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PHANTOM’s Hanhae Releases Solo “Let’s Quit” Today

Hip-hop group PHANTOM"s youngest member Hanhae released his first solo single today.

Hanhae"s single, "Let"s Quit (feat. San E, Taewan)" is his first song after Eargasm, his solo mixtape released before his official debut. Fans" expectations are high, since it is his first solo in three years.

The single "Let"s Quit" is a cute jealousy expressed to a lover. XEPY, who composed Soyou and JungGiGo"s "Some", collaborated with ASSBRASS for the project.

The groovy beat of ASSBRASS and XEPY"s melody make the song an awesome one, especially with San E"s rap featuring and Taewan"s voice featuring.

Meanwhile, Hanhae"s first single "Let"s Quit" was released through online music stores today.

Two-Thousand WON Performs on Hongdae Streets

Two-Thousand WON Performs on Hongdae Streets

SBS "K-Pop Star 2" contestants Two-Thousand WON staged a surprise performance on the streets of Hongdae, releasing the performance video.

Two-Thousand WON posted the guerilla busking clip on their official Facebook and Twitter accounts. They introduced themselves, revealing the reason behind the name Two-Thousand WON. They had started performing in the streets when they were freshmen in high school; 2000 won(approximately $2), was their first income.

The busking was held in Hongdae on April 12 to perform mini album title song "I Hate Seoul" on the streets. Two-Thousand WON performed debut song "I Hate Seoul" and "I Have a Girlfriend" live, drawing out enthusiastic responses from the crowd gathered. Two-Thousand WON"s popularity could be noted by the people gathered around the performing members

The Sexy Diva Returns: G.NA Comes Back with “Pretty Lingerie” on April 21

G.NA returns on the 21st with her new track "Pretty Lingerie".

As Korea"s sexy diva, G.NA released her teaser image of "Pretty Lingerie" on her official website on April 14.

In the picture, G.NA wears a white see-through shirt, revealing her sexy body.

G.NA, who became the idol of many women through her confident and beautiful presence, will come back with love song "Pretty Lingerie" and represent the pure and honest sentiments of women.

"Pretty Lingerie", despite its provocative title, plans to be the couples" manual on love through its agreeable and relatable lyrics.

Ali Releases Last Single Through Yedang Entertainment After Parting Ways

It’s been reported that female soloist Ali has parted ways with Yedang Entertainment, but has released the single “Tears Keep on Coming” through the agency on April 14 after they officially cut ties.

Ali explained why she released the single with the agency even though they’re not her agency anymore, “It’s a beautiful farewell with Yedang Entertainment.”

“Tears Keep on Coming” is a sad love song that touches on remorse and expresses the separation with Ali. She went on, “Even though Yedang Entertainment and I have separated, I still have a desire to meet with them. I leave with regrets.”

Bumkey to Tie the Knot in June

Talented singer and song writer Bumkey will marry his girlfriend, an instructor at an arts university, in June.

On April 15, Bumkey made the official announcement on a post in his group Troy‘s official fan cafe. He wrote, “I would like to announce something here today. I already revealed that I have a girlfriend on the radio and through the media, I am also getting married. We started dating seven years ago, but we broke up for a long period of time, and got back together last year. My wife-to-be is not a singer, but she is a music producer and teaches at an art school.”

Bumkey also reassured his fans that this big change in his life will only be better for his music. “As I go into a more stable future with my marriage, you will be able to find more comforting music from me. Working on music that will be listened by someone who will be with me for life and by all of you cannot be anything but a blessing

T-ara’s Jiyeon Release MV Spoiler for “Never Ever”

T-ara member Jiyeon will be making her solo debut soon and released a music video spoiler for her upcoming track, “Never Ever” through her agency’s official YouTube channel.

“Never Ever” (also known as “1 Minute 1 Second“) was produced by the hit producing team Duble Sidekick, and is promised to be a modern version of Park Ji Yoon‘s “Coming of Age Ceremony.” Jiyeon’s agency, Core Content Media, promises that the song will show a stronger and not yet seen before image of Jiyeon as she promotes as a solo singer.

The spoiler offers a behind the scenes look at Jiyeon and the filming of the music video. The video also comes with English, Chinese, and Japanese subtitles for Jiyeon’s international fans

G.NA joins Facebook + shows her sexiness for ‘Pretty Lingerie’ teaser image

Cube Entertainment has updated fans on G.NA”s exciting comeback!

The agency wrote via Twitter, “20140421 release of G.NA”s digital single “Pretty Lingerie.” Revealing first teaser image!” and attached a picture in which G.NA looks flirty and fun in a white outfit and sheer top.

However, that is not all, as she also opened up her official Facebook page! Check it out here and mark your calendars for the release of her single on April 21.


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‘Superstar K5′s Park Si Hwan unveils MV making-of for “I Just Loved You”

After pre-releasing There”s Nothing I Can Do” last week, ”Superstar K5“s Park Si Hwan has finally dropped his official debut mini-album “Spring Awakening“!

The singer has been preparing hard for his debut, even going through a weight loss of 10 kg (~22 lbs.), so make sure you give him your support by checking out the pre-release above!

The mini-album”s title track,”I Just Loved You” (aka ”Only You“) utilizes three smartphones to tell the story of a couple. What do you think of the innovative MV concept?

Winner Currently Filming Album Jacket to Make Debut This Year

YG’s new boy group Winner will be making its highly anticipated debut in the early half of this year.

On April 15, Yang Hyun Suk stated, “I know that Winner’s fans have high expectations for the group’s debut album. We weren’t able to keep our promise by delaying their debut date. I know the fans have a lot of love and interest for them. So I apologize.”

He also announced, “We want to return our thanks by presenting a good final product. We recently finished meeting for music video and will start filming soon. Right now they are filming their album jacket. We’ve been trying out different concepts.”

He also said, “The first step is the most important. We’re putting in all our efforts so we can present good music.”

Meanwhile, Winner has been gaining stage experience by performing in YG family concert, Big Bang’s six dome tour, 2NE1’s concerts in Hong Kong and Taiwan and more

Synnara Records ‘Overdoses’ with EXO Fans Rushing to Preorder Albums

EXO hasn’t even officially come back yet and fans are already crashing servers.

On April 15, the preordering for EXO’s upcoming mini album Overdose began on Synnara Records at 2PM (KST).

As soon as preorders began, the website crashed with so many fans rushing to purchase the album.

The album will be released on April 21 with EXO returning through its comeback show on April 15. The entire comeback show will be streamed through Samsung Music.

Photo Credit: SM Entertainment