2NE1 & SNSD, the only KPop groups that land on MYX's Weekly Hit Chart + complete list & MVs

2NE1 & SNSD, the only KPop groups that land on MYX's Weekly Hit Chart + complete list & MVs

2NE1SNSD, the only KPop groups that land on MYX's Weekly Hit Chart + complete listMVs

On this week's MYX Hit Chart, the two rival KPop girl groups were able to maintain on top ten.

2NE1 and Girls' Generation are the only KPop groups who are able to be part of the chart for this week (from April 27th to May 3rd).

2NE1's 'Come Back Home' landed on the 2nd spot after being on top last week. It's on the chart countdown for seven weeks already. On the other hand, Girl's Generation's 'Mr.Mr' managed to be on 4th spot, after landing its peak at number one and being part of the chart for six weeks.

MYX is a Filipino cable television network that features both local (called as OPM songs) and international songs and music videos. It started in 2000.

See the complete list with their music videos:

1. Takipsilim by Gloc 9 feat. Regine Velasquez-Alcasid

2. Come Back Home by 2NE1

3. No Erase by James Reid and Nadine Lustre

4. Mr.Mr by Girls' Generation

5. Last Night by The Vamps

6. She Looks So Perfect by 5 Seconds of Summer

7. Singapore Sling by Sponge Cola

8. YouI by One Direction

9. G.U.Y. by Lady Gaga

10. Do The Moves by Sarah Geronimo, Apl.De.Ap., Enrique GilElmo Magalona

written by: [email protected]

SOURCE: MYX Philippines


Tumblr Releases List of Most Reblogged K-Pop Groups of 2013

Tumblr Releases List of Most Reblogged K-Pop Groups of 2013

Soompi_News_Leaderboard_ATF Mobile_Soompi_Ldrbrd_ATF Soompi_Mini_Ad_MainSoompi Search Main menu Skip to contentHome News Gallery Recap Exclusive Forums Shop LANGUAGEFrançais Español Português ภาษาไทย Tumblr Releases List of Most Reblogged K-Pop Groups of 2013by small_smileyDecember 13, 2013 Tumblr Releases List of Most Reblogged K-Pop Groups of 2013 1 of 26With 2013 almost ending, various websites have been posting “year in review” posts and Tumblr is one of them! The website recently just released a list of the most re-blogged K-Pop groups this year. This is based from the number of searches done per artist.

The number one most re-blogged K-Pop group was, to no ones surprise, EXO. 2013 has been a very successful year for them with their hits Wolf and Growl, but even before that ruled Tumblr with one of the most active tags. Can you guess who makes the next twenty-four? Click the gallery to see the other most re-blogged K-Pop groups.



Which Kpop stars made Forbes' 30 below 30 Asia list

Which Kpop stars made Forbes' 30 below 30 Asia list

Forbes has printed its '30 below 30' lists for regions round the world, adding '30 under 30 Asia'!

SEE ALSO: American listmanufacturer Baauer showcases preview of 'Temple', featuring M.I.A and G-Dragon

So which kpop stars made the Entertainment & Sports segment of the prestigious list? Our favourite kpop idols - Tremendous Junior's Siwon, Big Bang's G-Dragon, and Girls' Generation's YoonA! Actor Kim Soo Hyun also graces the list as one of Korea's most sensible earners in the entertainment industry, whilst figure skating queen Yuna Kim and Pop-Opera singer Lim Hyung Joo sign up for the Korean big name line-up as well!

Check out the entire list here, and congratulations to these whose names made the list!


Doojoon to list as an MC on 'Weekly Idol' and meet which two woman groups

Doojoon to list as an MC on 'Weekly Idol' and meet which two woman groups

MBC Everyone's 'Weekly Idol' has had some wonderful special MCs seemat thedisplay in Jung Hyung Don's stead so far, and arising next is Doojoon!  Can't stay up for his adorably awkward ahjussi humor.

SEE ALSO: Drama Review 'Cheese In The Trap' - Episode nine

A rep from Cube Entertainment said on February 3, "Doojoon could beperforming on 'Weekly Idol' as a different MC."  This will be his first time ever!  He's making plansto pass into recording on February 10.  

Keep an eye out for the good-looking B2ST member!  He will be MC-ing for AOA Cream and MAMAMOO's episodes!


Top songs of Kpop girl groups during the first 5 years this XXI century

Top songs of Kpop girl groups during the first 5 years this XXI century

The 10 Best K-Pop Girl Group Hits From the First Half of the Decade Well, Soompiers, we are now into July, and officially into the second half of 2015…and also the decade! Seeing as how much fun we had bringing you our list of unforgettable boyband hits from the first half of the 2010s last week, it is now time to let the girls in on the act.

This decade has seen swarms of new girl groups appear on the K-Pop scene, and the comebacks have come thick and fast. So before we speed into the second half of the decade, let’s take a look back at some of the best tracks the decade has had to offer so far.

Take a look at our list, vote in the poll and tell us what your favorite all-female tracks are in the comments!

SISTAR’s “So Cool” SISTAR_main

SISTAR and Brave Sound / the illest collaboration” – that is how this ditty starts. And despite this quite braggadocious Brave Brothers-penned opening, it isn’t wrong. Well, not in the case of this song anyway.

Gyms in Korea were playing this for years after it dropped because its relentless beat is not only catchy, it is actually relatively fast. At approximately 130bpm, it is even quicker than American dance hits like Rihanna’s “Only Girl in the World” and Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger.” If you are making a running playlist, basically, you will want “So Cool” to start playing at the point when you are kicking for the finish line.

Fitting in with the exercise theme, the music video was (loosely) inspired by the Daegu-hosted IAAF World Championships in 2011, which explains all the spangly batons, hurdling, and this sort of thing:


And not forgetting this technically perfect-looking Fosbury Flop from Bora in the high jump. A gold medal for that lady, please.


The video also features DJ DOC, which is like a statement of intent – DJ DOC simply does not do slow and sultry.


SISTAR has gone on to dominate the charts with post-“So Cool” releases, but you could argue that from a purely musical standpoint, the girls have yet to top this.

miss A’s “Hush” Miss A_main

It probably took a leap of faith from JYP Entertainment head honcho Park Jin Young to hand over songwriting duties to another producer for this song.

Consider that prior to “Hush,” JYP himself had personally produced and composed miss A’s lead tracks – from “Bad Girl, Good Girl” to “I Don’t Need a Man.” To surrender creative control in the case of a group you have put together, written music and lyrics for, and spent hours in the studio with cannot be an easy thing.

miss A_JYP

But this brave decision paid off in spades. In came writing-production team E-Tribe, the masterminds who put together Dal Shabet and produced tracks like Girls’ Generation’s “Gee” and T-ara’s super-catchy “Yayaya.”

The result was a mature yet very fun song, with a distinctive guitar line, and a memorable chorus. The choreography was also very tight, and involved the girls (or their managers) lugging a metal frame from music show to music show during the promotions of this song. Was it a shower curtain rail? Was it lifted from a subway car?

miss A_bar

Well, whatever it was, it got the job done.

Secret’s “Poison” Secret_main

Secret has been responsible for some of the best upbeat Korean songs of the past five years, despite making a fairly low-key start in 2009 with “I Want You Back.” A duo of high-tempo dance hits firmly established the group’s status as a dance act in 2010 in the form of the hard pop number “Magic” and the festival of brass and beats that was “Madonna.”

At the heart of the Secret sound for many of the group’s hits has been the songwriting team of Kang Ji Won and Kim Ki Bum, who also worked their magic on a whole host of B.A.P songs.

But for this track, Kang Ji Won, Kim Ki Bum, Secret, and TS Entertainment really stepped up their game. In fact, as pop songs go, this is almost faultless, and you know it from the second you hear the brass intro. Brass sounds worked wonders on “Madonna” and they work even better on this song. The two Hana (or was she still Zinger at this stage?) rap sections at 02:01 and 03:22 are a masterclass in both production and execution.

And instead of all the unconvincing cutesy concepts used in conjunction with many of Secret’s other efforts, the theme that Secret and TS matched used for this song was also spot on. Based on American film noir anti-heroines of the 1940s and 1950s, the costumes involved pinstripe suits, veils, and silk gloves. The result was a truly unique look and a perfect fit for these girls.


Sounds as fresh today as it did in 2012 and is by far Secret’s best release to date.

Girls’ Generation’s “Mr.Mr.” Girls Generation_main

Unlike many other girl groups who have started slow and improved their musical output over time, SM Entertainment’s flagship girl group dropped some pretty fierce tracks very early on in their career. “Gee” was the song that put the girls on the map, and “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)” cemented the act’s place as the de facto number one girl group in Korea.

Girls Generation_gee

I may get some hate for saying this, but after that, I felt the group lost its way musically. Songs like “Oh!” and “I Got a Boy” are passable, yes. But they are just not on the same level as “Genie,” with its inspirational synth bassline and watertight production values, especially on the vocals.

(click here if you want to skip the rather lengthy car sounds intro)

Although still musically quite a way ahead of many other girl groups, SNSD post-“Genie” was missing something in the audio department – until “Mr.Mr.” that is.

Put together by sometime Mary J. Blige, Oliva, Babyface, and Lionel Richie collaborators The Underdogs, this is a musical tour de force, a return to the form of “Gee.”

Whereas many K-Pop songs tend to pull the tired old trick of shifting the song’s key up by half an octave for the final chorus, “Mr.Mr.” actually does this twice, meaning that the song actually ends a full octave higher than where it started at. It makes for a very nice audio twist at the back end of the track.

The visual concept SM and Girls Generation went for with this was also a winner.

Girls Generation

A sophisticated and mature take on the women-in-menswear look. Sharp.

KARA’s “Step” KARA_main

KARA had come so close to putting out a great song before, but something was always just slightly amiss until “Step.” This is where it all came together, though. It is not worth pointing out all the good elements that constitute the track, because every single aspect of it works. Even the troublesome “middle eight” bars are beautifully transitioned into, beautifully sung by Gyuri in particular and beautifully transitioned out of again.

Although the big (and sometimes fake) retro microphone thing has been done to death in recent years…

Retro Mics

…this has arguably been the most memorable use of the prop in question.


The group came close to pulling off a part two of “Step” with “Mamma Mia” last year, another outstanding dance-pop number, but the 2011 classic has an almost timeless quality about it.

4MINUTE’s “Volume Up” 4Minute

It is hard not to fall for 4MINUTE (unless you hate dance music and sexy girls, that is). Despite the group’s obvious charms, their music is, with the exception of “Cold Rain,” relentless up-tempo stuff that takes its direct cues from the world of electronica.

Few acts would have done justice to a song like “Crazy” as 4Minute did, and even early hits like “Muzik” have impressed.

But “Volume Up” is 4MINUTE’s most complete song to date. Sophisticated and expertly orchestrated by Shinsadong Tiger and RaDo (who also worked on the excellent Troublemaker debut), this one stays with you; and is more multi-dimensional than some of the group’s more straightforward dance hits.

Rainbow’s “A” Rainbow_main

Rainbow and Sweetune. Oh for a return to those good old days.

This and “Mach” – nothing short of perfect.

Crayon Pop’s “Bing Bing” Crayon Pop main

Certainly not one of Crayon Pop’s bigger hits, but easily one of their most popular. At the showcase event for the group’s latest release, “FM,” held in Seoul’s busy Dongdaemun area in March this year, the group asked the crowd which song they would like to hear as an encore. The fans may have been unprepared for the question, but answered instantly. Their choice was unanimous. “Bing Bing,” they cried.

The girls were down for performing the track, although sadly the organizers had not thought to bring the “Bing Bing” backing track along, so the crowd had to settle for watching them perform “FM” again.

Although it started out life essentially as a B-side to the group’s debut track “Saturday Night,” “Bing Bing” is more than just a filler track. The group has performed it at music shows and most of its concerts, and it was the track that gave the act both its formative sound and image. This was effectively the debut of the matching tracksuits, the girls’ most defining look.

Crayon Pop

In musical terms, it was also a move away from the harder dance sound of “Saturday Night” and further towards the pure pop sound that better befits the act’s name and concept. Plus there was this ultra-cool shoulder-shuffle dance move.

Video by drighk (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSweDT96Y8E) Video by drighk

No, it does not have the novelty value of “Bar Bar Bar.” Nor does it have the polish of “FM.”

Crayon Pop_FM and Bar Bar Bar

But “Bing Bing” trumps both by just being a fantastic all-round pop song.

Possibly the best performance of the track is this live version, which morphs into a mash-up of Daft Punk’s “Harder Better Faster Stronger” and then back into “Bing Bing,” incorporating some pretty nifty dance moves to boot. If you weren’t already besotted with Crayon Pop, you will be after watching this.

You’re welcome.

Dal Shabet’s “B.B.B” Dal Shabet_main

This is another case of big name producers allowing rival hitmakers the chance to work with a pet project.

In this instance, E-Tribe, the duo who put Dal Shabet together, decided to make way for possibly the biggest name in K-Pop music-making, Shinsadong Tiger.

The results were utterly astounding, and probably had a lot of first-time listeners checking their mp3 players. Was this really Dal Shabet? As in “Pink Rocket” Dal Shabet?

For many people, Dal Shabet ranks as a fairly middling act. However, anyone who follows the group will tell you that in recent years the girls have really upped their musical game, particularly with songs like “Have, Don’t Have.”

Seriously, that video is “Gangnam Style” levels of fun, especially this part:

Dal Shabet

However, few girl group songs this decade have sounded as mature and sophisticated as “B.B.B.” In fact, this song barely sounds like a K-Pop track at all, more like a fast-paced modern remix of an eighties synthpop number. The keyboard track sounds like they have come straight out of this kind of era:

While the synthesizer tracks ooze this kind of thing:

Yet there is a much more upbeat theme going on in “B.B.B,” something that gives the song the feel of an old-school classic roller-disco hit.

If you are not feeling this version, the “Shinsadong Tiger Remix,” included on the album, has a harder bassline and beat and disposes with the synthpop elements in favor of a more typical K-Pop sound.

However, kudos to Happy Face Entertainment for having the courage of their convictions and choosing to promote the original mix, rather than going with the remix.

2NE1’s “Clap Your Hands” 2NE1_main

Even if you are not a fan of 2NE1, you have to admire the fact that YG Entertainment’s flagship female act has an identifiable sound, which is not something you can say about the vast majority of girl groups out there. Possibly the main reason for this is the fact that 2NE1 has worked pretty extensively with Teddy (aka Teddy Park), YG’s biggest name in-house producer.

Working mostly with a single producer has a lot of advantages. It is worth considering that many acts that have largely worked with one producer have succeeded together in crafting some pretty unique works.


Examples include George Martin, who worked on every single Beatles album, or long-time TLC producer Dallas Austin.

Perhaps the only K-Pop girl group other than 2NE1 to achieve musical consistency in recent years has been Nine Muses, who have worked fairly consistently with Sweetune over the years. In fact, the Sweetune-Nine Muses relationship has yielded some pretty outstanding songs, “Wild” in particular.

Having already struck gold first time round with 2NE1’s outstanding debut, “Fire” (still by far the act’s best song in my book), Teddy again teamed up with co-composer Kush for “Clap Your Hands.” Following the same formula, playing to the group’s already-established strengths, the result was a song that was at once catchy, trendy and memorable, with its fuzzy-heavy, distorted bassline and multiple, deep house-inspired keyboard sounds.

Honorary Mention Ladies Code’s “Pretty Pretty” ladies code pretty pretty

Honestly, this song is better than half of the songs on the list above. But it is impossible to just listen to it for pure enjoyment now, bearing in mind the unspeakably tragic fate that befell RiSe and EunB last year. In 2015, instead of making you want to dance, listening to this now will more likely just make you want to cry.

That takes nothing away from the track, however, which deserves to rank up there as an all-time K-Pop classic.

So much for our list, Soompiers, now it’s over to you! Vote in the poll, tell us your thoughts on our selections and let us know what your top 10 girl group tracks of the 2010s are.

Here is the playlist for The 10 Best K-Pop Girl Group Hits From the First Half of the Decade:

timmydee is a music geek with a penchant for pop, an enthusiasm for electronica and a hankering for hip-hop. When he isn’t writing for Soompi, he is remixing your favorite K-Pop tracks – with sometimes astounding (but often catastrophic) results.

*The views expressed in this article solely reflect those of the author and do not represent Soompi as a whole.



The new generation KPop groups: Red Velvet & CLC

The new generation KPop groups: Red Velvet & CLC

It has been 3 months into 2015 and KPop fans have seen the debut of some really talented female groups such as GFRIEND and SONAMOO.

In the latest episode of M! Countdown aired earlier today, SM Entertainment and Cube Entertainment"s rookie groups garnered the most attention.

With the addition of new member Yeri, Red Velvet is officially promoting as a 5 member group with catchy title track Ice Cream Cake while Cube"s new group CLC (Crystal Clear) performed their first live stage on music show. Both groups have their own uniqueness and fans started to discuss each group"s performance on M! Countdown, here comes some netizens" comments:

= Positive Comments= Negative Comments = Neutral Comments

Red Velvet"s comeback performance

Netizens" comments (Youtube)

everything is perfect except those outfits lol.. but irene..she totally slayed me with her rap. i"m stanning her nowTranslate

For rookies singing live with choreo that intense-they did really good. Of course there"s still some work to be done, but they killed it! Yeri may not be there in vocals, but in dance she definitely knows what"s up.


why does the second outfit look extremely uncomfortable

Not good at singing

CLC"s debut

CLC voice is amazing!!! dance so attractive!! i love i love!!

This is so niiice hahaha and yee eun killed again in her rap part o)-

am i the only one here who think that Sorn looks and sounds like Lee Hi ?

I want to see their interactions with BEAST

cube"s stylist always amaze me with similarity stage outfit. same like apink"s luv stage outfit

Which group are you rooting for? I"m definitely watching both!!


Kpop Feature (Part Two): Unsung - 9 More Underrated Boy Groups

Kpop Feature (Part Two): Unsung - 9 More Underrated Boy Groups

Kpop Feature (Part Two): Unsung - 9 More Underrated Boy Groups

Unsung - 9 Underrated Boy Groups Pt. 2

Last month we released an article on "9Underrated Boy Groups." Now, it"s time for part 2! There are so many awesome boy groups in K-pop that deserve to be on top that we couldn"t fit all of them in one article... So, let"s see which groups make our list this time around.

The Boss The Boss debuted in 2010 under Open World Entertainment. All of the members were previously part of Xing Entertainment, whose project group also previously housed popular idols, such as B2ST"s Junhyung. This group is vocally extremely talented--they all have unique, but equally strong vocals. They have released a number of solid, catchy tunes. They are known to have promoted for an extended period of time in Japan, which may partially explain their limited success in Korea--however, it"s clear that these guys have plenty of talent and deserve more love!

AA AA comes from an agency that houses many of Korea"s top actors. Thus, it"s no surprise that this group, which debuted in 2011, is multi-talented. They have the looks, the vocals, and the fluid dance movements that should be the recipe for ultimate success in the K-pop world. Although they haven"t had their breakout hit yet, I"m confident that these guys will come around soon. They have experienced minor setbacks such as member changes, but now this group is seemingly stronger than ever and ready to kill the game. I hope they kill it,I know people like their kimchi to be fermented but if it ferments too long, it"ll be too late and lose its prime flavor.

HISTORY HISTORY debuted in 2013 as LOEN Entertainment"s first boy group. For their debut track, "Dreamer," they enlisted the help of their popular label mates, IU and Son Dam Bi, resulting in increased anticipation for the group. This multi-talented group did not disappoint with videos reaching over 1 million views on YouTube and even nominations at the MelOn Music Awards and Golden Disk Awards in 2013 and 2014 respectively. However, despite their popularity and fan base, this group has surprisingly yet to top the music charts. HISTORY is a relatively new group, still, so I"m confident they"re success will see a sharp rise!

M.I.B M.I.B made their official debut in 2011. However, prior to their debut, they showed fans that they were not just good looks whose voices were masked by layers of harmonies--in fact, they released solo songs prior to their official debut as a group to showcase their individual talents. Since their debut, this group has seen some setbacks, but they"ve also seen success with many of their tracks. My favorite is definitely, "Dash (Men In Black)." Although they haven"t risen to the popularity levels of other groups that debuted around the same time, they released quality tracks that are bound to see major success in the near future.

MYNAME MYNAME is another group that debuted in 2011. They were formed by Hwanhee of popular group, Fly to the Sky.With a mentor and vocal coach like Hwanhee, it"s no surprise that these boys have strong vocals that perfectly fit ballads and up-tempo dance beats. MYNAME, too, has seen a strong showing of over 1 million hits on YouTube. However, considering how talented they are, and not to mention how catchy their songs are, it"s surprising that they haven"t seen the success they deserve. Yet.

MR.MR On this entire list, MR.MR may be the most underrated group here. They debuted in 2012 alongside big name groups such as EXO and B.A.P. However, they have not seen quite the same success that their competitors have seen. With hits such as, "Waiting For You," off their last album, it"s disappointing to see the minimal success they have seen. There has been much buzz surrounded these boys regarding controversial lyrics and member changes--let"s hope we see more buzz surrounding them for their solid tracks.

BTOB BTOBwas one of the most discussed groups on "7 Underrated Boy Groups (Part 1)," so I decided to add them to this list because I do for the most part agree that they are in fact underrated. Despite having a video peak at over 12 million YouTube views (their video for "WOW," posted below), and many others reaching over 1 million, and winning awards at the Cyworld Digital Music Awards and Seoul Music Awards,they still are underrated when compared to other groups of their caliber. But they have definitely seen a spike in success in the last year, so let"s hope this trend continues.

Block B Block B, too, has seen an increase in popularity starting from last year. However, I don"t think they"ve reached the popularity level where they should be. I was surprised to learn that they actually debuted in 2011. They garnered a lot of interest from fans prior to their debut despite having many of their early videos banned by the Commission of Youth Protection. I personally think that "Very Good" was a turn around track for this group, and I"m really excited to see that this group is finally starting to take off. Their new single, "HER" haswon them multiple live-music show number ones. Although they"ve been much underrated for much of their career thus far, I"m confident that this is now their time.

MBLAQ MBLAQ had a lot of attention in the beginning because of their connection to legendary artist, Rain. They had a strong debut in 2009, and their hit, "Y," released in 2010, garnered a lot of popularity for this new group. This group has made a strong appearances on variety shows and dramas showcasing their singing and acting chops. Although this group has accomplished a lot, to me, they are still underrated, especially when compared to their "rival" group, B2ST (as both groups debuted around the same time). It"s no shock that these guys are extremely talented, and they are always hovering near the top of the music charts. I just hope it won"t be too long before these hits become all-kills.

And that rounds out the top 9. What groups do you think are underrated that weren"t mentioned on this list? Comment below!


Girl Groups f(x), SISTAR Lead “Most Viewed K-pop Videos in America” List by Billboard

Girl Groups f(x), SISTAR Lead “Most Viewed K-pop Videos in America” List by Billboard

It looks like female K-pop idols reigned supreme in America last month as the female groups f(x) and SISTAR led Billboards list of Most Viewed K-pop Videos in America for the month of July!

f(x), who has made their return to the colorful world of K-pop after a year of rest, has garnered almost 10 million views for their dark music video of their title song, Red Light, putting the girls in first place for the Most Viewed K-pop Videos in America and the whole world.

SISTAR takes the second place as the most viewed K-pop video both in America and the world with their music video with a colorful summer video for their song, Touch My Body. With a total of almost seven million views since its release on July 20, Billboard.com reports that it is a surprising result for SISTAR who has only made one visit to the US previously in April.

4Minutes HyunA places third in the US list with Red while Girls Day takes the number four spot with Darling. However, the two switch positions in the world ranking, indicating that HyunA might have more fans in the US than Girls Day.

The girl group winning streak in the list of most viewed K-pop videos in the US and the world is broken by INFINITE who has returned with Back, a powerful song that shows off the groups unique colors. At sixth place is the three-member group JYJ who also has made their highly anticipated return after four years with a mid-tempo urban track, Back Seat. In the world ranking, JYJ takes the number five spot while INFINITE drops a few spots down to number seven.

Henry also makes the most viewed K-pop videos list both in the US and the world with his song, Fantastic placing him at the eight and sixth place, respectively, and YG Entertainments Lydias video for her cover of Taeyangs Eyes, Nose, Lips also makes the US list at number seven.

Check out the rest of the list and the music videos prepared by Billboard.com below.

Most-Watched K-Pop MVs in America – July 2014 (Billboard Report)

1. f(x), Red Light2. SISTAR, Touch My Body 3. HyunA, Red 4. Girls Day, Darling 5. INFINITE, Back 6. JYJ, Back Seat 7. Lydia, Eyes, Nose, Lips (Cover Video)8. Henry, Fantastic


Most-Watched K-Pop MVs Worldwide – July 2014 (Billboard Report)

1. f(x), Red Light2. SISTAR, Touch My Body 3. Girls Day, Darling 4. HyunA, Red 5. JYJ, Back Seat 6. Henry, Fantastic 7. INFINITE, Back 8. Bro, My Confession


New female KPop girl group Taurine uploads MV of debut song

New female KPop girl group Taurine uploads MV of debut song "Wish List"

A new KPop girl group Taurine released their debut song "Wish List."

"Wish List" is a song that has jazz sound and tackles about the food that the three girls of Taurine want to eat, but they can"t because they are preparing for their debut performance. The music video will surely make you feel hungry. The song is composed by Yoo Junsang and written by Taurine.

Watch below:

written by: [email protected]

SOURCE: OSEN, kt music


Orange Caramels Nana lands 2nd on TC Candler's 100 list of Most Beautiful Faces of 2013!

Orange Caramels Nana lands 2nd on TC Candler's 100 list of Most Beautiful Faces of 2013!

Orange Caramel’s Nana lands 2nd on TC Candler's 100 list of Most Beautiful Faces of 2013!

Many Koreans made it on TC Candler's 100 list of Most Beautiful Faces of 2013.

Orange Caramel’s Nana landed on the highest spot for the Koreans. She ranked second to the winner, Marion Cotillard.

The others who made on the list were:

9. Taeyeon

14. Suzy Bae

20. Jessica Jung

24. Song Hye-kyo

34. Go Ara

39. IU

43. Gianna Jun

63. Lizzy

66. Sooyoung

71. Yoona

75. Jaekyung

82. E-Young

94. Woori

Watch below:

written by: [email protected] SOURCE: TC Candler