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[Spoiler] "Rosy Lovers" Jeong Bo-seok finds out Cho-rong"s father is Lee Jang-woo.

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On February 8th episode of MBC drama, "Rosy Lovers", Baek Man-jong (Jeong Bo-seok) finds out Cho-rong (Lee Go-eun)"s father is Park Cha-dol (Lee Jang-woo).

Man-jong encountered a rumor that his daughter. Jang-mi (Sunhwa) was dating a married man, while he was preparing to run for district head. He became suspicious and obtained Yoo-jin (Lee Go-eun)"s home address. When he went to the address, he found out Yoo-jin was Cho-rong.

Jang-mi and Cha-dol were seeing each other behind Man-jong"s back. As Man-jong was preparing for the upcoming election and trying to avoid any disadvantageous factor in his life, he would go ahead to stop the two from seeing each other.

Park Cho Rong Sends Message of Encouragement To APINK Ahead Of Their First Concert "Pink Paradise"

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Park Cho Rong Sends Message of Encouragement To APINK Ahead Of Their First Concert

A Pink's leader Park Cho Rong energized her group mates!

On January 30th, A Pink held the press conference for its first exclusive concert, PINK PARADISE at the Olympic Hall in Olympic Park, where Park Cho Rong sent a message to the members who worked hard for the concert.

"Because we prepared so hard, our bodies suffered a lot, but I think a good concert will come out from all of our hard work," said Park Cho Rong. "I hope we see good results that will show our efforts."

"Since we′ve been waiting for this concert for four years, we hope it′ll be a day when we become one with the fans. You′ve all worked so hard, and through today′s events, I hope that we can become A Pink that will grow even more."

On January 30 and 31, A Pink will hold its first concert PINK PARADISE. The group debuted in 2011 with I Don′t Know, which earned them New Artists awards at various ceremonies. A Pink continued with success with My My, Bubiboo, NoNoNo, Mister Chu, and Luv, settling in as a popular girl idol group.

PINK PARADISE sold 7,000 seats in two minutes, earning attention. At the concert, A Pink will show more than its innocent concept on stage.

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'Respond 1997' A Pink's Park Cho Rong and Yoon Bomi Appear as Cameos

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'Respond 1997' A Pink's Park Cho Rong and Yoon Bomi Appear as Cameos A Pink Park Cho Rong and Yoon BomitvN drama "Respond 1997" has a lot of aspects that are different from other dramas. From its ability to reminisce on the sweet memories of the 90's to the new cameo actors in each episode, providing a fresh new feeling each episode.

A Pink members Park Cho Rong and Yoon Bomi will appear as the young versions of the mothers Sung Si Won and Yoon Jae.

On the Tuesday episode, Park Cho Rong and Yoon Bomi showed off their abilities by portraying the mothers of the main characters, back when they were in high school. With perfect Busan accents, they lived up to the expectations that Jung Eun Ji established with her breakout role. Park Cho Rong has appeared in other projects like, "Totally My Love," and although Yoon Bomi was facing her first acting challenge, she pulled off a natural portrayal and a very addictive cameo.

Afterwards, Park Cho Rong posted on her SNS account, "You were all surprised.. haha.. accents are really hard. This picture is yours though I have an eye infection and don't look my best!"

Fans responded positively to both her post and her performance, saying "Cho Rong, I'm yours!", "I hope she appears again!", "Her accent was really good!" and "Is Apink all going to become actors?"

A Pink members are all currently busy with their individual schedules after finishing up their promotion of their first album, Une Anne. Yoon Bomi is currently the host of her own radio show that will be revealed on YouTube. Also, she is giving her fans up-to-date news of what the A Pink members are up to in order to stay in touch with them.

Yoon Bomi's "Pang Pang Radio's" 2nd episode will air on the 23rd, on the ACube YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/acubeent).

A Pink’s Park Cho Rong dedicates her first written song to her fans

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A Pink’s Park Cho Rong dedicates her first written song to her fans

A Pink’s leader Park Cho Rong revealed that the first song that she wrote the lyrics is ‘especially meaningful.’

On May 9, A Pink released their first official album, Une Annee. This album contained the title song “Hush” and Park’s own written song “April 19.”

In a recent interview with Starnews, Park revealed, “‘April 19’ is a song written to thank the fans for our first anniversary since our debut. It’s especially meaningful because it was my first time writing lyrics for a song and it was to thank the fans. It will remain in my memory.”

She added, “I didn’t know what to do and it was so difficult because I never wrote lyrics before. However, I think it conveyed my thought pretty well because I thought back to my debut stage and started to write down my feelings like a journal.”

Park also stated, “I want to write lyrics for a cheerful song next time. I want to express my heart towards the fans in a lively and cheery song.”

Recently, A Pink appeared on various music programs and successfully came back with their title song “Hush” and “April 19.”

4minute teases fans with ‘Mae-Rong’ pose

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4minute teases fans with ‘Mae-Rong’ pose

4minutes leader, Nam Ji Hyun recently uploaded a taunting photo of 4minute.

On May 12th, the idol uploaded the above photo and left a short message, Mae-Rong.

Mae-Rong, which is a common act done by children, is mainly used to taunt or tease the viewer.  The act is done by sticking out your tongue while pulling down on one of your eye bags.  4minutes Mae-Rong photo is a perfect demonstration of this action.

Fans and viewers were rather amused, than provoked.  They commented, Its taunting, but so cute at the same time, This is why I like 4minute, and Cuties!.

Source + Photos: 4minute Nam Ji Hyuns Twitter

A pink’s Park Cho Rong wears a ‘banana’ wig

A pink’s Park Cho Rong wears a ‘banana’ wig

A picture of A pinks Park Cho Rong with a unique hairstyle was recently released.

On February 23, a picture was posted on A pinks agency, A Cube Entertainments official Twitter account with the comment, Do you know banana hair, which is very popular these days?

In the picture, leader Park is making a surprised face while putting bananas on her head. The picture made many people smile.

People responded: I thought banana hair is a new hairstyle. You almost reminded me of 2NE1s Sandara Park. You fibbed me.