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SISTAR's Soyu startles enthusiasts when she nearly slips and falls all through performance

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SISTAR's Soyu startles enthusiasts when she nearly slips and falls all through performance

It certain doesn"t glance simple being an idol. SISTAR"s Soyu used to be in an excessively unhealthy state of affairs recently, at some degree in a reside functionality of "Shake It" at the Gyeongju "Hallyu Dream Festival 2015."

The singer slips precariously at the stage in the center of the performance, almost falling. From the appearance of it, if Soyu had in reality fallen, she would have either fallen tough on her in the back of or fallen headfirst over the stage, which could have led to serious injuries. Thankfully, Soyu controlled to regain her balance, steadying herself back into an upright role with the assistance of Bora and Hyorin who were closest to her. 

Soyu, shaken from the surprise she received, walks gingerly off the stage at the direction of a involved Hyorin. However, as she is walking off, Soyu slips yet again. now not too long after, Soyu walks back on stage to ironically sing her lines, "I stay shaking, shaking."

You can watch Soyu overcoming her harmful moment in the clip above round the 1:45 mark. 

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"Fated To Love You" slips under "The Joseon Shooter"

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MBC drama "Fated to Love You" fell slightly in the ratings.

According to Nielsen Korea on the 30th, "Fated to Love You" fell 0.4% from the previous episode to 10.2%.

Meanwhile, KBS "The Joseon Shooter" stays on top of the ratings at 11.2% after falling 0.7%, and SBS "It"s Okay, That"s Love" rated 9.1%.

Suzy slips and falls hard on miss A's Beijing Tour

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Suzy slips and falls hard on miss A's Beijing Tour

miss A performed in Beijing yesterday and had some great time with their Chinese fans.

Suzy slipped and fell during her special solo stage. She performed Frozen's OST Let It Go during the concert, when she was walking up the stairs, she slipped and took a hard fall.

Fans were totally impressed with her professionalism as she got back to her feet to complete her performance without any mistake.

Below is the fancam of the incident, hopefully this won't cause her any serious injury.

Han Soo-ah slips in a garter belt

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Han Soo-ah slips in a garter belt

Sexy pictures of the actress Han Soo-ah were revealed in the movie "Mango Tree".

Han Soo-ah is wearing her long hair down and shows no flaw in her complexion. Her features even stand out more than usual.

She's only wearing sexy lingerie with a garter belt emphasizing her voluptuous and glamorous body shape.

Netizens say, "Han Soo-ah has taken it off", "She's the lead I see", "Is the male title played by Seo Ji-seok?" and more.

Meanwhile, "Mango Tree" is a fun movie about Soo-jin (Hong Soo-ah) and Ji-yeong's (Han Soo-ah) fight for love and try to seduce handsome man Tae-hoon (Seo Ji-seok).

'Gentleman' slips to 33rd on Billboard

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'Gentleman' slips to 33rd on Billboard

Despite Psy's "Gentleman" breaking the 300-million mark on YouTube Thursday, the song slipped further on the Billboard Hot 100 chart yesterday to 33rd place from 26th place a week ago.

It is said that the song fell short in streaming and sales online although the music video was widely played on YouTube. Also, Billboard only counts views from within the United States.

Psy shared his disappointment during a special lecture at Harvard University on Thursday.

He said he was surprised to find himself disappointed when he heard the news, even though he should be thankful for being recognized on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the first place.

In the lecture, Psy said that a good run of "Gangnam Style" was very accidental and that such an event doesn't happen often.

He said he was delighted and surprised at the same time to know that people enjoy his music and performance even when they don't understand the Korean lyrics.

Psy's 'Gentleman' slips in rankings

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Psy's 'Gentleman' slips in rankings

A brake may have been pushed on a rally of Psy's "Gentleman" as the song's ranking on the Billboard Hot 100 chart dropped five places to No. 26 yesterday.

The momentum behind the song's popularity was the video streaming of the music video, but the number of views dropped by 66 percent compared to the week before and dragged down its overall score. The Hot 100 chart ranks songs based on scores from TV or radio broadcasts, song sales and streaming of the video online. The number of song sales fell by half to 36,000.

Psy predicted such a drop earlier, as he was leaving for New York last month.

"As ranks on iTunes dropped, I think the rank on Billboard will also go down", said Psy at the airport. "However, through local promotions, through TV, radio and other media outlets, I think the song will create another rising trajectory within two or three weeks".

Meanwhile, local terrestrial channel KBS confirmed its previous decision not to air Psy's music video. It said it might reconsider if Psy alters the problematic scene in which he vandalizes public property.

Hong Dae Kwang Slips Far Away in Debut MV

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After going far on Mnet’s Superstar K4, Hong Dae Kwang finally made his anticipated debut with Far Away.

On April 19, Hong Dae Kwang filled the music video with his charismatic voice, singing about drifting away after a failed relationship. Far Away was written by Hong Dae Kwang himself, making the lyrics ring truer than ever.

The music video features actress Kyung Soo Jin, who is known as ′2-second Son Ye Jin,′ for her similarities with the famed actress.

Hong Dae Kwang’s debut album include a total of eight tracks, including Goodbye featuring SISTAR’s Soyou.

Song Seung Heon Slips into Singapore for "Dr. Jin"

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Song Seung Heon Slips into Singapore for Dr. Jin Next month, Song Seung Heons first period drama Dr. Jin will be telecast on one of Singapores free-to-air TV channels. To celebrate this occasion, Song Seung Heon flew in to Singapore to speak at a press conference held on March 1, as well as a public meet-the-fans session the following day at a shopping mall. 

The press conference was held at a new upscale restaurant called ME@OUE, resplendent with views of the beautiful Marina Bay. Clad in a simple white t-shirt, black jeans, and a casual dark gray jacket, Song Seung Heon looked dashing.

Despite being an actor for almost 20 years, Dr. Jin marks the first time he acted as a doctor, and also his first period drama, so naturally, questions about how he prepared himself and what difficulties he encountered popped up.

I naturally felt some pressure, but fortunately, as I am supposed to be a modern day doctor who traveled back 150 years to the Joseon Dynasty, I actually did not have to worry much about period speech and behavior. 

The challenge for Song Seung Heon was that he had to memorize many medical terms, and there were many surgical scenes. The scenes were quite realistic, and at times so gory and bloody that it took him a while to get used to it. With the guide of real doctors while filming, he soon got so familiar with welding the scalpel and wound stitching that he and the crew often joked that he is probably now good enough to be a doctor. 

When asked about the most memorable experience of filming the drama, he replied, I think it was really interesting because the drama touches on history of the Joseon era, and I often imagine how it would be like if I really have the chance to go back to the past to meet these historical figures. Thus, every day was a refreshing experience for me during the filming.

Talking about his co-actors in the drama, Song Seung Heon said that he learned a lot from veteran actor Lee Bum Soo, whom he has collaborated with in a movie more than ten years ago.

“Lee Bum Soo is able to grasp the gist of the character and to portray it well. As for Park Min Young, there were worries initially about whether such a young girl would be able to portray her role well, but she worked hard and in fact did rather well. Kim Jae Joong, being a popular K-Pop idol, also faced doubts from people about his acting, but he worked extremely hard, in fact, harder than anyone else.”

After he sang one of the songs from the dramas OST, many people who were impressed with his singing asked if he would consider coming out with an album as a singer. The humble Song Seung Heon, who had released a full album before back in 2004, replied, Actually, I cant sing very well. I think it really has to do with all the new high-tech audio equipment that managed to make me sound good. So, no, I dont think I would come up with another full album or single. However, I think it is meaningful to be able take part in OSTs for my dramas and movies, and I would not reject it if the opportunity arises in future.

As with many other actors, there are still many different types of roles he wishes to portray, especially roles that are totally opposite from all his past kind and warm-hearted roles, such as a killer or psychopath. For his upcoming drama, When A Man Loves, he gets to play a gangster who falls in love for the first time, acting opposite Shin Se Kyung.

But first, lets first catch him in Dr. Jin on Channel U on weekdays at 10 PM, beginning April 1.

Special thanks to Channel U for extending the media invitation to Soompi.

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2NE1 Bom is a True Professional? 'Performs Barefoot after Shoe Slips Off'

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2NE1 Bom is a True Professional? 'Performs Barefoot after Shoe Slips Off' 2NE1 Bom is a True Professional? 'Performs Barefoot after Shoe Slips Off'2NE1 member Bom performed in barefoot at the '22nd High 1 Seoul Music Awards'.

During the '22nd Seoul Music Awards', which took place today at the Olympic Park in Seoul, 2NE1 performed a celebratory stage for being awarded the Bonsang Awards.

As 2NE1 was delivering a live performance of "I Love You," Bom's shoe slipped off. However, despite this sudden accident, Bom remained calm and concluded the vigorous dance moves and vocal performance smoothly, showing her professionalism.

More than anything, Bom afterwards took off her other high heel and performed barefoot until the end of the show, drawing large cheer from the audience.

Concert attendees and fans that have seen and heard about Bom's barefoot performance commented, "So touched by Bom's barefoot performance", "She truly is a pro seeing her perform in barefoot" and "I hope she didn't injure her feet while performing barefoot."

miss A"s Suzy Slips and Falls Trying to Clear Up Kissing Rumors on ‘Gag Concert’

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miss A

Proving she’s a pro, miss A’s Suzy recovered from an embarrassing fall on KBS’ Gag Concert.

On October 28, miss A appeared on ‘The Discovery of Life’ skit on Gag Concert. When only Min, Fei and Zia appeared, comedian Kim Ki Lee asked about Suzy′s whereabouts.

“I have something to apologize to her about,” said the comedian, referring to the accidental ‘kiss’ that occurred back in August between Suzy and comedian Kim Jun Hyun.

Just then, Suzy came out from the back to clear up all the rumors, but rushing onto the stage too quickly, she slipped and fell to the surprise of her group members, the comedians and the audience.

Although it must′ve been embarrassing to fall in front of hundreds of people, Suzy got up quickly and cleared up the rumors, saying she will even reenact the scene with comedian Song Joon Geun.

Unfortunately for Song Joon Geun, he wound up getting hit hard by a metal plate with Suzy ducking away to prevent another accidental kiss on Gag Concert