NS Yoon-G and Jaekyung look stunning for ‘Barrel’

NS Yoon-G and Jaekyung look stunning for ‘Barrel’

NS Yoon-G and her best friend Jaekyung posed for Korean sportswear brand ‘Barrel.’

‘Barrel’ presented various photos of the two women as they recently traveled to Saipan.  Both NS Yoon-G and Jaekyung showed off their well-toned bodies at the beach wearing short shorts and a floral-themed bikini demonstrating refreshing yet fantasy-like visuals.

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Jaekyung often posted photos on her social media page, enjoying the great outdoors such as skateboarding to freediving resulting in a slim, fit body.

A marketing representative from ‘Barrel’ commented, “The two best friends NS Yoon-G and Jaekyung illustrated their strong bond during the photo shoot, making for a successful outcome.”

The ‘2017 Barrel Girls’ lookbook featuring the two stunning women can be found on Barrel’s home page.

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