Netizens Compared This Star To Kim Kardashian?

Netizens Compared This Star To Kim Kardashian?

Kim Kardashian is one sexy woman and is known for her curve appeal in American and pretty much all around the world. Netizens are recently stating that this Korean star is similar to Kim Kardashian due to her recent photo shoot.

Clara recently released a few photos from a photoshoot on her personal Instagram. The photos are to highlight her latest sunglass endorsement as well as her summer swimsuit style.

Clara is known for adding lots of sex appeal to any outfit she wears. Clara consistently showcases her fashionista sense by sporting various leggings, bathing suits and other sexy apparel on her SNS. Fans even say that her “body robs the viewer of even looking at the sunglasses.”

Although Clara offers a great deal of sex appeal and is rocking those alluring bathing suits effortlessly, she is far from being as curvy as Kim Kardashian. However, the title of being a Korean Kim Kardashian is fitting for the other reasons stated above. What do you think of Clara’s photo shoot and netizens comments about her body? Let us know down below.