAR's Soyu startles enthusiasts when she nearly slips and falls all through performance

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SISTAR's Soyu startles enthusiasts when she nearly slips and falls all through performance

It certain doesn"t glance simple being an idol. SISTAR"s Soyu used to be in an excessively unhealthy state of affairs recently, at some degree in a reside functionality of "Shake It" at the Gyeongju "Hallyu Dream Festival 2015."

The singer slips precariously at the stage in the center of the performance, almost falling. From the appearance of it, if Soyu had in reality fallen, she would have either fallen tough on her in the back of or fallen headfirst over the stage, which could have led to serious injuries. Thankfully, Soyu controlled to regain her balance, steadying herself back into an upright role with the assistance of Bora and Hyorin who were closest to her. 

Soyu, shaken from the surprise she received, walks gingerly off the stage at the direction of a involved Hyorin. However, as she is walking off, Soyu slips yet again. now not too long after, Soyu walks back on stage to ironically sing her lines, "I stay shaking, shaking."

You can watch Soyu overcoming her harmful moment in the clip above round the 1:45 mark. 

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Kim Yu-na to sell Formative years Olympics in Norway

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Kim Yu-na to sell Formative years Olympics in Norway

Figure skating megastar Kim Yu-na has been named as a promotional ambassador for the 2016 Winter early life Olympic Games in Lillehammer, Norway, the global Olympic Committee stated in a press unencumber on Thursday. Kim, these days visiting Lillehammer, will meet aspiring young athletes in addition other Norwegian figure skaters, and also attend a workshop there with them. "I am very venerated to be back to enhance the early life Olympic Games and also to be here in Lillehammer to get a sneak peek at the improbable venues. Lillehammer is a gorgeous town and i suspect the athletes will fall in love with this place! After experiencing Innsbruck 2012, I saw first-hand the smiles of the young athletes and the reaction from fans, and i'm so satisfied to be a a section of it once again", Kim used to be quoted as saying.

Kim Yu-na Plays Badminton at particular Olympics in Los Angeles

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Kim Yu-na Plays Badminton at particular Olympics in Los Angeles

Figure skating superstar Kim Yu-na And A badminton role musician place At A sideline tournament of the exceptional Olympics world Games in Los Angeles on Monday.

Figure skating superstar Kim Yu-na participated in A sideline tournament At the exceptional Olympics world Games in Los Angeles, which open closing week.At the development on Monday to let other individuals amongst highbrow disabilities mingle amongst sports superstars or celebrities And advertise camaraderie Among them, Kim changed into once paired amongst Park Mi-sun, An Adolescent badminton role musician.

Even earlier than the fit superstarted, the 2 held hands And took photographs in combination. Kim And Park"s combatants were five-time world champion figure skater Michelle Kwan And A role musician from Indonesia. The fit closinged for twoscore mins. there changed into once no winner or loser, every bit the development puts importance on participation itself."I discovered back that they're simply the similar every bit U.S., flushtide though they may expression up more difficulties", Kim Acknowledged. " i U.S.ed to be moved by means of their pastime and resolution".

Figure skating superstar Kim Yu-na talks At A forum at the sidelines of the exceptional Olympics world Games in Los Angeles on Monday.

Prior to the development, Kim besides Attended A forum At A hotel in Los Angeles where she shared her enjoy every bit A figure skater."honestly, just About ninety % of my occupation changed into once full of hardship And fight, yet a couple of moments of happiness, which got here subsequently wonderful fulfillment, kept me motivated And enabled me to check out flushtide more difficult", she Acknowledged. Kim besides Acknowledged she had an opportunity to reach figure skating classes to Athletes amongst disabilities in 2013 And changed into once inspired by means of their efforts to conquer difficulties. "I wish to take more probabilitys to every bitsist Athletes amongst disabilities And babies", she Acknowledged.

Kim Yu-na Woos Support for Pyeongchang Olympics

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Kim Yu-na Woos Support for Pyeongchang Olympics

Kim Yu-na attends a forum on the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in Yeouido, Seoul on Thursday. /Newsis

A forum on how to make the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang a success was held in Seoul on Thursday.Figure skating star Kim Yu-na, who serves as a promotional ambassador for the games, pleaded for support for neglected disciplines."The hosting of the Pyeongchang Olympics undoubtedly broadened interest in the event in general, but only certain sports get attention", she said."We can host the Olympics successfully only when nationwide interest in the less popular winter sports increases".

Jinwoon leads the Gangnam Lakers to gold in "Idol Star Olympics" basketball tournament

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Jinwoon leads the Gangnam Lakers to gold in

The basketball tournament for MBC"s "Idol Star Olympics" ended on February 20 with Gangnam Lakers coming out for the gold! The team, which had Jinwoon as the captain and Jackson, Jun Woo Sung, and HISTORY"s Na Do Gyun as the members went up against the Mani Keun Jordan Team, which has Kangin as the captain and Tao, INFINITE"s L and Sungjong, BTOB"s Minhyuk and Sungjae, and MYNAME"s Insoo as members, ultimately earned the silver.

The Gangnam Lakers team continuously moved forward, but the Mani Keun Jordan Teamgrasped a chance to achieve a turnaround. Mani Keun Jordan Team"s Insoo,who really impressed with his skills throughout the whole tournament, had an and-1 opportunity with three minutes left on the clock, and even shot in the free throw which gave his team a 15 to 14 lead.

The game was back and forth throughout and as the Mani Keun Jordan Team was trailing 18 to 15 with 5.7 seconds on the clock, Insoo had an opportunity to tie it with 3 free throws because he was fouled at the 3-point line. Unfortunately, he only made one of the three free throws and his team had a lane violation for the third free throw which put Jinwoon at the foul line. Jinwoon missed both free throws but Gangnam Lakers"Jackson was able to grab the rebound and was immediately fouled.With 2.4 seconds left on the clock, Jackson got a free throw in, making the score 19 to 16!

After rebounding Jackson"s second missed free throw attempt, Mani Keun Jordan Team"s Minhyuk was fouled with just 0.3 seconds left on the clock. He made the first free throwand the score was 19 to 17. The only hope left was to purposely miss the second free throw and hope to score a tap in off a rebound to tie the game. Unfortunately, he airballed the second free throw attempt and the Gangnam Lakers took possession of the ball.

In the end, Gangnam Lakers won 19 to 17, earning the gold! Impressively enough, their team captain Jinwoon scored 15 points alone, proving to be an MVP.

EXID"s Junghwa demolishes Girl"s Day with her deadly archery skills in "Idol Star Olympics"

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EXID"s Junghwa has crowned herself the Queen of Archery with her impressive performance in the women"s archery tournament in the "Idol Star Olympics." That"s right, the girls of EXID not only have sexy dancing by Hani, jaw-dropping singing by Solji, and catchy music but they also have Junghwa, who aimed with a bow and arrow, could take down any haters Katniss-style.

On this day, EXID beat out Girl"s Day to go up to the finals against 4minute with the help of adorable maknae, Junghwa, who boasted an impressive, forceful pose and got three perfect 10s in a row. Bull"s eye! One shot even hit the camera, which was located dead center of the target.

Commentator Yoon Hye Young spared no compliments, saying, "It"s the birth of Ki Bo Bae," naming a famous archer.

A Pink and KARA go head to head in women"s archery for "Idol Star Olympics"

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A Pink and KARA go head to head in women

Veteran group KARA went up against the trending group A Pink in archery on the February 20 installment of MBC"s Lunar New Year"s special, "Idol Star Olympics."

Gyuri went up first, failing quite a bit with a 2 point shot, 1 point shot, and 5 point shot, which would probably be better than what I could do, but in comparison to Eunji"s 9 point shot, 9 point shot, and 8 point shot... good game.

MC Jun Hyun Moo teased Gyuri, "The camera director has been doing this for a long time, but it was his first time ever setting the camera"s zoom, then having to raise it up. He"s hoping that you would please hit the target."

However, in the second round, A Pink"s Na Eun took the attention away from Gyuri with a 0 point shot and 1 point shot. Seungyeon redeemed KARA with a perfect 10 point shot, then an impressive 9 point shot.

Jun Hyun Moo continued his teasing with, "The hole is over here."

Despite Seungyeon"s impressive archery skills, KARA was unable to beat A Pink in the end.

Members of Nine Muses express discontent at idols keeping their distance from them in "Idol Star Olympics"

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Members of Nine Muses express discontent at idols keeping their distance from them in

In a recent interview with OSEN, the members of Nine Muses expressed their discontent in participating in the "Idol Star Olympics," stating that majority of the male idols they met there were overwhelmingly shy and did not approach them as they would have liked.

They said, "I think a lot of people avoid us because of our image. We wanted to make friends at "Idol Star Olympics," but they kept their 10m distance."

Despite the rumors stating that "Idol Star Olympics" was similar to a meeting point or meet-and-greet area for many idols, Nine Muses expressed their disappointment when they were left to keep to themselves.

The girls continued, "The result [of our competition] was poor, but we kept our seats warm. It was mentally straining, but we tried to focus on the games. It was a place where everyone gathers, but it felt like we were alone."

Nine Muses also agreed that the male idols seemed awkward around them as they said, "We heard that "Idol Star Olympics" was a meeting point [for many idols], but we don"t think we can agree at all. Male idol groups would greet us with a 90 degree bow and acted uncomfortably. We were probably the ones who appeared the most [in the games], but there was no "pink atmosphere.""

In related news, MBC "Star Idol Olympics" will be airing early on February 19 and 20.