Ryu Jun Yeol Stocks  Evidence Shot Of Refrigerator From JYJ’s Junsu

Ryu Jun Yeol Stocks Evidence Shot Of Refrigerator From JYJ’s Junsu

Ryu Jun Yeol StocksEvidence Shot Of Refrigerator From JYJs Junsuehk38 June 26, 2016 0 Ryu Jun Yeol Shares Proof Shot Of Refrigerator From JYJs Junsu It looks as if the refrigerator that JYJs Kim Junsu discussed in a press conventionprevious in June has arrived at Ryu Jun Yeols place!

On June 26, their mutual label C-Jes Entertainment posted the proof shot onto the agencys professional Instagram with the caption, A kimchi refrigerator that Ryu Jun Yeol gainedfor purchasinga truly perfectrating on XIAs quiz. Refrigerator, depend on me.! A porkcelebration alongside the kimchi from this refrigerator? You in??!

Kim Junsu in a priorare living radio broadcast had called labelmate Ryu Jun Yeol and given him a quiz over the phone. After he answered correctly, Kim Junsu had promised to gift him with a kimchi refrigerator.

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Kim Jong Kook Stocks Shot With Basketball Legend Kobe Byrant

Kim Jong Kook Stocks Shot With Basketball Legend Kobe Byrant

Kim Jong Kook Stocks Shot With Basketball Legend Kobe Byrantehk38 June 23, 2016 0 Kim Jong Kook Shares Shot With Basketball Legend Kobe Byrant It seems like Kim Jong Kook currentlywere givena possibilityto satisfy basketball legend Kobe Bryant!

On June 23, Kim Jong Kook shared a photo of himself with Kobe Bryant, who recently retired from the Los Angeles Lakers. He writes, At the facet ofa true legend Im now notthat massive Its because I sat too much in the front. I must be more way in the future. Kobe Bryant. Legend. L. a. Lakers. We could take a neaterimage next time. Yet hes more youthful than me.

Kim Jong Kook left his fans curious as to what brought the 2 together, the soleconceivable clue from the photograph being the truth that they either have earpieces on.

Meanwhile, Kim Jong Kook is currently web hostingtypedisplay Welcome Prove on KBS.

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How In-Car Scenes for Korean Dramas Are Shot In Reality

How In-Car Scenes for Korean Dramas Are Shot In Reality

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterIn Korean dramas, there are several essential elements that are a will have toadding awkward first kisses and/or emotional dont leave me back hugs.

And then, theres the onesautomobile scenes.

From a audience point-of-view, we think that they'rein reality recorded with the actors car getting hauled by way of the recording staffs because a massive number of the time, the actor using doesnt trulyappear to bebeing attentive tothe street equally hes too busy conversing with his passenger.

A netizen currently shared how those scenes are filmed lately, revealing that a camera is trulyfixed to the hood of the auto as the actors themselves power the car whilst the personnel is in some other car tracking them. Additionally, it's far shared that there is aemployees member who is in all probability in the back seat, hidden from view as well.

Though some scenes is also filmed like this, there are quite so much oftactics to checklist and reachthe similar scenes.

Are you stunned at how car scenes can also be filmed?

Image: How car scenes are recorded for Korean dramas / Instiz Image: How car scenes are recorded for Korean dramas / Instiz

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Pyeongchang Olympics Mascot Unveiled

Pyeongchang Olympics Mascot Unveiled

Kim Yu-na holds the mascots for the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics and Paralympics. /Courtesy of the Organizing Committee of the Pyeongchang Olympics

The mascots for the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics and Paralympics were unveiled. Organizers on Thursday acknowledged the characters constitute the white tiger and Asiatic black bear.A tiger was once as well the mascots of the Seoul summer Olympics in 1988, yet this one is white for winter.The Asiatic black endure for the Paralympics symbolizes sturdy will and courage and could also be the emblematic animal of Gangwon Province, where the occasions will take place.The organizing committees plan to hangquite so much ofparties to advertise the mascots in Seoul and Pyeongchang next month, and in Rio de Janeiro all the manner through the summer Olympics in August.


Thank You, Lee Min-ho's 10th year anniversary shot

Thank You, Lee Min-ho's 10th year anniversary shot

Actor Lee Min-ho is celebrating his 10th year anniversary.

He showed off the 10th anniversary cake his enthusiastsready for him on his Instagram.

He is dressed in a leather jacket and is status in front of the cake with a large smile.

Lee Min-ho debuted in 2006 with an EBS drama. Then, he starred in the KBS 2TV drama "Boys over Flowers", MBC "Personal Tastes", SBS drama "City Hunter" and "The Heirs".

Meanwhile, Lee Min-ho has taken position in MYM Entertainment and his former management, Big nameArea director Jang Yeong-hoon is a co-owner.


"Oh Hae-Young Again" team shot with Lee Jae-yoon-I, Heo Young-ji, SEO Hyeon-jin, Eric Moon, Jeon Hye-bin

Actor Lee Jae-yoon released a set shot with the "Oh Hae-Young Again" crew.

He posted this image on his Instagram at the2d of May.

The community shot is composed of Lee Jae-yoon-I, Heo Young-ji, Eric Moon, Jeon Hye-bin, Seo Hyeon-jin, Ye Ji-won, Kim Ji-seok-I, Heo Jeong-min and more.

"Oh Hae-Young Again" is a romantic comedy about two ladies amongstthe similarcall and a guy named Park Do-kyeong who sees the long run between them.


Park Bo Gum and Lee Kwang Soo Snap Shot With Song Joong Ki After Unexpected Him at His Fan Meeting

Park Bo Gum and Lee Kwang Soo Snap Shot With Song Joong Ki After Unexpected Him at His Fan Meeting

Park Bo Gum and Lee Kwang Soo Snap Shot With Song Joong Ki After Unexpected Him at His Fan Assembly ilmare42 April 17, 2016 0 LINE it!Park Bo Gum and Lee Kwang Soo Snap Shot With Song Joong Ki After Surprising Him at His Fan Meeting Some of Song Joong Ki’s superstarbuddies and participants of the “Descendants of the Sun” circle of relativesextremely joyfuleither him and his lovers at his fan meeting in Seoul on April 17!

Actor Park Bo Gum was once Song Joong Ki’s first guest at his fan meeting, which turned into a overallmarvel to the actor. He was first challenged to have a look at to bet who his first guest was simply by his voice, and Song Joong Ki reportedly said, “Park Bo Gum stated he had to be in Taiwan these days and so IT couldn’t be him.” Yet Park Bo Gum soon was heard saying, “Hello, I’m Park Bo Gum who loves Song Joong Ki!”

Song Joong Ki was reportedly stunnedto look his friend and Blossom Entertainment label mate, and asked Park Bo Gum how he might be there when he had said he was busy. “That was a lie,” responded Park Bo Gum, making each person laugh. Park Bo Gum also designed the emblem for the fan meeting.

Song Joong Ki’s just right friend Lee Kwang Soo, who made a cameo in the primary episode of “Descendants of the Sun,” also stunned the actor viaacting at his fan meeting with a big bouquet of flowers. Park Bo Gum later posted a photo on Twitter of the 3 of them backstage, with the caption “My hyungs are the best” and added some cute hearts.

Gummy, who sang the preferredmusic “You Are My Everything” at the drama’s soundtrack, also carried outare living for fans at the fan meeting. On April 17, CJeS Entertainment shared a photo of Gummy and Song Joong Ki on Instagram. The caption to the photo reads, “I was so satisfied that the fans asked for an encore!”

During the fan meeting, Song Joong Ki also thrilled fans by giving them special giftsakin tostriking on lip balm for them, giving them back hugs, taking footage with them, and recording his voice for them to set as their alarm. Finally, he treated them to a cover of Kim Dong Ryul’s “Like a Child” and promised to see them all back soon.

Watch Song Joong Ki (and Lee Kwang Soos cameo!) in the 1st episode of Descendants of the Sun below.

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"Please Come Back, Lee Honey" finishing shot with Kim Soo-ro

Lee Honey and Kim Soo-ro did their portions in "Please Come Back, Mister".

Actress Lee Honey posted an image on her Instagram saying, "We worked demanding overnight. The sun is up and we cannotpaintings anymore. It is over. Excellent work everyone!"

Lee Honey is posing in the image amongstworkforce and Kim Soo-ro. At the similar time, Lee Honey looks as gorgeous equally ever.

Meanwhile, SBS drama "Please Come Back, Mister" ends at the 14th with two back-to-back episodes.


Produce 101 Enhance Group, Ep. 6-8: Bang Bang, Mnet Shot Us Down

Produce 101 Enhance Group, Ep. 6-8: Bang Bang, Mnet Shot Us Down

20160414_seoulbeats_produce101_pledis_pinkyProduce 101 Make stronger Group, Ep. 6-8: Bang Bang, Mnet Shot Us DownWritten by capacity of Gaya On April 13, 201620160414_seoulbeats_produce101_kconic_hyeongeunMnetProduce 101 is also officially over, and the general xianticipating their debut; yetwhen you are feeling nostalgic for the show, concern not: the Produce 101 AidTeam is here for you! In this meeting, we duvet the displaysfunction evaluation: the trainees chose between showcasing a rap, vocal or dance functionality in groups, with the trainee who receives the largestchoice of votes in every category also receiving a 100,000-vote benefit.

How did those votes and advantageshave an effect on the removal in episode 8? If our hearts didnt break, they'll takeundoubtedly cracked for a minimum of one trainee

Gaya: I used to be momentarily distracted whilstgazing episode 6, and so spent many of the hour thinking that eachwoman alongside the maximum votes in their respective group would every one become 100,000 votes, which I presumedwas once rather indulgent. It becamemost effective when I realised that just oneuser in every category overall was getting the ease that it all began making sense.

As much as Mnet needs to push this girl group as being 100% selected by the public, the fits causemade up our minds that they still want tocanopythe entire bases, talent-wise, lest we finally finish up with 11 visuals. The get advantages is an insurance policy.

Elaine: Yeah, it took me a while to figure out whether it was 100,000 votes per group or per category in the beginning too; basically because I wouldve expected everybodyto head for the songs with the least participants inaugural if it were the latter. In the end, I believe nosotroswere givena mixture of those that chose in reaction to the song and the ones that (though now not explicitly) chose primarily based on their probabilities of winning, and in all probability its greater that way if all peoplewere out to win that benefit, the Avengers team performance wouldve never have happened, but thats a discussion for later.

Gaya: Episode 6 was devoted to the vocal category and, honestly, it was a bit of of a drag. The only real operation I actually enjoyed was Monster, thank you to the ending. It took her (and Mnet) a while, but Chanmi redeemed herself here. She did an idealtask with the rearrangement and her prime notes were spot on. The single other performance I was inspired by was the John Park and Huh Gak OST; that song was ready-made for an emotional outpouring, and boy did it deliver. Whichever displaymanufacturer picked that song will have to start a raise.

Elaine: My Very best was one of the vital of fair game of your entire performances none of its performers were specifically well-known, which resulted in an target audience judgement founded more on performance than popularity. And thats precisely what happened: Kang Si-ra killed her crescendo at the climax, causing the votes to pool in opposition to her and in the end land her in 2dposition overall in the vocal category.

It turns out to also have stored her from the threshold of elimination and put her at a fairlystable putrelating to rankings. I also applaud the teams teamwork and skill, which brought them from now not eve knowing the song to turning inan attractive and emotional performance.

Monster and Me Gustas Tu were the fewer memorable ones in my opinion. For me, the finishing of Monster with them swinging towels around was just random, and looked quite messy at that. Me Gustas Tu was also relatively bland – remove the hard-hitting instrumental of the original, and you to find yourself with a degree thats lovely but leaves a comparativelyvulnerable impression.

The standout member, though, was Han Hye-ri. Even supposing her toddler voice juts out sharply from the others, it suits the concept that ridiculously well; her intro on my own had the audience fawning. As an aspect note, I also sympathise with Lee Hae-in she doesnt deserve those comments blaming her for ruining the lives of 4 other trainees, and you'll tell it took a toll on her self-confidence.

Haru Haru is most definitely my favorite performance vocal-wise. This group had two of the 3 known bad singers from the initial evaluation, who showed their growth in their balance of this performance. The harmonies were refined yet well-executed, and helped upload a layered effect to the melody.

Most importantly, this group had two of Produce 101s vocal powerhouses, Yoo Yeun-jung and Kim Ju-na, which proved to have its disadvantages and benefits. The 2bumped intostruggle while practicing as a result of who would get the key song position, but sounded wonderfulin combination in the end. Yeun-jungs blank high notes and Ju-nas husky vocal shadeeither giving the song a glossy exposition, and veryridinghouse the effect in the final verse.

Gaya: And as popular as Yanghwa BRDG is, I discovered the performance itself forgettable as in, I literally forgot what happened. Sorry, Se-jeong. The similarmight beacknowledged of the Exo Call Me Child stage, even though onecherished information technology at the time.

Elaine: Yanghwa BRDG was one of most expected performances because Se-jeong, but I agree that it wasnt the most memorable. The stage had the emotional punch the song required, and I believe Se-jeong did a excellent job of channeling that once having it pointed out by the mentors. Skill-wise, none of the members were especially lacking, although that some of the high notes got here out slightly flat. At the whole, the crowd did neatly – just not outstandingly well.

Pat: The vocal performances were lovely much a bore to me. All I will recall is they all did well, Chanmi redeemed herself, and that the DSP girl will should have asked for assist if she didnt know what was going on. But hey, she moved to the following round.

I dont pay attention to much rap, so I truly wouldnt be capable ofremark on that. Im not really into Cathy, since I just locate it so forced to be rough, and Cubes Soyeon also isbeginning to get on my nerves. Its not anything else personal. I just dont like the tone of her voice. One Hyuna is enough, and here's coming from any person who comprises Hyuna in her height threefeminine biases well, perhaps elevationfive since In deficient health possessto disencumber some area for some Produce 101 girls, anything I never ideaI might exist saying.

Gaya: I'm one of theseother folks who have a tendencyto love squeaky voices (like AOAs Jimin), so So-yeons tone doesnt hassle me much I would like her to feature on Hyunas next album! I agree that Cathy does sound forced, though she also has decent flow. Most commonly though, the most memorable portions of the rap performances were Shin (Ng Sze Kai) rating first in her group and Hyeong-eun winning the whole rap category.

Elaine: Mnet is ultimately getting the drama they would like with these few episodes, but with eliminations looming over the members, clash is inevitable. With Yoo Yeun-jung and Kang Ye-bins respective conflicts with their teams, I think their biggest fault was being explicitly unsatisfied with the team without if fact be told sharing their frustrations (at least at the start).

Its comprehensible that they were disappointed not to be the main, especially in Ye-bins case, because Jeon So-yeon roughlyby chance popped up out of nowhere, but this silent grudge had a damaging consequence on the groups cooperation and consequently, performance quality.

The Say My Call teams argument was more unfortunate, and I think it was more of a conflict of passion – the decrease rank trainees were all for getting sufficienthighlight fourth dimension to survive, while Im Na-young and Kang Mi-na were more involved about the hassle it takes to switch an already-made choreography (especially the latter, who sympathised with Na-young for having to stick up all evening to choreograph it).

Gaya: Behind-the-scenes drama spoiled my delight in the Say My Name dance performance, though I did love that slo-mo frame wave in the chorus. Stone Na-young knows her stuff.

Pat: Signal me up for Pledis ladies because Ill be wanting more Stone Na-young of course of this. I love, love, love how cleanly she executes the steps. Theres a grace into it that just looks so natural. I in truth dont even know if that makes sense. Mi-na was a marvel and because she went from that cute, heart-crushing eye-smile, to the Say My Name choreography.

Gaya: While Identification describe the vocal performances as mostly lukewarm, the dances were hot and cold. As a dancer myself, I was really taking a lookahead to these, and neither Growl nor Bang Bang disappointed.

Elaine: The most efficient two dances were obviously Growl and Bang Bang. Growl in specific was an excessively underrated performance, not just because this team, too, was made up of numerous relatively unknown trainees with the exception of Park So-yeon, but also because they did incredibly well, but had their achievements undermined by the awful editing that took place. So-yeon did a very good job in leading the team, in additiondeveloping a choreography that combined the long-established dance with a fully new number.

The leisure of the members also performed the performance incredibly well, which shouldnt come as a surprise if their skill had been more well known. Then dance spoil in special was well-done of course, you wouldnt know that without watching the pictures of them practicing it, because Mnet ruined the video in theirexact phase with all the closeups and choppy cuts, as well as a ton of reaction shots.

Gaya: Girls covering boy group choreography is something I am at all times here for, so I enjoyed Growl. Its a truedisgracethat each one but one member of that group was eliminated; though, with such so much of low rankers and this type ofmassive group (meaning a smaller proportion of the 1000 on-site votes), this end result wasnt unexpected.

Elaine: Bang Bang is fairly much hailed as a mythical performance in Produce 101 history by K-netizens and I-netizens alike, and Im not about to disagree. The power every member brought to the stage alone is exhilarating for the audience to watch, and all the members are amazing performers on top of that.

Yoo-jung, as usual, nailed her facial expressions, and though I wondered how she would do with such a fierce song given her cute image, she somewaycontrolledto tug it off. Somi is actually a herbal performer, and you could tell she was really happy with this song. Her high note phase was also a highlight.

Gaya: The moment one Avengers team killed that Bang Bang performance! Chung-ha, Yoo-jung and Somi really stood out, and I loved that they threw in Somis goofy lipsyncing. Its the kind of self-deprecating humour I omit from girl group performances, and needlets see more of.

Elaine: I didnt really take note of Chung-ha after her audition stage, but she stuck my eye when I was going during the fancams. Both her dancing and her expressions fit then well with the song that her performance looked without difficulty skillful; and given she choreographed the dance on top of that, Im simply so impressed. Their team also looked as though it would receive such tremendous teamwork and a tight bond (from the style they cheered one another on in the second circular of eliminations), which was the cherry on top.

Pat: Bang Bang was the primary time Ive went Wow, so Somi can dance. But then I saw Chung-ha and Yoo-jung kill it. I also loved the Growl performance, which was a surprise for me. Im so sick and uninterested in the song, but I really liked this performance. It was cleanly done, with transparent lines and a definite pull in it that I locatemissingeach time Exo does Growl. I wager Im just not keen on Exo doing Growl. I characteristic me loving this to So-yeon.

20160414_seoulbeats_produce101_kangsiwonElaine: In terms of the episode 8 eliminations, not much came as a surprise. Most of the unknown trainees were not ableto damagethe pinnacle 35, though my centeris going out to Kang Si-won, who broke down after studying she just neglected the cutoff. Following Yoo Yeun-jung, the emerging stars of the last two episodes proved to be Kang Si-ra and Kim Chung-ha, and deservedly so.

Im relatively content with the end four being as they are, although Mi-na puttingsooner than Somi came as a piece of a surprise to me. Finally, Kim Se-jeong placed first again, which shouldnt come as a surprise to anyone, herself included. As she stated, she got the advantagewhilethe opposite go past ranked trainees didnt, so I dont think the comments calling her arrogant are justified.

Gaya: Hyeong-eun benefitted the most from the additional votes; she was the only Kconic girl to make it through. But all four trainees made a goodaffect on me, and Ill ensure youstay an eye out for their debut. It was also amusingto lookthe upward push of Kang Si-ra and other trainees who shone all over this evaluation.

There has been numerous crying in this show, but Kang Si-wons reaction to just lacking the cut-off is the 1st time Produce 101 that the truth is made me feel unhappy (as hostile to the standardsadness and occassional rage at Mnet). It's essential hear her heart break, and the emotion from her hits you with such force. I dont think there has been a unmarried viewer who didnt feel the crushing disappointment she felt (as opposed to just feeling for her empathy over sympathy).

Pat: Id say it was pretty well expected. No genuine surprises, though I'll miss Kang Si-won. Excellent news is that shes been picked up by an agency! Its not Pledis like everyone gave the impression to have wanted, which I imagine a great point because I wouldnt wish Pledis mismanagement on anybody. Someone pray for the Pledis girls.

Gaya: Talking of; I know Pinky is this super popular Pledis trainee, but this prove is doing her no favours, seriously. First she gets stripped of the centre position; and then when she does get centre and creates all this choreography, individuals are too busy that specialize in Chae-yeons centre-like attraction and So-hyes ability to preserve in mind all the steps.

Pinky turns up in so many of those 101-voted lists, like most sensible visual, but Im not really seeing what the other women on the demonstrate are seeing; and that frustrates me because I cant tell if its because if its Mnets editing, an easy series of unlucky events, or if Pinky really is overrated.

Pat: I think that during Pinkys case, its her being overshined (overshone?) by the rest. If someone were to inform me that she was the very bestmiddle for Pledis Girls, I would trust it, especially since she can also exactly be South Koreas type. But with these sorts of other girls, her lowkey calories and air of secrecy is overpowered.

I also think that maybe shes Miss Congeniality in teal life, is helping the others willingly without a malice at all, friendly and all that. And Mnet just doesnt need that at all. They need drama, not someone whos drama free. Drama brings ratings, smartwomen get their screentime cut. Pinky, Jellyfishs Na-young and Shin are an identical in that aspect, I think. Only difference is that Pinky was popular even before all this.

Gaya: So, I got played by Mnet?

Pat: At this point, we all got played by Mnet.


"The King" Jo In-seong and Jeong Woo-seong in portrait-like double shot

"The King" Jo In-Seong and Jeong Woo-seong were featured at the front page of Cine 21's 21st Anniversary Special Issue.

"The King" is the assignment of a guy who struggles to grow to be the king in an international of energy starring Jo In-Seong, Jeong Woo-seong, Kim Ah-joong, Bae Seong-woo and Ryu Jun-yeol.

Cine 21 has the longest publishing history in Korea. The canopytale for Cine 21 this month happened in Busan where the filmwas once being filmed.

Cine 21 said, "Although Jo In-Seong and Jeong Woo-seong are close, they've never met like this before. In the movie, they carry out roles that is new to them. Also, the anticipation for the motion picture is high".

Jo In-Seong takes on the role of Park Tae-soo who tastes drive and dreams of success. Jeong Woo-seong plays Han Kang-sik who brings Park Tae-soo into the arena of power and use him as his own hands and limbs.

"The King" changed intofinished in 2015. The production paymentby myselfcharge 10.4 billion won and cranked in this February. The movie comes out this winter.