Lee Jong Suk Takes On Olympic Pistol Shooting In “W”

Lee Jong Suk Takes On Olympic Pistol Shooting In “W”

Lee Jong Suk Takes On Olympic Pistol Shooting In Wjun2yng June 19, 2016 0 Lee Jong Suk Takes On Olympic Pistol Shooting In W New stills were released for Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo’s long-awaited go back to K-drama, “W.”

In the stills, Kang Chul (Lee Jong Suk) is competing in Olympic pistol shooting at the young age of 18. Dubbed a genius, Kang Chul is an impressive competitor, with a robust mentality and highly competitive nature.

We can see Kang Chul’s intense gaze of concentration in addition a lovable salute for the camera, which is helping shoot Kang Chul to Korean stardom in the drama.

A production associate stated, “This scene where Kang Chul, with an Olympic gold medal, starts on his adventureof attainingmore than a few qualifications, will indubitably leave a robustimpact and hook audiencefirstly of the drama. You'll be in a position tosit up for Kang Chul’s series of ‘achievements’ in the drama.”

“W” takes position in provide day Seoul, and is a cross-dimensional romantic, suspense melodrama revolving around Kang Chul, a “super chaebol,” and Oh Yeon Joo (Han Hyo Joo), a surgeon with a little too much curiosity. The primary episode airs on July 20.

Watch the trailer below:

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TRAX’s Jungmo and Olympic gymnast Shin Soo Ji swept in dating rumors

TRAX’s Jungmo and Olympic gymnast Shin Soo Ji swept in dating rumors

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Every other SM Entertainment artist has been swept in dating rumors with TRAX member Jungmo (31) rumored to be dating former Olympic gymnast Shin Soo Ji (25).

Initial reports divulge that an insider published that the 2 had just latelybegan dating and are affectionate with one another. Another insider adds that the two were recently spotted and photographed attending a 3-hitter equally a couple.

However, following those reports, either agencies representing the two superstar figures denied the news.

NXT International acknowledged on April 19th, The dating rumor involving Kim Jungmo is unfounded. The two other folksaren't in a relationship. The filewas once false. Shin Soo Jin and Kim Jungmo are palsyet they dont on a normal basis meet up. They were spotted accumulating as friends.

Similarly, SM Entertainment said, Kim Jungmo and Shin Soo Jin are no longer in a relationship, they are just close friends. Concerning the two having been spotted at a baseball game, they add, They were gazing a baseball game as friends.

Jungmo is an SM Entertainment artist from the band TRAX, and has recently released a unmarried Narcissus (Heechul and Wheein) as the producer. At the other hand, Shin Soo Jin is a former Olympic rhythmic gymnast and avid bowler who has been  active as a sports broadcaster and actress.

Source: OSEN, Sports Donga and Star News

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'Time Slip: Ryeo' Lee Joon-ki wears wig to turn into into flower prince

'Time Slip: Ryeo' Lee Joon-ki wears wig to turn into into flower prince

"Time Slip: Ryeo" Lee Joon-ki reworked into a excellent looking prince.

Lee Joon-ki posted a photo of himself on his non-public Instagram on March 31st with a brief caption announcing "So professional".

In the printed photo, Lee Joon-ki dressed in the gown to movie his upcoming drama, "Time Slip: Ryeo" is having his hair styling done earlier than the filing begins.

Lee Joon-ki looks a little disturbing amongst his lips closed tightly. The wig loosely wear his head looks awkward and cute.

"Time Slip: Ryeo" is a myth romance length drama, which is produced in line with 100% pre-filming system. The drama is slated for the 2nd onepart of his year. Lee Joon-ki will play Wang So, the fourth prince of Goryeo King Taejo Wang Gun


South Korea and North Korea's feminine  football  groups  move  nose to nose for Olympic Qualifying

South Korea and North Korea's feminine football groups move nose to nose for Olympic Qualifying

At the primary qualifying circular in the initialfit for women's footballgroups in the Asia department for the '2016 Rio De Janeiro Olympics,' South Korea went up opposed to North Korea, yet in the end, was onceeach sidein a position to win?

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Ultimately, South Korean women's national soccer team, directed by Yoon Deok Yeo, took away one point in the standings as did the North Korean team they were up against in their event on February 29 in Osaka, Japan as either teams tied 1:1.

Although the North Korean team ranks 6th in the FIFA rating and is muchforward of the South Korean team with a checklist of 14 wins, 1 tie, and 1 loss, it becomenot able to protected the win. Thirty-two mins into the 1st half, South Korea's Jung Seol Bin installed a function against North Korea. However, in the 2nd one half, the alternative team controlled to get one in beyond the South Korean purpose keeper. The result was a tie.


Son Yeon-jae Makes Excellent  Get started to Olympic Season

Son Yeon-jae Makes Excellent Get started to Olympic Season

Rhythmic gymnast Son Yeon-jae's hopes of winning an Olympic medal later this year gave the impression brighter after she won a silver medal in the particular person all-around match at her first globalpageant of the season on Saturday.At the Grand Prix Moscow, Son got here in 2nd alongside a blendedrating of 72.964 issues after earning 18.066 in hoop and 18.366 in ball on Friday, followed through 18.366 in clubs and 18.166 in ribbon on Saturday.Russia's Aleksandra Soldatova, who gained 74.066 points, achieved at the head of the podium. Arina Averina of Russia claimed a bronze medal with 72.682 points.In the apparatus rivalry on Sunday, Son won a silver medal in hoop, bronze medals in ball and ribbon, and finished fourth in clubs.Son looked far better than she did at the national team tryouts a month ago, when she unveiled her new systems for the Olympic season. At that event, Son neglected her apparatus many times, and did now notlook like at ease with the hot routines. In Moscow, however, she finished her routines without any primary mistakes, and obtained over 18 facets in each and every discipline.The Grand Prix Moscow is widely viewed as a lower-level occasion than the arena Championships and the area Cup series. With out a restriction at thecollection of Russian gymnasts, however, this year's event featured maximum top-ranked gymnasts.Yana Kudryavtseva, who has won 3 consecutive gold medals in individual all-around at the World Championships, used to bethe sole top-tier gymnast who didn't participate. Six Russian gymnasts competed, adding Margarita Mamun, the silver medalist at the 2015 World Championships. Mamun finished fourth this time after a chain of mistakes left her with a score of 72.432 points. Son's next competition may be Blue Planet Cup series at the finish of the month, hosted by the Overseas Federation of Gymnastics.


'Time Slip: Ryeo' has unveiled Lee Joon-ki and IU's snowy box still cuts

'Time Slip: Ryeo' has unveiled Lee Joon-ki and IU's snowy box still cuts

"Time Slip: Ryeo" leading actor and actress Lee Joon-ki and IU reworked into Goryeo Prince Wang So and a tenderwoman in Goryeo in additionthe cruel girl in the 21st century, Hae-soo respectively in the primary still cuts released.

One of the maximum highly expected dramas for the 2d onepart of this year, "Time Slip: Ryeo" is garnering heated attention thank you to its vibrant lineup adding Lee Joon-ki, IU, the princes: Kang Ha-neul -Hong Jong-hyeon -Baekhyun -Nam Joo-hyeok -Ji Soo Kim San-ho Yoon Seong-woo, and the princesses: Kang Han-na and Seohyun.

"Time Slip: Ryeo" is produced in reaction to pre-production machinevia 100% and is these days discussing the airtime for the momenthalf of of this year.


'Bon Bun Olympic' Criticized For Surprising  Remedy Of Feminine K-Pop Stars

'Bon Bun Olympic' Criticized For Surprising Remedy Of Feminine K-Pop Stars

EXIDs Hani(Photo : KpopStarz)A new display is garnering numerous negative press for how it treated feminine K-pop stars at the debut episode.

KBS's Lunar New Year Television particular "Bon Bun Olympic" aired on Wednesday and rapidlygot herebeneath attack for perceived mistreatment of female stars. The show, which assigns celebrities missions to fulfill, used to be criticized for placing several of the solidparticipants in a wide range of demeaning situations.

The maximum eyebrow raising moment of the prove featured tricking the feminine entertainers into getting on a hidden scale that published their weights.

During the segment, the ladies were asked to dance on a rooftop in spite of the cold weather. Whilst dancing, they were weighed without their wisdom and the show's host later revealed how much the weigh, violating the women's trust, and then comparing it with how much the girlsprior to now publicly revealed.

Korean idols in moderationset up their physical image, and the show is being criticized for profiting from the cast members so as to garner ratings.

"Bon Bun Olympics" also threw faux cockroaches at the women during every other segment on the show, startling them.

Despite contracts and consent bureaucracy that the cast members signed sooner thanperforming on the special, the stars stated they had no concept what they would be put through, in line with the Korea Herald.

The show featured popular K-pop idols from teams like GFriend, EXID, After School, TWICE, and a former KARA member.

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"Time Slip: Ryeo" Lee Joon-ki and IU's global ritual

Director Kim Kyoo-tae, creator Jo Yoon-yeong and the workforce and solid of "Time Slip: Ryeo" were at a ritual for the myth romance drama "Time Slip: Ryeo" at the 11th.

Pictures display Kim Kyoo-tae, Jo Yoon-yeong, workers members, Lee Joon-ki and IU in additionfolks from NBC Universal and YG Entertainment at the ritual.

After a recital of a prayer wishing for the maximum productive of fitness of the workers and cast, every personadding staff on the filming team, the lighting fixtures team, martial arts team, and production team took turns giving their be offering to the spirits.

Lee Joon-ki who takes on the role of Tae Jo's fourth prince Wang So, said, "I wish no person gets harm in the process. As I'min the midst ofall of the cast, I canbe certain you get along neatly alongside everyone". IU, who plays Hae-soo, a 21st century lady who time slips to the Koryeo times, said, "I will do my best".

Jo Min-ki who takes on the role of Tae Jo, the king and father of 4excellenttaking a look sons, "I hope this drama cooperates with all my sons, seniors and juniors, directors, manufacturers and staff. I just hope no person gets disregarded or hurt".

Director Kim Kyoo-tae said, "I wish "Time Slip: Ryeo" will lend a handeverybody here".

Stills prove a pig head with the Korean Won, Eastern Yen, US Bucksor even British Pounds. The NBC Universal body of workers were at the ritual and also wantedthe simplest for "Time Slip: Ryeo".

"Time Slip: Ryeo" staff and cast are expected to turnwonderful teamwork to make this pre-produced drama successful.

Meanwhile, "Time Slip: Ryeo" starring IU and Lee Joon-ki in the lead also stars Kang Ha-neul, Kim San-ho, Hong Jong-hyeon, Yoon Seon-woo, Baek Hyeon, Nam Joo-hyeok, Ji Soo, Kang Han-na, Seohyun and more.