Yet every other  cloth wardrobe malfunction by way of AOA has enthusiasts suspicious of stylists

Yet every other cloth wardrobe malfunction by way of AOA has enthusiasts suspicious of stylists

6kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter Popular woman group AOA suffered yet every otherdresser malfunction at a contemporary event, with member Jimins get dressed slipping a bit of too low all over the teams dance. 

Following two incidents with crew member Choa, which have beeneitherstuckfor the duration of video broadcasts, this has been the 3rd cataloged wardrobe malfunction for the gang in a quickduration of time. Jimins malfunction, which came aboutthroughout a functionality of the groups song 10 Seconds, which the neighborhoodcarried outalong their identifysongJust rightGood fortunefinal month, Jimins clothe fell a little less than expected, stunning fans.

With such so much ofother wardrobe malfunctions, however, enthusiasts take scrutinized the groups stylists, claiming that they will have to be more careful with the women outfits as to you must definitelysave you any potentially embarrassing eventualities in the future. The incident happens around 3:37 in the fancam below.

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Lee Jong Suk Takes On Olympic Pistol Shooting In “W”

Lee Jong Suk Takes On Olympic Pistol Shooting In “W”

Lee Jong Suk Takes On Olympic Pistol Shooting In Wjun2yng June 19, 2016 0 Lee Jong Suk Takes On Olympic Pistol Shooting In W New stills were released for Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo’s long-awaited go back to K-drama, “W.”

In the stills, Kang Chul (Lee Jong Suk) is competing in Olympic pistol shooting at the young age of 18. Dubbed a genius, Kang Chul is an impressive competitor, with a robust mentality and highly competitive nature.

We can see Kang Chul’s intense gaze of concentration in addition a lovable salute for the camera, which is helping shoot Kang Chul to Korean stardom in the drama.

A production associate stated, “This scene where Kang Chul, with an Olympic gold medal, starts on his adventureof attainingmore than a few qualifications, will indubitably leave a robustimpact and hook audiencefirstly of the drama. You'll be in a position tosit up for Kang Chul’s series of ‘achievements’ in the drama.”

“W” takes position in provide day Seoul, and is a cross-dimensional romantic, suspense melodrama revolving around Kang Chul, a “super chaebol,” and Oh Yeon Joo (Han Hyo Joo), a surgeon with a little too much curiosity. The primary episode airs on July 20.

Watch the trailer below:

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TWICE’s Momo helps to keep her cool in spite of  surprising  cloth wardrobe malfunction whilst performing

TWICE’s Momo helps to keep her cool in spite of surprising cloth wardrobe malfunction whilst performing

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterTWICE does it again! They've captured their fans’ hearts another time for their professionalism in spite of Momo’s cloth cabinet malfunction. 

On June 11th, Two timescarried out “OOH-AHH” for a uniqueUnexpected Attack event, with a fancam shootingall the incident. As the functionality started, it used to benoticed that Momo’s bestwas loose and undone and persisted the performance as normal.

However, despite Tzuyu’s try to tie the head once more, it have become loose back and left Momo appearing with one hand at the back of her back.

The light wardrobe incident earned compliment for the singer who maintained her composure despite the mistake and continued to dance brightly all throughout. It was also noted that the despite the prospect of any wardrobe malfunction and their revealing clothing, the participants were visibledressed inadditional undergarments to save youadditional exposure.

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Netizens Terrified After Laysha Member’s Epic Cloth wardrobe Malfunction

Netizens Terrified After Laysha Member’s Epic Cloth wardrobe Malfunction

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterWith how revealing level outfits are getting those days, womancrewindividualsnearlyat all times wear protection shorts beneath their skirts or shorts. 

However, girl neighborhood Laysha has grow to beinfamous for their resolutionnow notto exploitsecurity shorts regardless of their incredibly revealing outfits, a pass thats caused wardrobe malfunctions in the past. And all the style througha up to date performance, Layshas Go Eun becomethe following victim of such an accidental exposure. Eun also suffered a identical incident previous in the year.

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Apink Naeun’s newest  cloth wardrobe malfunction has fans’ jaws dropping

Apink Naeun’s newest cloth wardrobe malfunction has fans’ jaws dropping

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterApinkNaeun recently suffered a dresser malfunction throughoutsome of theteams performances. 

As she used to be dancing, a strap of the Plan A Entertainment singers best slipped off, utterly exposing her correct shoulder. Throughout the groups performance, Naeun attempted to mend her top, attaining back to adjust it. Despite no longer being in a position to fix it, however, the Apink singer perseveredto accomplish with her group, earning much compliment  from enthusiasts for her professionalism.

160520 V02 에이핑크(Apink)-Mr.Chu(나은) 직캠(Fancam)/동의대 Create, Notice and Percentage GIFs on Gfycat

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Who is the maximum efficient  cloth wardrobe of the 17th Jeonju Global  Movie Festival

Who is the maximum efficient cloth wardrobe of the 17th Jeonju Global Movie Festival

The 17th Jeonju WorldMovie Festival used to be held at the 28th. Actress Han Ye-ri is on the Red Carpet.

The opening riteturned into hosted through Lee Jong-hyuk and Yoo Seon. Actors and actresses like Kim Dong-wan, Kwon Yul, Ahn Jae-hong, Jeon Hye-bin, Heo I-jae, Ryoo Hyeon-kyeong, Baek Seong-hyeon, Park Jeong-min-I and others were at the event.

Yoo Seon's beautiful yellow dress, Lee Jong-hyeok cannotstay his eyes off her

Esom is ready to fly into the wind

The get dressed compliments her frame

Jeon Hye-bin is understood to deal with herself really well

The clothe is a trifling accessory to her

Ryoo Hyeon-kyeong is small yetis easily proportioned

Ryoo Hyeon-kyeong's dandy style

Han Ye-ri with her collarbones out

Her blue dress steals the display


TRAX’s Jungmo and Olympic gymnast Shin Soo Ji swept in dating rumors

TRAX’s Jungmo and Olympic gymnast Shin Soo Ji swept in dating rumors

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Every other SM Entertainment artist has been swept in dating rumors with TRAX member Jungmo (31) rumored to be dating former Olympic gymnast Shin Soo Ji (25).

Initial reports divulge that an insider published that the 2 had just latelybegan dating and are affectionate with one another. Another insider adds that the two were recently spotted and photographed attending a 3-hitter equally a couple.

However, following those reports, either agencies representing the two superstar figures denied the news.

NXT International acknowledged on April 19th, The dating rumor involving Kim Jungmo is unfounded. The two other folksaren't in a relationship. The filewas once false. Shin Soo Jin and Kim Jungmo are palsyet they dont on a normal basis meet up. They were spotted accumulating as friends.

Similarly, SM Entertainment said, Kim Jungmo and Shin Soo Jin are no longer in a relationship, they are just close friends. Concerning the two having been spotted at a baseball game, they add, They were gazing a baseball game as friends.

Jungmo is an SM Entertainment artist from the band TRAX, and has recently released a unmarried Narcissus (Heechul and Wheein) as the producer. At the other hand, Shin Soo Jin is a former Olympic rhythmic gymnast and avid bowler who has been  active as a sports broadcaster and actress.

Source: OSEN, Sports Donga and Star News

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Wardrobe Inspection: K-Pop's Highest Dressed March 2016

Wardrobe Inspection: K-Pop's Highest Dressed March 2016

AOAs Jimin and EXOs Xiumin Drop Music Video Teaser For Duet Collaboration(Photo : FNC Entertainment)Fly GOT7(Photo : JYP Ent.)The comebacks are getting fresher equally nosotrosequipment up for the spring season! March had some refreshingly new comebacks with some upbeat and playful fashion! Shall wetake a glance at IT out!

"Call You Bae" by way of Jimin (AOA) feat. Xiumin (EXO)

Call You Bae used to be the epitome of a refreshing spring season. The music video for Call You Bae turned into filled bright pastels various powder pinks. Jimin and Xiumin exhibited the vintage couple appearance donning informalgarmentsadding sweater vests, button downs and berets.

Contrary to pastels, FIESTAR returned with a depressingand beautifulthought this March. The quintet cladded themselves in loose fitting black and white lace with hints of gold added including on their accessories. Everyparticipantsparticular person wait featured a small splash of colour alongside blues and reds as well.

Lee His look in the music video for Dangle My Hand featured a huge number of very easily casual yet trendylovely outfits ideally suited for the soloist. This ranged from graphic tees to long flowing white dresses to undeniable denim skirts and sweatshirts. Fairly much any look that one is into maymost likely existdiscovered in Keep My Hand. Lee His hair was also made to checkthe range outfit adjustmentsvia mini buns, long and straight, braided and more.

"One Of Those Nights" by Red Velvet

Definitely a 180 from their Dumb Dumb doll concept, Red Velvet switched up this time around for anything a little dressier in the This kind of Nights music video. The apparel for this idea featured many geometric and summary patterns paired with an overall antiquetaste hinting at the 60s technology at some points.

GOT7 could also beone of the crucial few teamsthat may pull off an outfit so straightforward as the ones used in Fly yet make it look this amazing. The lads sported thick little one blue jackets over an easy white tee with beige pants and matching baby blue sneakers. The similar out was yet done in opposite having red jackets with black tees and pants with black high-tops. As these were the outfits for the foremost dancing scenes, the boys also rocked casual outerwear in their individual snippets.

Rather than the cute couple concept, the music video for Bonnie Clyde stayed true to the bad boy-bad ladyfacet in either attitude and fashion. Emerging RB artist, DEAN, sported his signature snapback whilst other scenes accentuated his flawlessly gelled back hair. At one point, the singer even manages to make a Hawaiian plant patterned blouse expression alluring.

BTOB returned to capture the hearts of lovers with their newest track Bear in mind That. Despite the truth that there werent many outfits changes during the music video, the outfits that were featured followed an overlyblankand stylish style.

A Few Years Later by Block B

Block B had an elegant look in their own in their contemporary music video for A couple of Years Later. Alternatively Block B chose to upload around flare to their fashion with more than a few splashes of color, thick earrings, and speeding lenses.

The boys of JJCC helped bring more warm emotionsto begin of spring this March with their revitalizing good-boy concept. Their overall look featured quite so much of classic denim, sweaters, sneakers, and knits for cool and relaxed style.

A more playful comeback this time around, the women of Oh My Lady went for refreshing and blameless in their genre for Liar Liar. High-waisted skirts gave the influence to be one of the more dominant looks in the music video which do change intoreasonablyfashionableat some point of the spring season.

Spring is actually upon us as many groups are bringing out their colourful colors. Yet as the elements gets warmer, the comebacks gets hotter. April is already watching for comebacks by Laboum, VIXX, and Seventeen!

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JYP Apologizes For Tzuyu's Onstage Cloth wardrobe Mishap

JYP Apologizes For Tzuyu's Onstage Cloth wardrobe Mishap

JYP Apologizes For Tzuyus Onstage Wardrobe Mishap(Photo : JYP Entertainment)JYP has officially apologized for the talkbrought aboutvia Tzuyu's outfit right through an onstage performance.

On the March thirteen episode of are livingsongdisplay "Inkigayo," Two timesconducted a rendition of Girls' Generation's hit song "Gee" with ladystaff GFriend. However, audience of the program spotted that Tzuyu was oncedressed in a blouse with the word "Hoes take off your clothes" written on it.

On March 15, JYP Entertainment released an respectablecommentary apologizing for the mishap.

"We did no longerunderstand the words on her clothing. We are very sorry for being worried her fans," the firm stated."In the future, we could bein a position to exist more careful in which clothing we select. Once again, we apologize."

Just a couple of months ago, Tzuyu changed intothe topic of any other controversy, yet this time lots of the online commenters on the normal Korean article seem to be on her side. The bulk of the top-rated comments mention that it was the fault of JYP's clothing coordinator, instead of Tzuyu herself.

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Wardrobe Inspection: K-Pop's Highest Dressed February 2016

Wardrobe Inspection: K-Pop's Highest Dressed February 2016

4Minute Hate(Photo : Dice Entertainment)AOA Cream (Photo : AOA's Facebook)February is also the shortest month of the year yet it used to bea long way from being short of comebacks. A sort ofteams and soloists got here into bring the warmth for one of the crucialultimateiciness months.

Check out which groups' song video ideas rocked the K-pop scene last month:

4Minute made a robust comeback with Hate for February and draped themselves in outfits as formidable every bit the song. The women stuck to a strict black, white, and red theme whilst draped in a lot of lace and leather. The manner made a pointy left and 4Minute made the transfer to hip-hop equipment and Timberland taste boots and bandanas.

The Ladies Generation member returned with some other solo track and takenabsolute best rainy day attire. The music video for Rain featured comfortable indoor garments amongst shorts and a fluffy white sweater have compatibility for an afternoon inside.

"Love You More" by way of Kim Jaejoong (JYJ)

Despite serving his mandatory army service, JYJ member Kim Jaejoong released the music video for rock track Love You More. The studies featured in the music video show offone or more clothing styles adding athletic, hip-hop, casual, the artist himself donned in 3 very other blouses appearing off some skin in the process.

"I'm Jelly Baby" by AOA Cream (AOA)

Just like the name and sub-unit name, the cloth cabinetthought for Im Jelly Infantchanged intofairly sweet. Each and every outfit went via a Sailor Moon transformation to reach each pastel tinted frill and sequin.

CLC also hopped at the pastel teach this month as many accents were spotted in their comeback track Prime Heels. Every one member as smartly had their own representative colours and collar cuts.

The ladies werent the sole ones to move pastel this month. B.A.P made us Feel So Just right in their newest music video with some eye-grabbing hues. Although there were many sunglasseseithercrimson and yellow turns out to be the dominate forces here.

After over a year and a half, Ladies Code is back with their soulful track Galaxy. Their wardrobe for the music video basically consisted of loose fitting white ensembles with the exception of a bright red and white shatter published top. The ladies also took to a quicksort of tea dresses with thick pumps.

Youre The maximum productive by MAMAMOO

Are there adequatehands between both hands to count the choice of outfit adjustments in MAMAMOOs current video for Youre the Best? The ladies made their go backoverdue February and put a contemporary spin to 70s antique clothing featuring a slew of high-waisted denim denims and baseball jersey tops. The quartet in addition donned themselves in bright and refreshing perfect to ring in the incoming spring.

The boys of NUEST trudged through a brutal winter and into the hearts of fanatics for the Conquer music video. Vintageand elegant black matches with sparks of white and sublime collar trademarks fit the intensity of the comeback quite well.

Press Your Number by Taemin (SHINee)

Taemins highly expected comeback left fans swooning and anticipating more. In all probability it was the bad boy glance the singer sported in the music video for Press Your Number. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and the bad boy motorbike jacked crowned off with the magnificence ripped denim. Even if Taemin did take go back and forth to the older days in his velvet suit whole with cascade collar and flounce cuffs.

If you thought February was jam-packed with comebacks just wait till March with expected comebacks from AOAs Jimin, FIESTAR, and GOT7!

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