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Which KDramas Made The Cut At The Seoul International Drama Awards?

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Which KDramas Made The Cut At The Seoul International Drama Awards?

The Seoul International Drama Awards will take place on Sept. 10 and the finalists have already been determined.

Twenty-four dramas from various countries were nominated for the finals, as well as 25 directors, screenwriters, actors and actresses in individual categories. Altogether the awards received 212 submissions from 48 countries.

Four k-dramas made the cut for this category. They include the hit cable drama "Misaeng," the Monday- Tuesday drama "Yuna"s Street," the police thriller "Bad Guys" and the lesser known "Snowy Road."

Just in case you missed any of these dramas, here"s what they are about and who is in them:

"Misaeng" is the story of a baduk (Go) player who must find an office job and faces insurmountable odds in his efforts to become a full time employee. This show was so well done, the main character"s struggles were painful to watch. A big hit in Korea, it starred Im Si Wan, Byun Ho, Kang So Ra and Lee Sung Min.

"Yuna"s Street" stars Lee Hee Joon as a poor but ambitious man who dreams of being a social worker. He"s in love with the pickpocket Yoo Na, played by Kim Ok Vin and inspires her to change her life.

In "Bad Guys" Kim Sang Joong"s detective character uses bad guys to catch bad guys. They include a detective suspended from the police force, a gangster, a contract killer and a serial killer, played by Park Hae Jin.

The final drama in this collection is "Snowy Road," which focuses on the story of two girls in Korea during the Japanese occupation. It stars Kim Sae Ron.

Korean actor, Bool Am Choi, is the head judge for the final selection of awards. Choi made his drama debut in 1967 when he appeared in "Grand Prince Suyang.. He appeared in dramas such as "Chief Inspector," "Country Diaries" and "You and I. In 2008 he won the year"s Star Awards at the 3rd Seoul International Drama Awards.

"A wide range of dramas are submitted to the Seoul Drama Awards every year regardless of nationality and genre," said Bool. "In particular, great dramas acclaimed for both cinematic quality and popularity have been selected to mark this year"s 10th Seoul Drama Awards."

Nominees for Best Actor include Ji Sung, who starred in "Kill Me Heal Me," Terrence Howard in the American drma "Empire," Adrien Brody in the American drama "Houdini," Florian Lukas in the German drama "We Did It For The Money" and Shaohua Ma in the Chinese drama "Deng Xiaoping."

Best actress nominees include Sonya Walger from the Canadian drama "The Good Sister," Gina Rodriguez from the American drama "Jane The Virgin" and Lena Endrew from the Norwegian drama "Acquitted."

The Seoul International Drama Awards 2015 will be televised through MBC. K-drama actors Kim Jung Eun and Lee Dong Wook will host the event. Kim Jung Eun starred in "Lovers in Paris" and "Make A Woman Cry." Lee has acted in "Hotel King" and "Scent of a Woman."

Will Kdramas Without Love Story Succeed?

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Will Kdramas Without Love Story Succeed?

Many Korean dramas start with a love story, and end with a love story. This is the same across the genre of drama, whether it is a medical drama or a law drama. However, for these three dramas that are currently on air, love story is not a main focus.

The main characters of the new KBS 2 TV Monday Tuesday drama "Tomorrow Cantabile," which premiered on October 13, 2014, are a man and a woman, however, the story is more focused on their passion for classical music than their love story.

In the popular tvN Friday Saturday drama Mi Saeng, love story is virtually nonexistent as the drama only deals with the lives of the entry level young professionals. In the tvN Monday Tuesday drama "Liar Game," the characters focus more on the psychology of humans when it comes to a grand award of ten million dollars, rather than a love story.

Do you think these dramas will succeed? Share your thoughts with us in the comment box.

The 2013 Highest Rated KDramas

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The 2013 Highest Rated KDramas

Here is the list of the 2013 KDramas with best ratings! Let’s see!

In first place for 2013 was the KBS 2TV drama “My Daughter Seo Young. ” It was the drama with the highest viewer ratings this year, according to Nielsen Korea, earning average ratings of 40.7 percent between Sept. 2012 and March 2013. The 50-episode drama, starring Lee Bo Young, Lee Sang Yoon, Park Hae Jin and Chun Ho Jin, focused on the broken relationship between Seo Young and her father.

The weekend dramas “The Wang Family” and “Cheer Up Mr. Kim” tied for second place with ratings of 28.5 percent. The Wang Family, which included Jang Yong, Kim Hae Sook, Oh Hyun Kyung and Jo Sung Ha among its huge cast, focused on the problems of a family”s successive generations. “Cheer Up Mr. Kim,” starring Yang Jin Woo, Choi Jung Yoon, Wang Ji Hye and Kim Dong Wan, told the story of a man who worked as a housekeeper to support his four children.

Among the weekday dramas, the top winner is the Korean-American co-production “The Heirs,” which started out slow but reached 25.6 percent in the ratings, with an overall average of 16.7 percent. The drama”s stars Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye and Kim Woo Bin attracted a large and loyal fan base.

Next up was the paranormal courtroom drama “I Hear Your Voice,” starring Lee Bo Young, Yoon Sang Hyun and Lee Jong Suk. The drama reached 24.1 percent in the ratings with an overall average of 18.8 percent.

Next came “The Master”s Sun,” starring So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin. The love story between a woman who sees ghosts and the man who can make them go away reached 21.8 percent of the viewers with an average of 17.2 percent. “Good Doctor,” starring Joo Won and Moon Chae Won reached 21.5 percent with an overall average of 18.8 percent.

The fantasy saeguk “Gu Family Book,” starring Lee Seung Gi and Suzy, reached 19.1 percent of the viewers and averaged 16.1 percent.

A few more dramas also deserve honorable mention. “Secrets,” also known as “Secret Love,” earned 18.9 percent but only averaged 12.7 percent. It starred Ji Sung, Hwang Jung Eum and Bae Soo Bin. The winner of the Kdramastars poll for best drama, “Missing You,” reached 17.9 percent, with an average of 10 percent. The drama starred Park Yoochun and Yoon Eun Hye.

And the year ended on a promising note for two new dramas. The 50-episode weekday historical drama “Empress Ki,” which began in October, reached ratings of 20.2 percent by its 13th episode. Also “You Who Came From The Stars” broke 20 percent in its first few episodes.

How Vdio’s Free Kdramas Are Introducing Korean Culture to U.S. and Canadian Fans

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How Vdio’s Free Kdramas Are Introducing Korean Culture to U.S. and Canadian Fans

Psy, Big Bang, Song Hye Kyo

Not long ago, chatter about the latest escapades from "Master's Sun" and speculation about which love interest Gu Jun Pyo would choose was reserved for Korean schoolyards, workplaces and homes. But these days, thanks in part to services like Vdio that have added several popular Korean dramas for free to their media catalog, it's not strange to see U.S. fans gossiping about the latest plot twist in their favorite Kdrama.

Fans of Korean pop culture in the U.S. have seen a rise in some of their favorite KPop stars in recent years. Psy rocked the global music charts with his "Gangnam Style" video, and groups like Big Bang have been selling out top venues in the U.S. for a few years.

Kdramas are also skyrocketing in popularity. The rise of streaming services such as Vdio are also making it easier for television shows and movies to reach users across several borders, said Scott Barrow, SVP of Operations at Vdio.

"Broadcasters have come to recognize the opportunity to distribute their programming instantly to a voracious global audience looking for high-quality entertainment," he told KPopStarz.

Now, U.S. consumers are able to watch popular Kdrama actresses such as Song Hye Kyo dazzle viewers in "That Winter, The Wind Blows" or chuckle along with the ordinary businessman who finds himself entangled in a murder mystery and corporate espionage hijinks in "History of the Salaryman."

Part of the reason for the newfound Kdrama fever is that American fans are beginning to understand the true variety and quality available with Kdramas, said Stephanie Kurze, a Kdrama fan who runs the blog "Crazy for Kdrama."

A common misconception is that Kdramas are similar to bad American soap operas - hastily made melodramas with mediocre acting and inconceivable plot twists. That's not to say Korean dramas come without shocking revelations or kooky characters, but the plots cover everything from historical events to important societal issues, and producers have high standards for their actors and crew.

Kurze said that in her writing about Kdrama fandom, she'd encountered U.S. fans that dismissed Kdramas as too romantic or silly. Later, though, she heard back from one of her biggest naysayers who, to his surprise, had thoroughly enjoyed his first experience with a Kdrama.

"He couldn't believe that what he'd watched was a Kdrama, because it was about war and was well written, had great production values and was historically accurate," she told KPopStarz. "Yeah, he's just been Kdrama'ed."

In addition, Kdramas can be a family-friendly activity, said Jennifer Griffith, an author and mother to five children. Griffith lived in Asia for two years, and she said watching Kdramas is a great way to remind her of some of the Asian culture that she enjoyed. What's more, it is also a perfect way to share an activity with her family and teach them more about the continent with which she fell in love.

"I think my favorite aspect of the Kdramas we've ended up seeing is how clean they've all been compared to a lot of American shows," she told KPopStarz. "There's a lot less that makes me cringe or think, 'Man, I don't want my kids watching this.' It's a relief."

In addition to enjoying the stories, acting and culture available in Kdramas, these fans love the ease at which they can consume the shows. Vdio already has a contract with SBS that allows them to offer popular dramas such as "Empire of Gold" and "City Hunter" without any ads, and the company is only planning to add more going forward.

"No one else is offering free HD and ad-free streaming today," Barrow noted.

That means that armed with just a TV, tablet or computer, Kdrama fans can sit and absorb their favorite dramas in one big gulp. Then, Vdio users can connect with other Kdrama fans and find out what some of their favorite shows are, making it easy to discover their next favorite.

It's that community that makes many Kdrama fans stick around after they've become hooked to their first show, said Griffith. In a new era of TV where it's possible to connect with viewers across countries and cultures, Kdramas provide a unique window into South Korea - a vibrant, quirky country straight out of the future.

"There are some serious fans out there," Griffith added. "Its kind of fun to be in their crowd, sharing the culture, including the Korean entries that are finding their way into the American cultural landscape."

The Power Of Kdramas: When Dramas Take On Serious Subjects

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Gong Hyo Jin, So Ji Sub, Choi Ji Woo

The Power Of Kdramas: When Dramas Take On Serious Subjects Masters SunThe Power Of Kdramas: When Dramas Take On Serious Subjects Suspicious HousekeeperThe Power Of Kdramas: When Dramas Take On Serious Subjects Good Doctor

Whether they are comedies, thrillers or melodramas, kdramas aim toentertain. But at the same time, they often deal with some serioussubjects.

A standard kdrama plot can feature a child who despite previousexperiences learns to appreciate or forgive her parents, a chaebol wholearn that privilege does not entitle him to act badly or a villain wholearns the error of his ways and repents.

Answering questions of what'sright and wrong is part of what makes kdramas so very enjoyable.

And television has always had the power to show viewers a new perspective on a controversial topic.

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High School KDramas That Get Good Grades

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High School KDramas That Get Good Grades Lee Jong SukHigh School KDramas That Get Good Grades Reply 1997High School KDramas That Get Good Grades Shut Up Flower Boy Band

Watching a great high school drama can be a fun way to relax during the back-to-school season.

We listed a few of our favorites. These kdramas range from the stuffof fluffy daydreams to a few that examine the serious issues studentsconfront in real life:

"School 2013" tells it like it is by taking on some of the realissues that students face. It talks about bullying, suicide, violenceand relations between students and teachers. And everything takes placein one small classroom at Seung Ri High. The award-winning drama starsDaniel Choi, Lee Jong Suk, Kim Woo Bin and Jang Nara.

Going to a high school reunion is an eye-opening way to put yourglory days in perspective. That's what happens in "Reply 1997," a dramathat flips back and forth between high school and the lives of thestudents a decade later.

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Japanese Fans Vote On The Best Kdramas

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Park Shin Hye, Jang Geun Suk, Lee Hong Ki

Japanese Fans Vote On The Best Kdramas Winter SonataJapanese Fans Vote On The Best Kdramas Youre BeautifulJapanese Fans Vote On The Best Kdramas Rooftop Prince

And the Japanese fans have spoken. A poll on the top 100 Koreandramas has announced the winner of its interim results and it's not anew drama.

According to the current results of the Hanryu 10th Anniversary Poll, the 2003 hit "Winter Sonata," still tops the list offavorite kdramas in Japan.

The tragic love story was said to start theHallyu or Korean wave, prompting Japanese tourists to visit Korea andinspiring the creation of the first Japanese to Korean phrase book.After a decade, it remains the number one favorite with Japanese fans.

"You're Beautiful," starring Park Shin Hye, Jang Geun Suk, Lee Hong Ki and CNBlue's Jung Yong Hwa, ranked number two.

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Romantic Gestures In KDramas

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Kim Bum, Yoon Eun Hye, Hyun Bin

Romantic Gestures In KDramas Goddess of FireRomantic Gestures In KDramas Lie To MeRomantic Gestures In KDramas I Hear Your Voice

When Kim Bum's character Kim Tae Do walked ahead of Jung Yi in arecent episode of "Goddess of Fire" he wanted to secretly clear a pathso she could easily walk to her destination. That thoughtful act servedas a reminder of all the many romantic gestures in kdramas that inspireviewers to say "aw...that's so sweet."

It might be said that a romantic gesture done in secret is the mostromantic of all but there are a few that require participation.

For example, there's the forehead kiss, a sweet gesture designed tomake the heart flutter. Kang Ji Hwan kisses Yoon Eun Hye on the foreheadin "Lie To Me." Hyun Bin kissed Ha Ji Won on the forehead in SecretGarden. The long list of kdrama forehead kisses also includes Jung IlWoo kissing Lee Yo Won in "49 Days" and Kim Bum kissing Park Jin Hee in"The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry."

In "Personal Taste" Lee Min Ho andSon Ye Jin give each other forehead kisses. Moon Geun Young got aforehead kiss from Kim Jae Wook in "Mary Stayed Out All Night" and onefrom Chun Jung Myung in "Cinderella's Sister."

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The Best Bromances In Kdramas

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Park Ji Woong, Joo Won, Kim Bum, Jung Woo Sung

The Best Bromances In Kdramas Joo Won and Park Ki WoongThe Best Bromances In Kdramas Jung Woo Sung and Kim BumThe Best Bromances In Kdramas Yoo Ah In and Song Joong Ki

Almost as good as the swoon-worthy romances in kdramas are the affectionate male relationships known as bromances.

The kdrama bromance can take place between two comrades or rivals.They can actually be related or have sworn loyalty to each other.

Earlier this year, gave out a "Best Bromance" award toPark Ki Woong and Joo Won for their love-hate relationship in "BridalMask."

The two men alternated between being friends and enemies for thelength of the drama. Their affection for each other is a victim of alarger political battle.

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Happiness Guaranteed: Kdramas With Upbeat Endings

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Happiness Guaranteed: Kdramas With Upbeat Endings

If watching "I Hear Your Voice" last week convinced you that you only want to see kdramas with happy endings, you are inluck. There are lots of them.

Listing them won't necessarily tell you exactly how they end but youwill know that the endings are likely to leave you with a smile. You maynotice that the following dramas also include some of the most popularones, because really who does not like a happy ending?

Of course not everyone will agree on whether an ending is happy ornot. One person's happy ending may not satisfy another person. Forexample, the heroine might favor the guy you think is wrong for her.

Andsome endings are so vague that audiences can read whatever they likeinto them. Some people list "City Hunter" among their favorite dramaswith happy endings, while others say that it was too hard to figure outwhat actually happened. Many people liked the ending of "That Winter TheWind Blows" while others were not sure what happened in the finalscenes.

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