NU’EST’s ‘NU’EST MTV Diary’ to re-air after 5 years

NU’EST’s ‘NU’EST MTV Diary’ to re-air after 5 years

NU’EST is making history in K-pop.

The boys have done a lot that’s never been done before – the boys’ “Hello” from 2013 ranked high enough to be voted on music shows, and even hit #3 on music charts. Old NU’EST videos have been uploaded by various media outlets on their Twitter and Instagram, and now they have yet another never-done-before feat.

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The boys’ old reality show ‘NU’EST MTV Diary’ will be re-airing on SBS MTV this week at 5PM KST. The show is a whopping 5 years old as it aired in 2012, but it’s airing for the fans who might have missed it during the original airing.

Congratulations to NU’EST.