Netizens express shock at G-Dragon’s drastic weight loss

Netizens express shock at G-Dragon’s drastic weight loss

G-Dragon is making some fans worried with his drastic weight loss.

On June 21, the Big Bangmember attended ‘Chanel’s exhibition Mademoiselle PrivĂ© in Seoul. The fashionista grabbed netizens’ attention with his chic style and also with his extremely thin figure.

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G-Dragon is noticeably more skinny. Below, the photo on the left is from ‘8 SECONDS’ collection showcase in May. The photo on the right is from ‘Chanel’ exhibitionthat took place yesterday.

The idol star always had a thin figure, however, netizens believe he has lost even more weight.

Comments stated, “……Hul……”, ”He looks sick”, “He’s so underweight”, “Was his chin always that pointy? lol Did he undergo surgery?? I was so shocked”, “Is he anorexic?”, “What the.. he looks weird TT”, “He must’ve lost weight from his solo tour… Please eat well.”

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