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Opinion: Why Sasaengs Take place in Korea

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Opinion: Why Sasaengs Take place in Koreaharmonicar November 24, 2015 0 LINE it!Opinion: Why Sasaengs Happen in Korea Let’s speak about sasaengs.

Sasaengs are probably the mostmaximumunusualfunctions to K-Pop, and person who leaves many western lovers scratching their heads. What motivates fans to wait in the rain for hours outdoor an idol’s house, hack into Twitter accounts, or wreck into dorms? Furthermore, how do sasaengs even know where idols live, or where they’re going to be? What is it about Korea that perpetuates sasaeng culture?

Although I’ve never been a sasaeng myself, in my 3 years of living in Korea, and two of being an active fan, I’ve brushed into sasaeng culture more than a couple of times. Ahead of nosotros even begin, let’s delve somewhat into the fan psyche. What makes a fan into a sasaeng, and furthermore, what is a sasaeng?

To start with, I don’t think it’s uncommon to wish to get to grasp an idol better. Something idols are incrediblyjust right at – and in all probability even trained to do – is doing just the proper amount of fanservice to make fans feel close with them, yetnow notsufficient to in fact tell them anything. At fan recordings participants volitioncommunicate roughly funny reports about what came about the day before, what they ate for lunch, and other nonsensical anecdotes that make fans feel friendly with them.

Fans leave feeling closer to the idols because they’ve learned something that people don’t know, and experienced a perceived “private” moment from their bias. The “dream” of having your idol appreciate you lot is corporeal because ofthose interactions.  However, at the similar time, fans are left short ofto grasp more.

The fact is that once set schedules are done, a normal fan doesn’t know what occurs in an idol’s non-public life, and although many is also curious, they’ll never act upon their curiosity. In contrast, I suspect sasaengs are a distinct breed of fan which are motivated to act on their curiosity, and it’s the will to know more that moves them against sasaeng behavior.

The industry feeds the fervor.  Companies, and idols, are smartlyconscious aboutthe reality that the picture of “accessibility” is helping out in the long run, why else would idols not be allowed to date? The tangibility of having to know a superstar drives fans loopy when they feel the danger to — what they are going tounderstand equally — their ownership of the idol. As it is, customary fans contribute, in quite so much of ways, financially to their favourite group. They mightlease food trucks, purchase albums in bulk, or just buy dearitems for the idols themselves. However, sasaengs take this fortify to the followingpoint amongst more extravagant monetary contributions. Even if sasaengs could onlylook like crazy fans to most westerners, they generallyhave a tendency to be very strong, if not the strongest, economic supporters in theircrew – making companies, and to a definite extent, idols, reluctant to crack down on them.

A video posted via 장동우 (@ddong_gg0) on Nov 22, 2015 at 1:30am PST

The 2nd question, what is a sasaeng, turns outsimpleto respond toto get started with – any fan that delves into the personalexistence of a celeb – but after living in Korea, I’ve discovered that it isn’t just about as black and white as it seems. If a fan plans on going to Japan and happens to know that their idol is going a similar weekend, and they finally finish up on the very same flight (not by chance) – is that a sasaeng? What about if they happen to listen that their bias is at their circle of relativeseating place and they display up at an identical time? Or if they know their idol is practicing at the corporate and they look ahead to them to leave? When does fan ardor pass the line into sasaeng behavior? A greyarena exists that companies, and idols, don’t know what to do with – a degree above common fan but slightly under that of sasaeng, perpetuated by the ease in which fans can get access to their idols.

When we discuss Korea, the primary thing to stay in mind is that Korea is extremely small. An individual force outduvetthe rustic north-south in only4 and a part hours by car. If you're taking the top speed rail, that cuts the time down in half. In addition, unlike other countries which will have two or three primary entertainment hubs, Seoul is the sole destination for song companies and artists.

This accessibility is prime in encouraging sasaeng culture. Idols are inside of a short, and comparatively inexpensive, subway, train, or bus ride away. In addition, they are living very similar torecurring citizens. Unlike American celebrities, most Korean celebrities don’t live in cloistered mansions in gated communities with 24-hour security; rather, they live in ordinary – albeit, high-end – rentalstructures with 2 hundred or more common families. Despite the truth thatit is going toappear amazing that sasaengs are readyto damage into apartment complexes and rooms, it’s trulyso undeniable aslocating the apartment development and walking in.

A high-rise apartment building that many idols are rumored to live in. A high-rise apartment building that many idols are reported to live in.

In addition, idols are active enough that often fans can see their bias at least one time a month, if not more. There also are opportunities to engage with them one-on-one via fan signings, or passing along letters and gifts at live recordings. Most idols also run restaurants or cafes, so even if they could not recognize you, their mother who owns the restaurant will. When youprove up enough, they’ll know who you are. Also, due to the the rapidity of the virtual age, it’s highlyeffortless to maintain tabs to your oppas and unnies so long as you know the proper people.

I individually witnessed the ability of the fan knowledge network when, on one of my quiet days off in Seoul, I visited INFINITE’s cafe in Seoul. A common attendee of music displays and recordings, I had began to be identified by more frequent fans, and they up to date me at theprestige of the idols. They knew Sunggyu was once in the building because any individualwere sitting outdoor the cafe hours before when he walked in. They knew that Woohyun may make an appearance at his BBQ restaurant later that day because their agendaturned into free, but he wasn’t there yet. They knew precisely when Sungyeol gave the impression in his hen restaurant and rushed over in an instantto look him. In the electronic age, the conversation between fans is constant, and with Korea being this sort of small country, it’s very unlikely for idols to hide.

Once, in a back alley close to the Woollim Entertainment building, an disappointed fan lamented to me about her idol. She had come to Korea for INFINITE, spent thousands on INFINITE, ran a fansite for INFINITE, and took photographs for INFINITE. Yet, why – she fumed – would her bias not pay more attention to her? The speculation was mind-boggling to me. To be so invested in an idol that his (perceived) movements would in fact brand her upset – was it trulyvalue it? I asked her and she paused before responding, “I truthfully don’t wish to marry him or date him, and I’m not stupid enough to think that that would happen. All I need is for him to know who I am, to know my name, and my face. That’s all I want, and that’s why I do this.”

So, Soompiers, what do you think? What makes a sasaeng, and how a long way is too far?harmonicar is a former instructor who once taught at CNBLUEs Yonghwas high faculty in Busan, and has attended just aboutone hundred K-Pop concerts. She is an avid Countless fan, and was once served beer by Sungyeol in Seoul.

*The perspectives expressed in this newsletteronly reflect the ones of the writerand don't necessarily constitute Soompi as a whole.

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Korea Clinches Dramatic Win Over Japan in Premier 12 Semifinal

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Korea Clinches Dramatic Win Over Japan in Premier 12 Semifinal

Korea"s Lee Dae-ho reacts after scoring a success in the 9th inning of the Premier 12 semifinal opposed to Japan at the Tokyo Dome on Thursday. /Newsis

Korea pulled off a lovely come-from-behind victory over Japan in the general inning of the primary semifinal of the Premier 12 in Tokyo on Thursday, in what's going to without a doubt be remembered as one the maximum dramatic games ever played between the 2 nations. The Premier 12 is a baseball tournament arranged by potential of the arena Baseball Softball Confederation involving 12 top-ranked nations. Japan led for lots of the game at the Tokyo Dome, going into the ninth inning with a 3-0 lead.

The Korean hitters were utterly stymied by eastern starter Shohei Otani, who tossed seven scoreless innings, permitting only one hit in the 7th to Jeong Keun-woo. Lee Dae-ho was once hit by a pitch in the 2d one to prevail in first. no one reached moment with Otani at the mound, as he persisted to supply fastballs above 160 kph into the seventh inning. Otani well silenced Korea"s hitters, striking out 11. At first, the Korean hitters didn"t fare far better against reliever Takahiro Norimoto, who took the mound in the eighth. Every now and then it gave the affect to be a replay of the tournament"s opening game on Nov. 8 at the Sapporo Dome, which Korea lost to Japan 5-0. In that game, Otani had 10 strike outs in six innings, allowing two hits and two walks and giving up no runs. Seizing their probability in the ninth, however, Korea"s batters got here to life, scoring 4 runs to turn the sport around. The more than 40,000-strong Japanese house crowd changed into left shocked as the Korean defense stood company and held directly to a one-run lead in the ground of the ninth to win the game 4-3 and advance to the final. In Saturday"s final, Korea will face the winner of Friday"s game between Mexico and the U.S.

Korea’s most sensible University Elects First brazenly homosexual Student frame President

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Korea’s Peak University Elects First Openly Gay Student Body President South Korea’s maximum prestigious university has elected its first openly gay student body president final Friday.

Kim Bo-mi, a shopper and kid reports primary at Seoul National University who recently serves as student body vice president, printed her sexual orientation right through a campaign speech two weeks ago.

“I need the arena to be a position in which those who paintings difficult do no longer suffer,” Kim told a crowd of about 40 students. “I wish this to be an international in which no person has to slot beneath a label of what's ‘normal.’ i need this to be a global in which other people can love themselves for who they are and in which they is also ready to reside confidently. That’s why i'm telling you: I’m a lesbian.”

“The reality that I’m a lesbian is solely one piece of who I am,” she said. “The things I consider in, the things I’ve done as vice president, and the things I wish to accomplish at some point — the ones things will now not change.”

Kim ran unopposed for the position. Consistent with the university’s student council bylaws, voter turnout will have to exceed 50 % for the election effects to be valid. The voter turnout was once mentioned by capability of Korea bring in to be “unusually high” at 53.3%, with 86.8% balloting in desire of Kim.

Although conservative reviews remain dominant in South Korea, many Koreans have grow to be more accepting of LGBT rights ago few years. In a ballot conducted by the Asan Institute for Policy Studies, fortify for the legalization of same-sex marriage in Korea has larger from 16.9 percent in 2010 to 28.5 percent in 2014. aid for same-sex marriage is very robust among more youthful respondents.

Kim will start her term as president on December 1.

Lim Won Hee Is a EXID’s Solji Lookalike on “SNL Korea 6″

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Lim Won Hee Is a EXID’s Solji Lookalike on “SNL Korea 6″ Lim Won Hee of “SNL Korea 6,” whose fanatics have frequently remarked that he looks as if EXID‘s Solji, after all remodeled himself into a Solji lookalike at the November 21 episode of “SNL Korea 6,” where Solji seemed as guest.

Solji acknowledged that she can't make it to a fan assembly as a result of every other schedule, and presented her dual sister Solhee who will pass to the fan meeting in her place, and brought Lim Won Hee to the audience. It appeared that with the crimson most sensible and a long wig, he looked precisely like Solji’s sister.

An Young Mi said, “I think Solhee looks fairly chubbier than Solji,” to which Lim Won Hee took offense, responding, “What are you speaking about? Even our mother can’t tell which one is Solji.”

After the show, Solji publish a photo of the 2 of them on her Instagram, pronouncing “Heo Won Hee and Lim Solji, we glance alike, don’t we? I had a truly perfect time.”

EXID's Solji seems in a hilarious skit on 'SNL Korea'

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EXID's Solji seems in a hilarious skit on 'SNL Korea'

EXID"s Solji appeared as comic Lim Won Hee"s dual at the November 21 episode of "SNL Korea".

Lim Won Hee was once dressed up in a wig and makeup, and next to Solji, it made for fairly a sight. He said, "Solji"s prettier now, but if we were younger, i used to be more pretty," making the target audience laugh. Solji even were given along side Lim Won Hee and the "SNL Korea" forged to dance to EXID"s hit song "Up&Down". 

At the finish of the show, Shin Dong Yup asked Solji how she felt about gambling Lim Won Hee"s twin, and she responded, "I think we glance alike. I believe like I discovered a lost relative." Lim Won Hee commented, "She has a in reality just right personality."

Do you watched they endure a resemblance?

Son Seung Yeon and 'Voice Korea' singers to crew as feminine g.o.d on 'Immortal Song'

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Son Seung Yeon and 'Voice Korea' singers to crew as feminine g.o.d on 'Immortal Song'

Son Seung Yeon and her fellow singers from "Voice Korea" may be grouping in combination as the feminine g.o.d on an upcoming episode of "Immortal Song".

The monster rookie will be joined through Yoo Sung EunWoo Hye Mi, Ji Sae Hee, and season 2 winner Lee Ye Joon to channel the five individuals of the mythical idol organization g.o.d. They"re lately stated to be getting ready a great stage, and with Son Seung Yeon"s recognition at the show, audience will have to look forward to it!

This episode, that will also feature Hwang Chi Yeol, Shin Yong Jae, TEEN TOP, G-Friend, and Kim Feel, will air on December 12.

Yoo Seung Jun Files Lawsuit to Gain access to Korea

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Yoo Seung Jun Files Lawsuit to Gain Entry to Korea Yoo Seung Jun, a once-famous K-pop singer who lost his fame over refusing to do his army carrier via obtaining an American citizenship, is suing the Los Angeles Korean Embassy over denying him an entry visa to Korea, in line with the ideas released by the Korean court on November 17.

Yoo Seung Jun is related to have carried out for an F-4 visa, which handiest other folks of Korean descent are eligible for. Yoo Seung Jun claimed in his filed suit, “As I'm in point of fact not just a foreigner yet an expat, I will have to no longer had been denied this visa.” Yoo Seung Jun, who received an American citizenship only days earlier than his scheduled conscription into the Korean military, as a result being banished from Korea over this act, has since claimed that he “did no longer download American citizenship to keep away from conscription, but rather as a result of economic reasons.”

However, priority dictates that a rustic is loose to disclaim visas to whomever it wishes, so it's miles not likely that he's going to win this suit. Even though all precedents are opposed to foreigners, and no precedent exists to expats without Korean citizenship, it is still observed whether his suit can even be deemed appropriate inside Korean courts, as he isn't a Korean citizen.

This is the primary time that Yoo Seung Jun has filed a suit in the Korean court system. He has petitioned in 2002 to National Human Rights Association, but his petition was once not accepted.

Korean drama beginning lately 2015/11/18 in Korea

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Korean drama beginning lately 2015/11/18 in Korea

Korean drama beginning nowadays 2015/11/18 in Korea: "Sweet, Savage Family"

"Sweet, Savage Family" (2015)Directed by ability of Kang Dae-seonWritten by Kim Ji-eun-II, Son Geun-jooNetwork : MBCWith Jeong Joon-ho, Moon Jeong-hee, Jeong Woong-in, Yoo Seon, Kim Eung-soo, Lee Min-hyeok-I,...16 episodes - Wed, Thu 22:00Foermerly referred to as "Sweet_Family" (달콤한 패밀리, dal-kom-han pae-mil-li)SynopsisA humane comedy about a breadwinner of the family who is a father at house yet a gang boss outside. the primary episode comes in November.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2015/11/18

W Korea Gives Exclusive Look Into Teddy x Phiaton Headphone Launch Event

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W Korea Gives Exclusive Look Into Teddy x Phiaton Headphone Launch Event

YG Entertainment producer Teddy Park is known as the mastermind behind hits like 2NE1"s "I Am the Best," Park Bom"s "Please Don"t Cry," and Big Bang"s "Fantastic Baby." Since the star has an ear for catchy tunes and unique melodies, he knows the importance of sound quality. So he teamed up with Phiaton, a manufacturing company of premium headphones and earphones, to create a limited edition line of headphones.

On Nov. 5, the grand launch party was held and the red carpet became flooded with YG Family members and top models. The guests included actress Han Ye Seul, Sandara Park, Taeyang, and many more! W Korea was granted exclusive access into the event. The first preview shots of the party released by the magazine feature CL and WINNER"s Mino posing together and G-Dragon looking into the helmet of an astronaut statue.

The headphones Teddy created are known as the BT 460 model. According to the magazine, "BT 460 are wireless headphones that use Bluetooth 4.0 and are equipped with a touch interface. They let you control music playback and phone reception by touching the touch panel on the right headphone with a finger. They were created to be easy to use." The design is available in black and white and can be seen below in greater detail.

About the Author: Elsa is the founder, head writer, and editor of In her website, she covers K-pop celebrity style, Korean actress beauty trends, red carpet appearances and Seoul Fashion Week news.

EXO′s First Jap unmarried to be Released in Korea As of late (11/18)

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EXO′s First Jap unmarried to be Released in Korea As of late (11/18)

--> EXO′s first eastern unmarried Love Me Appropriate ~ romantic universe ~ can be released in Korea in November 18.

Love Me Right ~ romantic universe ~ debuted at no 1 on Oricon′s day-to-day singles chart when it used to be released on November four and held directly to the head spot at the weekly singles chart. The single sold 147,000 copies in the primary week, the maximum for a Korean artist′s debut single in Japan, exhibiting EXO′s global power.

The single album comprises two tracks, Love Me Right ~ romantic universe ~, the japanese edition of Love Me Right, the lead single from EXO′s repackaged 2d album, and Drop That, which EXO carried out at the Tokyo Dome and Osaka Kyocera Dome.

EXO is lately on its moment headlining tour, EXO PLANET #2 – The EXO′luXion –, which kicked off at the Fukuoka Marine Messe from October 31 to November 1, sooner than making stops at the Tokyo Dome from November 6-8 and the Osaka Kyocera Dome from November 13-15, for a general of six dome concerts that accrued 300,000 enthusiasts in Japan.

Meanwhile, EXO will take the excursion to Macao′s Venetian Cotai Arena for the EXO PLANET #2 – The EXO′luXion – in MACAU concert on November 21.