Netizens mistake Chanyeol’s undershirt for lingerie

Netizens mistake Chanyeol’s undershirt for lingerie

It seems a handful of netizens were in for a bit of a shock after seeing behind photos of EXO’s Chanyeol during a photoshoot, mistaking the undershirt he was wearing for women’s lingerie!

The photoset below has been a buzz on online communities, as some netizens couldn’t believe their eyes, making out the black outlines of what they believed to be a “bra” Chanyeol was wearing underneath his slightly transparent turtleneck.

When confused netizens asked, “Why is Chanyeol wearing a bra?”, other EXO-Ls quickly jumped in, commenting, “It’s just a v-shaped neck short-sleeved shirt, and it looks like that because of the way it’s tight on his skin”, “It’s a short sleeved shirt, you can see the sleeves at his shoulders”, “It does kinda look like a bra there but you really thought it was a bra?”, “There’s no such thing as a triangle-shaped bra”, and more.

Photos sure can be deceiving!

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