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Girls' Generation's Sunny provides recommendation about breast implants

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Girls' Generation's Sunny provides recommendation about breast implants

Girls" Generation"s Sunny gave advice about breast implants to a viewer at the September 30th episode of JTBC"s "Chain buying groceries Family".

Sunny and other visitors were asked via a viewer whether she must use her complete savings so as to augment her chest or to move off on a shuttle to Europe. Regardless that Park Ji Yoon and comic Kim Sook advised that it was once very best that she spend her cash on surgery, Sunny took the alternative side.

The Girls" Generation member said, "I think it"s greater to visit Europe. Whilst you visit Europe, you"ll see a huge number of those that wear clothing that works for them without reference to breast size. I believe it"s better to go to Europe and gain more self belief in addition experience. i believe herbal is better."

What do you recall to mind Sunny"s advice? 

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South Korea wins first gold medal at Rio 2015 Olympic examine event

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South Korea wins first gold medal at Rio 2015 Olympic examine event

World Archery Federation (WAF) praised the Korean archery team as the maximum productive in the arena and presented the feminine archers who won the gold with best ranking at the Rio 2015 Olympic verify match (pre-Olympic).

Korea team that qualified instantly to the quarterfinals won in straight sets, 6-0, in quarters, semis and ultimate matches. (London) Olympic Champion Ki Bo-bae, 27, put all her arrows yet one into the 10-ring, acknowledged the WAF said on Sep. 21 by approach of its homepage. the only arrow that Ki ignored struck the 9-point ring.

Korean feminine archery team, represented via Kang Chae-young, 19, Choi Mi-seon, 19 and Ki, beat Georgia (quarters), China (semis) and very last fit (Ukraine) in straight sets of 6-0 in the recurve womens occasion at the Rio 2015 Olympic test event held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Sep. 20 (local time). At the recurve team event which accommodates of 4 sets, 3 archers shoot two arrows in step with set at the distance of 70m. The team earns 2 issues when they win a set. If the team ties for a set, it obtains 1 point. The team that obtains five features or more wins the game.

The WAF quoted a observation of a Korean team respectable that Ki, who was once the last shooter (anchor), is an experienced athlete who knows how to shoot an arrow at the last moment of the sport which supplies fantastic pressure. Korean archery groups first shooter (opener) become Kang Chae-young and the 2nd one shooter (middle) was Choi Mi-sun.

Korean womens archery team targets to win the team event for 8 consecutive times in the Rio 2016 Olympics. The team hasn't ever lost the gold in the team event since 1988 Seoul Olympic Games when the archery was selected as the official Olympic event.

Olympic Figure Skater Kim Yuna Creates an Instagram Account

News via soompi.com

Olympic Figure Skater Kim Yuna Creates an Instagram Account Two-time Olympian and gold medalist Kim Yuna, who is probably the most best celebrities in Korea, has in any case opened an Instagram account!

On September 16, she created the account with a adorable image of herself with the captions, “#iLoveYOG for the explanation that Olympic dreams of such so much of young athletes will come true! See you in Lillehammer, Norway ❤️❤️❤️ the 2d one edition of the Iciness Adolescence Olympic Games could be held from 12 February to 21 February 2016. stay up to date on those Games by way of following @youtholympics.”

Meanwhile, Kim Yuna is the ambassador for the 2016 Winter young people Olympic Games and could also be operating as the ambassador for the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics and Paralympics.

iKON to hang debut concert at Olympic Gymnastic Arena on October 3rd

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iKON to hang debut concert at Olympic Gymnastic Arena on October 3rd

iKON can be the primary rookie crew to hang a debut concert at Olympic Gymnastic Arena.

On September 9th, YG Entertainment announed that iKON will be keeping their debut concert "Showtime" at Olympic Gymnastic Arena on October 3rd at 6PM KST. The price tag sale will be opened via Interpark on September 16th at 8PM KST.

iKON participants will be spending a meaningful time with the fans, who were patiently looking forward to their debut. They're going to be perfoming songs from their debut album "Welcome Back" at the concert.

As it was once prior to now revealed, iKON will pre-release the warm-up unmarried in addition the tune video on September 15th, before losing their debut album in two portions on October 1st and November 2nd.

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iKON to kick off an epic debut with a large-scale exhibit concert at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena!

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iKON to kick off an epic debut with a large-scale exhibit concert at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena!

Nearly as exciting as the announcement in their debut time table is the announcement of iKON"s debut showcase/concert!

YG Entertainment printed that following their debut half-album release, iKON will hang their first concert "Showtime" at Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Arena! The concert also serves as their debut showcase, and should take position on October 3 at 6pm KST, and tickets cross on sale on September 16 via Interpark.

What is if fact be told mind-blowing about here's that best the maximum established idol teams go onto preserve concerts at this huge venue, which is able to are compatible 15,000 people. So for a rookie group, who hasn"t even debuted yet, to be maintaining their debut showcase at this venue is beautiful astounding!

At "Showtime", the men will carry out the 6 tracks that may were released by then, in addition songs they carried out all over the display "Mix & Match"!

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Lee Yoo-bi and Lee Joon-ki, why did he put his hand on Park Ha-seon"s breast?

News via hancinema.net

It turns out that actor Lee Joon-ki put his hand on actress Park Ha-seon"s breast ago.

This episode used to be told at the MBC display "phase tv" when they were filming "Two Weeks".

Lee Joon-ki claimed the placement put him in an awkward spot yet it used to be a just right reminiscence.

Park Ha-seon acknowledged, "If I displayed embarrassment it'll be even more so for Lee Joon-ki so I told him to do what he sought after.

Ryoo Soo-yeong who used to be also in the similar drama acknowledged, "i used to be fearful for him".

in the meantime, Lee Joon-ki is starring in the hot MBC drama "scholar Who Walks the night" as Kim Seong-yeol.

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F.T. Island will be opening a concert at Seoul Olympic Park in August!

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F.T. Island will be opening a concert at Seoul Olympic Park in August!

F.T. Island will be holding a solo concert in Seoul for the first time in nearly two years! 

The band plans to meet fans through its live concert--"2015 FTISLAND LIVE [We Will]"--on August 8 and 9 at the Seoul Olympic Park. F.T. Island is progressing their tour with great success, making their round all over Asia, having begun their Asia Tour on May 23 in Thailand. They have made stops in Japan and China, as well. The group will be putting on an even more special stage as they greet their eighth anniversary.

The tickets for the upcoming concert will be sold online by Yes24, with sales starting earlier on June 29 for F.T. Island fan club members and on July 2 for everyone else.

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Sin Se-kyeong"s breast exposure

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Sin Se-kyeong

Sin Se-kyeong"s dress brought along the hot topic of her exposure in the movie "Tazza: The Hidden Card".

Actress Sin Se-kyeong took off her underwear and revealed her hip line in the movie.

In a former interview with News N she"d said, "I can"t say it doesn"t bother me. Even actors have to go through some exposure at some point so I wondered when would be the right time for me".


Lee Honey, "I was offered breast implants"

News via hancinema.net
Lee Honey,

Actress Lee Honey confessed that she was once suggested breast surgery on the cable channel On Style "Get It Beauty".

During a talk regarding breasts, Lee Honey said, "There are different types in a beauty clinic with different shapes".

"I was suggested the idea once. I was asked if I would want shape alteration because it was a trend. I was surprised there even was a "trend"".

Some of the women in the audience revealed their breast sizes and so did the MCs.

MC Kim Jeong-min asked what sized she looked like and everyone yelled "B" which was the right answer.

Lee Honey said, "I thought I was big but I guess not". So Yoo also said, "I think I"m big but sometimes I"m not happy when I look in the mirror".


USA Olympic Fencer Dies: Kamara James Was 29 In What Is So Far A Mystery Death

News via kdramastars.com

USA Olympic fencer died at the age of 29 in a death that so far is a mystery. (Photo : thegrio.com) USA Olympic fencer died at the age of 29 in a death that so far is a mystery.

Kamara James represented the U.S. at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. She did not win a medal, but representing the red, white and blue at 19-years-old.

USA Fencing posted the sad news on its official website and social media pages Tuesday without clarifying on what exactly happened, according to thegrio.com.

James passed away in Modesto, California. She was born in Kingston, Jamaica, before moving to Queens, New York, at the age of 10. She received a full scholarship to Princeton, where she graduated in 2007, according thegrio.com.

USA Fencing President Don Anthony issued this statement on James:

"Kamara James was one of the brightest, precocious, self-assured young people I ever met. From her time as a very young fencer at the Peter Westbrook Foundation to her years at Princeton as an accomplished Olympian she remained warm, caring and confident. Kamara"s untimely passing leaves our fencing community very saddened and her spirit, charm and wit will be dearly missed."

In a post on its official Facebook page Sunday, the Jamaican Fencing Federation described Kamara as a "shining star among her peers."

James" first Olympics was the 2004 Athens Games when she was 19. She won bronze at the Junior World Championships in 2003 and was a member of the Senior National Team since 16, according to the report.

According to a post by Eric Rosenberg on Fencing.net, James experienced some mental health challenges, which could have played a role in her death at the young age.

"Unfortunately, mental illness proved Kamara"s most unrelenting adversary. Still, just prior to her death, she had resumed a stable drug regimen, was living comfortably and had begun thinking about the future."