Nicky Park releases full ‘Fly High’ MV

Nicky Park releases full ‘Fly High’ MV

Following the teaser video for his debut track “Fly High,” Nicky Park recently unveiled the full version of his new song. ┬áThe singer/social media guru was inspired to create this song in light of his fans’ touching stories.

The music video features a cheerful and light-hearted melody illustrating a free-spirited vibe, without feeling burdened by pressure and just enjoying the moment; experiencing life and appreciating the small things overall. The footage also contains modern landscapes such as tall buildings, bridges juxtaposed with nature depicting the green forest, a park, and grassy terrain, the waters, and blue sky; demonstrating the difference between being boggled down by outer forces as opposed to being free to express one’s true self.

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Incorporated with soothing vocals and an energetic sound as well as dancing to the animated tune, “Fly High” sends out a positive and encouraging message many young people won’t want to miss!

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