Okasian signs an exclusive contract with YG’s ‘The Black Label’

Okasian signs an exclusive contract with YG’s ‘The Black Label’

Okasianhas officially joined YG’s sub-labelThe Black Label.

According to an entertainment affiliate on May 3, Okasian signed an exclusive contract with The Black Label. It appears the two sides decided to seal the deal on May 2 after much discussion last year.

The Black Label told IllganSports, “We will do our best to further advance Okasian’s music career.”The company was founded by YG producer Teddy. With that being said, Okasian will be under one roof alongside artists Zion.T and Kush.

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Okasian released his first single in 2011 and album ‘Boarding Procedures’ in 2012, where he demonstrated his rapping skills early on. He signed with Hi-Lite Records and received a lot of attention but left Hi-Lite in May of 2016. He also took the stage atSBS ‘2016 SAF Gayo Daejun’ with Big Bang’s G-Dragon, BewhY, and CL where they performed ‘₩1,000,000’.If you’re interested in learning more about Okasian you can read a spotlight article on him here.

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