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[Video] Added Korean drama "My Beautiful Bride" episode 6

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[Video] Added Korean drama

Added episode 6 for the Korean drama "My Beautiful Bride"

"My Beautiful Bride" (2015) Directed by Kim Cheol-gyoo Written by Yoo Seong-yeol Network : OCN With Kim Moo-yeol, Lee Si-yeong, Ko Sung-hee, Ryoo Seung-soo, Park Hae-joon, Son Jong-hak,... 16 episodes - Sat, Sun 23:00 Synopsis "My soon-to-be bride all of sudden disappeared. And I turned into a monster to find her". The drama depicts the heartbreaking, pure hearted love by a man, who drives himself to the extreme situation in order to find his only love, his bride. Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2015/06/20

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[Video] Added Korean drama "My Beautiful Bride" episode 5

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[Video] Added Korean drama

Added episode 5 for the Korean drama "My Beautiful Bride"

"My Beautiful Bride" (2015) Directed by Kim Cheol-gyoo Written by Yoo Seong-yeol Network : OCN With Kim Moo-yeol, Lee Si-yeong, Ko Sung-hee, Ryoo Seung-soo, Park Hae-joon, Son Jong-hak,... 16 episodes - Sat, Sun 23:00 Synopsis "My soon-to-be bride all of sudden disappeared. And I turned into a monster to find her". The drama depicts the heartbreaking, pure hearted love by a man, who drives himself to the extreme situation in order to find his only love, his bride. Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2015/06/20

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Lee Min Ho And Yoona Have Beautiful Chemistry In The Second Episode Of 'Summer Love'

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Lee Min Ho And Yoona Have Beautiful Chemistry In The Second Episode Of 'Summer Love'

(Photo : Innisfree) The second episode Innisfree endorsement web drama, "Summer Love," was released on May 12. "Summer Love" stars Lee Min Ho and Girls" Generation member Yoona as college friends and study group partners who fall gradually develop a romantic relationship.

In the second episode, Yoona recklessly climbs on a step stool, while trying to retrieve a book from a high shelve. The scene serves as a metaphor for her relationship with Lee. "The distance between us finally us finally got closer, but it"s still not easy," said Yoona.

The episode transitions to an all night study session, which serves as a bonding opportunity for the classmates.

The popularity of the Hallyu stars is demonstrated by the English subtitles in the second episode, which are provided by Innisfree. Both stars have a tremendous presence as leading spokesmodels. This is exemplified by the success of "Summer Love." Lee Min Ho is currently dating Miss A"s Suzy and Yoona is romantically involved with Lee Seung Gi but fans have flocked towards the romantic plot of "Summer Love."

The first episode of "Summer Love" was released on May 7. The series kicked off with a cafe scene, where Yoona awkwardly interacted with her on-screen boyfriend before meeting her friends. The impending relationship with Lee is eluded to by one of their friends,but he remained aloof.

"Summer Love" is an endorsement series which promotes Innisfree"s Summer Cushion line. The product is discretely inserted in each episode. In the second segment, Yoona touches up her makeup with the Summer Cushion,while Lee is sleeping.


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Goddess of Fire Jung Yi Episode 11 Review: Lee Sang Yoon is Shocked to See Moon Geun Young in a Beautiful Dress

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Goddess of Fire Jung Yi Episode 11 Review: Lee Sang Yoon is Shocked to See Moon Geun Young in a Beautiful Dress

In Goddess of Fire Jung Yi, episode 11, Gwang Hae(played by Lee Sang Yoon) was shocked when he saw Yoo Jung(played by Moon Geun Young) walking towards him in a beautiful dress.

Gwang Hae commanded his court lady to doll Jung up. He was going to send Jung to the Ming dynasty for creating a special teacup.

When Jung came into his room in a beautiful hanbok(Korean traditional dress), he was absolutely surprised. He said, You might meet the Emperor when you go to Ming, so maybe something classier than that dress.

He made her dress up in many dresses on and on.

Goddess of Fire Jung Yi Episode 11 Review: Lee Sang Yoon is Shocked to See Moon Geun Young in a Beautiful Dress eng Subtitle. Watch online new korean drama in korean Series. Goddess of Fire Jung Yi Episode 11 Review: Lee Sang Yoon is Shocked to See Moon Geun Young in a Beautiful Dress Recap Watch Episodes Reviews

[Recap: To the Beautiful You] Episode 16

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[Recap: To the Beautiful You] Episode 16

We’ve finally come to the last chapter of this series and we are feeling all sorts of happy.

In all honesty, it’s been tough going through each episode, watching with so many questions in our heads and cringing at all the plot holes and forced scenes. It’s most likely that a good portion of these questions will go unanswered, but we‘re pretty sure we’ll survive in the end.

So here is the final, final episode of To the Beautiful You

Tae Jun wakes up to the annoying alarm beeping nonstop. He hits snooze, but his mom - we mean, Jae Hee - pulls off the blankets and rushes him to wake up. She even hand feeds him breakfast and pats him on the butt for a job well done.

Then it’s off to a morning jog with Hyun Jae.

Although they are actually friends now, the competitiveness in them hasn′t died and they race against each other. Meanwhile, Coach Baek embarrasses himself in front of Teacher Lee again. Someone give that man flirting tips.

During practice Tae Jun and Hyun Jae give each other pointers. Then Tae Jun notices Hyun Jae’s worn-out shoes.

Meanwhile, Jae Hee’s learning how to give good leg massages, probably to give them to Tae Jun later. Dr. Jang tells Jae Hee to keep her guard up, especially on the bandages covering her chest since constant pressure in that particular area isn’t good for the female body.

Seungri meets up with Hannah after finding out that she’s been discharged from the hospital. Although she doesn’t act like it, she’s secretly excited to see Seungri again, especially after his moving confession.

Hannah asks if Seungri has anything funny planned for her today, and Seungri doesn’t, so instead he tells her about the rumor of a girl roaming around at Genie High School.

Hannah freezes and she quickly objects to Seungri’s idea of making all the boys at school jog around shirtless. Seungri doesn’t catch on, but believes that Hannah is actually caring for him instead.

In the cafeteria, Jae Hee cautiously takes her seat, afraid of the rumor going around. Tae Jun promises to protect her if anything happens.

Jae Hee changes the topic to Eun Gyul and wonders if she’s a bad friend for rejecting Eun Gyul, especially since she hasn’t talked to him in awhile.

But all is back to normal, when Eun Gyul rushes to Jae Hee and asks her to join him while shoe shopping. Tae Jun invites himself, saying he has something to buy as well.

Eun Gyul, seeing the close relationship between Tae Jun and Jae Hee, makes him sad, but he forcibly puts on a bright face.

As they snack on spicy rice cakes, Jae Hee and Eun Gyul take off their jackets to reveal that they are both wearing the couple shirts that Eun Gyul previously bought. In a sudden surge of jealousy, Tae Jun excuses himself.

Back in the dorm room, he hands her a new backpack that he claims he bought because it was so cheap. “It so happens that I also have the same backpack.”

Ha. Jealous Tae Jun is funny.

In reply, Jae Hee tries to give Tae Jun a leg massage.

She aggressively pushes him onto the bed and starts fondling his legs, wondering if she’s doing it correctly.

Obviously, Tae Jun is a boy and cannot withstand the ….the...boy feelings....and tells her to stay one meter away. Jae Hee’s blind and doesn’t understand, so Tae Jun has to repeat it again to her, this time more forcibly, then he goes out to run.

In the morning, Dr. Jang finds out that Tae Jun slept over in the doctor’s office, for obvious reasons.

Dressing up after practice, Hyun Jae tells Tae Jun that he’s just not as good as Tae Jun, but he’s going to the Olympics somehow. Tae Jun tells Hyun Jae, “I don’t plan on going there by myself.”

Then he gifts the new shoes to Hyun Jae, who is immediately touched.

Such a touching moment. The bromance. We love it. We only regret it had to happen when the drama’s almost over.

Tae Jun is packing up to head for the big competition and takes Jae Hee’s lucky shoelace with him.

His bags are all packed and he heads to the door, when Jae Hee stops him....and gives him a peck that makes him drop his bags. She tells him to do a good job without any injuries and Tae Jun leaves in a flurry with his heart racing.

Meanwhile, Teacher Lee gives Coach Baek some decent food so that Coach Baek can stop eating ramen. Coach Baek then tells her that they should carpool...because he moved closer to her to do so. Coach Baek runs away shyly as Teacher Lee smiles.

And the cutest couple ever is born.

Jae Hee’s searching for something when she notices discomfort in her chest.

The pressure continues to practice, where Seungri pushes Jae Hee more.

Meanwhile, Hannah is starting rehab and she tells Tae Jun do work hard for his competition and even shows a bit of care towards Jae Hee.

Everyone’s on their toes, now that rumor about the girl is floating around.

After practice, Seungri notices that Jae Hee doesn’t look too good, when suddenly, she faints. The boys take off her shirt, and shockingly find the bandages around her chest.

As Eun Gyul dashes to the doctor’s office, everyone seems to know about Jae Hee and her real identity. Seungri questions Eun Gyul on everything he knows about Jae Hee and Seungri gives them an angry lecture about keeping it a secret and how that will affect Tae Jun and Eun Gyul as well.

At the office, Doctor Jang is laying out the facts to Jae Hee - it’s all over.

Tae Jun has no idea as he enters the arena. He calls Jae Hee, but she doesn’t answer.

Coach Baek gives Tae Jun and Hyun Jae a pep talk looking into the empty stadium.

Seungri’s pissed at Jae Hee for even thinking about doing something like this. She promises to be responsible for it and asks Tae Jun and Eun Gyul to not be punished.

The rumor spreads and everyone avoids Jae Hee like she’s the plague. Only Eun Gyul stays by her side. The other dorm heads confront Seungri who takes them aside to talk .

Meanwhile, Jae Hee says her good byes to Sangchoo.

Seungri is getting grilled by the other dorm heads, saying Jae Hee’s presence will destroy all the culture that’s been passed down. Seungri says he’ll take the responsibility for it and begs the other dorm heads not to say anything to the school.

It’s decided by the dorm heads that Jae Hee will leave and Jae Hee thanks Doctor Jang for everything. She also happens to be leaving on the same day of Tae Jun’s competition. She cries, Doctor Jang consoles.

Jae Hee starts packing up her bag, reminiscing about everything. Tae Jun finally gets a hold of her and they talk about everything, except for the fact that Jae Hee has been caught a girl. She cries as she hangs up the phone.

The next morning, Jae Hee’s leaving the school - the transfer student transferring out, but before she can, Eun Gyul pulls her away.

Eun Gyul’s the only one concerned over the fact and Jae Hee thanks him for worrying so much about her. Eun Gyul still adamant about not letting her leave like this. He insists that she stay by his side. Is she not even willing to do that for him?

Eun Gyul runs off, hurt and angry.

Tae Jun gets a day off from practice and, talk about timing, Jae Hee came to visit him.

They have a cute bicycle date -we hope she doesn’t have a freak accident and wreck Tae Jun’s leg too.

At night, they stare at a beautiful water fountain.

Jae Hee looks at him as if she’s trying to suck every piece of his face into her head.

She tells him that he’s her miracle and Tae Jun starts picking up on things.

As Jae Hee gets up and leaves, Tae Jun rushes after her and kisses her (insert the awkward SM 360 degree camera angles that ruined this kiss scene.)

Tae Jun finally sends Jae Hee off at the bus stop.

She tells him to have a good time, as if she’s never going to see her again. He’s a little surprised at the farewell, but bids her good bye with a hug. He asks her one more time if there’s something wrong, but she denies it. She gets on her bus and it takes her away.

Jae Hee packs up the rest of her things as she remembers all the moments she’s shared with Tae Jun.

The next day, Jae Hee takes her suitcase to leave, but when she’s met with a large group of students, all waiting for her. (WHAT? We thought they all hated her.... for lying to them. And she doesn’t even have a reconciliation with Jong Min...who just disappeared in the middle of the drama. UGH This drama....)

Seungri’s the representative and he says the farewells for the group.

As she’s about to leave (how many times is she going to try to leave this school?) Eun Gyul pops up with Sang Choo and he says good-bye to her.

Eun Gyul asks if she’s going to see Tae Jun. She says no. Eun Gyul promises that he’ll never forgive her and get his revenge. She can’t wait for it. (We can′t wait for it either).

With Jae Hee gone, Eun Gyul calls Tae Jun and spills the beans to Tae Jun, who’s just getting ready to make his jump.

Like an idiot in love, he starts packing up his bags. Hyun Jae tries to convince him to stay, when Tae Jun drops Jae Hee’s organizer filled with Tae Jun’s track info. Suddenly, Tae Jun’s inspired to go jump...for Jae Hee.

On the bus to the airport, Jae Hee asks to watch the competition with the person sitting next to her and she manages to catch Tae Jun jumping over the bar....and making it over.

In his post jump statement, Tae Jun shouts for Jae Hee to wait for him, or else. Jae Hee nods her head and cries.

Time passes and Jae Hee’s back in America, looking like a girl.

She checks a video message from Eun Gyul as he talks about his busy practices and games being on the national team.

He updates Jae Hee on school life.

Coach Baek and Teacher Lee are getting married.

Seungri is spending another year to fully prepare for the college entry exam and secretly dating Hannah, who’s thinking about studying about physical therapy.

Doctor Jang left for Paris to study fashion.

At the end of the message, Jae Hee notes that she didn’t get an update about Tae Jun.

Then she drops her organizer on the grass and someone steps next to it.

She looks up...and TADA. it’s Tae Jun.

“I told you I would come see you!”

They hug. They bond. They reunite.

We cannot fully express the feelings that went through while watching 16 hours of this drama and recapping it. But relief of seeing it go is one of them.

This drama was just a tough one to do, especially because we’ve read the original manga as well as watched the Japanese series.

There were plenty of flaws in the Japanese one and the Korean one, but the biggest problem with the Korean was that it used its characters all wrong.

The story is already ridiculous, yet the production team tried to make it serious. It didn’t work. Also, it’s a school full of handsome athletic boys, yet it seems like they only focused on only the main cluster of characters and wasted everyone else.

There were a handful of very talented people in there, like the dorm heads and Jong Min. Even the extras in each dorm could have made a difference in this drama, but the Korean production refused to shine a light on them and only focus on the two most boring characters ever. That’s why it didn’t work.

The scene where the group of boys come to say good bye to Jae Hee, that didn’t work either, because there was no bond between Jae Hee and the other boys to make the scene touching.

It was just always Jae Hee with Tae Jun or Eun Gyul. Even Seungri didn’t really have a relationship with Jae Hee, which is why the good-bye scene was so...so... anticlimactic (like MANY of the major scenes in this drama).

We can go on for pages why this drama was disappointing and so flawed, but that would mean we will be writing this recap for ages. So we won’t.

Instead, we’re going to celebrate that we actually had the patience to stick it out for this series and finish it. Good to know that we can finish something that we’ve started!

On to the next round of dramas!!

"To The Beautiful You" Episode 16 Recap

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"To The Beautiful You" Episode 16 cast :

Minho Shinee as Kang Tae Joon

Lee Hyun Woo as Cha En Gyol

Seo Jun Yong as Ha SeungRi

"To The Beautiful You" Episode 16 Recap by v3sia and Luka updating...live

Jaehee helps Taejoon to wake up and then prepare the breakfast .

Taejoon and Hyonjae exercise together and compete each other.

Taejoon told Hyonjae some tricks.

Jaehee meet the doctor asking way to do message for Taejoon's leg

the doctor teached her from the leg muscle.

Hanna was perfecting her make up when Seungri come (Hanna was already got out from the hospital)

Hanna is asking something interseting to Seungri, and Seungri told her about the girl rumour in their school.

Hanna is asking the continuous news of the rumour.

seungri said the guys is trying to catch her.

Hanna was so shocked that she made seungri misunderstood.

And then Seungri put some wig (bold in the middle) and made Hanna laugh.

When Taejoon and Jaehee eat snack, they heared the rumour.

Jaehee looked worried but Taejoon said no need, cause he will protect him.

Taejoon also asked about Eungyol's news.

Jaehee said Eungyol was laying down and Taejoon said to leave it like that.

On the way, Eungyol come and asked Jaehee to accompany him to the shoes shop.

Taejoon said he also want to go (at practice, he saw Hyonjae shoes was ripped )

At the shop, Taejoon choose shoes and asked for smalleer size, he told Jaehee it was for someone else.

Eungyol saw their closeness, and broke them.

After they paid, they went to eat the spicy rice cake.

At that time, Jaehee and Eungyol founf out they wore their couple tshirt.

Taejoon saw it and excuse himself.

At the room, Taejoon gave Jaehee a bag.

he said it was cheap and same with him. he told her to wear it everyday,

Jaehee said she learned how to do message.

Taejoon said no need, but Jaehee insist and push him to the bed.

Taejoon felt his heart beat so he told her to stay away 2 m from him in the room.

Jaehee said no way and touched his leg, it made Teajoon get up and push her a little bit.

The doctor found Taejoon slept in the clinic.

he said he was more comfortable there.

Jaehee also aske where was he at night,

In the locker room, Hyonjae told Taejoon to beat the new kidz and go to olypic.

But Taejoon said he had no ind going alone, he gave Hyonaje the shoes and said let's go together.

Hyonjae looked touched.

Jaehee was helping Taejoon to prepare his bag for the competition.

She also found out the shoe lace she gave him.

they finish packing and Jaehee asked him to jump nicely.

Taejoon go and they promise to meet each other at the competition day.

Jaehee then chase him and kiss him (Taejoon even dropped his bag out of shock)

After the akwardness, they separate.

the woman teacer was waiting the coach in front of the car.

she actually prepare some food for the coach saying it was leftover.

the coach was so happy and then the woman teacher left him.

Jaehee can't find her diar and also she felt her chest is a little bit weird.

she was on exercise iwth the dorm guy and she look exhasuted.

Hanna was also on the way, she looked worried since she begin practice again

On the way to the game, Taejoon sent message to eungyol asking him to watch out for JAehee.

He also accepted message from Hanna, also asking about Jaehee's news.

Taejoon said she is fine, and thank you for worrying her.

After practice, Jaehee fell down unconcious.

The guys open his shirt and found out the bandage,

Seungri who was with her sent message to Eungyol asking him if he know .

eungyol meet with Seungri and asked to talk with him.

Eungyol told him Taejoon also know.

the doctor told Jaehee it's all over.

She was there long enough and it's not her mistake.

Eungyol come and JAehee was crying telling him what should she do

when taejoon and hyonaje got in the field, Taejoon gave Jaehee call, but he didin't answered.

Seungri was thinking in the gym, thinking about his conversation with JAehee.

Jaehee said sorry and asked him not to involve Eungyol and Taejoon.

Jaehee said she will be responsible for everything.

Seungri was mad but didn't forget to ask about her condition.

The news about Jaehee is a girl is spreading made the other dorm head found out.

everyone was looking at Jaehee when she was walking but eungyol come and took her to the room.

eungyol told her not to worry and said he will not send her like this.

The other dorm head was on the way to the teacher room when Seungri stop them and asked them to talk with him.

Jaehee was in dog house, saying it's all over now.

Seungri asked the other dorm head to keep it a secret.

Seungri said he will be responsible for everything asking them to keep it secret.

Since it was his dorm, he want to go to the end.

jaehee was waiting for Seungri, Seungri said he will keep it secret from the school.

he told her not to worry and go take a rest

Jaehee go and talk with the doctor.

Jaehee said she will leave.the doctor told her to see the competition then leave.

But Jaehee said she will just see the elimination and then left.

She cried and the doctor said it will be okay with time goes by.

In the room, Jaehee was packing her things.

Taejoon called her and he asked her why he can't connect her all day.

Taejoon said he miss her and Jaehee just joked him.

Taejoon said her voice looked strange and Jaehee said Seungri pushed her around.

Taejoon said he will call her but she told him to focus on the practice.

After closing their phone, Jaehee kept crying.

Jaehee was out from the teacher room. everyone was watchig her.

She already quit the school, Eungyol asked her and said it's true.

Eungyol said he can't send her like this and said there will be a way.

Jaehee just hugged him , eungyol said he doesn't care abut anything just asking her to stay beside him.

Jaehee just said sorry then Eungyol left her.

Taejoon last practice was perfect.

The coach told Taejoon and Hyonjae to take a rest.

Taejoon saw jaehee and excuse himself.

Jaehee said she miss him so she come.

Jaehee was about to leave but Taejoon asked her to go with him.

they rode the bike and sit in the park.

Taejoon hold Jaehee 's hand

Taejoon said let's go back here again after the competition.

Jaehee told him to return to the dorm but Taejoons said being with her is the best rest.

they hold hand while watching the fountain.

Jaehee looked at Taejoon.

Taejoon said why u look at me, the more u see me the more handsome he is.

Taejoon asked if there is anything wrong but Jaehee said nothing.

Jaehee said it's already too late and left walking her bike.

Taejoon ride the bike chased her and then kissed her.(making Jaehee's bike fell down)

On the bus stop, Taejoon asked her to come early tomorrow, saying he want to see her befoe the game.

Jaehee then hold out her hand and said "be good "

Taejoon said it's a weird goodbye but just shaked her hand.

when the bus come, JAehee was leaving but then turn back and hug Taejoon.

Jaehee said she just hate to leave him.

Taejoon just touced her hair and said let's meet tomorrow.

In the morning, Jaehee was sitting in Taejoon's bed ad remembering all their time together in the room.

then she went to open the bathroom and remebering all the moments.

jaehee was carrying her bag getting around the school.

All the dorm guy was waiting for her with Seungri in front calling her.

Seungri said are u not going to see us before u go

Jaehee said thank u for everything.

Seungri hugged him and said "take a good care" telling her to say goodbye to everyone else.

JAehee asked where is Eungyol and then saying goodbye to everyone else.

Eungyol come carrying the dog. he looked so dirty from taking the dog.

Jaehee said thank you and hugged him.

Eungyol told her to be good and she said he should too.

Eungyol said are u not going to see Taejoon.

Eungyol said he still hasn't forgiven her, and she said she will wait.

Jaehee said goodbye to the dog and left.

Eungyol cried seeing her leave.

Before the game, Taejoon asked if there is no one call him or send him message.

Eungyol called the coach ask to talk with Taejoon.

Eungyol told him Jaehee is leaving to America.

Taejoon left immediately after closing the phone.

Hyonjae chased him and stopped him

they got into fight and the agenda Jaehee wrote for taejoon's competiton fell down.

Taejoon looked at all the record Jaehee wrote

Hyonjae asked him to go out with him and said the elimination game begun.

Jaehee was on the bus to the airport.

the lady beside her was watching the game so she asked to share the earphone.

the new kidz was sucessful then it was Taejoon's turn.

Taejoon was sucessful with the 2m31cm jump.

Teajoon was talking in the camera saying "Jaehee did u hear this, u habve to wait for me, u have to "

Jaehee was nodding while crying.

one year later, california

Jaehee was walking the dog, then checking his email.

It was email from eungyol, a videofile

"he said he was busy from elimination so he can't send email"

he then said" the woman teacher was together with the coach

Hanna and seungri is in secret relationship.

The doctor suddenly change direction to fashion and go to paris.

And complete info he will sned through emai

then Eungyol said Taejoon was going on holiday"

After watching the video, Jaehee dropped her agenda.

When she picked it, She saw Teajoon was already beside her.

And JAehee said " U reallly come"

"To The Beautiful You" Episode 16 Video Preview


Watch “To The Beautiful You” Episode 16 recap Screenshot, online new korean drama in korean Series, “To The Beautiful You” Episode 16 Recap Preview Watch Episodes Reviews “To The Beautiful You” Episode 16 recap Screenshot TV Series Movie Episodes NewsWatch Full Streaming HD Episodes for Free korean drama

"To The Beautiful You" Episode 16 Video Preview

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"To The Beautiful You" Episode 16 Video Preview


"To The Beautiful You" Episode 16 Synopsis and screenshot updating..

Watch ""To The Beautiful You"" Episode 16 Synopsis Preview, online new korean drama in korean Series, ""To The Beautiful You"" Episode 16 Recap Preview Watch Episodes Reviews ""To The Beautiful You"" Episode 16 Synopsis Preview TV Series Movie Episodes NewsWatch Full Streaming HD Episodes for Free korean drama

"To The Beautiful You" Episode 15 Recap

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"To The Beautiful You" Episode 15 cast :

Minho Shinee as Kang Tae Joon

Lee Hyun Woo as Cha En Gyol

Seo Jun Yong as Ha SeungRi

"To The Beautiful You" Episode 15 Recap by v3sia and Luka updating...live

Eungyol is entering the bathroom seeing bandage in Jaehee' chest part.

Eungyol said" Jaehee, u're actually a girl"

Jaehee chased Eungyol and said she's sorry, she should have told him.

But Eungyol said if u ever considered my confession, you should have told me.

Eungyol looked mad and went out of the room.

Hyonjae is looking at the mirror giving himself encouragement words.

eungyol come and just be mad at him. then lied in the bed.

Hyonjae felt sorry and excuse himself to go practice.

Eungyol remembered all his time with Jaehee and took a long breath.

Taejoon got a message from his father saying about the plant he snt.

After returning his father's message, he had a great practice.

the coach come and showed them a gifted kid who surpassed Taejoon's record.

Jaehee called eungyol but he just igonored it.

Seungri come and told him some jokes but Eungyol just took long breath and left him

Taejoon got into the room and can't find Jaehee.

Jaehee was in the dog house crying and said she want to be beside Taejoon.

Taejoon come and found her. Jaehee asked if he remembered the first time they met in there.

she told him at that time she couldn't believe she can meet the taejoon.

Jaehee then said she has something to say to him.

Jaehee said "i'm actually a girl."

Taejoon hugged her and said "Thank you that you come into my life. I already knew that u are a girl"

Taejoon cried and said he knew for a long time and just hold it.

Then he said " and then , Gu jaehee, i like you"

Jaehee looked at him, still crying and then they hugged each other.

Hyonjae gave eungyol some drink, and said sorry again.

Eungyol said it's okay and said sorry he throw his mad at him.

Hyonjae asked about his love story.

Eungyol said now, he is mad to the one he like.

he said he was being foolish, the girl was suffered because someone else.

but he was always beside her.

Some rumour is spreading , there is a girl inside the school.

the coach helped the reporter to bring some document.

the coach saw the girl teacher and suddenly got mad to the reporter.

Jaehee said hello to eungyol in the class and asked to talk with him.

But eungyol didn't say anything just left her.

Taejoon watched that, chased Eungyol and asked him to talk with him.

Taejoon asked if he got into fight with JAehee.

eungyol said it's not his business, but Taejoon said it's JAehee's problem.

Jaehee already got many problem. and asked why he's the one who gave trouble to JAehee.

When he used to be the one who asked Taejoon not to trouble her.

Eungyol asked if Taejoon knew that JAehee was a girl.

Taejoon said yes, and Eungyol said how can he do that to him, he should give him a clue.

Taejoon said he also have no other options.

Eungyol got mad and left him.

In the laundry room, Jaehee tried to ask forgiveness by using the socks like he used to do.

But Eungyol just got up and left him.

Seungri looked at Jaehee said some joke but Jaehee looked cold and left him.

(Seungri actually looking some joke to tell hanna)

The woman teacer asked Taejoon's help to get interview with the reporter.

Taejoon said yes and left.

the coach come and asked about the teacher's meal.

the woman teacher called the doctor asked to have lunch with her.

she told the coach to have lunch with the reporter.

Taejoon found Jaehee in the room doing his laundry.

Taejoon told him not to do it again, but JAehee said she want to help him.

Taejoon asked about her trouble and they talked about Eungyol.

Taejoon said Eungyol is nice and he will forgive her soon.

Jaehee said she doesn't know what to do .

Taejoon said he got jealous with him.

JAehee asked about the practice, and said he should have no problem .

But Taejoon said about the new competitor.

Taejoon then said he can help him with just being beside him,

then he left for parctice.

the boys told Seungri about there is girl in the school.

And said it must be in Seungri's dormitory.

Seungri said no way, and the other dorm head asked if they can check it.

Seungri tried another joke but the guys also had no response.

jaehee come and Taejoon took him out to the aquarium.

Jaehee put her hand in Taejoon elbow and looked around.

They looked at couple ho hugged and got akward.

Taejoon took her hand to get closer to watch the pinguin and Jaehee said thank you.

Jaehee said it was strange to her because Taejoon was really nice to her.

Taejoon asked the most upsetting time he made her, and she said it was the time he went to Seoul first in the camp training.

She said she waited him long time but she understand.

Taejoon took him to outdoor shop and build the tent for them.

Jaehee baked him the marshmallow.

They both enjoyed the time.Taejoon told him about camping in the winter.

he said he ahould do that in the future.

But Jaehee said she's not sure she will still be there.

But Teajoon said he will do everything with him.

Eungyol tidy his wardrobe and found the tshirt Jaehee gave him.

the reporter was taking picture of Taejoon and Hyonjae's practice.

getting out from the bathroom, the reporter heard the rumour there is a girl in the shol

the reporter saw how nice Teajoon to JAehee and got curious.

The reporter talked to JAehee after prctice and asked her about the rumour .

But Taejoon saw it and saved her.

But the reporter already got suspicious.

the other dorm guys is planning to do something to check the rumour.

Hyonjae saw them taking some box and the told Eungyol about the rumour

And told him about the guys with the box in the locker.

Eungyol heard it and run to save Jaehee.

Jaehee was in the locker and locked it.

She was taking off her clother while the guys watched er from the box.

Eungyol come and took her away.

The guys gave up and went away want to check another [erson.

Eungyol told her about the rumour.

Before he lft, Jaehee said sorry once again.

they went for a walk, and he told her about the first time he fell in love with him.

Eungyol said he should her his wish too.

he asked him to consider him too.Jaehee want to say no, but Eungyol said to think about it first.

the reporter found Teajoon after practice and said she has interest in Jaehee.

she asked if she can check about her.

Then the reporter said it can go away if he give him a private interview

Jaehee went back to the room.

she just excuse herself to sleep to Teajoon.

Actually Eungyol asked him to spend one day with her.

the next day, Taejoon went to have interview.

Jaehee said she will go out with Eungyol

Taejoon said to be careful, but jaehee said she want to end thing today.

Taejoon said goodbye and left her.

Eungyol use the bathroom long time and made Hyonje wait for him.

Then Eungyol and Jaehee went to date.

Taejoon had a private interview with the reporter.

Seungri found HAnna in the hospital.

Hanna said she had bad mood and asked him to leave.

But Seungri refused and showed his intention to chase her.

Seungri said he like her and then left her.

but before he lft he made some mistake and ripped his pants showing his smiling underwear.

Hanna smiled a little and gave him her sweater.

"To The Beautiful You" Episode 15 Video Preview


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To the Beautiful You: Episode 14

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To the Beautiful You: Episode 14 Recap by Dramabeans

Unsurprisingly, Tae-joon has no intention to go to the hospital after he hears Dad has collapsed. He tells Jae-hee that it has nothing to do with him and to leave him alone.

Jae-hee won’t hear a word of it, knowing that he’ll regret it, “How can I leave you alone when I see it’s clearly hurting and tormenting you?”

Tae-joon hesitantly creaks open the hospital room door and Dad is already up and about, searching around. Dad is relieved to see him and explains that his blood pressure just shot up.

Without a word, Tae-joon adjusts the bed and turns on the humidifier, which reminds Dad how Tae-joon was the one by Mom’s sick bedside. Dad admits that he didn’t know how great the burden was and he starts to see why Tae-joon was so angry with him.

But Tae-joon bites back that no, Dad has no idea and mutters that he’s relieved to hear that it’s not anything serious.

Jae-hee and Tae-joon walk back to school and he silently takes Jae-hee’s hand. He says, “Can we… just walk like this for a while?” Don’t you think telling her the truth about two important things (her secret and your feelings) come before hand-holding?

He sighs that if he doesn’t hold someone’s hand like this, he feels like he might lose his way forever.

Seung-ri pays Hanna one last visit before he’s discharged, determined to make Hanna laugh. She warns him that she’s not the type to laugh easily but that won’t deter him because he came prepared. He delivers, “What’s it called when an almond dies?” Hanna: “A diamond.”

He lists off joke after as Hanna lazily matches them with each punchline until one finally stumps her. (“What’s the opposite of a compact car?”) Seung-ri breaks into a huge grin for his grand moment, “A big car.”

Hanna maintains her poker face until she wheels away with a small smile.

Jae-hee has taken to literally drawing out motivation for Tae-joon with a scribbled mark a centimeter higher than his previous record.

Seung-ri drills the track and field team and Jong-min gripes, asking whether the brutal treatment is punishment for not visiting Seung-ri in the hospital. Seung-ri: “Do I look like someone who’d hold a grudge over something like that?” Then he orders more sit ups.

Okay I get that as a girl, it’s hard to keep up with the guys in the number of sit ups, but how can a star runner get away with barely lifting her head off of the ground? Tae-joon lends a sneaky hand to help but he tugs too hard and Jae-hee flies on top of him. Omo.

They stare at each other, surprised, and then Seung-ri praises Jae-hee’s enthusiasm to the rest of the team. More sit ups.

Jae-hee puts a hand to her flushed cheeks, recalling the charged moment in practice. Adding his peculiarly nice behavior, a belated lightbulb flashes above her head, “Does Tae-joon like me?”

But that would mean Tae-joon likes guys and she shakes herself out of it, thinking it impossible.

Either Tae-joon has the world’s best selective hearing or has only paid attention to the last part of her freakout so Jae-hee puts her theory to the test. She shows him a picture in a magazine and asks what he thinks.

Tae-joon truthfully answers that he finds it pretty and would accept a date in a heartbeat. That makes Jae-hee gasp in horror, “Tae-joon… do you like guys?!” He clearly has no idea what she’s talking about since he’s staring at a photo of a woman. Then her eyes notice the fallen picture of the man on the floor.

Things are less tense but still awkward during high jumping practice and Hyun-jae fails to clear the 2.30m mark. Hyun-jae hears the same criticism that he’s jumping too early and Tae-joon suggests a tip to sing rather than count off his steps. The song? “A Frog Boy.”

One, two, and three times Tae-joon jumps and hits the bar on the same height. Coach Baek raises an eyebrow at the sudden regression. Is there something worrying him? Is he dating anyone?

Coach Baek tells him that one or two seconds can make a difference between success or failure in high jumping.

Tae-joon is puzzled as to why he’s been doing so terribly lately and dismisses the possibility that Dad’s condition may actually worry him. He’s been reviewing his jumps on Jae-hee’s phone when a text from Eun-gyul comes through.

Today’s the day of what was supposed to be Eun-gyul’s debut national soccer match and she’d agreed to watch the game with him. But then she’s like, “Should I tell him I can’t go if you have stuff to do today?”

Wait… so you’re willing to throw the friend who saved your life under a bus like that for Tae-joon who hasn’t told you anything? Why am I not surprised?

Doc watches the two from a distance and smiles warmly. But weren’t you afraid that the closer they’d get and if they eventually told each other the truth, Jae-hee would have to leave? Should I have this many questions?

Teacher Lee gazes at Doc (I don’t blame ya) when Coach Baek walks up behind her. I particularly love his scowl as Teacher Lee chatters on about how sexy Doc is with his bulging veins. Then Coach Baek flexes too and mutters, “There’s nothing different.”

At the hospital, Director Jang tells Dad to take it easy and asks if Tae-joon dropped by. Dad nods and she asks how long Dad intends to keep the truth about Mom from Tae-joon. Hmm.

Dad answers that Tae-joon is better off not knowing and asks that she doesn’t mention anything to his son.

Jae-hee asks a final time whether Tae-joon wants to go to the game and he gruffly refuses. She murmurs that it would be nice if he went. It looks like he’s had a sudden change of heart but she turns to leave, only to stop and turn around to grab her phone. He sighs. Whatever – you missed your chance, buddy.

Jae-hee and Eun-gyul watch the match on his phone while sitting in the soccer field. She apologizes about his leg again and he muses that he’s been hearing a lot of apologies lately.

Eun-gyul reminds her that she’s his best friend and he thought it was enough just to be by her side. But lately, he’s wanted more than that.

That prompts Jae-hee to say something but he cuts her off, asking why they both had to be guys. She apologizes again, this time for everything and hopes that he’s not too upset with her if she ever ends up disappointing him.

She wonders if they’ll still be friends. Eun-gyul says they can for as long as Jae-hee wants to be.

The boys still fail at clearing the bar at practice until Coach Baek finally stop them. He gives Tae-joon the day off because it’s his heart and not his body that’s getting in the way of jumping his best. As for Hyun-jae? He gets to stay and practice some more.

Coach Baek holds Jae-hee responsible – if they don’t have fun, they’re all in for “hell training.”

Apparently Jae-hee’s idea of preventing Tae-joon from exercising is sitting on his back while he does push ups. He gets in a few before he collapses on the ground. She laughs like she’s on an amusement park ride.

Coach Baek calls Teacher Lee over to impress her with his coffee making skills and bulging forearm veins. She notices them but her comments are more of the observant rather than the sexy compliment kind.

She particularly worries that one arm is much whiter than the other and pulls up his sleeve to reveal that he’s tied it off. Coach Baek resorts to drinking straight from the cup but it tips over, spilling hot coffee onto his pants.

Jae-hee connects the dots and makes the unsurprising revelation that Tae-joon’s numbers have dropped since Dad went to the hospital. Tae-joon isn’t keen on going out but Jae-hee’s determined to make sure he gets some fresh air and some fun. She has somewhere she wants to take him anyway.

They roam the town, playing games and visiting the local shops. Tae-joon tries to take pictures of Jae-hee without her looking. They stop by his old elementary school and Tae-joon marvels how she even knew where it was.

Jae-hee answers that she knows all things Tae-joon and if it were a test, she would have aced it. Sure you would, except for that bonus question asking whether he can eat eggs or not.

They spend some time in the playground and in his old classroom. Tae-joon, is it okay for you to take out a kid’s notebook and then take a picture of it?

When they exit the school, Tae-joon hears a voice call out. We see in the mirror a reflection of an old memory when Dad picked him up from school and doted on his son. Jae-hee asks after what he’s looking at and he says it’s nothing.

They take Sangchu for a walk when they return to school. Walking through his old school brought back some memories, Tae-joon admits. Jae-hee regales him with tidbits about her hometown and how nice it would be to show Tae-joon one day.

He asks if she ever regretted coming to Genie High (she doesn’t), finding it strange that he could be a source of strength to someone so far away. He wonders if she’ll leave when he’s back in peak condition again.

Tae-joon wraps her with his jacket when she comments that it’s cold. He gazes into her eyes and she stares back… and he goes in for the kiss. Whhhattttt.

Jae-hee pulls back and Tae-joon can barely stutter a response when she asks if the chocolate he ate earlier had any alcohol. They both know that he’s fully sober but Tae-joon just blubbers that that’s probably what it was. She runs off.

Tae-joon kneels down to Sangchu and confides that if Jae-hee catches on that he knows her secret then she’ll probably leave right away. See what your seed of doubt did there Doc? He muses, “But it’s getting harder to see her as a guy.”

Doc doesn’t find the situation a big deal at all (though he’s told they just brushed hands). He asks what Jae-hee would hypothetically do if Tae-joon knew that she was a girl. She says that she’d probably leave because, “It’s getting harder acting like a guy around him.” And here I thought you were doing a pretty good job of acting like a girl around him.

Doc tells her that her secret can’t stay hidden just by trying and tells her why he turned a blind eye to her in the beginning. “It was because there was some sort of desperation in you. And I was curious to see how you were going to solve it.”

He won’t intervene so the rest is up to Jae-hee. Wait, is this a heartwarming way of telling us that you’re wiping your hands clean of responsibility Doc?

She tells him Doc that there’s one more thing she needs to do.

The following morning, Jae-hee tells Tae-joon to keep his dinner time available. He wonders if she has something to say but no matter how much he presses, she doesn’t budge.

Gah, how cute is it that Hyun-jae now takes to calling Eun-gyul “Master”? He inquires about Master’s love life and asks if it’s a guy. Eun-gyul says yes. And then Hyun-jae leeaanns in and asks, “Is it me?” HA – oh how I wish it was.

Eun-gyul says that his crush is like a mirage he can’t get a hold of and he feels like he’s just walking in place. Hyun-jae wonders who it is that’s made Eun-gyul so hung up on them. When Eun-gyul gives a forlorn sigh, Hyun-jae grabs him into a headlock, telling him to stay strong.

Tae-joon returns to the room to find Jae-hee gone and wonders if the important thing Jae-hee wants to tell him over dinner is that she’s a girl. Meanwhile, Jae-hee visits Dad at the hospital for a favor.

Jae-hee returns to school with a heavy heart and Eun-gyul walks up to her and asks if something bad happened. She tells him that she did something that might make Tae-joon really angry.

Eun-gyul asks if it’s good or bad for him. When she tells him it’s for his benefit, he tells her that the important thing is that Tae-joon will pick up on her sincerity. He sends her off with a smile and then updates his status with another selca: “I’d rather see you smiling than smiling myself.”

Tae-joon is initially excited about dinner but his face is stern when he learns that he’ll be eating with his father. He gets up to leave just when Dad walks in. Jae-hee excuses herself and despite Tae-joon telling her to stay, she steps out.

They sit and Dad says that he has something important to tell him. Tae-joon doesn’t want to hear it and gets up and hears, “About your mother’s death… what you know isn’t everything.”

Next thing we know, we see Tae-joon by the Han River, holding back tears. We flashback to Dad telling us the truth: Mom knew about her illness from the start but she kept it hidden from the rest of her family. The doctors proposed a liver transplant in her late stage liver cancer even though the success rate would be too low.

She didn’t tell Tae-joon because he had the Olympics coming up. So Dad figured that it would be better if his son hated him instead if it meant that it made things easier on Tae-joon. Near tears, he finally says, “I’m sorry.”

Back in the present, tears stream down Tae-joon’s face.

Jae-hee waits back at school and thinks back to the earlier conversation with Dad at the hospital. She told him that Tae-joon needs someone to lean on and that he’s just a kid who tries his best to act strong and hide his pain. If it was her, her heart would have already been black and blue. If Dad truly cares for Tae-joon then he shouldn’t hide anything from him.

Tae-joon returns, still crying and Jae-hee pulls him into a comforting hug. They both cry.

Things are looking up at Genie High again – Eun-gyul’s back on the field and better than ever. (He still accidentally kicks a ball at Coach’s head, heh.) Tae-joon sends Dad an e-mail with a smile.

In voiceover we hear, “I went to the elementary school for the first time in a long time. Back then your shoulders seemed bigger than the athletic field. But now I know it’s not like that. So don’t try to carry the burden alone.” Dad smiles.

And finally, Tae-joon clears the high jump again.

Jae-hee asks if Tae-joon and his father made amends. He tells her not yet and adds, “How can you get over that overnight?” He keeps staring at her which makes her uncomfortable and Tae-joon says, “Grungy… this is all thanks to you. Thanks.”

Poor Eun-gyul sees the two of them laughing and lets out a deep sigh.

He lies outside on a bench and wonders why he can’t act natural like Tae-joon does. Uh, I don’t think he should be your role model on this kind of thing. He sits up and pulls himself together, “Who cares if it’s a guy or girl? We’re all human!”

Eun-gyul slaps on a smile but then flip-flops between scratching his head and revving himself up. “A guy? A human?” He hangs his head, just as confused as before.

Tae-joon finds a pot of flowers waiting for him on his desk (the same ones he admired when he and Jae-hee were at a florist). He looks at her and asks, “Can I take this to mean in whatever way I want?”

That catches Jae-hee off guard and she tries to change the subject, but Tae-joon looks at her, his eyes unwavering. You can’t blame it on alcoholic chocolate if you kiss her again – you two just ate!

He takes her by the arm and tells her not to act as if nothing happened between them. She still doesn’t get it and Tae-joon tells her, “I’m telling you that I like you right now.”

She stares back… and he leaves her hanging. DUDE. Once he’s outside, Tae-joon leans against the door and smiles.

After Jae-hee gets over the initial shock, she decides that now’s the time to tell Tae-joon that she’s a girl.

Eun-gyul has another bathroom emergency and rushes next door to Jae-hee’s room. The door’s unlocked (go figure) and Eun-gyul lets himself into the bathroom…

…where Jae-hee is in the middle of changing. Epic revelation music plays in the background as Eun-gyul gapes, “Gu Jae-hee… you were a girl?!”

To the Beautiful You: Episode 13

Dramas via dramabeans.com

Yay! We finally get some rich character development in this series. Better late than never, right? Youd be dead wrong if you think that youll find progress in either of our leads. No, nothis episode is full of epic win for Hyun-jae who learns that some things in life like friendship, love, and forgiveness are far better and more satisfying than winning.SONG OF THE DAY TVXQ왜 (Keep Your Head Down)[ Download ]Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip To the Beautiful You: Episode 13 To the Beautiful You: Episode 13 To the Beautiful You: Episode 13 To the Beautiful You: Episode 13 To the Beautiful You: Episode 13 To the Beautiful You: Episode 13 To the Beautiful You: Episode 13 To the Beautiful You: Episode 13 To the Beautiful You: Episode 13 To the Beautiful You: Episode 13 To the Beautiful You: Episode 13 To the Beautiful You: Episode 13 To the Beautiful You: Episode 13 To the Beautiful You: Episode 13 To the Beautiful You: Episode 13 To the Beautiful You: Episode 13 To the Beautiful You: Episode 13 To the Beautiful You: Episode 13 To the Beautiful You: Episode 13 To the Beautiful You: Episode 13 To the Beautiful You: Episode 13 To the Beautiful You: Episode 13 To the Beautiful You: Episode 13 To the Beautiful You: Episode 13 To the Beautiful You: Episode 13 To the Beautiful You: Episode 13 To the Beautiful You: Episode 13 To the Beautiful You: Episode 13 To the Beautiful You: Episode 13 To the Beautiful You: Episode 13 To the Beautiful You: Episode 13 To the Beautiful You: Episode 13 To the Beautiful You: Episode 13