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Former Wonder Girls member Sunmi releases teaser images for her upcoming solo single

On August 12, former Wonder Girls member Sunmi released teaser images for her upcoming single, titled “24 Hours,” on her official website and through social networking sites. The photos were taken against a white background, and Sunmi is wearing a casual outfit in a rainbow of pastel colors. Her beautiful appearance coupled with her pink-dyed hair and fair white skin adds several layers of gentle charm to Sun Mi’s image, as it creates a more natural, innocent look while still looking sexy.


Her agency, JYP Entertainment, says, “Sunmi will definitely awe with her transformation and charm, so please look forward to her new release. This single will show off her uniqueness.”


Sunmi will release her music video of “24 Hours” on August 24 and will release the digital version of the single on August 26

Ex-Wonder Girl teases a comeback

A former member of K-pop group Wonder Girls, Sunmi is one step closer to returning to the entertainment scene, as she released the first teaser images yesterday for her solo comeback.

Her agency JYP Entertainment released the three photos of her on the agency's official Web site.

In the images, Sunmi looks relaxed, her hair in a pink bob, wearing a loose-fitting T-shirt with "But I'm shy" written on it.

"This album will show the 'real' Sunmi", said JYP Entertainment, according to local media reports. "Fans can expect to see a lot of changes in the near future".

The music video for her new song, "24 Hours", will be released Aug. 20 and the digital EP will appear online on Aug. 26.

By Lee Sun-min

Hello Venus release BTS clip from first solo concert

Hello Venus treats fans to a short video showing their preparations for their previous first solo concert.

On August 12, the girl group released a BTS video on official Youtube channel showing the members working hard during their practice and pouring all their best efforts to give their fans a great and memorable concert.

Check out the clip below:

2NE1’s Dara and Bom release ‘Double Park TV’ Episode 1

2NE1’s Sandara Park and Park Bom have teamed up for a special promotion through the new show ‘Double Park TV’.

On August 13, YG Entertainment unveiled the first episode of their adventures on 2NE1’s official Youtube channel. The Park duo meet their fans across the streets of Seoul and showcased their wacky charms as they promote the group’s latest single, “Do You Love Me”.

Check out the clip below.

2NE1’s Unnies Release First Episode of “Double Park TV”

The beginning of fun has just arrived!

On August 13, 2NE1’s Park Bom and Sandara Park released the first episode of their joint online show “Double Park TV.” Many fans were highly anticipating the show since it was announced a month ago.

Fans can expect all the craziness with this combo pair and combined their 4D personality with being tired at night, their commentaries are nothing less than hilarious.

The show is mostly for 2NE1 fans, but other K-Pop fans will enjoy the unique and down-to-earth personalities. It could have been dangerous, but it was nice of Park Bom and Sandara Park to invite two lucky fans into their car for a special ride while giving them a preview of their song “Do You Love Me” before its official release

Kim Hyung Joon and Sunny Hill’s Kota Are More Than Friends in “Always Love You” Music Video

Kim Hyung Joon, of SS501, has released the music video for his new track “Always Love You” featuring Kota of Sunny Hill through the official Loen Entertainment YouTube channel.

“Always Love You” is a special digital single and was self-produced by Kim Hyung Joon. The song is a mid-tempo ballad that treasures love’s joy and sweetness. Kim Hyung Joon and Kota’s harmonious voices come together for a very delightful duet. 

The music video shows Kim Hyung Joon and Kota as friends hanging out together with other friends, but starting to feel an attraction to each other. They flirt and stay close together, eventually ending up as more than friends in this sweet and romantic mv.

HISTORY unveils new teaser image for ‘Just Now’ comeback

Joining the comeback battle, Loen Entertainment’s rookie group HISTORY released new teaser image for upcoming first mini album, ‘Just Now’.

On August 13, HISTORY’s official Twitter page posted, “#HISTORY 1st Mini Album [JUST NOW] New Teaser Image”, and treated fans to a teaser image of the group showing the members in hip hop-ish outfits and charismatic poses.

The group, who debuted with “Dreamer” in April, will be coming back on August 20th with first mini album, ‘JUST NOW’. The title track will be “Tropical Night” which is co-produced by V.O.S’ Choi Hyun Joon and composer Lim Kwang Wook.

[Spoiler] “Goddess Of Fire Jeongi” Moon Geun-yeong’s genius beats Park Geon-hyeong

Moon Geun-yeong beat Park Geon-hyeong.

On the twelfth episode of the MBC drama "Goddess Of Fire Jeongi", Yoo-jeong (Moon Geun-yeong) showed off skills that surpassed that of Lee Yook-do (Park Geon-hyeong).

Yoo-jeong was almost disqualified but she managed to find more material which was the white clay and continued her exam. A government official claimed she used something different and was going to disqualify her but Yook-do passed her through.

However he said, "This clay isn't strong enough to make a plate". Yoo-jeong claimed hers was different and although his ego was upset by her boldness, Yook-do said "Alright". While everyone expected her to lose, Yoo-jeong managed to make a plate.

Yoo-jeong's plate was stronger than that of white clay unlike everyone thought

TVXQ releases short version MV for “Scream”

TVXQ has just released a short version music video for upcoming Japanese single, “Scream”!

The new single “Scream” features a dark and creepy theme as it has been chosen as the theme song for the second installment of horror film ‘Sadako 3D’, which will be released in Japanese theaters on August 30.

TVXQ’s “Scream” will be officially released on September 4. In the meantime, check out the short MV below.

KARA’s Official Facebook and Me2day Accounts!

KARA joins Facebook and Me2day!

Girl group KARA who is getting ready for their comeback has joined Facebook and Me2day. The two accounts were both created on the same day.
To greet their fans and let them know that the account are official, they posted on Facebook "How are you? This is KARA's official Facebook account. All the news about KARA will be posted here. Please show us lots of love." and on me2day "DSPKARA's me2day is now open!" assuring fans that the accounts are legit.
Check out their Facebook and me2day.

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