New Journey To The West PD Welcomes Suggestions On How To Surprise WINNER For Their Youth Over Flowers Special

New Journey To The West PD Welcomes Suggestions On How To Surprise WINNER For Their Youth Over Flowers Special

Although New Journey to the West 4 wrapped up last month, producing director (PD) Shin Hyo Jung has been keeping busy!

The PD worked as a co-director with PD Na Young Suk on the show. Now she is preparing the upcoming WINNER special of Youth Over Flowers as well as the show Kangs Kitchen. Both shows were requested by Song Minho and Kang Ho Dong respectively during New Journey to the West 4 and what started out as a joke became a reality.

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In a recent interview, PD Shin gave an update into how things were proceeding. Were in the middle of exploring options, she said. We want to show people within the year if possible. We have to find a filming location for Kangs Kitchen and a travel destination for Youth Over Flowers. Two of the New Journey to the West PDs recently got married, but one of them couldnt even go on their honeymoon.

The interviewer commented that the WINNER members, constantly on guard against being kidnapped (one of the trademarks of Youth Over Flowers is that they take their guests completely by surprise), have begun dressing and packing in advance.

Kang Seung Yoon said that everything he needs is in his bag, the PD admitted. We tried tricking Song Mino into thinking the project wasnt going to happen but he pretended not to understand us. For Youth Over Flowers, the guests have to be completely unaware that theyre going on a trip. But now they already know through the [New Journey to the West] broadcast. Weve been having meetings about secret camera pranks but havent come up with anything. If theres a good way, we want to accept suggestions. We want to make a request to the fans: if you see the production staff somewhere, please pretend you didnt see us.

This will be PD Shins first time working with the WINNER members apart from Song Mino. I am studying up on them, she said. First things first, Id like them to unpack their things. Theyre very smart. We dont dare ask them anything about Youth Over Flowers. We were going to make plans based on their reactions but we dont know anything at all. We started this for fun but now Im feeling pressured.

Are you looking forward to the show? Do you have any ideas how WINNER can be caught off-guard?