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Girls' Generation's Sunny provides recommendation about breast implants

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Girls' Generation's Sunny provides recommendation about breast implants

Girls" Generation"s Sunny gave advice about breast implants to a viewer at the September 30th episode of JTBC"s "Chain buying groceries Family".

Sunny and other visitors were asked via a viewer whether she must use her complete savings so as to augment her chest or to move off on a shuttle to Europe. Regardless that Park Ji Yoon and comic Kim Sook advised that it was once very best that she spend her cash on surgery, Sunny took the alternative side.

The Girls" Generation member said, "I think it"s greater to visit Europe. Whilst you visit Europe, you"ll see a huge number of those that wear clothing that works for them without reference to breast size. I believe it"s better to go to Europe and gain more self belief in addition experience. i believe herbal is better."

What do you recall to mind Sunny"s advice? 

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Lee Yoo-bi and Lee Joon-ki, why did he put his hand on Park Ha-seon"s breast?

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It turns out that actor Lee Joon-ki put his hand on actress Park Ha-seon"s breast ago.

This episode used to be told at the MBC display "phase tv" when they were filming "Two Weeks".

Lee Joon-ki claimed the placement put him in an awkward spot yet it used to be a just right reminiscence.

Park Ha-seon acknowledged, "If I displayed embarrassment it'll be even more so for Lee Joon-ki so I told him to do what he sought after.

Ryoo Soo-yeong who used to be also in the similar drama acknowledged, "i used to be fearful for him".

in the meantime, Lee Joon-ki is starring in the hot MBC drama "scholar Who Walks the night" as Kim Seong-yeol.

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Sin Se-kyeong"s breast exposure

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Sin Se-kyeong

Sin Se-kyeong"s dress brought along the hot topic of her exposure in the movie "Tazza: The Hidden Card".

Actress Sin Se-kyeong took off her underwear and revealed her hip line in the movie.

In a former interview with News N she"d said, "I can"t say it doesn"t bother me. Even actors have to go through some exposure at some point so I wondered when would be the right time for me".


Lee Honey, "I was offered breast implants"

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Lee Honey,

Actress Lee Honey confessed that she was once suggested breast surgery on the cable channel On Style "Get It Beauty".

During a talk regarding breasts, Lee Honey said, "There are different types in a beauty clinic with different shapes".

"I was suggested the idea once. I was asked if I would want shape alteration because it was a trend. I was surprised there even was a "trend"".

Some of the women in the audience revealed their breast sizes and so did the MCs.

MC Kim Jeong-min asked what sized she looked like and everyone yelled "B" which was the right answer.

Lee Honey said, "I thought I was big but I guess not". So Yoo also said, "I think I"m big but sometimes I"m not happy when I look in the mirror".


[Spoiler] "Miss Korea" Lee Yeon-hee decides to get breast implants

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Lee Yeon-hee decided to get breast implants.

On the second episode of the MBC drama "Miss Korea", Oh Ji-yeong (Lee Yeon-hee) decided to get breast implants and search for Ma Ae-ri (Lee Mi-sook).

Oh Ji-yeong was slapped as she opposed to writing down the names of other employees that wanted to quit the company by head of department Park (Jang Won-yeong). Being upset and at risk of losing her job, she remembered the offer to become a Miss Korea candidate and found Ma Ae-ri.

However, she turned away at the sight of beautiful women at the salon because of her feeling of inferiority. She heard from a co-worker that breast implants cost a lot of money and thought, 'I haven't been to college yet and she wants to invest in me. I am going to tell her I'm going to try. This is my last chance'.

Oh Ji-yeong chose Ma Ae-ri instead of Kim Hyeong-joon (Lee Seon-gyoon), her neighborhood guy.

Clara Makes Generous Pledge to Breast Cancer Patients

News via hancinema.net
Clara Makes Generous Pledge to Breast Cancer Patients

Actress Clara donated W15.7 million (US$1=W1,085) to the Community Chest of Korea to help cancer patients with their medical expenses for breast reconstruction surgery.

She delivered the money -- W10 million from her own pocket and W5.7 million raised through a campaign for breast cancer patients -- to the charity organization in Seoul on Thursday.

Clara conducted the campaign in cooperation with the organization via social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter from July 17 to Aug. 28 to help financially support such operations.

To encourage people to participate, the actress agreed to have a date on a yacht with one participant chosen by a random draw. She also pledged to do some volunteer work with 20 of those who had contributed. She kept both promises.

"I decided to join this campaign to express my gratitude to my fans, who helped me finally get into the limelight after many years of relative obscurity", she said.

Photo courtesy of the Community Chest of Korea

Clara donates $15,000 to breast cancer patients

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Clara donates $15,000 to breast cancer patients

Actress Clara made a huge donation to support breast cancer patients with financial difficulties.

Clara and social donation association WE Generation have been holding a campaign that supports operation and surgery fees of breast cancer patients. She recently promoted the campaign on her own SNS accounts, promising she would donate 50 KRW per Like on Facebook or Retweet on Twitter, as well as go one a date with one of the contributors.

On September 12, Clara donated 15,708,000 KRW (about ~$15,000 USD) to the Community Chest of Korea. Proceeds will go to patients in need under the JW Plastic Surgery Clinic in Gangnam.

Clara shared, It feel glad and honored that I could use my fame for such a good deed. I will become an actress that participates in good works one at a time.

Clara promises to go on a date with one of breast cancer campaign supporters

News via dkpopnews.net

Actress Clara promised to go on a luxury yacht date with one of the supporters of the breast cancer campaign.

Since July, actress Clara and social donation association WE Generation have been holding a campaign that supports operation and surgery fees of breast cancer patients. She promoted the start of this campaign on her SNS account posting, Re-tweeting or liking this campaign on Facebook adds 50 won! We have 10 million already! This is for rebuilding surgery for those who suffered from breast cancer.

To collect more contribution, Clara promised that she will go one a date with one of the contributors. One supporter chosen from this campaign will get a chance to have dinner and coffee in a luxury yacht with Clara.

Lee Honey's beauty body and breast line

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Lee Honey's beauty body and breast line

Lee Honey did a pictorial for a sports bra.

The picture of Lee Honey in a sports bra was revealed on the 18th. She is showing off a perfect body.

The slender body is enough to make her recently revealed boyfriend, actor Yoon Kye-sang fell head over heels for her.

Meanwhile, Lee Honey has been cast for the KBS 2TV drama "Shark". She was also in the musical "Chicago" as Roxy and is going to performing once again with "Legally Blonde".

Ivy denies rumors of breast implants

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Ivy denies rumors of breast implants

Ivys amazing bikini body has been getting attention lately, but the response isnt all positive. The singer had to clear up rumors saying that her glamorous figure is not all natural.

Ivy shared on her blog, Some of you keep sending me messages asking me where I got my breast implants. Uhm. I am thankful that you [think I look good]. My breasts are naturally inherited from my mother. I even get asked what my cup size is. Those whose previous surgery didnt go well are asking me for information about where they can get it re-done. I am more natural than you think I am, so dont say so hastily that I got plastic surgery. Ive only done enough cosmetic surgery to the point that my parents can still recognize my face

She also gave a message to fans about being comfortable in your own skin, stating, Dont decide to do plastic surgery so hastily either. Dont rely so much on the words of plastic surgeons.

Netizens commented, She seems comfortable in her own skin, and Now that Ivy explained herself, lets hope there will be no more of those messages.