Netizens express concerns for TWICE member Tzuyu’s weight gain

Netizens express concerns for TWICE member Tzuyu’s weight gain

Recently, netizens expressed their concerns for TWICE member Tzuyu’s weight gain.

Numerous before and after photos of the idol star were posted on an online community board which caused a heated debate. As TWICE recently left for Singapore, photos of Tzuyu were posted that were taken at Incheon International airport. The poster argued that the idol star clearly looked a bit plump or chubbier compared to her previous photos. 

Seeing this, netizens had commented, “Isn’t this too much towards a female idol star?” “Isn’t it considered abuse to force idol stars to diet in order to stay slim?” “Is it wrong to eat a little during their performances?”

Another added, “Why is it so wrong to gain a little bit of weight? It must have been hard so let them eat whatever they want during their breaks!”

Previously, Tzuyu was selected as the member who takes care of her body the most.

Other netizens commented, “How sad, she’s at that age where she has the biggest appetite, ” “That’s what you call normal, it’s just that other idols are too skinny,” “What’s the big deal? She has some muscles on her legs from working out.”

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