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2PM Nichkhun congratulates girlfriend Tiffany on M!Countdown

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2PM Nichkhun congratulates girlfriend Tiffany on M!Countdown

Aside from the TaeTiSeo themselves, 2PM Nichkhun is also happy for the girls" first "Holler" win on M!Countdown today.

While their relationship is already publicly acknowledged, 2PM Nichkhun cheers for Tiffany on stage. Before idols leave the stage to give way for TaeTiSeo"s encore, Nichkhun slightly and quickly gives Tiffany two thumbs up congratulating the trio for their win.

Though their simple interaction is barely caught on broadcast, News media (Dispatch) is quick to capture the moment making fans giddy.

Meanwhile, TaeTiSeo win over Teen Top today and take home their first"Holler" win. Congratulations girls! Watch their performance below:

2PM's Nichkhun Wants Jun.K To Have A Girlfriend Soon!

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2PM's Nichkhun Wants Jun.K To Have A Girlfriend Soon!

Should Jun.K have a girl friend soon?

During the guesting of idol group 2PM on KBS 'Entertainment Weekly', Nichkhun showed his concerns for fellow member Jun.K. The members were asked who among the member should have a girl friend soon to which Nichkhun answered 'Jun.K' without hesitation.

He said "Jun.K writes many songs but usually, they are sorrowful songs." and continued with "I picked him because if he would have a girlfriend soon, he would write bright songs." as closing of the topic.

In your opinion, who should have a girlfriend among 2PM members?

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“Baby Nichkhun” Moon Mason’s girlfriend opens up about their close relationship

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“Baby Nichkhun” Moon Mason’s girlfriend opens up about their close relationship

During a recent interview with SBS’s “One Night of TV Entertainment”, child actress Park Min Ha opened up about her close relationship with fellow child actor Moon Mason. 

Park Min Ha at first expressed, “It felt really nice when Moon Mason called me his girlfriend.

She further revealed, “Mason even bought me a gift from Canada. He’s really nice to me, and his younger brothers are so adorable.

Park Min Has father, announcer Park Chang Min, shared, “Mason’s family has three boys, and we have three girls. They’ve filmed together several times, and he’s also come over to our house several times. That’s how the two children got close.”

Regarding the news of Mason being her real boyfriend, the child actress said, “He’s a boy, so he’s a boyfriend. He’s a friend that I like.

She then sent a video message to Mason, saying, “Mason, thank you for being nice to me. Let’s be good friends. Come over to my house.”

Meanwhile, during the latest broadcast of  SBS’s “1000 Song Challenge”, Mason left everyone on set in surprise by confessing his affection towards Park Min Ha.

2PM's Nichkhun Talks about His First Girlfriend "Jennifer"

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2PM's Nichkhun Talks about His First Girlfriend "Jennifer"

2PM’s Nichkhun confessed that his first girlfriend was Korean. On yesterday’s episode of MBC’s “Radio Star,” the MCs began interrogating Nichkhun about his first girlfriend, asking how he met her. Nichkhun stammered, “A friend introduced us,” which led to another question of when he met her. Scratching his head, he answered, “When I was 16-years-old? When I was in the States. She was Korean.”

The MCs continued to tease the singer by asking for her name. He tried to laugh it off, saying, “I can’t really remember” to which one MC jokingly said, “Just make on up.” Nichkhun replied, “Let’s just say leave it as Jennifer.”

Meanwhile, this episode of MBC’s “Radio Star” drew a lot of attention because it marked the first on-screen reunion of one of “We Got Married’s” most popular couples, f(x)’s Victoria and Nichkhun (aka Khuntoria).

Check out the clip of the screenshot below here! 

2PM’s Nichkhun says he won’t eat late night snacks when he gets a girlfriend

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2PM’s Nichkhun says he won’t eat late night snacks when he gets a girlfriend

2PMs Nichkhun has brought the attention of fans after saying that he wouldnt eat late night snacks if he gets a girlfriend.

The six members of 2PM appeared on the April 7th broadcast of KBS 2TVs Entertainment Relay and a recent clip of their fan meeting in Korea was aired.

The clip showed the members chatting with each other and communicating with fans. However, Entertainment Relay noticed an odd comment made by Nichkhun.

In the clip, Nichkhun revealed to fans, (When I get a girlfriend) I dont eat late night snacks. The reason is because there are other things to do at night, causing the fans in the audience to laugh. Upon hearing his statement, the other members looked towards the audience and induced laughter once again by saying, What is he thinking?

During their interview with Entertainment Relay, the interviewer questioned Nichkhun what strengths Taecyeon had. Hes big with a lot of muscles and he also has a lot of hair, he said, quickly turning the set into laughter.

The interviewer then asked Chansung the same question regarding Nichkhun to which he replied, He takes good care of you and is a good hyung who gives you plenty of advice. The members quickly responded, So basically he doesnt have any biggest strengths, causing Chansung to be taken aback.

SourceImage: OSEN via Nate

Netizens stunned by way of penalty given to guy who confined and beat his girlfriend

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Netizens stunned  by way of penalty given to guy who confined and beat his girlfriend

According to a November 28 exclusive recordby ability of SBS, this beyond March, a 31-year-old girlrecognized by her surname Lee, a 3rd year scientificcollege student, used to be mercilessly beaten by a fellow male student whom she become dating.

The male student, pointed out equally 'A', had called her very overdue into the evening and cursed her out for the angle she had given him for calling her so late.'A' was so angry that he even visited Lee's house and slapped her cheeks over two hundred times and kicked her. 'A's horrific violence against Lee did notfinish there. He had even strangled her and spat in her face. Lee, who had endured to suffer abuse from 'A', controlled to checklist the incident and 'A' was even printed to have uttered, "It feels wonderful knowing that I willafter all kill you." Over 4 and a part hours later, after 'A' was eventually done beating Lee, she had two damaged ribs.

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As soon as the sun rose, Lee reported 'A' to the police whilst he was asleep and they arrived at Lee's domicilethe use of a location tracing device.

'A' claimed that Lee was acting your complete time and insisted that he was the one who was hurt. Prosecution passed 'A' over to the courts and asked two years of imprisonment; however, all the style throughthe primary trial, the courts governed that because 'A' may neatly be expelled from medical college if he won a punishment more critical than probation, they only fined him 12 million KRW (~$10,345 USD) instead.

Hence, Lee is now in an awkward scenario where she has to continue facing 'A' at school. Lee, having evolved an intense anxiety disorder after the incident, requested for the college to adjust her agendain order that she would in all probability notencounter 'A' in class. However, the faculty denied her request declaringthat they're going tonow notinterfere in the two's non-publiccourtingtillthe effects for the 3rd trial is revealed.

Netizens commented, "They fear more or less the criminal's lifestyles while that lady has to reside shuddering from unease ㅡㅡ Did this type of verdict result from his folks pulling strings?" and, "Our country is a great country... There will have to existnumerous bastards who cross with cash to do sexual assault... If they have got some money and visit med school, they have to bereadyto select any girlsat the streets and sexually attack them... What a super country... ㅡ.ㅡ Do you even want tofind out about to change into a judge? It is very suspicious..."

2PM’s Nichkhun Takes House Prize at Thailand Headlines User of the Year Awards

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2PM’s Nichkhun Takes House Prize at Thailand Headlines User of the Year Awards

2PMs Nichkhun Takes House Prize at Thailand Headlines User of the Year Awardsilmare42 November 30, 2015 0 2PM member Nichkhun has been identified for his impressive reputation in China.

On November 30, JYP Entertainment announced that Nichkhun gained the IME Chinese Online Media Popular Award at the 3rd annual Thailand Headlines Person of the Year Awards. The award riteused to be held at the King Energy Aksra Theater in Bangkok on November 26.

The Thailand Headlines Person of the Year Awards celebrates influential Thai politicians, industry people, and entertainers who continuouslyseem in the scoop in Thailand and China.

Nichkhun made his debut in South Korea as a member of 2PM in 2008, and has since branched out into Chinese tvvia dramas corresponding to 2014s One and a Part Summer and factpresentations such as Early life Trainee. He lately has over 5.1 million fans on the preferred Chinese social media web page Weibo.

Congratulations, Nichkhun!

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10 Special Characteristics Male Idols Admit They Glance For In A Girlfriend

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10 Special Characteristics Male Idols Admit They Glance For In A Girlfriend

96kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter From in want ofa typelady wholl elevate an old womans bag at the subway, to lookinga lady who doesnt undercover agent on him in the shower those boys certainappearto grasp what they like. Heres some characteristicsof women that these idols have admitted to having a comfortable spot for. Some are yes to wonder you.

Infinites Hoya needs a girlfriend who is respectful, eccentric, skinny, sexy, and just right amongst foreign languages. A good looks whose brains are similarly every bit a remarkable.

The teamsskilled rapper dreams of a lady who has long hair, a cool personality, lovely butt pelvis, and and now notemploying a thigh hole when dressed in short shorts.

Taeyangs overall undeniableoption toexistence astonishes many lovers because idols at all times to strive to be glamorous and classy. Taeyang, however, just wishes for a lady who has a sturdytrust in God.

These two idols not simplest share equally good-looking looks, yet also share the ideal form of woman. They either takestated that they would like a girl who is cute overall and who is well-mannered.

Jinyoung wishes for a girl whos calm and prefer a sunflower, whos respectful, knows how to regard and respect elders, and who would deliver an old womans bag on the subway.

Another idol with an excessively detailed ideal sort of woman is WINNERs Seunghoon. He wants a woman whos sensible at exercising with a beautifulframe line when riding a bike, whos healthy and sexy, and who doesnt hit him difficult when she laughs.

As expected from an awfullyprofessional vocalist like Onew, he wishes to have a pleasing gal who can sing neatly and has a fairly figure. Perhaps there may well be plans for a couple-duo staff in the future? Shall weremain tuned.

MBLAQs G.O is understood to have a truly detailed kind of girl and his meticulous attention to detail is what makes locating his ideal style so hard. G.O wanted for anyone with an cleverglance and sharp eyes, such as Kim Yuna. Another detail that hes discussed is finding a girl who has a pretty ring finger.

EXOs face of the gang said that he wants a woman who has kindness and a white brain (as white as snow), who has pride and passion, and who doesnt open the door when hes taking a shower.

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Lee Ki Woo Overcomes His worry of Heights through Thinking of His Girlfriend

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Lee Ki Woo Overcomes His worry of Heights through Thinking of His Girlfriend

The November 15 episode of “Real Men” incorporated the fame soldiers’ education for overcoming their fear of heights. The educational called for each and every soldier to jump off from a tower this is 10.3m tall.

Lee Ki Woo used to be one of the most squaddies to go through this training, yet it changed into obvious that he was petrified of the height, as his legs were shaking and he may just now not discuss coherently.

The instructor, seeing his fear, asked, “Do you've a girlfriend?” Lee Ki Woo, excited about his girlfriend and actress Lee Chung Ah, responded, “Yes,” whilst brightly smiling. His love helped him conquer his fear, and he jumped without hesitation.

Afterwards, he said, “I replied ‘yes’ to that query without thinking. If we weren’t dating publicly, I wager it can were published today,” not bothering to conceal his love for his fortunate girlfriend.

Kim Hyun Joong’s Ex-Girlfriend Provides to Proportion Photo of the little one in Court

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Kim Hyun Joong’s Ex-Girlfriend Provides to Proportion Photo of the little one in Court

Continuing in the convoluted saga this is the warfare between singer Kim Hyun Joong and his ex-girlfriend Ms. Choi, the fourth pre-trial hearing in the 1.6 billion won (approximately $14 million) lawsuit opposed to the singer was once hung on October 30.

The hearing turned into held earlier than the Seoul Central District Court. Before the lawsuits began, Ms. Choi reportedly asked Kim Hyun Joong’s legal professional if he’d observed the baby yet. “You’ve now not yet visible the baby, yet I have a photo. The baby looks similar to Kim Hyun Joong. Shall I send you the photo?” Kim Hyun Joong’s father reportedly declined the offer, pronouncing that they’ll verify the paternity first thru a DNA verify and then speak about seeing the child.

However, Kim Hyun Joong’s lawyers did verify that the photo Ms. Choi presented was real, and printed the child’s gender as male. However, Ms. Choi didn't disclose the baby’s blood type, claiming that she didn’t know what blood sort he has.

The hearing is yet some other bankruptcy in the ongoing conflict, which has been in huge part made up of a giant number of “he said, she said” from either sides. previous this year, Kim Hyun Joong was fined five million won (approximately $4,300) for domestic assault, and then Ms. Choi revealed she was pregnant and sued Kim Hyun Joong for 1.6 billion won in damages (today’s hearing was a phase of this lawsuit). Kim Hyun Joong because of this filed a countersuit for 1.2 billion won (approximately $10.5 million) for slander following Ms. Choi revealing a prior pregnancy and miscarriage to the media, mentioning a loss of evidence to fortify her claims. The latest revelation is the clash is Kim Hyun Joong writing a letter to the media to explain his side, claiming that Ms. Choi continues to lie to him about the child.