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Yim Jae Bum and SNSD Taeyeon′s ′Scars Deeper Than Love′ emerging Briefly on Track Charts

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Yim Jae Bum and SNSD Taeyeon′s ′Scars Deeper Than Love′ emerging Briefly on Track Charts

--> Yim Jae Bum and Girls′ Generation (SNSD) Taeyeon′s remake duet of Scars Deeper Than Love has swept the tune charts.

Scars Deeper Than Love was once released on music sites at midday on September 10. The long-established duet with Yim Jae Bum and Park Jung Hyun changed into released in 1997 and has been remade with Taeyeon for Yim Jae Bum′s 30th anniversary project.

As soon as the song was released, it ranked no 1 on Soribada, number two on Mnet, number 4 on Genie, number six on Bugs, rating top on quite so much of music charts. It entered MelOn′s chart at number forty five and jumped 14 spots to number 31 in an hour. The song is expected to stay mountain climbing the charts over time.

Meanwhile, Yim Jae Bum might be freeing a new album in September or October in addition kicking off a countrywide excursion at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Health club on October 30 and 31.

Yim Jae Bum and SNSD′s Taeyeon to Remake vintage ′Scars Deeper Than Love′

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Yim Jae Bum and SNSD′s Taeyeon to Remake vintage ′Scars Deeper Than Love′

--> Yim Jae Bum may be liberating a remake of Scars Deeper Than Love after 19 years with Girls′ Generation (SNSD)′s Taeyeon.

Yim Jae Bum and Taeyeon′s collaboration song will be released on music sites on September 10. The collaboration was once planned as a phase of Yim Jae Bum′s 30th anniversary project.

Scars Deeper Than Love became released as a duet with Yim Jae Bum and Park Jung Hyun in 1997 and is still enjoyed 19 years later. Taeyeon was picked as Yim Jae Bum′s spouse for the remake no longer simplest as SNSD′s major vocalist yet because she has won reputation for her making a song skill via solo songs If and Can You listen Me.

A rep stated, "Taeyeon displayed her very good song interpretation talents and feelings during the duet. subsidized by sturdy vocals, they created a masterpiece harmony.

Meanwhile, Yim Jae Bum will be releasing a new album in September or October in addition maintaining an exclusive concert at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Health club on October 30 and 31.

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SNSD′s Seohyun Responds to questions about Her Love Life

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SNSD′s Seohyun Responds to questions about Her Love Life

--> Girls′ Generation (SNSD)′s Seohyun replied to questions about whether she has ever been in a courting on a contemporary broadcast of MBC′s Radio Star.

Seohyun gave the impression as a guest at the display on August 19, where she addressed her upright way of life and assumptions that she doesn′t play or date, pronouncing "I don′t speak about dating. I in point of fact dislike rumors spreading."

When asked if she′s never been in a relationship, Seohyun acknowledged "I′m now no longer any individual who′s never dated. I′ve had things."

The MCs then asked, "So did you observed ′This user isn′t it?′" to which Seohyun said, "Yes. Either our personalities were too other or it used to be simply too tricky even if we attempted to accomodate each and every other."

SNSD's Sunny to share the huge love for alcohol of the girls

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SNSD's Sunny to share the huge love for alcohol of the girls

-- Girls′ Generation (SNSD)′s Sunny is about to get really personal with viewers.

Sunny will be appearing in an upcoming episode of jTBC′s Please Take Care of my Refrigerator, where she will be opening up SNSD′s refrigerator, specifically the one she shares with roommates Taeyeon and Tiffany, to the public.

The MCs were surprised upon seeing SNSD′s beat-up refrigerator, saying "It doesn′t match SNSD′s name. Did you get the members′ permission?"

Sunny, who revealed that the refrigerator has been around since the group′s debut, responded, "Half of them gave me their permission. The members were so embarrassed because the refrigerator is so old. Especially Yoona!"

What was inside was more shocking, as the refrigerator reportedly contained an array of alcohol and products that revealed Tiffany and Taeyeon′s interesting tastes in food.

The episode featuring Sunny will air on June 22.

2PM's Nichkhun declares love for SNSD's Tiffany

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2PM's Nichkhun declares love for SNSD's Tiffany

2PM's Nichkhun expressed his love for his girlfriend on his recent fantalk.

One fan tweeted, "Please take care of Tiffany! :)"

He answered t saying, "do I ever not? Never = ]"

"@ohmymiyoung: @Khunnie0624 Please take care of Tiffany! :)" do I ever not? Never = ]

— นิชคุณ Buck หรเวชกุล (@Khunnie0624) April 9, 2014

It became a hot news when it was confirmed that 2PM's Nichkhun and Girls' Generation's Tiffany are a couple officially.

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SOURCE: Nichkhun's Twitter

SNSD Works Hard to Get Choo Sarang’s Love

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 SNSD Works Hard to Get Choo Sarang’s Love

With Choo Sarang usually being shy with strangers, Girls’ Generation members worked hard to get on Choo Sarang’s good side on KBS’ Superman is Back.

On March 30’s episode of Superman is Back, Choo Sarang’s mother invited some of the SNSD members after seeing that they were fans of Choo Sarang.

Feeling shy with strangers around, Choo Sarang stayed close by her parents, no matter what the SNSD members did. But the girls inched closer to the toddler by reading her Peter Pan with funny voices, playing with her, and giving her Mickey Mouse presents.

Choo Sarang eventually opened up to SNSD, but refused to give them kisses, using the new word ‘No’ that the members actually taught. Realizing their mistake, Tiffany quickly taught Choo Sarang how to say ‘Yes’ and ‘Ok,’ but still failed to receive kisses.

However, as Yoona was leaving, Choo Sarang stopped the SNSD member, telling her she can’t leave. Yoona then asked for a kiss and Choo Sarang obeyed, making Taeyeon, who saw the whole thing, completely jealous after Yoona won over Choo Saran’g slove.

SNSD Gets the Party Going in ‘Love & Girls’ Dance Version PV

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After throwing a full party, Girls’ Generation released the dance version PV of LoveGirls for a double dose of fun.

The PV was released on June 4 with the SNSD members dancing in the middle of a crowd of 1,000 bright and cheery girls. The highlight of the fun-filled choreography is the ‘Shampoo Dance,’ which Taeyeon told fans to memorize for the upcoming 2013 Girls’ Generation World Tour GirlsPeace in June.

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miss A"s Min and SNSD"s Seohyun and More Chummy Celebs We Love to Love

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miss A

We’ve talked about our infatuation with celebrity friends before, and we’re back for another round of chummy celebs we simply love to love.

From Big Bang member Taeyang and 2PM member Jun.K’s bruh moment to 2NE1’s Sandara Park luring actor Jung Il Woo away from his studies, Twitter has not only given fans access to celebrities’ candid moments, but has revealed unlikely friendships.

As SNS is a playground for the stars, we scoured Twitter and Instagram and gathered some of our favorite celebrity BFF moments as of late.

Shinhwa + Lee Hyori = BFF. Best Friends for Fifteen Years.

Shinhwa + SNSD = Best Friends…From…now on…?

Friends don’t let friends eat burritos alone. Ask miss A’s Min and f(x)’s Amber.

Or eat patbingsu alone. We recently discovered SNSD′s Taeyeon and Rainbow′s No Eul are childhood friends.

Or go onstage with dirt in their nails. SNSD’s Taeyeon keeps SHINee’s Minho’s paws perfectly manicured.

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon and f(x)’s Amber rock the cutest couple look yet.

We knew miss A’s Min and SNSD’s Hyoyeon were tight.

But who knew miss A’s bad girl rolled with SNSD’s good girl?

Min and Seohyun (or Seonoop Dogg as Min likes to call the SNSD member) were recently spotted at Snoop Dogg’s concert in Seoul.

Another adorable shot of Min and Seohyun, this time joined by Wonder Girls’ Hye Lim and Yubin.

A Sunny sandwich is also just what the doctor ordered.

SHINee’s Key kicks it with the cool crowd, made up of Soyou of SISTAR and Woo Hyun of Infinite.

What′s better than one Jong Hyun? Two. Say hello to Jong Hyun Squared.

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SNSD Draws a Crowd in PV for "Love & Girls"

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Girls′ Generation (SNSD) may be taking a break from the Korean music scene, but Korea′s representative girl group is proving it still knows how to have fun.

SNSD released its PV for LoveGirls ahead of the release of its seventh Japanese single album of the same name.

The video featured 1,000 girls from the ages of 10-20 to create a setting similar to a flash mob. This is the first time SNSD has featured such a large crowd in a video, straying away from the traditional staged SM videos.

SNSD′s seventh Japanese album will be released on June 19. The girl group wrapped up its Girls′ Generation 2nd Japan Arena Tour in Osaka in April and will be focusing on its 2013 Girls′ Generation World Tour GirlsPeace in June.

Check Out SNSD's Awesomely Summer-y "LOVE & GIRLS" PV

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Seoul Beats Idols Music Film Drama TV Media Style Culture TweetCheck Out SNSDs Awesomely Summer-y LOVEGIRLS PVidolsCheck Out SNSDs Awesomely Summer-y LOVEGIRLS PVCheck Out SNSDs Super Summer-y LOVEGIRLS PV Written by Amy On May 17, 2013Shoujo Jidai is dropping their 7th Japanese single on June 19th, this one called LOVEGIRLS and heres the PV for the song:

The song is fantastically boring but the PV is just plain fantastic. Weird to think that this is SNSDs first music video featuring big crowds of extras. The summertime theme is fun without being cutesy or age inappropriate, and its perfect for an audience that loves summer singles.

LOVEGIRLS is SNSDs first Japanese single of 2013 and they will be kicking off their GIRLSPEACE world tour at the beginning of June, starting off in Seoul.

(Youtube)Check Out SNSDs Awesomely Summer-y LOVEGIRLS PVAmy I like angsty TV, boy bands, and can appreciate a good, non-creepy stare.