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Hwayoung, the former member of T-ara changes the profile picture of her Twitter, Undergoing a change of mind?

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Hwayoung, the former member of T-ara changes the profile picture of her Twitter, Undergoing a change of mind?

Recently, Hwayoung, who has been removed from the girl group T-ara, changed her profile picture of her Twitter.

On the afternoon of August 3, Hwayoung attracted attention by changing her profile picture of her Twitter.

The new picture displays the childhood of Hwayoung and her twin sister Hyoyoung. With their hair tied, they both are holding Pringles in their hand and sitting together. The background that seems like their house, and their cute socks catches the eye.

The former profile picture was Hwayoungs selca of her acting cute.

Netizens commented: Did you undergo a change of mind? Does this mean that your sister is the only one to trust? Better or not, I hope she becomes happy once again after everything gets solved.

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon stocks mind About Her Busy Year

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Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Shares Thoughts About Her Busy Year On November 22, Girls’ Generation carried out their fourth solo concert “Phantasia” at the Seoul Olympic Stadium. at the same day, leader Taeyeon shared her thoughts about her busy year.

“This year was once the busiest time of my life,” she said. “I’ve been active from the start of the year when I featured in f(x)’s Amber’s solo debut up till this concert. I’m glad when I paintings so these sort of moments can be precious in my memory.”

About her solo debut this fall, she said, “My solo debut became a new experience. I discovered that after I’m with my participants i am getting in reality excited and feature a massive number of fun.”

“Phantasia” is Girls’ Generation’s first solo concert in Korea in two and a part years. it sounds as if Taeyeon will be active all of the way up except the finish of the year, as subunit TaeTiSeo is scheduled to unencumber a new album afterwards in December.

Yoo Jae Suk stocks His mind on Love and Marriage

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Yoo Jae Suk Shares His Thoughts on Love and Marriage Yoo Jae Suk had some words of comfort for Jeon Hyun Moo, who is still unmarried. This substitute came about at the November 20 episode of “I Reside Alone,” in which Jeon Hyun Moo confided in Yoo Jae Suk and asked for advice.

Jeon Hyun Moo asked, “Do you observed it's far imaginable to get married after 40?” Yoo Jae Suk said, “Jung Joon Ha did precisely that,” looking to convenience Jeon Hyun Moo.

Yoo Jae Suk added, “I typically tell my hoobaes to get married if they truly love someone. maximum others that I know give the other advice, though.” Jeon Hyun Moo agreed, “Ji Suk Jin acknowledged exactly that, pronouncing that he would no longer get married if he were me.”

Although it appears Yoo Jae Suk’s recommendation isn't the norm, do you trust it?

Apink′s Yoon Bo Mi stocks mind on Winding up First Drama

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Apink′s Yoon Bo Mi stocks mind on Winding up First Drama

--> Apink′s Yoon Bo Mi shared her mind on acting for the primary time in the internet drama Love Detective Sherlock K.

Yoon Bo Mi said via A Cube′s reputable Twitter and Facebook on November 20, "Thank you to everybody who enjoyed Love Detective Sherlock K. As it used to be my first time acting, there were difficulties, yet I ask for your hobby and love in my long run activities."

She also incorporated pictures of herself in persona as best famous person Yuna in Love Detective Sherlock K. Yoon Bo Mi played a biting, yet lovely height star in the drama.

Yoon Bo Mi turned into praised for her acting, earning comments like ′Her charm flickers even in the drama,′ ′Her sly acting appeared so real,′ and ′Bo Mi brought the nature to existence actually well.′

Love Detective Sherlock K is set a noted profiler, Sherlock K, who is in reality a lady undercover as a man, who is helping chaebol son Min Woo in finding out the reality about top star Yuna. The drama aired its ultimate episode on Naver television forged today, and it is going to air on KBS 1TV on November 21.

Photo credit: A dice Twitter

Fashion Clothier at the back of mask on “King of Mask Singer” Finds His mind About His Work

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Fashion Designer At the back of Masks on “King of Mask Singer” shows His Thoughts About His Work Hwang Jae Keun, the designer behind the ingenious masks at the masked making a song festival “King of Mask Singer,” these days printed his thoughts about his new line of work.

“I made up our minds to make masks because i presumed that garments were now not the sole solution,” he said. “After I introduced my brand, my attire failed to sell in addition I concept they would. Afterwards I stopped taking a look at clothing alone. I thought that there were such so much of things I may just design as well.”

king of mask singer hwang jae keun Source: Hwang Jae Keun Facebook

king of mask singer hwang kae keun Source: Hwang Jae Keun Facebook

The fashion designer gave the impression on the 2011 OnStyle display “Project Runway Korea Season 3.” “I began as a way designer yet after most effective making clothes for some time I made a decision to create a utterly unique signature that no other designer might copy,” he said. “Taking on masks used to be a surprising extension of my field.”

About “King of Mask Singer,” he said, “It’s a program that receives numerous love. i am hoping with the aim to change into a distinct mask designer. Design is anything I do because I in reality love it.”

Hwang Jae Keun has also seemed on more than a few MBC form methods reminiscent of “I are living Alone,” “Radio Star,” and “Quiz to switch the World.”

SEVENTEEN’s mind on Being Titled “Self-Producing Idols”

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SEVENTEEN’s Thoughts on Being Titled “Self-Producing Idols” Thirteen-member rookie idol group SEVENTEEN, who debuted remaining would possibly with the unmarried “Adore U” and proceeded to apply up with “Manse,” have shot a chic pictorial for the craze mag Ceci.

The photo printed displays the thirteen of them cooly facing and posing for the camera in numerous black and white outfits.

In addition to the photo shoot, they sat down for an interview with the magazine where they were asked about their emotions in opposition to being nicknamed “completely self-producing idols.” Member Woozi produced their 2d mini-album “BOYS BE,” and other participants had been considering the production procedure for their songs.

“We feel incredibly pleased with the reality that we were in a position to reach the identify via playing the production of our album’s songs and choreography. In the future, we would like to stay our title of ‘self-producing idols’ via taking phase in the production of different such things as costumes and album jackets.”

When asked about their aspirations, SEVENTEEN spoke back by pronouncing that they sought after to continue running challenging and hope to win the “Best Rookie” award for this year.

SEVENTEEN’s pictorial and interview may also be discovered in the December edition of Ceci.

What does Suzy recall to mind 'Reply 1988'?

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What does Suzy recall to mind 'Reply 1988'?

During an interview with TV Report for Suzy"s promotion of film "Dorihwaga," the idol-turned-actress printed herself to be partial to tvN"s "Reply 1988." Her co-stars in the film, Lee Dong Whee and Ahn Jae Hong, are either these days in the drama.

She said, "I am staring at it with immense sadness. It"s a disgrace that I can not empathize with each and every and each prop because I"m no longer from that generation, yet i'm ready to conquer the time difference in the process the tale of family. it's very poignant and it makes me cry. i might be more than pleased if the tale of my generation would also come out."

Are you feeling the similar way about the drama?

TVXQ’s Changmin stocks fair mind on Enlistment in Pictorial for Grazia

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TVXQ’s Changmin Shares sincere Thoughts on Enlistment in Pictorial for Grazia TVXQ‘s Changmin, who could be leaving for the army tomorrow, published the ultimate pictorial that he shot sooner than his enlistment.

On November 17, type mag Grazia revealed the pictorial with Changmin, the shoot for which came about in Los Angeles. In the pictorial, no longer handiest does Changmin emphasize his masculinity, yet he may also be appearing off his amusing aspect by way of revealing the images that he took on his go back and forth to Europe with his friends.

In the interview that accompanies the pictorial, Changmin shared his honest thoughts about enlistment. He said, “My complete 20s was once TVXQ. Now, I’m stripping away that name and I’m going to a position where my own call is all I have. that during itself still hasn’t moderately sunk in yet.”

Earlier, Changmin became authorized into the conscripted police force and he's going to be enlisting to it on November 19.

Meanwhile, Changmin’s pictorial and whole interview will most likely be discovered at the December factor of Grazia.

Heize stocks her mind at the finishing of 'Unpretty Rapstar 2'

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Heize stocks her mind at the finishing of 'Unpretty Rapstar 2'

"Unpretty Rapstar" contestant Heize left some affectionate words on her Instagram now that the show"s 2d season effectively drew to a close. 

She wrote, "I in spite of everything were given to glance at the final episode today. All of our "pretty rapstars" who no longer handiest had beautiful faces yet also fairly hearts, if i used to be alone, I wouldn"t were in a position to be anyone." 

The rapper concluded, "I wish to once back thank the folk that were with me for 100 days and made me the Heize i'm today. I can go back to you once again."

오늘에서야 제대로 자리잡고 앉아서 막방 시청했네요,, 얼굴뿐만 아니라 , 같이 지내보니 하나같이 마음도 다 너무 예뻤던 우리 pretty rapstar들 ... 아마 함께가 아닌 혼자였다면 , 저는 진짜 아직 그 아무도 그 누구도 아니었을거예요. 지금의 Heize 가 있을 수 있게 100일간 함께해주신 모-든 분들께 너무 감사하고 또 감사드립니다. 그리고 저는 새로운 소식으로 또 찾아뵐게요 #언프리티랩스타 #언프리티랩스타2 #길미 #산이오빠 #수아 #안수민 #애쉬비 #엑시 #예지 #유빈 #전지윤 #캐스퍼 #키디비 #킴 #트루디 #효린

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BTS Drops Robust “Never Mind” Comeback Trailer

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BTS Drops Powerful “Never Mind” Comeback Trailer BTS is getting fanatics excited for their upcoming go back with a comeback trailer entitled “Never Mind”!

The workforce may be making their comeback soon when they drop their new album “The Most lovely Moment in lifestyles pt. 2″ at nighttime KST on November 30.

On November 18 at midnight KST, BTS released their comeback trailer “Never Mind,” featuring a preview of an intense new song that starts with the cheers in their fans, in addition a formidable animated music video.

BTS will be keeping their concerts “The maximum Gorgeous Moment in Life: On Stage” from November 27 to 29, where they have got promised to show their new song to fans.

Watch BTS’ new comeback trailer under and let us know what you think!