Netizens criticize G-Friend’s Umji after finding her predebut photos

Netizens criticize G-Friend’s Umji after finding her predebut photos

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterG-Friends Umji has gaineda huge number ofgrievance for her alleged loss ofabilities and visuals, with many netizens claiming she doesnt deserve to be a celebrity. 

In fact, after locating some predebut pictures of the singer, some are even claiming that her visuals had been declining ever since she turned into an idol. Regardless ofthe truth that Umji used to beforgedat the street, many netizens have still discovered it challenging to agree with that she will also bea success as an idol. One netizen even posted the photos onto a Pann thread, which has gained plenty of attention lately.

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this newsletter below!

Koreaboo has gathered reactions from Netizens who commented on the common article from our Korean source. The under comments are the maximumsmartly liked comments at the time of this article being published.

145, 20 Do you trulyhave confidence selfies you'll tell that first one was photoshopped

135, 21 You couldmanifestly tell that the ultimate one was photoshopped

131, 1 Despite the truth thatit's far photoshop she looks higher than now.

64, 73 Seriously tillheartfacultyother folks stopped and stared at her because she was pretty. I heard this immediately from a hoobae of Umji. Please dont criticize her. Seek her on youtube. She has each and everyappropriate to be loved.

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Red Velvet's Irene finds predebut pics

Red Velvet's Irene finds predebut pics

Red Velvet"s Irene impresses fanatics with her predebut photos.

She is observed posing shyly in her old pics, fans mention that she looks fully blameless in the pictures above.

Meanwhile, Red Velvet"s new song Dumb Dumb ranked top on more than a few charts, congratulations. READ MORE


14 K-Pop stars who overcame their predebut hardships (Part Two)

14 K-Pop stars who overcame their predebut hardships (Part Two)

A continuation of last week"s list, here are 14 more inspirational stories of your favorite K-pop idols overcoming their predebut hardships.

1) Kara"s Hara

In addition to growing up with financial difficulties, Hara saw her parents divorce when she was 7 years old. She was then sent to live with her grandmother, but faced bullying in school for her family situation.

2) Super Junior"s Leeteuk

Despite his constantly smiling exterior, Leeteuk comes from a painful family background. While witnessing his parents" constant fighting, he was also often physically reprimanded by his father, whom he grew to fear and hate. Unfortunately for Leeteuk, his family problems did not end after his debut as news of his father"s and grandparents" death shook the K-pop world.

3) Yoon Mi Rae

Born to a Korean mother and African-American father, Yoon Mi Rae often faced prejudices and discrimination because of her mixed identity and her dark skin tone.

4) Wonder Girls" Sun

When Sun was young, her mother passed away. Her grandmother took her in and raised her since her father distanced himself from them. Despite his distance from her, Sun continued to be concerned for his well-being. During her trainee days at JYP Entertainment, however, the stress from trainee life as well as her worsening family situation resulted in a suicide attempt.

5) Girls" Generation"s Tiffany

During the early days of her idol career, Tiffany would talk about both of her parents and how she missed them. However, she would later tearfully publicly state that her mother had actually passed away earlier when Tiffany was only 11 years old. It was actually because of her mother that she adopted the stage name "Tiffany."

6) ZE:A"s Taeheon

Taeheon tragically lost both of his parents to cancer when he was a young age. He was then raised by his sister, the only close family member he has left.

7) Big Bang"s Taeyang

Before his debut, Taeyang"s grandfather was his biggest fan, always voicing his hopes of seeing his grandson on TV. However, he passed away the day after Big Bang"s showcase, before he could see his grandson on the television screen.

8) G.NA

As a 6-year-old, G.NA lost her father after he passed away. Because of the ensuing financial situation, her family members had to separate, and G.NA went to live with her grandmother and aunt. In fact, throughout her whole life, G.NA has lived with her mother for only the first 6 years of her life.

9) Girls" Generation"s Sunny

At a young age, Sunny was exposed to traumatic imagery that no child should ever experience. Sunny and her parents moved to Kuwait, a country in the Middle East. Despite her youth, she became a Gulf War refugee, surrounded by war and explosions. In fact, she continues to experience pyrotechnic trauma from this experience, as seen in a performance of "Gee" when an exploding stage prop left her visibly shaken throughout the rest of the performance.

(Watch from 0:18)

10) San E

After the IMF economic crisis hit Korea, San E"s family immigrated to the United States in hopes of having better lives. However, the family continued to struggle financially, as San E watched his parents constantly working demanding jobs to make ends meet.

11) Insooni

Born to an African-American father and Korean mother, Insooni faced racist and prejudiced backlash for her heritage and dark skin as she grew up in Korea.

12) Sunmi

Sunmi"s father passed away when she was young, leaving behind Sunmi, her brother, and her mother. The family found themselves living in financial difficulty, with Sunmi often having to turn down chances to study in Seoul.

13) Lee Hyori

While today she"s one of Korea"s most recognizable celebrities with a long, illustrious career, Lee Hyori"s earlier days weren"t so easy. Growing up in a poor family posed numerous difficulties for the young Hyori as the family was unable to enroll her in kindergarten, leaving her unable to develop her early interests in music.

14) T-ara"s Soyeon

Despite investing all of her effort, Soyeon eventually withdrew from the Girls" Generation lineup before their debut. To add onto her stressful burdens, her grandmother and her uncle, also known as her two biggest supporters, both passed away in the same year. Before they passed, they both told her, "Become a singer," leading to her determination to pick herself up and try once again.

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16 K-Pop stars who overcame their predebut hardships

16 K-Pop stars who overcame their predebut hardships

The road to stardom is definitely not an easy one. For some stars, however, it"s more difficult than most, especially if they are forced to deal with hardships. Here are the stars who managed to overcome their own hardships in their predebut days to be the successful idols we love and cherish today.

1) TVXQ"s Yunho

He may be one of Korea"s biggest stars, but life wasn"t always so good for this talented dancer and rapper. During his teenage years, Yunho"s family went through a financial crisis that left them homeless. He often found himself sleeping in train stations with nothing but newspapers as a makeshift mattress.

2) SistAr"s Bora

The start of a successful K-pop career should be a momentous occasion for anyone. For Bora, however, the day would forever be marked with sadness as her father suddenly passed away on the day she received an offer from JYP Entertainment.

3) Lee Joon

Because of his family"s poor background, Lee Joon faced a variety of hardships. Not only was he unable to go on school trips but he also owned only one dance outfit that would often be smelly from not drying properly the night before. Even his friends treated him coldly, only changing their ways after he was accepted into the Korea National University of the Arts.

4) Seo In Guk

While Seo In Guk found success in both his acting and singing career, it hasn"t always been easy for him. While growing up, his family often lived in poverty, saving eaten chicken bones for a broth to cook an extra meal. It didn"t get easier for him, however, as he attended audition after audition in his dreams of becoming an entertainer. Agencies would often tell him to lose weight, leading to his struggle with bulimia.

5) Seulong

Seulong wished to become a singer during Korea"s IMF financial crisis. To help her son"s dream come true, his mother paid for his attendance for the Shil Yong Music Academy by closing cube boxes while his three-member family lived on 50,000 WON (~ $42 USD) a month.

6) JYJ"s Jaejoong

In order to chase his dreams of becoming a singer, Jaejoong moved to Seoul by himself. Because his family struggled financially, he refused to ask for any money from them even though he was often poor and struggled to make ends meet with various odd jobs.

7) 2NE1"s Dara

While Dara"s family resided in the Philippines, her father actually had a secret second family he had in South Korea. Eventually he left to join his second family, leaving Dara to be the main breadwinner of the family.

8) Secret"s Hyosung

To keep their hard-working daughter from worrying, Hyosung"s family initially kept her father"s cancer a secret from her. Her father eventually passed away while she was still a trainee.

9) BoA

The queen of K-pop has had her own fair share of struggles before her illustrious 15-year career. Before getting scouted by SM Entertainment, BoA"s family was thrust into a poor financial situation. Despite only being 13, BoA became the main breadwinner of her family, even buying a house and paying for her brothers" college tuition with her earnings.

10) IU

In her childhood, IU"s family was often in a poor financial situation. Thus, she had to go live with her grandmother as her parents could not afford to care for both her and her brother. However, her grandmother did not live in the best of financial conditions either as her house had a lack of sufficient heating for its inhabitants.

11) Super Junior"s Eunhyuk

Despite his constantly smiling exterior, Eunhyuk had a rough childhood. His family was constantly struggling financially, even living in a house that had no bathroom. Eunhyuk would have to walk all the way to the nearest train station for a restroom.

12) BEG"s Narsha

During the IMF financial crisis, Narsha and her mother lived in a rented basement. To avoid embarrassment, she would often leave the house in a mask to prevent others from recognizing her.

13) Kahi

Despite her dreams to become a singer and dancer, her father opposed Kahi"s aspirations to become a star. Thus, to pursue her dreams, Kahi decided to rebel against her father and run away from home to Seoul without any support or even funds.

14) Son Ho Joon

To ensure that he would be able to eat for a whole week, singer and actor Son Ho Joon used to split a serving of instant ramen into four pieces. He would then use only a quarter of the soup base per piece, eating one piece a day.

15) Infinite"s Sunggyu

Because of his parents" lack of support for his dreams of becoming a singer, Sunggyu came to Seoul alone with only his bags and the money he had earned from working various part-time jobs. In order to support himself while making his dreams come true, Sunggyu worked various jobs, from working as a waiter at a cafe to carrying charcoal in barbecue restaurants.

16) JYJ"s Yoochun

Yoochun"s family"s move to the United States as well as their poor financial situation proved to be too much as it led to his parents" divorce. Yoochun and his brother ended up living with his mother, whom they hardly saw as she was always working with the three living on mostly instant ramen.

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BTS revisit their predebut days with

BTS revisit their predebut days with "We Are Bulletproof Pt 1" cover

BTS revisit their predebut days with

Continuing on their "BTS FESTA" parade, the boys of BTS have dropped a special track for their fans!

"We Are Bulletproof Part 1" is a track that leader Rap Monster, along with then-trainees Iron and Supreme Boi, released before BTS" debut. All three were candidates to debut in BTS, and while Iron and Supreme Boi left the label, the three are still quite close. In any case, the current BTS members changed the song up a little bit to fit the 7 members, and released it as part of their two-week long ramp up to June 13, or their 2nd anniversary.

Check out the track below!

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Hani"s predebut pics, so cute!

EXID"s Hani garners much attention with her predebut photos.

The photos above were taken when Hani was a JYP trainee. She is seen posing cutely in the photos, showing bright smile in school uniform.

Fans commented, "she"s now a sexy diva", "she changes from innocent to charming" and etc. READ MORE



EXID Hani"s predebut pic, no PS!

An old school photo of EXID"s goddess Hani has become a hot topic among netizens.

Hani has become the center of attention lately with her appearance on various variety shows. EXID"s popularity skyrocketed since Hani"s Up and Down fancam went viral online, the video has recorded 11 million views and continues rising on Youtube.

Netizens then discussed about her schooling pic and discovered her beauty during her school days, they came to a conclusion that Hani did not have any plastic surgery, that"s a great news no doubt to Hani and fans, let"s wish Hani the IQ 145 idol more success in her career.

More hot pics of Hani below

This is "that" million views fancam


AOAs Seolhyun Shines in Predebut Photos

AOAs Seolhyun Shines in Predebut Photos

AOA’s Seolhyun Shines in Predebut Photos Older photos of AOA’s Seolhyun when she was competing in a model competition have recently been revealed by FNC Entertainment.

The photos are from a 2010 Smart Uniform Model Competition, in which Seolhyun was a competitor. In the photos Seolhyun was only in her third year of middle school, but showed a fierce pose that accentuated her body and her bright face.

Seolhyun signed on to FNC Entertainment right after she won the competition and then trained for two years before debuting as a member of AOA. She has also acted in the SBS drama “Ugly Alert” in 2013 and was recently cast as Lee Min Ho’s little sister in the upcoming movie “Gangnam Blues.”

Past winners of the Smart Uniform Model Competition include Song Hye Kyo and Go Jun Hee.

AOA recently made a comeback last June with “Short Hair.”

AOA’s Seolhyun Shines in Predebut Photos


Chad Future reveals MV teaser for Got It Figured Out ft. NUESTs Aron + The First Mini Album tracklist

Chad Future reveals MV teaser for Got It Figured Out ft. NUESTs Aron + The First Mini Album tracklist

Chad Future reveals MV teaser for “Got It Figured Out” ft. NUEST’s Aron + “The First Mini Album” tracklist

Chad Future will be releasing his first mini-album soon and in anticipation for the upcoming album, the music video teaser for “Got It Figured Out,” featuring NUEST’s Aron, has been revealed!

Bringing a fusion of American pop and K-pop, Chad Future is paving the way for “AK-POP,” inspiring individuals to create their own unique paths into the music industry.

After collaborating together with VIXX’s Ravi back in April for “Rock the World,” up next with Chad Future is NUEST’S Aron!

Chad Future’s first mini-album will be released on June 30th along with the full music video for “Got It Figured Out.” The mini-album consists of five songs, including “Rock the World” with VIXX’s Ravi and “Got it Figured Out” with NUEST’s Aron. The other songs are “Who Am I?,” “Where It’s At,” and “When U Call” featuring Jamie.

The teaser for “Got It Figured Out” starts off with a brief introduction by Aron and Chad Future. Bringing tons of energy, watch the preview of the upcoming music video!

Meanwhile, have you watched the music video for “Rock the World” featuring VIXX’s Ravi yet? If you missed it, check it out below!

After watching the music video teasers, music video, and even his special on Mnet America, are you looking forward to Chad Future’s upcoming “The First Mini Album” and the full music video for “Got It Figured Out”? What did you think of the newest music video teaser?

Source: Chad Future (YouTube and Facebook)