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South Korea wins first gold medal at Rio 2015 Olympic examine event

News via hancinema.net
South Korea wins first gold medal at Rio 2015 Olympic examine event

World Archery Federation (WAF) praised the Korean archery team as the maximum productive in the arena and presented the feminine archers who won the gold with best ranking at the Rio 2015 Olympic verify match (pre-Olympic).

Korea team that qualified instantly to the quarterfinals won in straight sets, 6-0, in quarters, semis and ultimate matches. (London) Olympic Champion Ki Bo-bae, 27, put all her arrows yet one into the 10-ring, acknowledged the WAF said on Sep. 21 by approach of its homepage. the only arrow that Ki ignored struck the 9-point ring.

Korean feminine archery team, represented via Kang Chae-young, 19, Choi Mi-seon, 19 and Ki, beat Georgia (quarters), China (semis) and very last fit (Ukraine) in straight sets of 6-0 in the recurve womens occasion at the Rio 2015 Olympic test event held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Sep. 20 (local time). At the recurve team event which accommodates of 4 sets, 3 archers shoot two arrows in step with set at the distance of 70m. The team earns 2 issues when they win a set. If the team ties for a set, it obtains 1 point. The team that obtains five features or more wins the game.

The WAF quoted a observation of a Korean team respectable that Ki, who was once the last shooter (anchor), is an experienced athlete who knows how to shoot an arrow at the last moment of the sport which supplies fantastic pressure. Korean archery groups first shooter (opener) become Kang Chae-young and the 2nd one shooter (middle) was Choi Mi-sun.

Korean womens archery team targets to win the team event for 8 consecutive times in the Rio 2016 Olympics. The team hasn't ever lost the gold in the team event since 1988 Seoul Olympic Games when the archery was selected as the official Olympic event.

Olympic Figure Skater Kim Yuna Creates an Instagram Account

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Olympic Figure Skater Kim Yuna Creates an Instagram Account Two-time Olympian and gold medalist Kim Yuna, who is probably the most best celebrities in Korea, has in any case opened an Instagram account!

On September 16, she created the account with a adorable image of herself with the captions, “#iLoveYOG for the explanation that Olympic dreams of such so much of young athletes will come true! See you in Lillehammer, Norway ❤️❤️❤️ the 2d one edition of the Iciness Adolescence Olympic Games could be held from 12 February to 21 February 2016. stay up to date on those Games by way of following @youtholympics.”

Meanwhile, Kim Yuna is the ambassador for the 2016 Winter young people Olympic Games and could also be operating as the ambassador for the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics and Paralympics.

iKON to hang debut concert at Olympic Gymnastic Arena on October 3rd

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iKON to hang debut concert at Olympic Gymnastic Arena on October 3rd

iKON can be the primary rookie crew to hang a debut concert at Olympic Gymnastic Arena.

On September 9th, YG Entertainment announed that iKON will be keeping their debut concert "Showtime" at Olympic Gymnastic Arena on October 3rd at 6PM KST. The price tag sale will be opened via Interpark on September 16th at 8PM KST.

iKON participants will be spending a meaningful time with the fans, who were patiently looking forward to their debut. They're going to be perfoming songs from their debut album "Welcome Back" at the concert.

As it was once prior to now revealed, iKON will pre-release the warm-up unmarried in addition the tune video on September 15th, before losing their debut album in two portions on October 1st and November 2nd.

Are you excited for iKON"s debut? READ MORE

iKON to kick off an epic debut with a large-scale exhibit concert at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena!

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iKON to kick off an epic debut with a large-scale exhibit concert at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena!

Nearly as exciting as the announcement in their debut time table is the announcement of iKON"s debut showcase/concert!

YG Entertainment printed that following their debut half-album release, iKON will hang their first concert "Showtime" at Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Arena! The concert also serves as their debut showcase, and should take position on October 3 at 6pm KST, and tickets cross on sale on September 16 via Interpark.

What is if fact be told mind-blowing about here's that best the maximum established idol teams go onto preserve concerts at this huge venue, which is able to are compatible 15,000 people. So for a rookie group, who hasn"t even debuted yet, to be maintaining their debut showcase at this venue is beautiful astounding!

At "Showtime", the men will carry out the 6 tracks that may were released by then, in addition songs they carried out all over the display "Mix & Match"!

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Ha Ji Won finds Her huge wardrobe for “The fourth dimension nosotros nosotrosre no longer In honey”

News via soompi.com

Ha Ji Won finds Her extensive cloth wardrobe for “The time we were now not in love” at the July 29 broadcast of < robust>SBS’ “< robust>One evening of television Entertainment,”Actress< robust> Ha Ji Won printed the quiteA lot of styles she gets to wearable on the drama “< robust>The time we were now not in love.”

“I maximum often wearable five or six outfits per episode,” she says. “ThereAre close to times when i ex switch garments more ten times.” She too reveals that she has worn about seventy other outfits for the display thus far.

in plus, Ha Ji Won too introduces the styles she likes the maximumAnd reveals the contents ofA pouch that comes withA massager,Aroma crude,And more.

SeeA component of the segment underneath.

F.T. Island will be opening a concert at Seoul Olympic Park in August!

News via allkpop.com
F.T. Island will be opening a concert at Seoul Olympic Park in August!

F.T. Island will be holding a solo concert in Seoul for the first time in nearly two years! 

The band plans to meet fans through its live concert--"2015 FTISLAND LIVE [We Will]"--on August 8 and 9 at the Seoul Olympic Park. F.T. Island is progressing their tour with great success, making their round all over Asia, having begun their Asia Tour on May 23 in Thailand. They have made stops in Japan and China, as well. The group will be putting on an even more special stage as they greet their eighth anniversary.

The tickets for the upcoming concert will be sold online by Yes24, with sales starting earlier on June 29 for F.T. Island fan club members and on July 2 for everyone else.

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IU Attracts Attention For Her $36 And Less Wardrobe

News via kdramastars.com
IU Attracts Attention For Her $36 And Less Wardrobe

(Photo : Loen ) IU portrays a spoiled diva in "Producer," but she continues to display a down-to-earth attitude, in real life. The solo vocalist and actress became the focus of attention by Korean netizens on Pann, for her thrifty wardrobe.

Fans discovered that one of her recent outfits consisted of a t-shirt that sold for around $13 USD, which was paired with sandals that had a retail value of approximately $36 USD. While they did not reveal the cost of the denim jumper she was wearing in the photos, it is apparent that her outfit consisted of items that could be easily attained by the general public.

According to Netizen Buzz, one of the top comments on Pann stated, "IU makes those clothes look like they are from luxury brands."

"Warm and Cozy" star Kang Sora also received attention for her economical clothing choices. In December 2014, she was the focus of both praise and confusion for wearing a $35 dress to the red carpet and during the ceremony of the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA). MAMA is one of the preeminent music events for Korean pop, with screen stars in attendance to present the awards. The dress garnered enough attention to prompt a response from her agency. "It"s true that the HM dress Kang Sora wore to 2014 MAMA was $35 (39,000 KRW)," said a representative.

IU and her agency have yet to respond to the attention she is receiving for her wardrobe. She continues to deliver a solid performance as Cindy, a former child star and K-pop idol, in "Producer." Audiences are waiting with baited breath to discover if Baek Seung Chan (Kim Soo Hyun) Cindy over Tak Ye Jin (Gong Hyo Jin).


About the writer: Adrienne Stanley is a contributing editor for KDramastars. She is also a contributing writer for MTV Iggy and CJ Entertainment"s KCON blog. Her passions include a love of K-pop and Asian drama. When she is not writing she is hanging out on Twitter (@retrogirladdy).

4 Stylish K-Pop Sibling Pairs To Inspire Your Wardrobe

News via kpopstarz.com
4 Stylish K-Pop Sibling Pairs To Inspire Your Wardrobe

For these well-dressed celebrity siblings, having "good genes" is just as important as having "good jeans." Check out four pairs of K-pop brothers and sisters who prove that both talent and fashion sense run in the family.

(Photo : KpopStarz) It"s a no-brainer. This pair was born with a 20/20 eye for fashion and all things beautiful. Jessica and Krystal are blessed with more than just good looks and amazing vocal chops. The two also have exquisite tastes in style, although both have different preferences. Their personal fashion choices, as seen on airport and red carpet appearances, is always emulated by fans and praised by fashion enthusiasts.

The Jung sisters are also a favorite among various brands who"ve appointed them as ambassadors to model their products.

Sandara and Sanghyun (Thunder)

(Photo : ) Sandara and Thunder are one of K-pop"s most famous and well-loved sibling pairs. The two have very varied and broad choices in fashion and are mostly the types to go beyond the trends instead of just follow the norms.

They are known to be very eccentric style-wise and have gone crazy with their hairstyles at some point in their careers. In 2013 Thunder dyed his hair pink for MBLAQ"s promotions of "Smoky Girl" and in 2012 Dara received numerous compliments for her purple hair.

(Photo : ) BTOB"s Ilhoon and female solo artist Joo have different tastes in fashion but it works for both of them. As an idol, Ilhoon is more into the generic boy group member uniform which consists of leather jackets, muscle tees, studded pullovers, caps, and so on.

On the other hand Joo is more feminine and refined. However, when the sibs got together for their InStyle magazine pictorial they got the preppy look on point, and looked absolutely adorable.

(Photo : ) Although they are in different fields (Go Eun Ah is an actress while Mir is a singer) the two are still very close. Individually, the two have sported decent fashion choices.

Go Eun Ah is very ladylike and is confident enough to go for bold and risky outfits (such as that plunging neckline and low-back black dress she wore on the red carpet once). Go Eun Ah sports an enviable figure that makes her looks effortless good in anything she wears. Plus, she"s got this confidence to carry whatever she"s wearing with poise.

Little brother Mir prefers safer outfits with more neutral tones such as black, white, and gray.

Which K-pop celebrity siblings do you think have the best style? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

17 Most Shocking Wardrobe Malfunctions Of Male Idols

News via koreaboo.com
17 Most Shocking Wardrobe Malfunctions Of Male Idols

Share on Facebook Share on TwitterSometimes performance costumes dont always behave as theyre supposed to! You never know what could go wrong in the midst of all that furious dancing! Here are some K-Pop idols most unfortunate wardrobe moments!

From EXO and BTS, to SHINee and Big Bang, no one is safe from the dreaded Wardrobe Malfunctions! Check out some of the funniest, embarrassing, and just plain unfortunate clothing mishaps of K-Pop. Heres our new list of 17 Most Shocking Wardrobe Malfunctions Of Male Idols!

Sometimes performance costumes dont always behave as expected! You never know what could go wrong in the midst of all that dancing! Here are some K-Pop idols most unfortunate wardrobe moments!

Poor Luhan cant keep his nips hidden for long! They always seem to escape somehow ㅋㅋㅋ

During BTS live performance, Jimin and Rap Monster both suffered tragic nip-slips when their tank tops suddenly flew off!

Even Chen isnt safe from wardrobe malfunctions. In this show, his buttons are torn off when he unleashes his manly power!

Oh no Chen! Your nipples have been witnessed by millions :O

INFINITESeungyeol By Koreaboo

To fans surprise, Seungyeols shirt popped open in the perfect spot to reveal his nipple. What are the chances?

ShinhwaDongwan By Koreaboo

This revealing outfits keeps slipping and exposing Dongwans man cleavage ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

On a variety show Lee Joon performed his rendition of Sistars Push Push, and his pants ripped right in half. The reactions of the spectators will crack you up! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ *CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO*

Lee Jun Ki suffered the embarrassment of having his pants rip in front of a huge crowd. Due to the powerful dance moves, Lee Jun Ki’s pants ripped in the middle of the performance. However, Lee Jun Ki was able to play it cool and cover it up until the end.

SHINeeTaemin By Koreaboo

During Taemins performance his pants split in the middle! Taemins dancing is just too ferorious, his pants couldnt handle it!

SHINeeTaemin By Koreaboo

SHINeeTaemin By Koreaboo

Taemins pants fall victim to his dancing wrath once again!

Super JuniorLeeteuk By Koreaboo

G-Dragon tore his white pants, leaving a very noticeable rip in the front!

Kai too has fallen victim to the dreaded nip-slip time and again.

In unison Jonghyuns and Onews shirts ripped at the armpits! The struggles these boys endure O_O

SHINeeMinho By Koreaboo

Taemin cant stop laughing when Minho tears his pantsㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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Wardrobe Inspection: K-Pop's Best Dressed January 2015

News via kpopstarz.com
Wardrobe Inspection: K-Pop's Best Dressed January 2015

As the very first month of comebacks for 2015 comes to a close, let"s take a look back at some of the fashion that stood out among the crowd!

SHINee"s Jonghyun helped set off 2015 with a bang after his massively successful solo debut! For the promotions for "Deja Boo", Jonghyun exhibited quite the number of snazzy suits all sultry toned and alluring just like his impressive vocal skills.

"Wiggle Wiggle" by Hello Venus

Despite the winter chill, Hello Venus made sure to bring the heat in their newest music video for "Wiggle Wiggle". Following their promotions for "Sticky Sticky", Hello Venus released their follow-up track, "Wiggle Wiggle". For their comeback, Hello Venus took a drastic turn and rocked strikingly short track outfits of various colors. These ladies definitely took the "sexy concept" to a whole new level.

G-Friend made quite the debut even though they were criticized for having their title track, "Glass Bead", sound a bit similar to Girls" Generation"s debut track, "Into the New World". However, this did not stop the girls from making a strong yet refreshing debut. Their fashion followed a theme of a fresh spring day shared by a close group of friends. G-Friend"s debut was a breath of fresh air among the intense January comebacks.

For the highly anticipated comeback of NineMuses, the ladies went for theater chic for their newest concept. NineMuses does very well when it comes to executing a sexy and glamorous style and "Drama" was no exception to this rule. While there was an overall theatrical theme to the music video, the ladies also showcases hints of burlesque in one scene while the other had a more colorful and vibrant casual tone. NineMuses" two newest members, Sojin and Keumjo also proved that they have their own charms and blend in with the seven ladies fabulously.

"Child in Time" by Sunny Hill

While many of the comebacks this month held your regular music video chock full of eye-catching fashion, sexiness, and dance numbers, Sunny Hill returned with emotionally moving story line of a hardworking women that travels back in time to rediscover her happiness. Aside from embellished school uniforms, Sunny Hill"s JuBee set the bar for trendy office work not only in the music video for "Child in Time" but even alongside other fellow members in their previous comeback, "Monday Blues". These ladies sure know how to dress!

The Jackie Chan produced group is back again with their title track, "Fire" and has brought quite the concept that"s not seen every day in the world of K-pop. Once you take a look at the music video for "Fire" be prepared to ask yourself, "Have you ever seen such attractive mechanics?" That"s right! Aside from their other appearances wearing hip-hop street wear, the boys JJCC donned uniforms of a car mechanics. Though he would have like to see more of the sexy mechanic style throughout the video, their sports car masterpiece helped speed them to this month"s Best Dressed for the first month of 2015!

Infinite-H returned legal style for their comeback track, "Pretty". In the classic black and white themed music video Hoya took on the role of a prosecutor while Dongwoo went lawyer chic. In various part of the music video, the H boys took a break from the chic patterned and went for an array of colors wore over by college letterman style jackets and bandannas. Despite the two different themes, Infinite H knew just how to pull it off.

As a pre-release for their upcoming comeback, 4Minute released the track "Cold Rain" with fashion that"s all to befitting of the title. For the music video, the five ladies easily secured first place for the dark and lovely theme. Each members outfit helped accentuate the figures of the member while remaining classy and alluring. 4Minute previously did a similar theme in the past for their track "Volume Up"; however, "Cold Rain" went for a more sensual version of the look. 4Minute definitely gave something to the fans to gawk at until their official comeback with "Crazy" drops in February!

Whose comeback are you anticipating next month?