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B.A.P on Their Popularity in Europe: “There’s an Appeal in Our Unique Style”

Among the different K-Pop idol groups, B.A.P is especially popular in Europe. The group was recently asked why they think that is.

On March 9, at the press conference for “B.A.P Live on Earth Seoul 2014,” member Daehyun said, “I think there’s an appeal in our unique style, and I think people like our masculine and powerful performances.”

B.A.P’s agency TS Entertainment said, “As B.A.P hasn’t been to Europe yet, it’s hard to tell, but there’s definitely a highly positive response to the group there. We should be able to get an idea of their popularity during this world tour.” For this year’s world tour, B.A.P will be visiting America, Europe, Oceania, and Asia for a total of 20 concerts. In Europe they have decided on visits to Germany and France, and they will be adding other European countries to their itinerary at a later date

B.A.P Enters Top 10 on iTunes Hip Hop Chart with “First Sensibility”

Following the official release on February 5th, B.A.P‘s first studio album “First Sensibility” has quickly entered the top of “iTunes Store Top 10 Hip-Hop Albums” all around the world.

The new album came in first in Japan, Norway, Canada, and Sweden; second in the UK, the US, and Finland; third in Denmark; and fourth in Australia. This is a huge achievement to the Korean boy group.

Moreover, “First Sensibility” ranked 44th on “iTunes Top 100 Album Chart” in the US right after its release, and also entered the Top 100 of 12 countries overall, showing off B.A.P’s popularity in countries outside Asia.

Meanwhile, B.A.P is currently doing promotional activities for their title track “1004 (Angel)

B.A.P’s “First Sensibility” Lands in Top 10 on iTunes Hip Hop Chart

Male group B.A.P‘s first studio album “First Sensibility” has quickly become an international success.

The album was released on February 5, and 24 hours later, it landed in the top ten of iTunes Store Top 10 Hip-Hop Albums all around the world. It placed first in Japan, Norway, Canada, and Sweden; second in the UK, the US, and Finland; third in Denmark; and fourth in Australia.

As of February 7, “First Sensibility” is placed first in Canada and Japan, and second in the US. Considering that the charts are usually dominated by world stars Kendrick Lamar, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Kanye West and others, it is a remarkable achievement to top the charts.

In addition, the album placed 44th on iTunes Top 100 Album Chart in the US right after its release, and landed in the Top 100 of 12 countries overall

B.A.P’s ‘First Sensibility’ ranks in the Top 10 on iTunes Hip-Hop Albums Chart in nine countries

B.A.P"s first full-length album "First Sensibility" hopped its way onto the iTunes Top 10 Hip-Hop Albums Chart in nine countries!

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As of the 5th according TS Entertainment, B.A.P ranked #1 in Japan, Norway, Sweden, and Canada, #2 in the U.S., Finland, and United Kingdom. They also went on to clinch the #3 and #4 spots in Denmark and Australia.

The group also entered the iTunes Top 100 Album Chart in a total of twelve countries including #44 in the U.S immediately after their album release.

Congrats to B.A.P and their BABYs on the feat!

The Boss Held Fan Meeting with 300 Exclusive Fans

(Photo : POOM Entertainment)

The Boss held their first fan signing event to celebrate their mini-album and comeback after 2 years.

The Boss had a fan signing event for their mini-album Chapter on December 8th at the Seoul Gimpo Airport Branch Library.

Well over 300 fans gathered at this location several hours even before the event started to greet the group. Despite having been less active for the past 2 years, many fans gathered for this event, including even international fans. There were fans from America, Norway, Japan, Thailand, China, and other international countries that gathered to see The Boss.

The Boss members greeted their fans with bright smiles, and they shook hands with their fans and expressed their thanks

How was Crayon Pop-Ylvis First Encounter? ‘An Honor to Perform on Stage Together’

Ylvis, Crayon Pop, Collaboration, MAMA

How was Crayon Pop-Ylvis First Encounter? 'An Honor to Perform on Stage Together'

Fun girl group Crayon Pop and Norwegian duo Ylvis expressed their thoughts on their first meeting.

At the 2013 MAMA welcome meeting, both groups revealed their thoughts on one another and their collaboration.

Crayon Pop commented, "We saw Ylvis first on YouTube and thought they were a fun group. It was an honor to be on the same stage with them."

Ylvis commented, "We didn't know Crayon Pop until after we were invited to the MAMA. When we first saw their music video, we couldn't stop singing along to it. We welcome them to Norway anytime!"

Crayon Pop showed their excitement and stated that they would love to visit Norway. The group had recently visited Australia and Hong Kong and hoped to do a guerrilla concert in Norway someday as well

Crayon Pop, ‘Choa Is Okay… Go On with Schedule as Planned’

Crayon Pop, Choa, Chrome Entertainment, Ylvis, 2013 MAMA

Crayon Pop ‘Choa Is Okay… Go On with Schedule as Planned’

Girl group Crayon Pop stated, "Member Choa was startled, but she's okay right now," in regards to the male fan who suddenly trespassed onto the stage during their performance.

Crayon Pop's agency Chrome Entertainment stated on November 18th, "The video was made available to the public, and a lot of people have been concerned about Choa. Choa is okay right now, and is planning to proceed with today's schedule of the album jacket photo shoot." Crayon Pop is planned for an album jacket photo shoot for their Christmas Carols album.

On November 14th, Crayon Pop performed at an event in Cheonan, Choongnam. They were coming down from the stage when a male fan dashed towards Crayon Pop and hugged Choa

Grammy Award Winning Stevie Wonder to Attend MAMA 2013 in Hong Kong November 22nd!

MAMA, MNET Asian Music Awards, Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder, legendary and topnotch pop musician, is confirmed to beattending and performing at the MAMA 2013 in Hong Kong. In a line-up thatalready includes big names in K-pop such as Big Bang, 2NE1 and Crayon Pop, theinclusion of the world-reknown artist leaves another mark for the MAMA awardsfranchise.

Now, MAMA is definitely more than just an awards show. An official pressrelease from CJ E&M, producers of MAMA, stated that Stevie Wonder "expressedinterest xpressed interest in participating in the show based on his deepinterest in the theme of 2013 MAMA, 'Music Makes One'".   For the same release,Shin Hyung Kwan, Head Executive of 2013 MAMA says of Wonder's attendance, "AsStevie Wonder's appearance this year demonstrates, 2013 MAMA is much more than asimple music awards show, but a true festival uniting Asia through music andculture, and promoting a message of hope throughout the world

‘YouTube Stars’ Ylvis and Crayon Pop to Collaborate for ’2013 MAMA’

YouTube, Crayon Pop, Ylvis, MAMA

'YouTube Stars' Ylvis and Crayon Pop to Collaborate for '2013 MAMA'

YouTube sensations Ylvis and Crayon Pop will be holding a collaborative performance for the 2013 MAMA.

On November 13, MAMA revealed that group Ylvis from Norway and Crayon Pop from Korea would be holding a unique collaboration performance for the MAMA.

Alongside these artists, others such as Icona Pop, Stevie Wonder and more will be attending as well.

They also stated that music is a universal language and that although these artists come from all around the world, they are able to work together through music.

On the other hand, this year will be the second year for the MAMAs and it will be held at the Hong Kong Asia Expo Arena on November 22

Jaejoong’s Korean Album Ranks Fourth on Japan Oricon Weekly Chart

Kim Jaejoong’s first solo studio album, “WWW: Who, When, Why,” took number four on the Japanese Oricon Chart.

According to a representative of C-JeS Entertainment on November 6, “Kim Jaejoong is surprising Japanese music officials by holding a rank in the Japan Oricon Weekly Chart with a Korean album.” The rep also stated, “There was no promotion done in Japan. Thus, if we add the number of imported albums sold in record stores in Japan, we can see just how much popularity Kim Jaejoong’s album is receiving in Japan.”

In response to all the attention he is receiving, Kim Jaejoong plans to meet with 60,000 fans in Japan on November 15-16 at the Yokohama Stadium. A representative affiliated to the concert said, “There is only a handful of solo singers in Japan who can fill the Yokohama Stadium